A/N: Please note that this is of course Fan Fiction, therefore the events described would be slightly deviated from the orginal telling.

And nope, I in fact do not own Noir or anything else I write about.

Moonlight Walk

Mireille and Kirika walked hand in hand through a forest glade on a cool summer night. Perhaps it was the cramped city life that brought them here, or perhaps it was the need to be somewhere safe and quiet. A swift breeze flew in from the west and rustled their hair and clothes. Kirika looked down at her wristwatch, it was a quarter until midnight.

They had been softly strolling for nearly an hour it seemed. Barely talking, for that there was no need. Just merely the feel of the other's hand, the nearly synchronized walking and breathing. There are many things that words cannot express.

If stopping to rest was something they were looking for, then there were plenty of places along the ill-trodden path. But neither made a motion to, they were both perfectly content to keep walking together without a purpose they could understand.

Twas until the moon shone on a steep hill that it became clear that that would be their destination. They veered to the left, off the path to climb the ascent. Recent summer showers left the area wet, and thus climbing the small, steep mound caused them to be extra-cautious. Heaven forbid slipping wearing nice shoes.

But as it turns out, Fate plays its own cards and has a stylized sense of humor. As near the base, only a dozen steps upwards, Mireille slipped. Kirika's lightning reflexes worked against her favor this time, as her rush to catch Mireille's fall lead Kirika to slip herself. With gravity all non-sense now, they both stumbled and tumbled down until meeting level ground. Kirika landed completly on top of Mireille in the aftermath of the fall. The steel tight grip of each others hands was never released.

The grass was thick so neither were hurt, besides, they were quite a bit tougher then they looked.

Mireille began to giggle, "Oh Kirika, if only you could have seen the look on your face."

She continued on until Kirika could not help but laugh, both of them now finding the situation extremely humorous. With only a moments delay, they began to climb again. Only his time very extra-cautious.

The pinnicle was reached without any other undesirable event. Both of them were in awe of the night sky from this view. It had surely been a long time, if indeed anytime at all when the starts looked as beautiful and bright as they did right here, right now. They moved to sit side by side and continued to gaze upwards at the sky.

Mireille broke the silence by asking, "You're not bothered by what anyone says or thinks about us, are you?" She had a slightly nervous tone in her voice. As though slightly fearful of the possible answer.

"No," Kirika said, "I'm not. Nothing anyone could say or do would stop me from loving you."

"But why all this akwardness between us now?" Mireille asked.

Kirika took a moment before answering. "I don't like how so many people understand hate, more than they understand love. That there are so many who just want to destroy what we have together," spoke Kirika, looking slightly depressed.

"Then let them try," Mireille said, squeezing her hand tighter. "They could never do it."

Kirika looked up and into her eyes, but still looked terribly sad.

"You're not worried about going to hell, are you?" asked Mireille.

Kirika's reply was simple, "I would go to hell for you Mireille. As long as you are there, it would be nicer than heaven."

The end.