Chapter 16

Bo was slightly embarrassed and mostly ashamed to admit that she wasn't anywhere near ready to tell Kenzi about what had happened this past week. When it was just a case of a power increase, she was more than okay with telling her best friend all about it. Now? Not so much. While logic told her that Kenzi wouldn't shun her for what the memories revealed, Bo wasn't willing to take that risk. She needed her spunky roommate.

The memories continued to swirl around in her mind as she talked to her best friend and all Bo wanted was an escape. She needed to get out and try to forget what she had just remembered. The succubus talked to her friend for a short while before making up and excuse and leaving.

'I'll talk to Lauren first, then tell Kenzi. I'll do it first thing tomorrow morning…" she thought to herself, hoping it would give her the strength she needed to tell those closest to her.

Bo walked into the Dal that night, not quite sure why she was there but just desperate to feel like she belonged somewhere. Her life was spiraling out of control and this pub seemed to be the only thing keeping her grounded at moment.

She sat down at the far end of the bar and watched the other Fae interacting as she waited patiently for her usual drink. 'It's unusually quiet here tonight.' Bo thought to herself as she surveyed the crowd.

It wasn't until Trick popped up with a beer and an answer to the comment she'd just made in her head that she realized how much shit she was in."Word broke this morning that the Morrigan and three high ranking Dark Fae have gone missing."

Bo had to force herself to swallow her beer instead of spewing it across the bar. "She's probably just seducing someone or getting into trouble with Vex." She had hoped that Trick hadn't noticed how shaky her voice was.

Bo looked back out at the crowd, desperately trying to figure out a way to change the subject.

She was about to say something when a man who looked about 35 sat down on the stool next to her. Before Bo could stop it, her eyes were glowing bright neon blue and his a bright red. The brunette let out a gasp at the surprising action.

The man ran a hand through his light brown hair, his now hazel eyes twinkling with mischief. He reached up and tucked a stray strand of hair behind Bo's ear and smiled. Bo was left speechless for a moment. She had no idea what was going on but she knew enough to be wary of the man.

They sat next to each other for a few moments, neither saying a word to the other, until he broke the silence and held out his hand. "William, Will for short."

Bo looked at his hand and then at him. He looked harmless enough with his flawlessly tanned skin, his muscular arms and body, those shining hazel eyes, his perfectly tousled chestnut hair and not to mention his near perfect face. Every feature complimented the others, from his strong jaw line to his dimples. Everything about him screamed perfection and that immediately sent off warning bells in her head.

Bo held out her hand, "Bo." She quickly extricated her hand and went back to her beer.

Will smirked and swiveled on his stool to face her, "Can I buy you a drink?" his voice was smooth and deep and pulled at something in Bo. She held up her beer, "I'm set," she kept her eyes trained on the liquor collection in front of her.

Will's eyes narrowed for a second before he leaned forward, "How about a dance?" he looked at her with the biggest smile he could manage, a hopeful look on his face.

"Sorry, but I'm not in much of a mood to dance." she glanced at him, gave him an apologetic smile and turned back around.

When she saw he was about to say something else she cut him off. "Look, I know you're trying to be nice but I'm really not in the mood today. You seem like a nice guy, maybe a little pushy, but nice nonetheless. I'm having a really shitty day so could you maybe just stop?"

He looked like he was about to protest but when she turned to look at him; something in her eyes stopped him dead in his tracks. He nodded once and turned around.

They sat in silence at the bar, each one drinking their liquor of choice. A part of Bo felt bad about shooting the man down but another part and it was a much much larger part told her to just shrug it off and focus on solving her current dilemma; the one that had the pub abuzz with gossip.

She had hoped that coming to the Dal would help her get away from everything and give her a chance to think things through but sadly, that wasn't the case. Every time she tried to think of a way out someone around her would start gossiping about the Morrigan and possible conspiracies involving Kara and assassination plots and a whole lot of other crazy theories.

Her mind was spinning and every mention of the Morrigan had her stomach reeling. She was sitting there for five more minutes before the cartwheels her stomach was doing sent her to the bathroom. She splashed cool water on her face and forced herself to take deep calming breathes before she had panic attack or passed out on the bathroom floor.

She stood at the sink, her eyes locked onto the drain for fear of seeing her own reflection, steadily taking deep breaths. When she was calm enough she slowly made her way back to her stool, quickly noting that Will was still sitting there, she also noticed that her beer had been replaced and next to it was a shot of something green.

Will lifted his own green shot and nodded to Bo before downing it. The succubus looked at him curiously before throwing caution to the wind and following suit. She lifted her shot to him and downed it. She was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it went down and also by the fantastic taste that accompanied it. She welcomed the warmth that spread throughout her body as the shot made its way down to her stomach.

"What was that?" she asked feeling momentarily giddy.

"Ah, that's a secret." he smiled and winked at her before holding up two fingers for more shots.

While Bo watched Will order the next set of shots she felt the air around her thicken as reality came crashing back down on her.

Taking a deep breath she forced herself to sit up straight, "No more shots for me," her head was swimming at the idea of what getting drunk could make her do. She knew if she fed too much she could end up blacking out and she wasn't about to take the same chance if she ended up getting wasted.

She dropped her head into her hands and sighed in frustration.

Will stared at her for a moment before pushing the shot towards her. "You alright? If you're worried about getting wasted you'd have to drink like twenty of these things in a row to even approach drunk. Relax."

She looked at him then at the drink and finally back to him. She was tempted to just walk away. But whenever she gave in to what she knew was right, it only seemed to make matters that much worse. She took a deep breath, nodded, "Alright, you're probably right," she lifted the shot to her lips and drank it greedily.

The two shared shot after shot, never once saying anything to the other. Each shot Bo drank helped to momentarily ease the burden of guilt she'd been carrying since that morning.

After four beers and eleven shots she was quite buzzed and well on her way to calling up Lauren and Kenzie to blab about what she'd learned that morning.

Will rose from his seat, "I'll be right back," he smiled goofily and walked to over to the restroom.

As soon as he had disappeared Trick practically ran over to Bo. "Bo, do you know who that is?"

She looked at him curiously and slowly nodded her head. "Yeah, says his name is Will. Why?" Even in her slightly inebriated stupor she could hear the worry in Tricks voice. It helped to momentarily sober her up and clear the fog that was quickly descending upon her mind.

"Why?! Bo, do you even read the books I give you?" Trick sighed in frustration, "He's likely one of the oldest Incubi alive to date."

Bo looked at him for a moment while she waited for that important information to sink into her alcohol drenched brain. Coming up with no real problem she shrugged her shoulders, "So?" Somewhere in that information she knew was something bad but at the moment she wasn't really picking up on it.

Trick saw that he wasn't getting through to her so he spelled it out. "Bo, why would one of the oldest Incubi come here where we have possibly one of the most notorious and possibly powerful Succubi?" Bo stared at him blankly causing Trick to deep sigh again. "He's come here for you, Bo!"

She scoffed and waved her hand dismissively at him. "Why would he come here for me? I'm all sorts of screwed up lately!" she covered her mouth and giggled at the slipup.

"Listen to me very carefully Bo; nothing good can come of him being here. As a rule, trouble always follows an Incubus around and when one has his eyes set on something they'll stop at nothing to get it. Him especially." The smile on Bo's face slowly started to fade as Trick continued his warning until he was cut off by William approaching.

"Did I miss anything good?" he asked, smiling happily at Bo.

Bo looked from Trick and then to Will, "Uh, nope. Just trying to figure out what those shots were," she gave a small smile and looked down at her beer as Trick's words sank into her brain.

The more she looked at Will, the less of a threat he seemed to be. However, Trick was her Grandfather and while at times he could be quite cryptic in his advice he tended to be right most of the time.

She groaned internally as her gut and brain played tug-of-war. Her gut was telling her to just listen to Trick and leave; to leave the bar and not look back. Her brain however, was a totally different story. Her brain was sizing up the possible threat in front of her and seeing nothing. He looked mischievous but certainly not threatening and of course there was the fact that he was like her, an Incubus.

She knew she should listen to her gut but these past few days Bo felt like her instincts had been letting her down and on some level, they had. She was more than conflicted at the moment.

All it took was a brief look back on the past few days and the decision was made. Maybe Will could provide some sort of insight on their Fae behavior, could offer the information she never got a chance to get from her mother. The opportunity to learn more about herself and her strange power spike seemed worth the risk of associating with this possibly dangerous Fae. Bo felt like she was already waist deep in the waters, what could a few more inches of murky water hurt?

Bo squared her shoulders and cast a glance at Trick that she knew he would be able to read. It was a look that said 'I see your concern but I can handle my own so stop worrying'. Upon seeing that look, her grandfather threw one back at her, one that said 'typical Bo, never heading my advice but I'll be here when you need my help'. At that Bo couldn't help but chuckle because deep down she knew this would blow up in her face and she would run straight to Trick for help. Her life may be chaotic and full of trouble but usually the end result was always the same, get advice and help from Trick, then eliminate the problem.

Once their silent conversation was over Bo turned to Will to see him observing them with great scrutiny, however once he realized Bo was staring at him, his serious disposition turned to one of mild amusement. Something that Bo made a mental note of. She wasn't nearly drunk enough to let her guard completely down and certainly not drunk enough to not be observant.

"So, Will what brings you here?" Bo arched an eyebrow as she studied him for a moment, idly fiddling with her empty shot glass.

"Business mostly, but I'm also looking for someone." he responded coolly, his answer seeming truthful and yet rehearsed at the same time.

Bo nodded thoughtfully, her narrowing slightly as she appraised the man before her.

Her life was spiraling out of control and while every fiber of her being was telling her to walk away and listen to her grandfather she just couldn't. Something about the man before her was alluring and yet dangerous and with everything that had been blowing up in her face recently it was a welcomed change.

The disaster that would ultimately result from their encounter would no doubt send her already chaotic life even further into shambles but she was tired of being a goody goody. Bo was tired of feeling like she was constantly at war with who she felt she was and who she was supposed to be.

The memories and thoughts that had flooded her mind earlier only solidified her thoughts that she was destined to walk on the darker side of life. That she was supposed to be the badass Succubus that her Mother had suggested she be. That no matter how hard she fought against her nature, deep down, she could never get rid of the evil that flowed through her veins.

She was born from two powerful blood lines and that power wanted to be used, it wanted to be flaunted and exercised in ways no other Fae could fathom and with how low Bo was feeling, it seemed like the perfect idea.

With one last glance at the man before her, she was determined to make the most of her life. Besides, everyone knew that walking on the darker side was always more fun that playing by the rules, and even when she was obediently trying to help others, she still bent the rules. Times were changing for Bo and she was welcoming it with open arms.

Bo's eyes flashed to a brilliant neon blue as she allowed her power to flood through her body. The energy that pulsed though her veins and had her skin humming with barely restrained power caused a malicious smile to pull at her lips.

Will's eyes, seemingly responding to the energy pulsing from the succubus, turned a bright blood red; his lips curling back to reveal his strikingly white teeth. In a flash he was standing in front of her, his lips only millimeters from hers. His eyes locked intently on hers as he moved ever so slowly towards her.

Just as his lips were about to collide into Bo's her hand snapped forward, connecting directly with his chest and pushed him back on the stool he had just vacated. "I may be a Succubus but that doesn't make me some sort of floozy. I suggest you keep your lips to yourself." Despite Bo's serious tone her eyes still sparkled with amusement which caused the taken aback look on Will's face to morph into one of mischief.

"As you wish," he smiled warmly.

Bo chose to ignore that mischievous glint in Will's eye and called it a day. As much as she wanted to get to know Will she was completely aware of how terrible of an idea that would be considering how much alcohol she had consumed.

She had made enough mistakes in the past week to last a lifetime; leaving with Will and sleeping with him was not a mistake she wanted to add to her already huge pile. The brunette said her goodbyes, happy to go home and even happier that for a short while she managed to forget about what had brought her into the Dal in the first place.

Bo was on a path that not only scared the hell out of her but offered her a release she that she was welcoming with open arms.