Hey Guys, Things have been crazy so I have not been able to work on Perfectly Imperfect. This started as a one shot I was working on during my lunch hour and I think it grew into something more. This is my Jeddiecentric take on what happened after the finale… I hope you guys like it… I also saw that there has been much posting going on… I can't wait to curl up this weekend and read all your amazing stories… Thanks for the inspiration and support… I am also trying out a different writing style similar to the quicker pace of the show. Let me know your thoughts, I am also trying to keep it "clean" If you want it a little more "dirty" let me know. Please review when you can… xoxo CBD

The engagement party was finally over, it was just after seven when Janet got into her Charger and headed home. Her head was filled with thoughts of Eddie, everything he had said to her had played over and over in her head. Tears fell from her eyes and she was unable to stop them. She pulled her hair down from it's party up do, letting it hang around her shoulders. She couldn't face going home, wanting so badly to forget that awful night with Rooster. She found herself fifteen minutes later in the hospital parking lot. Visiting hours were long over but Janet snuck past the nurses station and stood in the doorway of Eddie's room. He was sleeping, no doubt from all the pain medication he was being given. He looked worse then when she had seen him earlier, his cuts and bruises darker, he looked smaller asleep in his hospital bed. She sat in the chair at his bedside and just watched him for hours. Again her tears fell, wishing there was something she could do to fix what went wrong. In his sleep Eddie stared to thrash, and punch his arms. He called out Janet's name.

"Eddie, wake up." She said shaking him "Wake up guy its just a dream."

Eddie's eyes flew open and when they focused on Janet for a moment they relaxed and he was happy to see her until he remembered.

"What are you doing here?" His voice was seething with anger.

"I…well… I wanted… I uh, needed…" The quick change in his personality took her aback.

"I told you Janet I don't want to see you."

"Eddie, please can't we just talk about this?"

"There is not a damn thing to talk about." He turned his body away from her, wincing in pain.

"Eddie, please. This is how we got here, but NOT talking."

"No we got here because you took Rooster to your bed."

"Hold on, you took Rory to your porch long before I took Rooster anywhere. What I did does not negate what you did."

"What I did, I stopped Janet, I stopped before it went to far."

"You are… UNBELIEVEABLE! You lied to me all day, over and over, you ignored me and what if when you kissed her you did feel something? Would you have stopped then or taken her to YOUR bed?" Eddie didn't know the answer to that question.

"Janet, I have told you this already but maybe I was not clear. GET OUT OF MY ROOM!"

One of the nurses, rushed to his doorway and Janet rushed out. "Mr. Latekka are you ok?"

"I'm just perfect." His voice dripping with sarcasm "Can you get me some more pain meds before I lose my mind"

The next day Janet started her lunch shift at Sully's. She walked in to find Ray, Matt and the two thugs who beat up Eddie sitting in a booth. Janet marched right up to them and slammed her hands on the table.

"Jesus Ray, what are you doing here with them?" Janet demanded.

"Janet relax, I posted their bail." Ray was trying to be slick "I couldn't have three Cataldo employees rotting away in jail, we have a big job to finish this week."

"That's a load of crap Ray, does Hannah Jane know?"

"Not yet."

"You are such a dick Ray, I have defended you for years but you are such a dick" Matt chuckled and drew Janet's attention. "You think this is funny Matt, really you had to beat him up? Lets go, get up you and me need to have a conversation right now."

"I am not going anywhere Janet."

"So you want to do this here?" Janet was raising her voice and drawing the attention of everyone in the bar.

"You think I care, so what your boyfriend is a little bruised he had it coming."

"He had it coming, why because he got the best of you at Best Friend Windows?"

"No because, you stopped calling when you took up with him." Matt spoke before he could think but it was too late it was out there for all of Sully's to hear.

Ray's jaw slacked and eyes opened in surprise "You and Matt? You and Janet?"

"That's what all this is about Matt, you and me? You have got to be joking, I stopped calling you long before Eddie was in the picture."

"Whatever Janet, he was in the picture long before he was in the picture."

"I can't wrap my head around this you and Meadows…"

"SHUT UP RAY" Matt and Janet said in unison

"You treated me like crap Matt, CRAP! And now because I have moved on, now all of a sudden when you realized you what…"

"Nothing, I realize that you were just some fat bitch who I used to screw." Matt was lying, he was trying to save face.

"GET OUT." Rooster yelled from behind Janet. "You four are banned from Sully's!"

"You can ban us, chicken." Ray taunted

"No, he can't but I can." Sully yelled out from the bar. "You guys are done here. I don't want to see you again, that includes you too Ray."

"Sully I didn't do a damn thing."

"You bailed them out, Ray"

The four of them got up from the booth, Matt knocking into Rooster purposely. Janet stood there frozen, as Matt passed her. He leaned in a whispered something to her. The fury built up and before she could think she slapped him right across the face. He went to charge her but four guys from the Duf had been watching the whole thing, they had known Janet for the past year and she always gave them buybacks. They grabbed Matt and pushed him out of the bar.

Janet stood there for a moment, before she stared to cry. Rooster wrapped his arms around her, she resisted at first but then she slacked against him. "I am sorry Janet, so very sorry."

"I know Rooster, I am sorry too. What a mess we have made"

News of the altercation between Matt and Janet spread quickly thru the Ridge. Hannah was livid with Ray for bailing them out but he somehow managed to manipulate her in to believing what he wanted her to believe. The guys had heard about it from Sneaky Pete who was in the bar that day.

"So Eddie, something happened yesterday, I want to tell you because I think you need to know but I am not sure what's going on with you and Janet." Eddie ached at the sound of her name.

"Were over, simple as that." then panic set in, Owen said something happened "Why is she ok?"

"Well, Ray bailed out Matt and his goons, they went to Sully's and well Janet and Ray and Matt got into a fight."

"What?" Eddie yelled sitting up straight in be ignoring the pain in his ribs. "Matt didn't…"

"No Eddie, no… Janet clocked him a good one, he charged at her but some of the guys from the DUF dragged him away."

"He charged her? What does that even mean?"

"Well sneaky Pete said that she marched right up to the table, and got into it with Ray, called him a dick and everything." Eddie smiled. "Then Matt started in and well… I don't know if you know this or not… but I would rather you hear it from me…" Owen hesitated "Just spit it out O"

"Well, it looks like Matt and Janet used to… you know…" Eddie looked at him blankly. "You know Eddie, they used to hook up" Eddie closed his eyes, a feeling of nausea spread through him "And when you came along she stopped calling, so Matt was creased hence the taunting and eventual beating"

"Well that explains a lot."

"Pete said that Matt is in love with Janet but instead of saying that he called her a fat bitch." Eddie's jaw clenched. "Then Rooster stepped in, Sully banned them all and threw them out. Matt whispered something to Janet so she slapped him, almost knocked him to the ground." Owen said proudly "And he charged her, like it was going to hit her back but the Duf guys stepped in."

Eddie rubbed his eyes, he was feeling so much, too much "But she is ok right?"

"She was really shaken up, Janet and Pizza Girl all spent the night at our house last night. And Ikey kept an eye on Janet's place to see if Matt would show up. He didn't though. Steve said he would keep an eye on her too. Were gonna take turns making she gets home ok after her late shifts" Relief washed over Eddie, his friends had Janet's back even though he couldn't

"Thanks for being there for her O, I mean it… Thank you." Tears welled up in Eddie's eyes.

"Its nothing man, all you have done for us over the years the least we can do is keep an eye out for your girl."

"What about Hannah? Eddie wanted to change the subject as quickly as possible

"She was torn between Ray and Janet. Ray has a way with Hannah. I don't understand it. Ray came over later, and apologized to Janet. I don't know if that means anything but he came. He fired Matt and the other two guys."

"I wish you would tell me what goes on Eddie, you and Janet make sense?" Owen said trying to get Eddie back on track

"Not anymore."

It had been a month. A long hard miserable month since Janet had come clean with Eddie. She couldn't eat or sleep, her mind wouldn't rest. Everything that Eddie said to her in the hospital playing over in her head, the night with Rooster, the fight with Matt. She couldn't even find refuge at Sully's because Rooster was always there. Always trying to talk to her, rub her back after a shift or hug her. It was being relentless and he was not taking the hint. Eddie refused to see her or speak to her . When his friends asked what happened all he would say was that things didn't work out and he was fine. That could not have been further from the truth. He felt lost with out Janet. She had changed him and he was no longer sure who he was with out her. But his pride and fury was keeping his heart protected. The news of their breakup spread thru the Ridge and the ladies were waiting for Eddie to be healed up and back on the market. And the men of the Ridge looked at Janet with a different lens, curious about what she had to keep Eddie Latekka's attention for months.

It was a busy Friday night in Sully's, Spring fever hit the Ridge and the place was packed. Janet was keeping up, hopping from table to table, then back to the bar pulling drafts and running tabs. It felt good to be busy, it gave her mind a much needed rest. But then thru the noise of the crowd she heard a woman's voice squeal Eddie's name and her heart jumped into her belly. When she saw him all the air was sucked out of the room, and she could hear her heart pounding in her ears. He was still bruised and he didn't move with his usual ease but he looked good. Janet actually ached for him, she missed him. She knew that this day would come, Sully's was "his" bar. She decided to just put on a brave face and pretend that nothing was wrong.

"Hey Janet" Nick said as he approached the bar.

"Hey Nick what can I get you guys?"

"The usual, and start a tab would ya?" He slid his Amex across the bar.

"You got it." She set up the drafts, a bottle of Owens favorite and the shots on a tray.

"You ok J?" Nick asked with hooded eyes

"Yeah Nick, I am. It is what it is. How is…?"

"He's…Ok… Still healing." Nick shrugged and walked away with the try in hand.

"So Hail Eddie is back I see." Rooster said standing behind Janet a little closer then she liked.

"Looks that way Rooster." He put his arm around her shoulder and made her shiver but not in a good way.

"You ok Janet?" He whispered in her ear. She cringed, threw his arm off of her and walked away.

"I come bearing beers and shots boys." Nick announced to cheers from Owen, Ikey and Ronnie. Eddie was quiet looking in Janet's direction. He had not seen her for a month. The longest month of his life and she looked beautiful but different. There was a true sadness in her eyes, something he had never seen before. She had lost weight and she did move with her usual bounce. Why can you just forgive her you know you want to… Anger grew in him when he saw Rooster drape his arm over her, but then he saw the look of disgust on her face and how she threw his arm off of her and he felt a sense of satisfaction.

They guys spent the night drinking beers and shots, laughing and carrying on. Eddie kept a mental note of Janet's whereabouts. He noticed that she was getting more attention from male patrons and he also noted that Janet was completely clueless about it. He wasn't doing badly either, many drinks had been sent his way that night but he was not ready to act on it. But then he saw Janet, his Janet laughing with one of the guys from the Duf and she even did a shot with him. That sent Eddie right over the edge. He set his sights on a tall blonde and an hour later he was walking out of the bar with her.

"Looks like the old Eddie is back." Ikey grumbled.

"Yeah." Owen agreed sadly "Looks that way."

"Jesus Janet, its after midnight." Ray complained after he opened the front door

"Deal with it Big Cat, you are still on my hit list. I need to speak to Hannah." Ray could tell she had been crying and he actually felt bad for her

"Janet, what's wrong?" Hannah was walking down the stairs tightening her robe.

"Hannah Jane, I am going to head back up to bed… and Janet.. Latekka so not worth it."

"I am sorry to wake you guys HJ."

"Janet its fine, really how many times have I knocked on your door in the middle of the night?"

"Too may to count."

"Exactly. So spill. What goes on?"

"Eddie came into Sully's tonight with the guys."

Hannah inhaled sharply "Ok, you knew it was coming."

"I know, I was so proud of myself, I acted like he wasn't even there but then…he left with some blonde…" Janet's voice broke "It's really over Hannah."

"Yes, it is J. Its really over. So you need to move on. No more moping and crying and beating your self up. What's done is done. Go get a hair cut, buy some new shoes , some new outfits. All your stuff is too big now anyway. Get a fresh start."

"Its not that easy."

" Yes it is, you just need to make up your mind and do it."

The next month passed and Janet did everything she could to move on even though it killed her to see Eddie with a different girl on his arm or lap every weekend. She took Hannah's advice and went to the hair salon. He stylist refused to cut her hair but he insisted on making it darker brown to bring out her blue eyes and convinced her to straighten it. Her hair was darker then it had ever been, long and shiny hanging down the middle of her back. It was nice to look in the mirror and not immediately recognize herself. The person she was seeing now was easier not to hate because of the all the mistakes she had made. She felt like a completely different person. She also went shopping, bought some new jeans, skirts and fitted shirts all a size smaller then she used to wear. Next she went to the makeup counter, she wanted a new look to go with her new badass hair as her very gay stylist called it. The makeup girl spent and hour showing Janet how to perfect a smoky eye and nude lip. Buying new things, looking different made Janet feel better more confident. She was getting more attention and better tips at the bar but the attention was making her feel uneasy.

Eddie noted the change in Janet too. The first night he saw her with the darker hair and different makeup, he didn't even recognize her. He was when he heard her laugh that he realized it was Janet. Gone were the baggy jeans and printed t-shirts. She was wearing more black and everything was more fitted. He hated to admit it but his cute Janet was gone and being replaced by a sexy one.

It was a hot July day in the Ridge when Eddie stopped into Sully's for a beer and a burger. He knew Janet was off on Monday so it was safe to go in. He sat in his usual stool when Janet walked out from the kitchen.

"Uh… hey Eddie"

He was shocked to see her. She was wearing a khaki skirt and a white v necked t-shirt, it was so thin he could almost see her bra through it. Her hair was up in a haphazard bun and she had beads of sweat on her upper lip. He had to fight the urge to kiss her.

"Janet." he said with indifference.

"Sorry its so hot in here the a/c is broken again Sully is trying to fix it now."

"Yeah, can you get me a beer and a burger." His tone was short and clipped " And make the burger to GO."

Janet couldn't take his arrogance a moment longer. "Jesus Eddie you don have to be so damn rude."

"I think I am being just the right amount of rude since you are suppose to be off today and this is "my" bar"

"Your bar, Eddie this is MY bar. I work here. This is how I pay MY bills and I am sick of dodging shifts just in case Prince Hail Eddie happens to wander in here. If you don't want to see me tough… if you can drive through three counties for veal then you can drive to the bar at the Johnson in for a beer."

She left him speechless "You… look different." Eddie spoke before he was able to stop himself.

"Well I feel different." Janet muttered as she walked away.


"Hey big O what goes on?"

"Not too much, I am just here for my lunch time wings. Hey Janet can you put an order in for me please?"

"Sure Owen. To go?"

"Yup." Owen turned his attention back to Eddie. "So guess who is coming to town for my birthday this weekend?"

"Who?" Eddie really didn't care.


"Brett's coming back to the Ridge?" Janet interrupted handing Owen a bottle of his favorite beer "Well lock up the bourbon and virgins!" Owen and Janet both laughed while Eddie just scowled

Friday night and again Sully's was packed. Eddie, Owen, Ikey, Nick and Bad Boy Brett made their way to the table that Sully reserved for them. Luckily Karen was waiting tables so Janet didn't have to see Eddie.

"Hey there Janet." Brett said as it sat at Eddie's stool at the bar.

"Hey yourself."

"It's good to see you J. You look good, real good. Heartbreak has served you well."

"So you heard about that did ya?"

"Word does get around. You and Latekka… Really J I thought you had better taste."

Janet chuckled "So how long has it been J, four years."

Janet thought for a minute. "Yeah, I guess so, they last time you were here was for Caitlyn's christening."

"Yup, you know what I remember… You and me christening that storage room. That's what I remember."

"Brett, Cut the crap."

"Come on, for old times sake. Honestly you look like you could use a little Brett time.

"Brett Time?" Janet Laughed and Brett gave her a knowing grin.

"Sully, I am taking my break now."

"Ok Brett, you've got five minutes to show me what you got." Brett pulled Janet in for a long slow kiss.

"See now… what I have planned is going to take more then five minutes." He slowly unzipped Janet's jeans, sliding his hands between her legs. "So why don't we make this five minutes about you and then you will owe me one later."

"Hey Brett, where did you wander off to?' Owen asked innocently

"I had something I needed to uh… tend to." Brett answered smugly. "I don't think I am going to be needing your couch tonight O"

"Who's the unlucky lady?" Ikey asked

"I think I would rather not say, you know protect the innocent."

"Why is she imaginary?" Eddie scoffed, he was still creased with Brett about their showdown in NYC

"Well Latekka, I was trying to be nice but if you must know. Janet." Her name hung in the air and Owen, Nick and Ikey felt like a pin was pulled from a grenade and thrown on the table.

"Janet, my Janet?" Eddie asked thru gritted teeth "Bull Shit Brett"

Brett leaned back in his chair "Actually she is not your Janet anymore. In fact she was my Janet first since I popped her cherry in high school and my Janet last since I just got her off in the storage room." Eddie stood up seething with anger He wanted to punch that look off Brett's face. Owen stood up and put his hand on Eddie chest.

"Eddie calm down, Brett shut the HELL up!" Owen commanded.

Janet came into Eddie's view and he knew Brett was not lying. Her cheeks were flushed pink, her lips were swollen and she had a smile on her face. Eddie knew that smile well.

"You're a son of a bitch Brett." Eddie turned and stormed out of the bar.

"Seriously was that necessary Brett?" Nick asked still stunned about what just unfolded.

"Yeah, it was. Janet is good people. I have known her a long time. She is one of the only girls I have had sex with that I still talk to. So Eddie needs to know he is not the only cock in the hen house. It's a win win win for me. I get to piss him off, help my friend and have great sex."

"How great?" Ikey asked before taking a sip of his beer

Eddie tore out of Sully's parking lot. He was livid. The stones that Brett had. And Janet, she was not kidding when she said she was different. He had tried a million times to get some action in that storage closet. The thought of Janet and Brett in high school was bad enough but the idea of them now was unthinkable. He drove for hours and found himself at Janet's house. He only saw Janet's car and for a second he was relieved. But then he realized that Janet might have driven, he raced over to Sully's. His heart fell when he saw Brett's BMW with it's NY plates parked just where he had left it last night.

"Brett wake up." Janet shook him and tore off his covers.

"I don't wanna" He grumbled throwing his head under a pillow.

"Come on big guy. I gotta get to work, I got the early shift today. So if you want a ride to your fancy car you better be up and out in five minutes." Brett grabbed Janet and kissed her, snaking his hands under her shirt and unsnapping her bra. "Ok maybe 20 minutes" Janet laughed into his neck.

"I think it is fair to say that you are going to be late for work today Miss. Meadows." He whispered as he took off her shirt.

An hour later Janet Pulled into Sully's parking lot.

"What time do you get off tonight?"

"Around 4ish"

"Ok, I'll meet you at your house around six and we can get a bite to eat."

"Ummmm, ok sounds good." Janet leaned in and gave him one sweet lingering kiss.

"You better go J, before you never make it in to work today?" Janet laughed leaving Brett sitting in her Charger trying to collect himself.

"So Brett and Janet went on a date tonight?" Ikey asked Owen completely shocked.

"He said dinner and then sex."

"Wow, it would have never thou…"

"Shhh, Eddie is on his way back."

Eddie eased back into the booth, his ribs still not 100% and passed out the beers.

"What?" Eddie questioned while Ikey and Owen tried not to look at him

"Nothing buddy, so how are you doing?"

"Fine," Eddie said slowly "How are you doing O?"

"He means about Janet and Bad Boy Brett" Ikey chimed in. Eddie's body tightened at the sound of her name.

"Ikey" Owen growled.

"What?" Ikey was trying to defend himself " Are we just going to ignore it?"

"Yeah, that's what "we" are going to do." Eddie took a long swing from his beer wishing it was a shot instead. "Janet and I are over. Got knows I have been…"

"Shagging." Ikey interrupted.

"I was going to say screwing but ok Ike, shagging. Janet is free to do what she wants to do. And if she wants to do a scumbag Like Brett so be it. Sorry O"

"No worries, I love Brett he is my brother but what he said and did last night was a scumbag move."

"I mean what is Janet thinking?" The words left Eddie's mouth before her could stop them, it almost sounded like a whine.

"She is thinking the best way to get over one guy is to get under another."

"Jesus Ikey, really?" Eddie was getting pissed.

"What, Eddie, Janet is different now and kinda hot. Hello. And all the guys want to know what goes on with her to keep YOUR attention for months on end and then the whole Lauche thing. But at the end of the day Janet is a good girl, so if she wanted to get laid its better to pull in a repeat like Brett then to pull in someone new." For once Ikey was making perfect sense.

"That is actually a good point." Owen was impressed.

"ENOUGH!I do NOT want to talk about JANET anymore!" Eddie slammed his fist on the table. "I just want to sit her and drink my beer and enjoy the fact that she is not working tonight.

As if on cue Brett and Janet made their way into Sully's. Brett stood behind Janet, eclipsing her from Eddie's view, with each if his arms on either side of her bracing against the bar. Eddie cringed as he saw Brett tap her on her ass when she went to sit on her stool, Janet squealing with delight and mock anger.

"Latekka is watching us Janet." Brett's voice was smooth and playful and he took a strand of her hair and twirled it around his fingers.

"No he is not." She was trying not to look in Eddie's direction

"Uhhh, yes he is."

"Well so what we are just two old friends having a drink right." She smiled at him as they clinked their shot glasses together and sucked them down. Before Janet could slam her glass on the bar Brett pulled her in and kissed her like they were alone. When then finally broke apart Janet was left breathless and wanting for more. "Wow that was…"

"Well baby, if he is going to look he is going to get a show." Brett said smugly. Janet's desire quickly turned to anger. "Really Brett what are you 12! That was so not cool. Is that what all this is about pissing off Eddie?" Brett was amused buy Janet's quick temper.

"No, but it is a perk." He grabbed her again and gave her a forceful peck

"You never change Brett."

"Nope, no reason to. Another shot?"

"Sure why not." Janet laughed now amused but the ridiculous situation she found herself in.

Eddie was seething and his table was quiet, the guys just sat there sipping their beers trying not to watch Eddie watch Janet.

"Eddie?" Owen was the first to speak "I don't even think she knew you were here."

"Cork it O! I am not kidding."

"But…" Eddie shot him a look and Owen closed his mouth.

An hour later Brett and Janet left, he laughter filling the bar drawing Eddie attention. Janet willed herself not to look in Eddie direction and the blonde sitting on his lap.

"Excuse me Janet?' Janet could not believe her eyes.

"Ummm, Uhhh, Hey… Rory."

"Hey, um… Listen I just wanted to apologize for when I was here last time. I know that I got in between you and Eddie and I didn't even know you guys were you know… dating"

"I know Rory, its fine really. That's water that has passed well under the bridge."

"I know I just still really feel bad about it, you know nothing really happened."

"Yeah, at the end of the day it was not about you. It was about us. Rory, do you want a drink?" Rory felt relieved she had no choice but to move back to the Ridge with her mom and didn't want to be in the middle of anymore drama.

" Yeah how about a white wine thanks."

"How about a shot Rory. I think that if there are two girls in the Ridge that deserve a shot its you and me."

Rory and Janet spent the next hour drinking, laughing and telling stories about Eddie.

"Does he still make that Frankenstein face when he doesn't get what he wants?' Rory asked thru her fits of laughter.

"Oh My GOD, yes he totally does! Frankenstein!"

"Janet this has been so much fun. God I forgot what to was like to hang out with a girlfriend…I mean not that we are friends…" Rory was embarrassed that she even said anything at all

"Rory, we can be friends, in fact from here on out we ARE friends. Tomorrow night is Hannah's stag party. We are gonna start at my house and then we are all headed here, you should come."

"I don't know that might be awkward."

"Rory, Nick's ex Aubrey is coming and she is now dating Nick's brother Ronnie. Hannah and Eddie had sex when Nick left, Ikey was screwing Owens wife Allison for months, I made out with Ray a month before Hannah started dating him. The only two people not in the chain of fools are Phil, the shut in and Pizza Girl and she has only lived here a year. We are so BEYOND awkward." Janet and Rory laughed.

"Ok then, I would love to come."

"Great! I will text you my address."

"Can I ask you a question Janet?"

"Go for it."

"What kinda name is Pizza Girl?"

Hannah's party was in full swing, the usual suspects in attendance along with a few of Hannah's cousins and a few friends from High School. They were drinking, and dancing and carrying on while Sully just looked on a laughed. Pizza Girl an Janet were twirling around the dance floor singing along to Come On Eileen when the boys all walked in. They sat at the bar watching all the girls dance.

"They are totally wasted" Owen joked" I am so not getting lucky tonight."

"The odds are not in any of our favors." Ronnie said sadly

Eddie could not take his eyes off Janet, She looked happy and care free and she danced with Pizza Girl singing along with the juke box. The strap of her dress kept slipping off her shoulder.

"How long have they been at it Sully? Nick asked. He could not keep his eyes off Hannah. He could not believe she was getting married on Sunday.

"For hours, they could drink you boys under the table" They all share in a collective laugh.

"What the hell is Rory doing here?" Eddie asked thru gritted teeth finally noticing her.

"Rory. She and Janet are friends now." Sully said with a smile on his face. Eddie's stomach dropped.


Pizza girl and Janet made there way to the bar ignoring the guys. "Sully we need another bottle of tequila please." Janet begged batting her eyelashes in jest.

"You think that is a good idea girly?"

"Um, hell yeah." replied Pizza Girl

Rory made her way to Janet hugging her. "Oh my god J I am totally wasted"

"You just need to get your sea legs back supermodel! You have been out of the ridge too long"

Sully passed them another bottle. "This is your third and last bottle, you hear me!"

"Yes daddddd," Janet moaned "Ladies lets go to Mexico!"

"That was a bad idea Sully." Eddie was angry. First of all Janet looked amazing, then she was friends with Rory who was hanging all over her, then she was drunk way too drunk.

"Janet's a big girl Eddie she can take care of herself." Sully walked away not wanting to get into it with all of Eddie's friends.

Janet woke up the next morning, fully clothed and shoed on in her bed. Pizza Girl was the her right and Rory was on the floor to her left. Hannah and the other girls were scattered in various parts of Janet's house all dead to the world. Janet was still drunk the bitter sweet taste of the Cuervo still on her tongue. She left her sleeping friends, thankful she was the first to wake and get a hot shower. "I am never drinking again" she muttered to the air, leaning against the shower wall letting the hot water rain down over her for what seemed like an eternity when she heard her doorbell ring. "Shit" she muttered, jumping out of the shower and throwing in her robe. She ran through her house grateful that the doorbell didn't wake anyone and flung open her front door. She was shocked to see Eddie standing there.

"Uh Eddie. What goes on?" She tightened the robe around her.

He lost his breath when he saw her , hair wet, her skin flushed, naked under her favorite grey flannel robe.

"I uh, just wanted to make sure you were ok. I mean you were hitting it pretty hard last night."

Janet laughed nervously " I am ok. Still drunk actually so it hasn't hit me yet."

"You looked like you were having a good time." Eddie ran his hand over his stubbly chin and leaned into the door jam.

"Yeah, it was one for the books. But I am getting to old for night like that." Janet was confused and oddly nervous.

"Listen, I was thinking J, maybe Sunday at the reception you and I can you know have a drink and maybe you know have a talk about what happened." Eddie had been think about this for a while. He wanted Janet back in his life, if not as his girlfriend then at least like a friend.

"Really Eddie?" Janet's stomach was doing back flips.

"Yeah Jem, I am not sure we can fix all of this but I at least want to try and I don't know…Try."

"I would really like that Eddie. Whatever the outcome I would like to try too."

"Eddie said one drink. That we could have one drink, Which means… I'm going to have to pack 7 months of what I'm going to say into a single gin and tonic,"

"It's hopeful though. Right?" Hannah trying to be reassuring.

"I guess," Janet returned her attention to Hannah's dress and veil.

"It's perfect. Thanks."

"How you doing?"

"Good." Hannah smiled "The good news is, that these shoes are so tight, that it's impossible to get cold feet."

"It's gonna be great."

"Hey!" Sam's voice called out from the doorway

"What up dawg?" Hannah asked admiring her son in his tux.

"The backyard is packed."

"Well Ray's friends with eleven million people. Didn't you know that?"

"Nick just got here"

"Okay," Hannah cringed at the sound of Nick's name.

"He brought a date," Sam slipped in trying to get a read on his mother.

"He did?" Hannah's voice was tight as she tried to hide what she was really feeling

"She looks like a supermodel." Sam added for good measure


"I'm kidding! He brought Ikey."

"Who definitely doesn't look like a supermodel." Janet was quick to add trying to break the tension

"Yeah not so much."

"Right.." Hannah uttered, shocked by how relieved she was.

"Good luck, Ma!" Sam said wrapping his arms around his mother, the one constant in his life. Hannah watched him leave and all her resolve melted away

"You okay?" Janet knew Hannah like the back of her hand and something was going on.

"Yeah, just um…," Hannah hesitated, "For a second there I was…"

"The uh… Nick slash supermodel second?" Janet asked.

"No," Hannah was quick to reply her mind racing "Yes," she finally admitted.

"I don't know, but…" Hannah stopped herself.

"What is it?" Janet asked realizing what was about to happen.

"I can't do this right now Janet," Hannah shouted

"Whoa! Excuse me?"

"I can't…just…I don't know what I was thinking. Sam needs to know! Sam's father needs to know! Everyone needs to know!"

"Ah…I..," For once Janet was at a total loss for words.

"What am I doing…marrying Ray? With this big secret just hanging out there…It's not right."

"No no, no, no, no, please. No, please…no? Please,"

"Yes," Hannah said holding her ground more resolved then ever


"Yes," she nodded. "I…" Hannah ripped the veil from her head throwing it to the ground "Yes," Running from the room in a cloud of white lace.

"Oh my," was all she could say.

"Janet, was that Hannah I just saw running out of the house?" Ray voice was desperate.

Janet too shocked to form a sentence just looked at him blankly.

"Janet, was that Hannah I just saw fleeing the house? Cause I swear I just saw a woman in a gown race out the front door,"

Janet stood there like a deer in the headlights wondering what was going to happen next.

Ok Guys, that's the end of Part 1... If you want me to keep going let me know… Thank you to Happy Donut for including the dialogue from the online mini-finale in Bridging the Gap… Saved me a bunch of work… You're the best!