A/N: For this chapter, there are two main parts: Remus and Tony

The first part (and last few lines) is about Remus. Recap of what happened: After their engagement and the trial, Remus told Nettie that he's a wizard and a werewolf. She, for obvious reasons, said it was a lot to take in and wasn't sure how to respond. Remus became nervous and left Nettie, Harry, and Ziva.

The middle part is about Tony. Tony Recap: Tony has been seriously considering what Tim yelled at him and feels extremely guilty. He stops bullying other kids for the most part. Mrs. Wiles and Mrs. DiNozzo decide that they need to do something about it and Tony needs professional help.

WARNING: In Mrs. DiNozzo's part, there is a little cursing and some darker themes.

Remus POV

I tricked myself. I faked myself into believing that it was all going to be all right, that I could have a family. I'm wrong. I'll hurt them. I know that right now, they're hurt, but it's better for everyone in the long run.

I can stay here. I'll be fine. It's a bit damper than I remember, but it could be that last time I was here it was the middle of August. It's okay. Everyone is better off now. I'm doing the right thing.

Third Person POV

"He left this. It was on his pillow."

Nettie looks down and reads it silently with shaky hands,

Dear Nettie,

I'm sorry, but I had to leave. I got to thinking and I'm too dangerous. Event though the possibility is small that I will hurt anyone, I can't live with myself knowing that there is any chance at all. It is too selfish. I love you, and once again I'm sorry. Take care of Harry for me.


"Harry, why don't you go wake Ziva and then get dressed?" Nettie smiles, trying to convince him that everything's all right. "Remus is fine, don't worry honey."

She picks up the phone and dials a number she knows so well, "Shannon?"

"Morning, Nettie! How are you?"

"Not so great. Would you mind coming over with Gibbs and Kelly? I'll explain everything once you're here."

"All right," Shannon replies. Her voice conveys confusion, but she doesn't question it, "We'll be there as soon as possible."

Kelly POV

My mom knocks softly on my bedroom door, "Kel, you awake?"

"Yeah, Mommy. I'm just reading."

She smiles slightly, "We have to go over to Ziva's. Nettie needs help with something. Can you be down in ten minutes?"

I nod and get dressed quickly.

As we enter Ziva's house, a worried looking Nettie sits at the kitchen table, staring at a small piece of paper, her hands wrapped around a coffee mug.

She doesn't even acknowledge us until Mommy walks over and puts her arm around Nettie.

"Oh, Shannon, you're here," Nettie smiles slightly. "Thanks for coming."

"No problem, what's going on?"

Nettie glances at me quickly, "Kelly, why don't you go find Harry and Ziva? I need to talk to your mom and dad for a few minutes."

I nod and walk over to Ziva's room. I knock and Ziva opens the door, "Hi, Kelly. Do you know what's going on?"

I shake my head, "Nettie kicked me out of the kitchen. Do either of you know?"

"Kind of," Harry speaks up quietly. "I don't know if I can tell you, though."

Ziva shakes her head, "All I know is that we woke up this morning and Remus was gone. He left."

They both sigh and Harry turns away.

Ziva sits on her bed and crosses her arms, "We have to find him. He's not gone. We have to."

"We will," I try to comfort her, but I know that it'll be hard to find him.

"Kel, Ziva, Harry! Can you guys come here?" I hear my mom calling us from the other room.

We jump up and get to the kitchen as quickly as possible. "Okay," my dad sits us down, "Ziva, you and Aunt Nettie are going to go to the library to talk to his boss. Nettie, I'll call you if we know anything."

Ziva nods and they leave. It's obvious that my dad doesn't want Nettie just sitting around. She needs to be doing something. She can't stand sitting back and doing nothing.

Daddy then turns to Harry, "Do you know where Remus might go if he were upset?"

"No, I don't know… Why did he leave? Did he realize I'm not worth it?"

Tears well in my eyes and I grab Harry's hand and squeeze it tightly. Mommy smiles at him, "No, honey. Remus told you that he couldn't adopt you, right? And he told you why. He doesn't want to hurt you. You are the most important person in his life and he didn't want to do anything that would put you in danger, even if it meant leaving."

"Harry, come here," Daddy beckons him over.

Gibbs POV

I lean down and ask quietly, "Do you know how to contact your Grandmum or any of Remus' friends?"

Harry nods, "Remus told me to use something he left in his room. It looks like a mirror. He said that I had to ask for Padfoot. Gibbs, can I tell Kelly about me?"

I freeze momentarily. I don't know if it's a good idea because I don't know how she'll react. I think she'll support Harry, but you can't tell how someone to react to news like this. I nod hesitantly, "Would you mind if Shannon tells her?"

Harry shakes his head, "She can tell Kelly. I just don't want to keep any secrets from her."

I call Shannon over, "Shan, Harry wants to tell Kelly that he's a wizard. Could you do it? Just don't… don't tell her what Remus is. It's too much for one sitting. Thank you."

Shannon smiles brightly, "No problem. I hope you think of something."

We go over to Remus' room and grab the mirror. Harry looks at me and I nod, "Go ahead."

Magic never ceases to amaze me. A few moments after Harry's timid voice calls out for Padfoot, we hear a voice, "Remus, is that you?"

A face comes into view and I take the mirror from Harry, "I'm Gibbs. You are Sirius, correct?"

The face looks skeptical, "Where's Remus?"

"He left his fiancée after he told her that he was a werewolf. He's scared that he'll hurt her, her niece Ziva, and Harry."

"Wait, who are you again?"

"Gibbs. I'm a friend of Remus'."

Recognition flits quickly over his features, "Oh, you're Gibbs, the one who found Harry. Where's Harry? Is he all right?"

I turn the mirror to the side and Harry waves shyly, "Hi."

"Harry!" The man smiles broadly and his voice constricts. His eyes get misty as he murmurs, "You look just like James."

I turn the mirror back. There can be a reunion later, but right now, we need to find Remus.

"Do you know where Remus would go if he were scared?"

Sirius pauses for a second, "He wouldn't come back here. There's nowhere in England that he wants to come back to. Well, maybe Hogwarts, but with what we found out about Albus, he won't be going back there anytime soon. He would go somewhere where he felt he could hide. I'm sorry; we haven't talked in years. I barely know where to start."

Kelly POV

After Daddy takes Harry into the other room, Mommy beckons me over and speaks quietly, "Kelly, I need you to listen to me for a minute. I'm going to tell you something, and you're not going to believe me. We'll explain later, but for right now, I just need you to accept it and support Harry. Got it?"

I nod. Mommy's not making any sense, but if I can help, I'll just accept it.

"Okay, there's more to this than Remus just being scared of being happy and scared of hurting any of them. Harry, and Remus, and Harry's parents and friends are witches and wizards. They can do magic."


Mommy nods.

"Like moving things without meaning to or turning things different colors?"

"I guess so, it could be. Has Harry done magic in front of you?"

Everything seems to click into place for me. "Kind of. I don't think he meant to."

Mommy smiles, "Yeah, so you're okay with this?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"It's just so… strange," Mommy shrugs. "Well, good. Daddy is with Harry talking to a friend of Remus'. Harry made sure that you knew. Now, you can't tell anyone. The only people who know are Harry, Remus, Daddy, Nettie, you and me. You can't tell Ziva or Abby or Tim, not until Harry says it's okay. Deal?"

"Of course. I won't tell anyone."

Daddy and Harry come out of the room talking into a mirror. It looks a little funny, so I giggle slightly. Daddy is on the phone asking someone on the other end to trace a number. I hear Uncle Mike replying. He always speaks loudly on the phone, "Okay, Gunny. It says that the phone is... right where you are. Your friend must have left it."

Harry looks down, "But we already tried calling it!"

"It's probably on silent," the voice in the mirror speaks up.

"I have no idea where he'd be," Harry sits down at the kitchen table. "He left me. I'm not good enough."

I run over and hug him tightly, "Don't say that! It's not you. Remus thinks that he's actually helping you. Don't worry, we'll find him."

Julia DiNozzo POV

The elevator glides to a stop with a light ping. We walk through the glass doors on the right with the words 'Montgomery County Social Services Center' etched onto them. Soon a man comes out to greet us, "Hi, I'm Jules Liger, but you can just call me Jules."

Jules is a tall man with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He seems to be in his early thirties.

I shake his hand, "My name is Julia DiNozzo and this is my son, Tony."

He smiles and shakes Tony's hand as well, "It's nice to meet you both."

Jules turns to Tony, "Tony, I'd like to talk to your mom for a second. Could you sit in the waiting room for just a few minutes? I'll come get you soon."

Tony nods hesitantly and I hand him the book of movie trivia I had given him for his last birthday.

We enter a small office and Jules motions to a seat next to a window.

"Welcome Mrs. DiNozzo. How are you?" He asks.

I shrug, "I've been better. But that's not why I'm here."

"So why are you here?"

"There are a lot of things I regret in my life, but none more than how I treated my older son. When I was 17, I got pregnant. I married the father of the baby because I had to, not because I loved him or even cared about him. Soon after we were married, I gave birth to Joseph. I'm Catholic, so you would think I would have noticed the irony in his name. Saint Joseph, patron saint of families and expectant mothers, among other things. You know, I don't think I've called him Joseph a day in my life. To everyone, he was Joey.

"My husband, Anthony, wasn't even there when Joey was born. He was getting himself pissed at some bar.

"Soon after Joey was born, Anthony started to beat me. I wasn't strong enough to leave, so I blamed it all on Joey. I practically cursed him every night. I thought that without him, I wouldn't be in that situation. Every time I looked at Joey, all I saw were my own mistakes, but I couldn't admit it. So I blamed him. I just couldn't accept that I'd done this to myself or that there was anything I could do about it.

"Two years later, I found out that I was pregnant once again. I was too weak to stop Anthony. Something changed, though. When I told my husband that I was pregnant, he stopped beating me. He continued to torment me psychologically and he repressed me constantly, but he didn't hit me. He took out some of that anger on Joey and I did nothing to stop him.

"Somehow, Anthony managed to be sober the night Tony was born. He forced me to name the child Anthony, but I promised that he would only be called Tony. He wasn't going to be like the bastard I call my husband.

"Over the years, Anthony had stopped physically hurting Joey, but we were all terrible to him. I never forgave him and Tony tortured his older brother. Tony was my miracle and I treated him as such. He was spoiled and it ruined him, but I know he's still a good kid at heart. He bullied other kids and didn't try in anything, but I was too blinded by what his presence had done for me to notice or try to do anything about it.

"Joey grew up in a terrible household, but he managed to be the best of all of us. He found friends at school, and with them, a second family. His two best friends in the world were Kate and Ari. Ari and his aunt took Joey in as one of their own. Truthfully, I think he spent more time there than he did at our house.

"Joey was sweet and thoughtful, but I couldn't see it. I really couldn't.

"This past fall, my husband, Joey, Ari, and Kate went to the first playoff game with the Nationals. At the end of the game, Joey called Anthony, but he was drunk and they couldn't find him. Kate called her mother. Her mom told her to take the Metro home anyway and she would pick the three of them up at the station.

"Because of my husband, they were later than they should have been and took a late train home. That train… it was the one that crashed and killed so many. My son was killed on impact. Ari died later that night and Kate is now permanently deaf.

"After Joey died, there was no real change in Tony, but I knew that he missed his brother. If anything, he managed to become even more of a bully to the kids at school. Since kindergarten, I've been getting calls about Tony being mean to other students, and the calls increased after the crash. But then, about a month after the accident, he changed. He was quiet and listless. He didn't seem to care about anything at all.

"Three months later, my husband and I were called in by Tony's teacher, Mrs. Wiles, for a conference. She had observed the same things that I had and recommended that we seek professional help."

"What did Anthony think about that?" Jules asks.

"He hated it. He thought that she was invading our privacy and had no right to even suggest it.

"The next day, I sent Tony to school with a note to his teacher. I told her that I wanted to get Tony help and I asked if she knew anyone. I also told her that I have cancer and asked if she knew anyone who could help drive Tony around. Tony gave me a note from Mrs. Wiles that afternoon with some phone numbers and contact information. And that's how we found you."

Kelly POV

It's been silent for over an hour. Nettie and Ziva are home now. Nettie's sitting on the couch, just staring at a once-hot cup of coffee. The man in the mirror had to leave since Ziva is back. We're trying to think of where Remus might go, but no one has any ideas.

Mommy walks over to Nettie, "Where's that cup from?"

"It's a picture of Bryce National Park. Remus bought it for me soon after he moved in. It's my favorite national park," Nettie sets the mug down. "Oh god, what have I done?"

From the corner of my eye, I see Harry's face light up, "I think I know where he is!"

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