Disclaimer: I don't own Inu Yasha or Harry Potter. They belong to their respective owners. Even I wanted or was able to make money from this drabble, I so wouldn't because of how creepy-freaky-weird it is.
Warning(s)/Notes: Drabble is rate M for safety. One curse word. A freaky, disturbing pairing. This probably borders on being yaoi, but really only if you take it seriously. I'm going to say this is more Horrified Adolescent Humor or something. Eh. This is technically an Inuyasha/Harry Potter crossover drabble, too (Saku and I were doing the Drabble Wars again).
Prompt from Saku: "Naruku/Voldemort- snakes and spiders and other things that climb on you at night; nightmares"
Summary:Harry has a nightmare...a particularly strange and terrifying nightmare where Spider and Snake...um do the nasty...and a strange Oriental girl shows up out of nowhere, but such is the nature of truly freakish things of the mind.

"Harry's Nightmare"
by Yo, written on 6/14/12, 338 words

Wide, green eyes watched the most horrifying scene unfold (Right there inside Harry's own mind, no less). A hideous, dark spider-shaped scar was draped across most of the pale back of a man with long, flowing black hair. He was naked, and this…stranger (he had to be a demon!) was sucking face with none other than the Heir of Slytherin—Ugly, old Red Eyes with his snake-y white skin was thoroughly enjoying having his tonsils sucked right out of his throat. (Harry didn't even WANT to think about Voldemort being in his birthday suit; at least…this spider "man" had a nice ass to stare at).

Voldemort gave a hissing-sort of-moaning noise from beneath Mr. Spider, and Harry clenched his eyes shut, his stomach turning and bile climbing up his throat. Nightmare or no, real or imagined, he was so going to retch.


Harry instantly jerked his eyes open and toward the weird name accompanied by a girly shriek. His eyes somehow widened further—and he wasn't even looking at the two grotesque monsters making out anymore. An Oriental girl with long raven hair (She kind of reminded him of Cho Chang, only she had big, dark, brown eyes) was dressed in…a red pair of pants and a white draping shirt—it looked like a uniform or something. Arrows were on her back and she was grasping the bow in her hands like her life depended on it. Her face was all ashen and gray…liked she'd seen a ghost.

"Na-ra-who?" Harry, totally glad to ignore the scene and awful squelching sounds in front of them, asked the girl.

"Huh?" She turned wide eyes to him and strangely looked even paler at the action.

"This has to be the worst nightmare I've ever had," She fainted.

Harry turned away from her, silently agreeing, and back toward the…creatures. The Narawho spider guy gave a particularly vicious thrust forward and Voldy made a sound that would make him grimace for years to come.

"I hope to Merlin I wake up soon…"


End Note: I may write a companion drabble for kicks in Kagome's POV since it's suggestive that she shared in Harry's nightmare for a bit.