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Ed slowly opened his eyes when sunlight hit his face dead on. "Damn sunlight..." He groaned and sat upright, yelping in pain. He clutched his side and looked around the room. "How did I get in the hospital?" he asked himself.

His eyes then fell towards to the bed next to him and he see his raven-haired lover's sleeping face. He smiled, but the smile quickly faded when he saw the bandages wrapped around his lover's throat. He turned his head away , trying so hard not to cry. 'It's all my fault he's hurt. I promised I'd keep him safe.'

Ed heard the door click open and saw Al walk in. Al ran to Ed's side.

"Brother! How are you feeling!?" He whispered.

"I'm doing alright. In pain, but I'll be fine." Ed faked a smile.

Al saw right through his smile, "You're upset because of what happened to the Colonel aren't you?"

With that said Ed's smile dropped."Of course I am. The only reason I listened to the guy was because I wanted to keep Roy safe. I failed him." He felt his eyes tearing up.

Al frowned, "Brother. Don't say that. That's not true."

Ed looked down at his torso which was now covered in bandages. "Al... I love him and I just don't want to lose him like we've lost mom. I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if he got killed. I screwed up. I should have fought harder. I walked right into a trap and it caused Roy to get hurt and almost killed." A few tears escaped from his eyes.

Al looked at Roy's motionless form and the only thing that reassured both boys that the man was alive was the heart monitor beeping in time with his heart. That and his chest rising and falling with every breath. Al turned back to Ed, "Brother. He's going to be okay," Al reassured once he saw Ed starring at Roy.

"How long have you been here?" Ed asked trying to get his mind on something else.

"I stayed here all last night, but had to leave when visiting hours ended and I just got back here just now when I walked in." He explained to the younger of the two.

"Did Roy ever wake up?" Ed's brows creased in worry.

"No... Sorry. He didn't wake up at all last night and I don't know if he woke up after I left. Although I don't think he did."

Ed nodded and swung his feet over the side of the bed. He slowly stood, wobbling a bit. Al quickly grabbed his brother's shoulder's to make sure he wouldn't fall over. Ed reassured him that he was okay on his own and slowly stepped towards the raven-haired man's bed. He placed his flesh hand on Roy's forehead and pushed his bangs out of his face. His hand slowly trailed down to his neck where the bandages were and brushed lightly along them, making sure not to cause him any pain. He pulled his hand back and let it fall to his side.

The door clicked open and a nurse came in.

"Oh! Mister Elric. How are you feeling?" She asked walking to his side to check his wounds. Ed grunted and mumbled an 'okay.' he started to complain about her touching him, but let her continue anyway. She stood straight up again, "We won't have to change the bandages yet, but we will at some point this morning or early afternoon." Her gaze went to Roy, "Has he woken yet?"

Ed shook his head and placed his hand back on Roy's forehead.

"Alright. May I ask that you tell one of us when he does?" The nurse saw Ed nod and then began to look at Roy's bandages on his neck. She slowly unraveled them and cleaned the wound with a wet rag. Ed gasped slightly at the sight. Roy had stitches in his neck, holding a long and deep gash in the side of his neck closed. The nurse re-bandaged the wound and put new dressing on it, then left the room with a nod to Ed.

Ed sat on Roy's bed next to his head and ran his fingers through his black locks. He leaned down and kissed the top of his lover's head, "I'm sorry." He apologized and wiped his face from any tears that threaten to fall.

Ed got back up, "Hey, Al? Can you go get me something to eat? I hate hospital food, but I'm starving." Al nodded and left.

When Ed sat back on his bed, he heard a slight noise and quickly turned when Roy stirred in his bed.

Roy groaned and turned onto his side. He whimpered in pain and then rolled onto his back again so he wouldn't be in pain. His onyx eyes slowly opened then closed, adjusting to the light. He groaned again and opened his eyes fully, onyx meeting gold.

"What happened?" He blinked a few times and slowly sat up. "Ed...? ED! Are you okay!?" He instantly began to worry about the younger man.

"Roy. I'm fine! Don't worry about me. You're in worse shape than I am." Ed laughed lightly.

Roy went to stand, forgetting about his wounds. He wanted to hug his lover. He stepped on the leg that was wounded and he yelled out in pain. "Gaaaaahhh!" He fell to his knees and held his leg in pain. Ed quickly dropped beside him, "Be careful you idiot! You're going to hurt yourself!" Ed helped him back into the bed and made sure he was okay. He looked down and realized that Roy's leg was bleeding badly. Roy had his eyes closed and teeth clenched in pain. Ed pressed the nurse button on the remote attached to the bed and they waited. He hugged Roy, as there was nothing else he could do.

The door flung open and the nurse and a doctor stood in the doorway. They quickly saw the situation and ran to Roy's side. The doctor laid him down on the bed and started unraveling the bandages. Ed was pulled away by the nurse and was told to explain. Ed explained what happened and sat back on his bed while they fixed him.

The doctor pressed gauze on the bleeding wound and once it finally stopped they wrapped it up and left. Ed rubbed Roy's head. Roy had passed out from blood loss, shock and pain. Al opened the door and smiled at his older brother. Ed took the food from him and started shoveling it into his mouth. "Woy woke up and den pahhed out again from shandin..." Ed spoke with his mouth full.

"Brother. You know I can't understand you with your mouth full." He scolded.

Ed swallowed, "Roy woke up and he stepped on his bad leg to walk to me and then it started to bleed again and he passed out from blood loss, shock and pain." He explained.

"Is he okay!?" Al's eye widened.

"Yeah. He's okay. The doctors came in and stopped the bleeding and re-bandaged it." Ed replied.

Roy groaned again and slowly opened his eyes. He looked up at Ed and frowned. "Sorry for...worrying you again."

Ed leaned down and connected their lips. "It's okay. You were just worried about me is all. I was worried about you when I first woke up too. Don't worry. I love you anyway."

Roy smiled and cupped Ed's cheek. He sat up and groaned in pain from all his aching muscles. He leaned back against the wall and pulled Ed into a long hug. "I love you too..." He kissed his lover's head and continued talking, "I was really worried you wouldn't make it... I thought I was going to lose you... Heck.. I thought I lost you before when you yelled at me and left... I was scared..." He hugged Ed tightly.

Ed hugged back, "I'm sorry for saying I couldn't be with you. I just wanted to protect you... And wait a minute... Did the all mighty Flame Alchemist just say he was 'scared?'" Ed smirked. Roy frowned.

"I can feel emotion you know... And yes. I was scared. And by the way. You should have told me what was going on and none of this would have happened! I could have helped you! You would have been safe! You need to stop relying on only yourself. You can't fix everything on your own... It's okay to ask for help."

"I know... But he said if I told anyone, He'd find out and he'd kill you." Ed sighed.

"It takes a lot to kill me Edward. I would have fought till my last breath if it meant saving you from danger. And I would have turned him to ashes before he could even blink if he did find out and tried to kill me or you." Roy tilted Ed's head back and connected their lips.

Ed wrapped an arm around Roy's neck, being mindful of his wound and pulled him closer. Ed pulled away and got off the bed. He walked to his and sat back down.

~.~.~.~.~ Few years later~.~.~.~.~

At their bedroom, at home, Ed kissed Roy's cheek and rested his head on Roy's chest. "I love you, Roy."

"I love you too, Ed." He said as he was wrapping an arm around Ed's waist.

"Roy. I want to stay here, lost in your arms forever," Ed connected his lips with his lovers and rested his head once again on the elder's chest. They both closed their eyes and focused on nothing, but each other.

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