Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in the story.

I got a really great idea and decided that I would write a Hana Yori Dango fanfic about Soujiroh and Yuuki, but I don't have time right now so I have to wait until summer vacation to start writing the actual story.

It has a bit of plot from the Korean version Boys over Flowers, but hope you like it!

Here is a bit of the summary \(^-^)/:

Yuuki finally gets the courage to properly confess to Soujiroh, but Soujiroh is not sure of his feelings about Sara and Yuuki. He eventually realizes that he doesn't like Sara anymore and the person who he really likes is Yuuki, but by the time he realizes this, it is too late. Yuuki is unsure of herself. She goes to Soujiroh's house to try to talk to him, but sees him surrounded by girls. She leaves, heartbroken, thinking that he doesn't like her at all. Soujiroh tries to run after her, but is not able to pass because of the girls around him. He eventually gets through, but Yuuki has left by then. Yuuki tries avoiding Soujiroh, until he confronts her at the store where she works. He tries to talk to her but Yuuki thinks he is about to reject har and not wanting to be hurt, she lies and tells him that she is over him and does not like him anymore. This creates a misunderstanding and Soujiroh is confused about what he has done wrong, while Yuuki holds her pain inside. Will Yuuki and Soujiroh be able to look through their misunderstandings and tell each other their true feelings? Wait and find out!