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It was just an ordinary afternoon spent with my Barbies in my treehouse.

"No, no, Sophie! The blue dress!"

"But it's so fancy."

"Nothing's too fancy for the royal ball!"

"But, Danielle –"

"Trust me: you'll look great. Maybe you'll even get to dance with the prince."

Yup. Just an ordinary afternoon.

Until I heard some sort of bang. Then the squealing of tires. Then a pop. And another. And then a bunch of pops and a couple bangs. My Barbies' ball plans were effectively interrupted.

All the noises were coming from the road. I ran down my treehouse stairs and ran across the big yard to see what was going on. More pops and bangs. And yelling. I stopped at the edge of the road and shaded my eyes. A green car sat in the ditch, hiding three men from three policemen. One of the bad guys stood up and pointed a big gun at the policemen. I froze. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't move, I was so scared. Bang! The policemen ducked behind their cars.

One of the men by the green car – a big, muscular man in black – yelled at Mr. Gun and started pointing my way. Mr. Gun tried shooting at the policemen again, but then dropped the gun and ran toward me. Only when I realized that he was coming after me was I able to move. I ran as hard as I could over my lawn.

When I looked back, I saw Mr. Gun and a policeman rolling in the grass. Mr. Big-Guy was coming after me. Another policeman was behind him, but he still had to catch up. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it into my house before he caught me, so I raced to the treehouse. If I could get there fast enough, then I could pull up the stairs after me. I raced up the steps, screaming, "Daddy, Daddy!" No sooner had I done so than I felt Mr. Big-Guy's weight on the ladder behind me.

"Come here, come here!" he demanded, grabbing my foot.

I screamed.

Next thing I knew, Mr. Big-Guy was off the ladder. I climbed all the way up into the treehouse and watched as the bad men struggled with the policemen in the grass and hit them.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" I screamed again, terrified by the fight below.

The next thing I knew, my daddy rushed Mr. Big-Guy and bowled him over. My heart leapt, both because I knew I was being rescued and because I was afraid that my daddy might get hurt. He was on the ground, holding Mr. Big-Guy on top of him while the policeman wrestled with the flailing arms. More policemen came from the road and soon had the two bad men pinned to ground. Mr. Big-Guy didn't stop fighting back; he roared like a caged and wounded animal.

I trembled as the policemen finally handcuffed the bad men.


I walked down the stairs and into my daddy's arms.

"My baby, my baby," he murmured into my hair. "Thank You, Lord, thank You!"

I was safe. And he was safe. And that meant that I was safe. I watched as policemen took the bad men out of my yard. I looked at the two who had chased them down to keep them away from me. They were heroes.

But neither of them was as much a hero to me as my daddy.

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