Tak and Keeko stood by their memorial and watched as everyone left to feast on goodies. Tak watched as Jeera remained at their graves, kneeling in front of it.

As he watched his best friend crying over him, a feeling of emptiness washed over him. He thought of the consequences of what they had just done. He thought of all the things he wouldn't be able to do now. He realized that he'd never get to talk to her again. He'd never get to goof around with her again and he'd never be able to do anything with her again.

And suddenly he thought of all the fun they used to have together. He recalled every time they ever laughed and played together and every time they ever had silly little meaningless tiffs that would always result in their friendship growing stronger. He would just be doomed to forever watching her slowly forget all about him and die a little more as he did so.

Tak watched as Jeera walked right by them as if they weren't there and as she looked back, unknowingly right into his eyes, his heart skipped a beat and a depressed feeling washed over him once more, this time stronger than the one that had come a few minutes ago.

"J-Jeera…" He muttered. He didn't want this anymore; it wasn't worth it. It wasn't worth it to know how much he had hurt his best friend, how crushed she had become once she learned that he was dead. He wanted desperately to live again. This wasn't what he wanted to do for eternity; he wanted to be seen again and he wanted to hug her again and apologize a million times for being a jerk and abandoning her. It was worth it to be the lackey, so long as he got to see her smiling face again. Nothing else seemed to matter to him at the moment. He didn't know what it was that he was feeling right then, but he didn't exactly care to identify it.

The only thing he wanted at that moment was his best friend back. In fact, he began to feel really stupid for what he'd done.

Suddenly, he grabbed Keeko by the hand and dragging him off so they could find something that would help them get noticed, he exclaimed, "come on, we have to fix this."

Keeko only shrugged as he figured it was just another one of Tak's relationship problems with their female friend.

So, sorry this was really incredibly ungodly short, but I have a couple reasons for that. First of all I need to get to bed and I wanted to post this before I forget, and second of all I said all I needed to say in this oneshot. I just love this couple, they're so adorable. It's a real shame the show got cancelled, I always hate that. Like, it'd only been through part of the first season. It sucks for the people who love the shows that get cancelled cuz then we never get to see anything we wanted to happen in the show actually happen. You know what I mean?

well, I'm probably boring everyone half to death, I'll just shutup…review!