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On a side note; I thought it would be fun to come up with a story line for what happened after the episode 02x22, so beware of spoilers.
Certain parts are broken up into perspectives. The bolded name is just who's perspective that portion focuses on. It only switches between Lauren and Bo. Figured it'd be fun to have the reader get an idea of what each of them was thinking as the events unfolded. Enjoy!


It'd been three weeks since anyone had even heard from Bo, not since their last get together at the Dal after the final showdown with the Garuda. Lauren couldn't help but wonder what Bo was doing at that moment; was she safe? Was she fighting? If Lauren didn't keep herself in check she would probably spend the rest of her day thinking about Bo. Lauren let out a deep sigh and cast a glance at the slowly moving clock hands. "Only six at night," she mused as she ran a hand through her disheveled blonde hair.

Time seemed to be moving so slow lately. Maybe it was the constant pull on her broken heart strings from the loss of Nadia, which she still wasn't completely over or maybe it was from the fact that Bo hadn't been around and if she was being honest with herself, she missed her waaay too much. Lauren let out a deep sigh and forced herself to work.

She looked down into the microscope before her and began to study the Fae blood sample on the slide. She poured all of her focus into this menial task, hoping it would serve as a better way to pass the time, rather than worrying about Bo 24/7.

"Yeah, right." She muttered to herself as soon as the thought hit her mind. She continued to stare at the sample in front of her, writing down the unusual properties of the blood that was completely common among most Fae. She was starting to delve deeper into her work when her phone started to ring.

She reached into her pocket and answered the phone immediately.

"Lauren?" The voice on the other end asked.

"Trick. What's wrong?" She couldn't help the immediate response. She was so accustomed to there being danger that she just couldn't help but assume whenever someone close called it was because there was a medical emergency. Truth be told, since Bo left on her three week hiatus there hadn't been that many emergencies that required her services. She wondered what the beautiful succubus would have to say about that.

Lauren could feel a smile tugging at her lips, when she was suddenly snapped back to the present.

"Lauren? You still there?" Trick asked hesitantly.

"Oh, uh, yeah. Sorry, just been a little distracted."

"Oh? Then I guess you've already heard, huh?"Trick mused.

"Heard about what?"

"That Bo got back today." He answered; sounding a little surprised the good doctor had no idea.

"Kenzi called and told me she had just gotten back home and that they'd be coming to the Dal later to catch up."

Somehow Trick had done his usual and automatically answered questions she hadn't even asked yet. "When will they be getting to the bar?" The surge of excitement in her voice was not being hidden well, and if she was being completely honest, she just didn't care.

"Probably in two hours or so, or however long it takes for them to catch up."

"Alright, I guess I'll see you at the bar later then." With that she hung up the phone, grabbed her belongings and rushed out the door to get ready.

She felt like a giddy school girl, but that didn't seem to bother her much. She was already rushing out the lab doors, her brows furrowed and her mind going a mile a minute. She still needed to go home and shower and change. She would be damned if the first time she saw Bo since she left she was wearing a lab coat and slacks. She ran to her car with a big smile on her face and the idea of the perfect wardrobe choice.


Bo hadn't been doing much on her little hiatus from the Fae world. After what she had been through and what she saw in the mirror looking back at her she needed to take a mini vacation from the Fae world and all of her impending problems.

She might have seemed naive at times but what Bo saw looking back in the mirror at her had not only scared the shit out of her but also made her feel more alive than she has in awhile. She could feel all the raw power surging through her veins, that it just need to be tapped to expose her true nature.

Bo pulled up outside the shamble she called home and parked her brand new black motorcycle on the street. She pulled her aviator sunglasses off her eyes and looked at her home appraisingly. She'd never really realized just how much she had missed her little crack den looking home. She slid her glasses into her leather jacket and rushed into her home; far too anxious to see her almost sister.

She opened the door to her dwelling and barely had enough time to shout "Honey, I'm…" before Kenzi came barreling down the stairs and launched into her arms. Bo smiled as she caught her lovable sidekick and hugged her tight.

"Miss me?" Bo muttered, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively as she set Kenzi back on the ground.

"Pshh, you wish!" She punched her bestie in the arm and walked over to the kitchen.

Bo laughed at her remark and followed her. She unzipped her leather jacket to reveal a blood red cami top that seemed to accentuate her curves and matched her black skin tight jeans perfectly. She kicked her leather heeled boots off and grabbed the beer Kenzi offered her.

"So, what has my favorite Succu-bitch been up to?"

Bo couldn't help but smile goofily at the nickname. She'd only been home a few minutes but it just reminded her of how much she had missed her best friend. Goofy nicknames and all.

Bo popped the lid off her beer and followed Kenzi to the couch and plopped down beside her. She looked around; taking in the place she called home. Although it was scattered with quite a few more pizza boxes than normal, it looked exactly the same. It looked like home.

Bo took a quick swig of her beer and recounted all the things she'd been doing while she was away. The trip to New York where her succubus powers got her a gig as a model in a big time magazine, her fight with an ogre, and the many more stories that she knew Kenzi would get a kick out of.

Bo did however, leave out the real reason she had left; she went up north to see a man she'd met through a contact of hers. His name had been Ares and he was supposed to be the master of meditation and Fae power control. What Bo had seen when she looked in the mirror that night in the Dal had not only scared but enthralled and excited her. Power was one thing, but what she felt coursing through her veins was more than just her usual power, it was like nothing she'd ever felt before. She could feel, even now, the unbridled strength just waiting to be tapped into.

Ares had felt the untapped potential within her, and he had wanted to see how far he could push her limits with this newfound strength. Bo, however, had known that releasing this kind of power would mean walking to the brink of a cliff, and God only knew if once she got to the edge she'd be able to pull herself back.

Ares only partly understood her hesitation, but he agreed to help her nonetheless. She had learned some techniques to channel her powers into various things like speed healing, strength and lust control. After two weeks of pretty much constant training Bo was completely satisfied with how her skills had developed. Considering she was only there a short while, she was happy to know that meditation and her short boot camp session had allowed her skills to be a little more controlled and focused.

"Earth to Bo!" Kenzi was screaming, waving her hands in front of the succubus's face.

Bo was snapped out of her thoughts and back to the present.

"What?" Bo asked.

"I said, did you bring me back anything? And note, there is a right and wrong answer to this question." She playfully punched Bo's arm and stared anxiously.

"Am I not gift enough?" Bo mused, looking faux-disappointed.

Kenzi scoffed and walked to the kitchen to grab another drink. Bo finished her beer and got up to grab her bags from the hallway. She set down her black suitcase and walked back over to the couch with a white suitcase that looked like it was about to explode from being over stuffed.

Kenzi looked at the suitcase appraisingly, and arched an eye brow at her friend.

"What's this?" She asked, hiking a thumb at the mysterious case.

"It's your gift; unless you don't want them?" Bo asked, already reaching to take the suitcase away, and just like she expected, Kenzi dove forward.

"Now, now Bobo, let's not be hasty. I mean it'd be a shame to waste such wonderful things!" She popped open the locks on the suitcase and opened it to see about twenty outfits crammed inside of it. She let out a loud inhuman squeal and explored the contents.

"I'm gonna go take a shower, enjoy the clothes." Bo started walking up the stairs, but stopped when she heard Kenzi at the bottom of the steps.



"I'm really glad you're back. Clothes or not, I missed you like crazy. I'm nothing without my Succu-Bo by my side."

"I missed you too Kenz. More than you know." Bo turned and kept walking up the stairs.

By the time she was done with her fantastic bath it was already 7:00 and she still needed to get ready and head over to the bar. She grabbed her suitcase and opened it, looking for something scrumptious to wear tonight. She'd bought quite a bit on her trip, most of it from her short trip to New York. Who'd have thought modeling could be such a money making gig?

She'd made quite a bit from just posing in one of the magazines and along with the money she'd also gotten a ton of free outfits. If being in the spotlight hadn't been such a terrible thing for a succubus to do, she would have considered modeling more.

Bo sighed and grabbed a brand new black silk camisole top, her favorite skin tight leather pants and slipped on her new black heel boots. Bo looked at herself in the mirror, taking in the person who stared back at her. She looked tired and a little thinner, but otherwise it was the same person. Bo couldn't help but feel different though, physically she was pretty much the same person, maybe a bit more slim and muscular but nothing really noticeable. Inside though, she felt different. It was hard to put a finger on it, but after the fight with the Garuda she just hasn't felt the same, like something foreign was inside of her.

She shrugged the thought away as she walked downstairs, ready to see everyone she'd missed. Kenzi was waiting on the couch in one of her brand new outfits. She did a little twirl for Bo to show off the clothes.

"Now, I know I look hawt as hell, but remember, keep your hands off the merchandise." Kenzi joked as she ran her hands down her slim body, showing off just how well the outfit suited her.

Bo couldn't help but roll her eyes and snort at the comment. "You are soo not my type Kenz." Bo laughed at the shocked look on her friends face as she slipped on her leather jacket.

"I am everyone's type, and don't you forget it!" Kenzi joked as she gathered her belongings and followed out the door.

Bo stopped for a moment, looking from their yellow car to the black bike she had just gotten. Hmm…

"You take the car and I'll take the bike." Bo muttered as she tossed the car keys to Kenzi.

"Going for the totally bad ass look huh?"

"How else is a Succu-bitch supposed to look?" Bo joked as Kenzi hid her smile and shook her head ruefully.

I've missed this, she thought.


Lauren was sitting in the bar anxiously peeling the label off her beer bottle. She was wearing her black leather jacket, a tight sky blue button down shirt with a white tank top underneath and a pair of jeans. She raked a hand through her hair self-consciously as she waited for Bo to get there.

Lauren was so nervous she'd gotten to the Dal about thirty minutes earlier than she needed to and was now cursing herself for it. If she thought time dragged on before, she was nuts. Even now it seemed like hours had passed when in reality it was only a few minutes.

Lauren got up from her seat at the bar and grabbed a booth in the far corner and continued to nurse her drink. She was trying to get her emotions in check before the succubus of her dreams walking in. She wasn't exactly sure how she'd feel seeing Bo after three weeks but she knew she was definitely going to be excited. The thought of that beautiful brunette walking through the doors did crazy things to the doctor's body.

Lauren shivered when she thought of Bo's bright brown eyes, her full lips and the way she had the perfect amount of curves and muscles that made you just want to touch every part of her. Lauren clamped her eyes shut at the thought and shivered again. She mentally scolded herself, "Pull yourself together, Lauren!" She took a deep breath and steadied herself, and then proceeded to hold that breathe as the bombshell succubus strolled into the bar.

She was wearing the sexiest outfit Lauren had ever seen. The leather jacket looked new, but it suited Bo so well; though almost anything she wore suited her well.

Lauren sighed at the sight of Bo, greedily taking in as many details about the succubus as she could. Bo looked tired and a bit skinnier but she still looked exactly like Lauren imagined her. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

She watched intently at Bo slung back shots with Kenzi and joked with Trick. She was telling them a story about something that must have happened on her trip and it had all three of them cracking up. Lauren swallowed the last of her liquid courage and sauntered over to the bar and sat down next to Bo.

"Hey there, stranger!" Lauren said, trying very hard not to sound as excited and giddy as she felt.

"Hey Lauren." Bo smiled at her and the moment Lauren heard that silky voice she felt her insides start to melt.

Bo smirked at her, obviously noticing the doctors reaction, "How have you been?" she asked.

"Good. How about you?" Lauren asked, anxious to hear about what Bo had been doing all that time she was away.

"Can't complain, the trip was…" Bo paused for a moment, trying to find the right word and Lauren couldn't help but notice something flicker in her eyes, "interesting."

Lauren saw what looked like fear flash in the succubus's eyes, but that couldn't have been it. Right? I mean, Bo has faced so much, what would possibly make her afraid? Lauren shook her head at the thought and focused her attention back on Bo.

"What'd you do while you were away, if you don't mind me asking?" Lauren was hungry for details.

Bo chuckled and looked her straight in the eyes, "Nothing too exciting, just a little sightseeing and a few odd jobs to keep afloat." Bo turned her gaze away from Lauren, finished her shot and excused herself.

Lauren was fascinated by Bo, but that didn't mean she was oblivious to the subtle changes in her demeanor and looks. Something had happened on that trip and it wasn't sightseeing or work that caused it. Lauren wanted, no needed, to know what had changed her succulent succubus.

She watched as Bo walked to the back room and into the restroom, the curiosity nagging her. After a minute Lauren got up from her seat and followed Bo into the bathroom. She wasn't sure what she was going to ask but she was never good with leaving questions unanswered. She was a scientist and a doctor, curiosity was her nature.

When she opened the bathroom door she saw Bo staring at herself in the mirror, tugging at the skin below her eyes. She turned and looked at Lauren, an unreadable look on her face. "Something wrong?" Bo asked.

"Uh, N..No. I just wanted to see if you were okay, that's all." Lauren stuttered as she stared Bo dead in the eyes.

Lauren watched as Bo turned her attention back to her reflection and continued to poke and prod with her eyes, like she was expecting the person reflected back at her to do something.

"Are you okay?" Lauren asked hesitantly. Bo kept staring at her reflection and after a beat she slowly nodded her head.

Bo was about to turn and leave when her eyes flared to a bright blue and she drew her attention back to the mirror. She stared at herself and her brightly burning eyes for a moment before shutting them. Lauren wasn't sure what was happening but she felt desire within herself shoot to the surface. In that moment all she wanted to do was touch Bo, to kiss her and feel their skin pressed together. She wanted to be with Bo more than anything, she would sell her soul for just one night with the succubus in front of her.

Lauren stood there, greedily eye fucking Bo, until she noticed that the succubus hadn't moved. Bo was just standing there, leaning against the sink with her eyes closed tightly. Lauren walked up to her, about to place her hand on Bo's arm.

"Don't." Bo growled, her eyes still clamped shut and her hands gripping the sink so hard it started to crack. After what seemed like eons, Laurens hand hovering just above Bo's shoulder, she pulled her hand back to her side and watched. Bo was muttering something to herself, it almost seemed like she was meditating, but that couldn't have been it. Lauren knew Bo had never meditated a day in her life so that couldn't have been what was happening…right? Just as she was about to ask, Bo grabbed a pair of sunglasses from the pocket of her leather jacket and slipped them on and rushed out of the bathroom.

Lauren just stood there wondering what the hell had just happened. Bo really needed to get her feedings in check; Lauren knew that was the only cause of what had just happened. She turned on her heel and marched out of the bathroom and sat back down on the bar stool. Trick was talking to Kenzi and Dyson but Bo was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Bo?" Lauren asked to no one in particular.

"She went outside, said she needed some air." Kenzi answered.


She was outside the Dal, standing in the alley looking at a brick wall. She was trying her hardest to get herself under control but even meditation wasn't working. Even as she tried to calm herself she could feel the chi within her pushing to get out, to surround her. Bo's jaw tightened as she started to feel her chi bubbling out between her shoulder blades, the energy slowly seeping out of her pores and surrounding her body in what could only be described as a blue cloak of energy. The chi gradually taking form at her back forming two bright blue wings of energy causing Bo to drop to her knees in pain as the chi swirled around her body and her wings spread wide; barely clearing the width of the alley way.