Chapter 1

"That's her right there." He says as he points to a person a few hundred yards away.

"Are you positive?" Finn asks his partner.

"Yes, I'm positive Hudson. I've been doing surveillance on her for three weeks now. I think I would know her when I see her."

"Okay. I just wanted to make sure. So what's the game plan?" Finn being the rookie cop on the force still had a lot to learn about how things go down. Sure he was trained and knew what his job entailed but he was almost always second guessing himself and his partner.

"We watch and wait."

"For what exactly?" The rookie asks.

"Our opportunity." He says as he raises a pair of binoculars to his face. "Patience Hudson, patience."

Finn was bouncing his knee nervously up and down where he sat in the passengers seat of the unmarked squad car.

"Why are we even watching her?" The rookie cop asks.

"Shhh. Let me concentrate." He reaches around underneath his seat. "Here. Make yourself busy." He says as he hands Finn a pair of binoculars.

Finn lets out a groan as he raises the binoculars to his eyes. Needless to say Finn didn't have a lot of patience from doing surveillance but he at least knew better than to complain about it.

I took her out it was Friday night. I wore cologne to get the feeling right. We started making out and she took off my pants. But then I turned on the TV. And that's about the time that she walked away from me. Nobody likes you when you're 23. And are still more amused by TV the hell is ADD? My friends say I should act my age. What's my age again? What's my age again?

Brittany nods her head along with the song as the lyrics blasted through her headphones. Her attention focused on the wall in front of her. The wall that she was currently defacing. She pokes her tongue between her lips in concentration as she spray paints her design on the wall.

Wearing a black hoodie and her favorite pair of grey sweatpants, Brittany feels reasonably safe under the cover of night, she takes her time perfecting her work of art.

Then later on, on the drive home. I called her mom from a pay phone. I said I was the cops. And your husband's in jail. This state looks down on sodomy. And that's about the time that bitch hung up on me. Nobody likes you when your 23. And are still more amused by prank phone calls. What the hell is caller ID? My friends say I should act my age. What's my age again? What's my age again?

Brittany looks around quickly scanning her surroundings for any movement or any changes in the her surroundings. A dark alley in the middle of the night probably isn't the safest place for Brittany to be doing her work but that's the risk she takes. Once she is satisfied with her scan she returns to her work with a nod of her head.

And that's about the time she walked away from meNobody likes you when your 23And you still act like you're in Freshman yearWhat the hell is wrong with me?My friends say I should act my ageWhat's my ageā€¦


"It's so dark, I can hardly see anything. Including the girl in question." Finn complains.

"Shut it Hudson."

"Evans you never told me how we were going to take this one down. I would like an overview of how this is going to work." Finn drones on. "So it goes smoothly, ya know."

"Fine if it will shut you up." Sam rolls his eyes. "We will finish up our surveillance and then I will put the car in drive. And then I will floor it and you will hit and lights and sirens and the pursuit will be on. There's where you really come in handy-" Sam lowers his binoculars and turns to look in Finn direction even though they can barely see each other in the night. "I'm going to assume she's gonna high-tail it out of here. Once we get close enough you will hop out of the car and begin the foot pursuit. I will follow in the car. Hopefully she doesn't have too many tricks up her sleeve and we can take her in to custody fairly easily."

"Okay. Got it. I think." Finn wrings his hands together nervously. "Can you go over it once more." He asks.

Sam stares a him for a moment. "No."

He turns back to look out the front windshield and raises the binoculars to his eyes once more. "I think we are about ready." Sam says after taking one final look at his suspect.

Sam starts the car and throws it in gear as Finn hits the lights and sirens. They speed down the narrow alley in the suspects direction.

Lights catch Brittany's attention from the corner of her eye. She whips her head around to see distinct blue and red lights heading in her direction. "Shit." She hisses out as she drops her paint can and makes a break for it. She runs as fast as she can away from the scene of her crime. Brittany turns her head back to see how close the cops are to her. The things is a human can't outrun a car. "Fuck." She spins her head around the looks ahead of herself for anywhere to duck into or some way to throw the cops off. With buildings lining one side of the street and a wall lining the other there aren't many options.

The squad car isn't more than 20 feet behind her when it comes to a screeching halt. The next thing Brittany hears is a man's voice. "Police. Stop."

She turns again to see a officer chasing after her on foot following behind by the squad car.

"I said stop." The officer shouts again.

Brittany sees a break in between two buildings and runs towards it. She makes a hard left turn into another smaller alley that accesses the two buildings. She looks back hoping that the cop didn't see her turn into the alley. No such luck however. The officer is still following her possible closer than he was previously.

When she turns her head back to face forward she sees 15 foot brick wall 50 feet or so in front of her. She's trapped. "Damn it." She says under her breath.

Brittany not being completely stupid runs to the end of the alley, up to the brick wall, and spins around to face the officer. Her puts her hands up in the surrender position giving herself up.

"Hands in the air." Finn shouts from about 10 feet away with his gun pointed in Brittany's direction.

"They are dumbass. Can't you see that." Brittany mutters.

"Pardon." Finn says taken aback.

"Nothing." Brittany mumbles. "Wait-" She squints in an attempt to see the officer standing in front of her better. "Finn?"

"Yeah." Finn responds. "How do you know my name?" He says confused lowering his weapon slightly trying to figure out what's happening.

"It's Brittany. Brittany Pierce. We went to high school together."

"No way." Finn whispers staring at her. He drops his gun to his side subconsciously thinking that Brittany isn't a threat.

"Officer Hudson. Your weapon." Sam shouts from behind him as he runs up next to Finn with his gun drawn.

"What?" Finn asks as he turns his head to the side to see Sam standing next to him with his sight and gun aimed at Brittany.

"Never lower your weapon with a suspect standing there. She could be armed." Sam says exasperatedly.

"I'm not armed." Brittany interrupts the two officers.

"We don't know that until we search you." Sam tells her.

"This so isn't going how I planned it." Sam shakes his head. "Finn I'll cover you. Place her in handcuffs."

Finn looks over at Sam to see if he is serious. He can't believe what's happening right now. If this is the same girl he knew back in high school this has to be some kind of mistake. Brittany would never be spray painting a wall- let alone get caught.

"Do I have to?" He whines to Sam.

"Yes. We are placing her under arrest for vandalism." Sam says never taking his eyes off of Brittany.


"But nothing Finn. Just do it. She was spray painting that wall and that is vandalism and it is illegal."

Finn holsters his gun that had been hanging useless at his side. He puts his hand on a pair of handcuffs as he approaches Brittany.

As he approaches Brittany can see the apologetic smile on Finn's face. She can tell that he doesn't really want to do this. "Just do it Finn." Brittany says to him with a shrug of her shoulders.

"I'm so sorry. You know I don't want to but I have to." He says so only Brittany can hear him as he stops directly in front of her.

"What's going on over there? Are you to having a heart to heart with her or what. Finn cuff her so we can get out of here." Sam yells to them.

"Turn around miss." Finn says loudly to make sure that Sam can hear him. "Put your hands on your head. And interlock your fingers."

Brittany does as she's told. Finn places one of his hands on top of hers. "I'm going to search you now." He tells her as a courtesy.

Brittany didn't say anything she just let Finn do his job. He searches her and then pulls one of her hands down from her head and then the other and placing the handcuffs on her wrists. He turns Brittany around by the arm and walks her towards Sam.

"Nice job Hudson. Lets get her in the car and down to the station. We have lots to discuss." Sam puts his gun away and grabs hold of Brittany's other arm. Finn and Sam flanking Brittany on either side lead her to their squad car.

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?" Sam says as Finn places Brittany in the back seat of the car.

"Yep. Got it." Brittany says before they close the door.

Brittany was no stranger to the law. She had been arrested before so she knew the drill. She knew her rights. She knew what the cops were gonna do before they did it. She knew to not cause a scene or fight the police. That would only cause her more trouble. And at the end of the day she didn't need that. Sure she was in trouble now but she wasn't going to purposely make more trouble for herself.

Even though he knew what should happen next Finn asks anyway. "So what happens now?" As he gets into the passengers seat of the squad car and Officer Evans gets into the drivers seat and starts the car.

"Well first we have to go back to the scene of the crime and collect all the evidence. And then we will take that along with our suspect here back to the police station." He put the car in reverse and backed up down the alley to where Brittany had been spray painting the wall.

"Oh. Okay." Finn says solemnly.

"What's a matter Hudson? You just got a great collar. Just wait until we get back to the station. I have a few important things to fill you in on about our suspect here." Sam smirks at the man sitting next to him as he pulls the car to a stop.

"What?" Finn asks confused.

"You'll understand soon enough." Sam informs him.

Finn didn't like the sound of that. It sounded like something else was going on that he didn't know about. Something that he didn't want to know about. He had just arrested a friend of his from high school and she sat in the back seat of his squad car. He didn't know what to think in that moment.

Brittany watches as Officer Evans and Officer Hudson collect her spray paint cans and her phone that she had dropped when she took off running. She watches as they took photos of her art work on the wall. As they took photos of the 8 different cans that she had brought in a crate. Of her phone and even her headphones and Ipod.

The officers put all of the evidence against Brittany in the trunk of the car and got back in. Sam starts the vehicle before turning to Brittany. "You ready?" He asks the blonde woman with a smirk. "This is about to get good."

Brittany furrows her brow at him in confusion. She had no clue what he was referring to. He seemed almost excited about it. She knew what to expect, being arrest for vandalism once before, but couldn't figure out why he was so thrilled that they were arresting her on a simple vandalism charge.

He turns around and put the car in drive and proceeds to the police station. The ride was uneventful with Sam and Finn making small talk most of the time. When they arrive at the police station Sam parks the car. "Get her out and take her inside to be processed." Sam orders to Finn. "I'm gonna grab all of the evidence and be right behind you."

Finn gets out of the car and opens the back door. "Slide over so I can help you get out." He instructs Brittany. She did as she was told and Finn pulls her out of the car as gently as he could. In his mind she wasn't just another suspect she had at one time been his friend and he was going to treat her as friend. Well a friend that he had to arrest.

Finn leads Brittany inside the police station to the processing center. Sam follows behind them with the evidence under his arm and a arrogant smile on his face. Finn walks Brittany over to a reception station with a woman sitting behind it.

"Got another collar Finn." The woman speaks up as they approach the counter.

"Yep. Caught her defacing a wall." Finn speaks with a proud smile like he had done all of the work when in reality it was Sam who put in all of the work to collar Brittany.

"So I'm going to assume she will be booked under a vandalism charge?" The woman questions as she gathered up some paperwork.

"For now." Sam speaks from behind Finn. They all turn to look at him waiting for some explanation. "Just process her and let me know when you are done. I'm going to get this stuff to evidence so they to process it and then I'm gonna get some grub. I'm starving. Find me when she's done Finn." Sam says as he walks away from the reception area.

The woman behind the counter askes Brittany a bunch of questions that the blonde answeres without a problem. Name, age, birth date, race, eye and hair color, any tattoos. All of the standard questions that someone is asked when they get arrested.

Next Finn leads Brittany behind the counter so that the woman can take her mug shot. After the mug shot was finished she fingerprinted Brittany. Brittany cooperated throughout the process silently wondering what Officer Evans meant when he said 'for now'.

Finn brought Brittany to a jail cell. "A woman officer will come by to give you a strip search and issue you a uniform." He informs Brittany as he put her in the cell. He took her handcuffs off and locks the door as he leaves the cell. "Brittany?" He says quietly so no one would hear him.

Brittany turns around to look at Finn. The man had a seemingly defeated look on his face. Or maybe it was disappointment. Brittany couldn't be sure. "Yeah?" She sayts quietly too.

"What happened?" He asks simply. Brittany just shrugs her shoulders at him not feeling like she could explain how she had ended up here if she tried. "The Brittany I knew back in high school would never have done something like this. She would never get arrested."

She just looks at him for a few seconds before dropping her head and looking at the floor. He turns and starts walking away. "Maybe you didn't know the real me- back in high school." When she speaks it is barely audible. But she knew that Finn had heard her because when she started speaking, out of the corner of her eye, she saw him pause. As soon as she finishes she sees him take another step and walk away from her cell.

"Well fuck." Brittany sighs. She takes a seat down on the bench that the prison system likes to call a bed. In reality it's just a cement slab with a thin cheap mattress on top of it. Slumping her shoulders and placing her elbows on her knees in defeat. She drops her head into her hands shaking it back and forth. "What have I gotten myself into?"

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