Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Are you nervous?"

"I'm more excited than nervous."

"So, not nervous at all?"

Santana narrows her eyes. She wants to say no she isn't nervous but that would be a complete lie. "Maybe a little."

Puck throws his head back in laughter. Santana rolls her eyes at him. She doesn't know why she deals with him or why she asked him to be here today.

She can hear all the commotion coming from outside. The people coming and going and the excited voices at accompany them. It is a little nerve wracking but then again it would be bad if she wasn't nervous at all.

Once Puck stops laughing he looks around the tiny makeshift room as if he is lost or has lost something. He stands up from the chair he was sitting in, runs his hands down his front, smoothing out any wrinkles that might be there.

Santana eyes him curiously the whole time.

Puck smiles at her and steps closer. "I'm gonna go see if I can find Rachel. I will be back before-." He trails off and shrugs as he walks out leaving Santana alone with her thoughts.

It's fall. It's October. It's Central Park. The leaves are mid-change. Bright colors are everywhere. Reds and oranges and yellows. The sun is shining. It's all around a gorgeous fall day.

There are two tents set up. One big one and a smaller one that's sectioned off into half a dozen tiny rooms for changing and organizing and gathering and anything else that might need a little privacy.

Two small sections of chairs are set up next to each other with a five foot path in between. A ten foot long by eight foot wide elevated platform rests in front of the sets of chairs.

Brittany looks over the area. It's perfect. She walks up the center aisle. There are a few people milling about. As she gets closer to the front she sees a man sitting on the right side. First chair, next to the aisle, front row.

"Dad?" She says in a soft voice not wanting to startle him.

His head snaps around. "Britt, why aren't you getting ready?"

She smiles and slips around him and sits in the chair next to him. Her left hand rests against his right knee. "It won't take me very long. I already have my hair and makeup done. I just need to get dressed. Plus, I am too anxious to sit still for longer than necessary. I wanted to come out here and have a look at everything before everyone showed up."

"I understand. So- this is it, huh?" He shrugs and pats his daughter's hand.

Brittany looks at the set up in front of them. "Yeah. This is it."

"Are you nervous?" Dan asks.

"I don't think that a person can't be not nervous on a day like today. If they aren't there is probably something wrong with them."

Dan laughs at her side.

"I'm really glad that you're here dad."

"Me too, Britt. Me too. And I know your mom is watching down on us today. I'm sure she always is but she is paying special attention today."

"Thanks dad." Brittany gives him a kiss on the cheek. She is a little teary-eyed and knows she can't ruin her makeup. "I should go- and get ready." She stands up and walks away without another word.

Dan watches her go with a proud smile on his face.

Brittany's first. Her dad came to get her from the small tent a few minutes ago. Now they are standing behind all of the chairs. The chairs that are now filled with all of her and Santana's family and friends. The music starts from somewhere up in front and everyone turns around to look at Brittany and her father. She is attached to her father's elbow, a tight nervous grip.

Brittany is wearing a simple silk white dress that flairs out slightly at the waist and stops mid-calf. She has on a black tailored suit coat with white trim. And black and white saddle shoes. She also has a black top hair for the reception.

"Ready?" He whispers in his daughter's ear. She nods and he takes a step forward. Puck and Sara are already at the front. He as best man and her as maid of honor. She takes a step when she feels the tug on her arm. Brittany strides in step with her father up the aisle to the alter.

When they make it to the first Dan release Brittany and she kisses him on the cheek. The music stops. She takes her spot next to Puck and her dad sits down. Everything quiets down for a couple of seconds and then the music starts again.

Brittany looks down the aisle to see Santana standing there on her father's arm. Mr. Lopez is the one who offered to do this. He offered to pay for the plane tickets and the venue so his daughter could get married. He stands next to his daughter with a wide smile as everyone waits for them to begin their walk. It's not a huge wedding by any means but he is proud to be a part of it. It's mostly family and a few of Santana and Brittany's friends.

Santana's dress is white and flowing and strapless. A short train trails behind. Her hair lays in loose curls over her shoulders. She takes in a deep breath as she looks over the fifty some people that are before her. Her eyes scan the crowd before they lock with the person waiting for her at the front. The corners of her mouth lift into a small smile and she takes a step forward. Her father leads her step by step to the makeshift alter. Her eyes never leaving Brittany's.

Mr. Lopez hands Santana off to Brittany and takes his seat and the officiant begins his duties.

"By the power vested in me by the State of New York I now pronounce you married."

Brittany's smile stretches from ear to ear as the words ring in her ears. Her gaze never leaving Santana's face as she waits for the magical words. Her eyes flicker from Santana's eyes down to her red lips and back up.

Santana can't wait however. The second after she heard the words 'pronounce you married' she leans forward, her hands coming up to cradle Brittany's face, her lips pressing into the blonde's.

Brittany's eye widen in shock at first but they flutter closed after a moment and she kisses Santana back. A like smirk forms on her lips when she can feel Santana smiling against her.

Everyone in the crowd laughs and eventually starts clapping. "You may kiss." The official says through a laugh. Brittany and Santana pulls away from each other with idiot smiles on their faces. "Everybody I present to you Mrs. and Mrs. Lopez-Pierce."

The small crowd cheers louder and a few whoops are heard from Puck. Brittany turns to the crowd with her hand in Santana's. She raises their conjoined hands in the air in between them. Santana laughs at her side. "Britt, you didn't just win a fight." She whispers.

Brittany turns when she hears Santana's voice. The brunette stares right into her eyes with a big broad smile. "But I did." She squeezes Santana's hand in hers before dropping their arms back to their sides. She takes a step forward and they walk down the three little step and down the aisle to the back of the rows of chairs.

Brittany kisses Santana again as soon as they reach the back. She kisses her again and again and again all over her face. Her lips, and nose, and cheeks, and chin and lips again. Chanting "We're married, we're married" over and over again.

"Quit sucking face, the people are waiting." Puck jokes as he walks out behind them with Brittany's little sister on his arm.

"Shut it, Puckerman." Santana groans but the grin on her face contradicts it. "I can kiss my wife whenever I want." She likes the way that sounds. Brittany is her wife now.

The blonde giggles next to her as the first guest approach them and shake their hands to congratulate them. Brittany figures it's someone from Santana's rather large family because she certainly has no idea who the lady is that is hugging her.

A reception is to follow in the large tent that is set up about fifty feet away from where they are standing. So, after the guests says their congratulations they head to the tent and get a drink and wait for the dinner.

It's not a big reception or anything. They actually need to be out of the park at 10 pm so it's just dinner and music and dancing. Brittany and Santana requested that their be no presents and that if anyone insisted on getting them something to send it to the house in Lima.

That's the plan at least.

"Hey, Britt, can I come in." Sara knocks on the canvas of the tent.

"Sure thing." Sara peeks her head into the little room that has been dubbed as Brittany's changing room before slipping through the tent flaps. "What's up? Why aren't you getting your party on?"

"First of all, there isn't really much partying going on over there." She says referring to the tent where to reception is being held. "And second, I wanted to talk to you before I don't get a chance."

"Okay." Brittany nods from where she is sitting towards the other chair in the room.

Sara looks at the chair and then back at Brittany and then back to the chair. She goes over and pulls it until it is directly in front of Brittany and sits down. "I know I give you a lot of crap." She begins. "And you put up with it. And I don't know why. But I wanted to tell you that I am happy for you- and for Santana. She is pretty awesome I guess and it's great that she is a part of the family now. And you guys seem pretty great together too. You go well together. Like bacon and eggs or something. But yeah I'm happy for you guys."

Brittany shakes her head and giggles in her throat. "Aww, thanks little sister." She gets up and gestures for Sara to go the same. "Come here." She coaxes until she can wrap her arms around her sister. "Thanks again. And thanks for being in the wedding."

"No problem." Sara lets go up Brittany and takes a step back. "What are you doing in here anyway?"

"Oh, um, don't tell anyone else but I needed a second to myself. A little breather, so to speak. And I needed to get my hat." Brittany points to the hat on the tiny table next to her chair.

"That hat is ridiculous, by the way." Sara comments. "You're not actually going to wear it during dinner are you?"

Brittany shrugs. "Yeah."

"You're crazy." Sara rolls her eyes and walks out of the tent.

"Hey, Britt-Britt, where you been?" Santana says when Brittany slides up to Santana's side as she talks to Rachel and Puck.

"Nowhere." Brittany shrugs.

Santana turns to look at her. To search her face and study her eyes and see if she can tell what Brittany has been up to. But it's no luck. Her eyes flit up. "Nice hat, Abraham Lincoln." She grins.

"Heeey, don't hate the hat." Brittany spits back.

"I can't help it."

"What did it ever do to you?" Brittany raises an eyebrow in question.

"Already fighting like a married couple." Rachel comments.

Brittany and Santana both turn their attention to her. "We are not." They say in unison.

Puck throws his head back in laughter. "You guys are too much. I'm going to get another drink. Coming Rach?"

"I'll be there in a second." She tells him. Puck nods and walks over to the bar. "Congrats again you two." Rachel says to Brittany and Santana.

"Thanks Rachel." Brittany follows with.

"And I like your hat Brittany." She smiles and turns to go find Puck.

"I didn't say I didn't like it." Santana throws her arms up in the air and yells.

Brittany chuckles. Santana turns back to her now that they are alone for a second. The lawyer wraps her arms around Brittany's waist and gives her a half smile. Brittany brings her arms up and puts them around Santana's shoulders pulling their bodies together and mimics her smile. The stand there in a trance-like state just looking at each other. Santana's eyes roam as much of Brittany as she can while they are holding each other. "I do like the hat. It's very-" She trails off unsure of the word she wants to use.

"Abraham Lincoln." Brittany offers.

"Maybe." Santana shrugs. "But it works for you, with what you are wearing. It completes your outfit."

"Good. I'm glad. I like what you are wearing by the way. You are the prettiest girl in the world on a regular day but today you are extra pretty. Beautiful, I think the word is." She grins.

Santana leans in and gives Brittany a quick peck on the lips. "You don't look to bad yourself, missy." She giggles. "The jacket and the hat and the cute little dress." She pauses. "I do have one question though." Brittany nods for Santana to continue. "Why didn't you wear the hat during the ceremony?"

Brittany tilts her head to the side as she considers the question. "I thought about it but, I don't know, I feel like it wasn't quite right. I thought I could just where it for the reception. And I wanted to not have it in the way or anything. Plus, I wanted some pictures without the hat. So, I thought I could go without for the actually ceremony and then wear it later on."

"That makes sense." Santana nods.

"Excuse me." A voice interrupts them. "Can I get a picture of the two of you?"

"Sure." Brittany says and starts to pulling away from Santana so they can stand next to each other in a traditional picture pose.

"No, no. Stay like that. Please. You're so cute together."

"Oh. Okay." Brittany turns back to Santana and smiles at her. The woman take a picture before Brittany is even ready. "I wasn't re-"

"Thank you." The woman says and walks away from them.

Brittany looks from where the woman was just standing back to Santana. "Do you know her?"

Santana laughs and rests her forehead against Brittany's. "Yeah. That's one of my aunt's on my mom's side. She's a little coo coo."

"Oh." Brittany laughs with Santana.

At some point after dinner Puck gets up and grabs the microphone. "Hey, everybody, I'm Noah Puckerman, I'm friends with both of these lovely ladies. Although, I've known Santana longer. Her and I go way way back." He turns to Santana and winks. She groans and drops her face into her hands hoping Puck doesn't tell some sort of embarrassing story about her.

"So, I have a little story for you guys." So much for that.

"Back when Santana and I were in high school-"

"Oh god." Santana mumbles.

Brittany chuckles from beside her. She rubs Santana's back. "I'm sure it won't be that bad."

"Yes, it will be. It's Puck."

"-this was before Brittany and college and everything really. Back when we were just kids and didn't know a damn thing about the world. Back when the only thing that mattered was status and popularity and who was dating who-"

"Puckerman." Santana stands up from her seat. He stops and turns to her with an amused smile. "You better not tell some ridiculous story." She warns and glares him down.

"I'm not, I promise." His smile changes into a warmer genuine one. He turns back to the small crowd. Brittany pulls on Santana's arm until she sits down again.

"Where was I? Oh, right, well, we were sixteen when I realized. A lot of people say that I am no good at paying attention to other people and all that crap. But they are wrong. We were sixteen when I realized that Santana wasn't really into me. We were dating, if you could call it that." The crowd laughs. "And the longer we 'dated' the stranger Santana got. I don't really know how to explain it. So, I started paying more attention to her and what she was doing. She didn't really notice or seem to care. One day after Glee club we we're all walking out of the room and a group of cheerleaders happened to be walking by. I was walking out behind Santana and I caught her checking out one of the cheerleaders. That's the day that I knew. That's the day that I knew I never had a shot with Santana. That's the day I knew it would never work out between us. And that was okay. That's the day she went from being my girlfriend to my best friend." He lifts he champagne glass in the air and turns away from the crowd towards Brittany and Santana. "I knew that day that I would be standing up here someday not as the groom but as the best man and get to witness my best friend get married to the woman of her dreams. Congratulations to the happy newlyweds." He lifts his glass higher and clinks echo through the room. He takes a sip. "Oh, one more thing, when these two get back from there honeymoon I am throwing a party for them in Lima and you are all invited."

"Thanks Puckerman." Santana mumbles to him as he sits down on her right.

"Anytime Lopez."

Santana uses the key card to open the hotel door. As soon as the little light turns green Brittany pushes the door open and walks into the room. She doesn't even bother to turn the lights on.

The blonde takes off her jacket and throws it over the back of the chair before the door shuts. Her shoes go next as Santana plops down on the edge of the bed. "I'm so tired." She groans. "And I can't believe we are actually married."

"I can, silly." Brittany chuckles. "It's easily the greatest day of my life." She's standing in front of the window looking out at the city of New York. The lights from outside the only light in the room causing the dim sort of light. Just enough to see the objects in the room without bumping into anything.

"It was a great day." Santana agrees.

Brittany lowers the zipper on her dress and slips out of it. She turns from the window and goes over to the bed in just her underwear and top hat. "What are you doing?" Santana asks as the blonde approaches.

"Nothing." Brittany mumbles as she lowers herself into Santana's lap. "No, wait. I lied. Kissing my wife." She smirks a second before connecting their lips. Her hands go to the back of Santana's neck to hold herself in place.

Santana places her hands on Brittany's bare back and rubs them up and down gently. "I like the way that sounds." Santana says when Brittany pulls back and rests their foreheads together. "Wife."

"Mhmm. Me too." The blonde hums. "But you know what I like more?" She whispers.

"What?" Santana whispers back. Brittany tilts her head down and connects her lips together. She pulls Santana's bottom lip into her mouth and sucks on it. Brittany swipes her tongue along her bottom lip before dipping it into her mouth. She shallows the moan the bubbles out of Santana. Her tongue rolling around with Santana's before licking at the back of the brunette's teeth.

Brittany removes her tongue from Santana's mouth and gives her a kiss on the mouth and then the nose and then the cheek. "Britt?" Santana's hands slide up the blonde's back and into her hair as Brittany bends to attach her lips to Santana's neck and places open mouthed kisses there.

"Hmm?" Brittany hums into Santana's skin.

"Help me take my dress off?" Santana asks and her hands finding Brittany's cheeks and lifts her face away from her neck. She raises Brittany's face to eye level. "My dress." Brittany nods and kisses her quickly before getting out of Santana's lap.

Santana reaches behind herself for the zipper on her dress but Brittany grabs her hands and stops her. She shakes her head and Santana lowers her hands to her lap assuming that Brittany wants to do it.

Brittany stands there in front of Santana for a few second and just drinks her in. She will never see this again. Santana in her wedding dress on their wedding night. She eyes the Latina from head to toe a few times memorizing the sight. After she is somewhat satisfied Brittany squats down in front of Santana with her hands on her knees. She rubs her hands over Santana's knees and then down. She grabs Santana's left heel and pulls it off before doing the same to the right. She grabs Santana's ankles next. Her hands run up the length of Santana's legs until she reaches her panties under her dress.

Santana eyes widen. She isn't sure what Brittany is doing. She wanted to take her dress off but this isn't that.

Brittany curls her fingers around the waistband of Santana's underwear. "Lift." Santana complies and presses her palms to the bed and lifts her butt off the mattress. Brittany pulls the panties down tan legs and throws them on the floor somewhere.

"Britt, I think you are taking my clothes off in the wrong order." Santana giggles. It might be from the champagne or just from the excitement of the day or from the excitement right now.

Brittany shakes her head like Santana is wrong and she is taking Santana's clothes off in the correct order. She looking up at her wife, from her knees, on the floor. Santana stops giggling and focus her attention back on Brittany. "Will you look after my hat for me?" Brittany asks quietly. Santana scrunches up her nose in that adorable confused way.

Brittany reaches up and takes the top hat off of her head and sits up on her knees so that she can reaches the top of Santana's head and places the hat there nice and firm. She gives Santana a chaste kiss and then sits back on her haunches. Her hands fisting the bottom of Santana's dress.

Brittany smirks and lifts the dress and disappears underneath.

Santana's eyes go wide. She doesn't know what to do with her hands. She wants to put them on Brittany's body somewhere but can't so she fists them in the blankets at the edge of the mattress and holds on.

The alarm on Santana's phone goes off at nine am. She groans and reaches for the phone on the side table and shuts it off. She rolls over. "Brittany wake up. We have to be at the airport in two hours."

"Ugh, no. I'm too tired." Brittany groans into her pillow.

"Well, whose fault is that?" She asks with a giggle.

"Yours." Brittany turns her head so it is facing Santana. "Good morning wifey." She grins.

"Good morning, babe." Santana smiles back and leans in for a kiss. "How about I get in the shower first and you can sleep for a few more minutes but then you have to get up. I will not miss this flight. I don't want to spend any more of my honeymoon stuck at the airport then I have to."

"Okay, sounds good." Brittany's eyes are already closed again.

Santana chuckles and gets out of bed. She digs around in her suitcase and grabs her sweatpants and a t-shirt and heads to the bathroom.

They have a one o'clock flight to Miami for a week in the sun. Santana's parents agreed to swap house for a week. So while Brittany and Santana are in Miami soaking up the sun Santana's parents will be at their house in Lima enjoying the crisp fall weather.

Santana comes out of the bathroom after her shower already dressed and ready to go. She throws her wet towel on Brittany's head.

The blonde's left arm reaches for the offensive object. "What the-" She mumbles. One eye squinting open as her hand pulls the towel off of her face.

"Time to get up. For real." Santana tells her. She pulls the blinds open and Brittany groans. "C'mon Britt, the Florida sun awaits us."

Brittany perks up a little more at that. She leans up on one elbow and looks over at Santana. "You already showered?"

Santana nods. "I told you that. Now it's your turn. I don't think I've ever seen you sleep this late."

Brittany smirks. "Well, I was up late last night." She throws the wet towel at Santana. "And I have every right to sleep in. I'm on my honeymoon." She whips the covers off of her very naked body and gets out of bed. Brittany saunters over to Santana.

"No. No. No. You need to get in the shower." Santana says as Brittany approaches her. The blonde's hands land on her hips. "Britt." She breathes.

Brittany smiles. "Hey."

"Britt." Santana whines. Brittany kisses her. "We don't have time."

"I don't need to take a shower." Brittany counters.

Santana giggles. "I don't mind but you smell like sex and I think that other people might mind."

Brittany pouts. "But-"

"Britt. Later. When we get to Miami we have the next six days to do whatever we want. We just need to get there. We need to get on that plane. And you, my dear, need to take a shower."

Brittany's shoulders sink. "Fine. I guess I should take a shower. I don't want to offend any old ladies or anything."

Santana giggles. "Right." She leans in quick and kisses Brittany. "Now go." She smacks Brittany on the ass as she turns around to go into the bedroom.

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