Nagihiko, do you remember the time I was left all alone? Do you remember any of it? I told you so much but you disappeared when I actually needed you. Now I'm dying, slowly on the inside my heart is ready to give in.

I told you about my parents and how my father was killed before you left to go Europe. Don't you remember holding me in your arms and telling me it was all going to be alright? You lied to me because once you left, you were gone for good.

You promised me...

You promised me that you would be there for me but you went and broke it instead.

I'm so lost right now, where am I? I'm stuck in this dark place where nothing but soulless feelings exist. It seems so much more comforting here. But do tell me, why did you not say a word to any of my letters? Was I really that hard for you to ignore?

It's a cycle. I see it now. I'm back at stage one where the loneliness seems to be my only friend. I don't need anyone or anything to make me feel happy anymore. I'd rather die than live another day knowing that my existence is not needed.

I don't understand.

I loved you.

I wanted you.

But I was crushed to the ground instead by you ignoring me. Do you even know what happened to me weeks after you left? I was already trying to send you a letter but I ended up getting shot in the stomach by some random stranger. I remember it now. And all that time, I was in so much pain but I was secretly wishing you would get on the next plane to Japan and come rushing for me, just like the movies.

But it was all a lie.

You never came at all. You didn't even call to see if I was okay. I was lying in the hospital for almost a month just to heal because I had a weak immune system. Couldn't you have taken a part of your day to at least consider me? Or was I even important?

I'm still lying in this hospital bed and I've not even opened my eyes yet. I can understand and feel the situation but my body won't let me get up and tell everyone I'm okay. It hurt me so much that I couldn't do that.

And at that point, I hated you once again. This time it was with great passion, burning and rising. But even so, with the way I am, I hated being lonely. Nagihiko, I may not say it now or later but if you can just look at me for once. Please look into my eyes and see what I'm trying to say. Take action before it's too late... before it happens again...

Help me...

I fluttered my eyes open and realized it was all a dream. Lifting my head up, I looked around to see a single sheet of silk laying on me but I was on top of a silver surface. It reminded me of an abandoned hospital or so. I was wearing something different than what I was in a few hours ago. I felt like a lost princess with this white dress on. But worst of all, the darkness had completed surrounded me and I was alone. Where was I?

Rubbing my head, I touched the top of my forehead and saw something dripping. The liquid on the tip of my fingers was sheer red and fresh. I widened my eyes and backed up in my spot. What happened? All I remembered was talking on the phone before the darkness had settled in. W... What if this was a successful kidnapping attempt?

I shivered and held my arms around me trying not to let the space around me get to me. All of the painful feelings from my childhood were breaking free and struggling to take over me. The swirl of pain wanted to overcome my heart, but I didn't want it to.

"Rima, Rima, Rima-chan..." a voice whispered.

I stopped in my place and didn't dare move. The voice kept whispering my name and I held the silk sheet near me. I finally panicked and squirmed in my spot, struggling to find a place of comfort. Holding my legs toward me, I kept chanting that everything was okay to myself and that it was merely a dream. All of the sudden, a bloody doll came flying toward my direction and I reacted, screaming so highly. In all sorts of directions, a bunch of flashes rotated around me and I struggled to keep up with its speed. They looked like television screens and finally they played Nagihiko running around and calling my name.

"Rima, Rima, Rima-chan!" he panted.


I desperately touched the screen until it cracked. I had never been this terrified in my whole life. What was going on? Turning back around, I saw the doll by my side and realized it was a replica of Kusukusu. Covering my mouth from letting out a dead squeal, my eyes watered until I couldn't hold back anymore. The tears had come out even if I didn't want it to. I wasn't one to cry so easily but seeing a replica of your chara with blood all over it made me sad and full of agony that she wasn't here anymore.

My fingers shook as I gently reached for the doll and embraced it into my arms. She felt so real as if she were alive again. I wanted it all back. Kusukusu was there for me when things were rough in my childhood. She was the big reminder in my life that a smile was what I needed.

"Kusukusu..." I whispered.

"Ya never changed at all, Mashiro." a voice said in a familiar accent.

I whirled my head into the opposite direction and widened my eyes. Dropping the doll from my embrace, I stared cold and hard at the person in front of me. It was the same beautiful blonde hair I saw in the photo that Nagihiko kept hidden from me. But it made sense that it was her since she had spent most of her time in Europe. However, of all people, why?

"It's nice to finally see you again, Lulu." I whispered, my voice echoing into the walls of the abandoned building we were in.

a/n: Yup, it's short. You have to wait for the real action till next chapter. Sorry for the late update! If anyone even cared to notice, I hinted it so well last chapter. The blonde hair from the photo... just who else has blonde hair besides Rima? Lulu, of course. But is she the one who did those horrible things to Nagihiko? Is she Arisa's mother? Dun dun dun, find out in the next chapter.