Rifiuto: Non Miriena

Summary: She slipped the ring on. Without giving him an answer, she'd slid the ring on her finger, intending to tell him in a couple days that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She wasn't counting on going back to 1947 and returning to an alternate time. So what happens when the new Zane discovers that she's wearing his grandmother's ring? As usual, Zane-albeit a different Zane- does something that gets Jo completely screwed.

"Come on, get off! Off! Son of a bitch, Zane, you're a dead man!"

She stumbled, tripping over her trash can and landing on her ass on the floor of her office. She climbed to her feet, slumping into her chair as she struggled to get the ring off. It'd been two weeks since they'd returned from 1947, and Jo had been careful to avoid Donovan and all his ilk. The fact that she'd slipped the ring onto her finger not long after arriving in 1947 Eureka- just in case she didn't make it back to tell him yes- and then shown up here in the alternate time, with the engagement ring somehow melded into her skin, was her own fault, and hers alone.

It was Zane's fault for proposing to her in the first place.

At that stupid jail cell.

With that stupid box from Lesa's Lingerie.

Recreating that stupid first meeting of theirs.

She should have locked him in and left, then she wouldn't be in this mess.

"You are so dead, Zane." She muttered, climbing to her feet and plucking one of her EXACTO knives off the shelf. She flicked it open and laid her hand on the table. Just as she worked to slip the edge of the knife under the ring, her office door opened and Carter entered, a cup of coffee in his hands.

"Just thought I'd come check on-" He stopped in the middle of her office, watching as his best friend attempted to slice her ring finger off of her left hand. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you doing, Jo?" He cried, setting the coffee cups down and rushing to her. He snatched the knife out of her hand and grabbed her other hand, checking to make sure she hadn't cut the skin. He glanced down at her hand, noticing an engagement ring on her finger. It was pretty. "God, Jo, what were you thinking-" He stopped, doing a double take. He pulled her hand closer, examining the ring. "Is that... an engagement ring?" She quickly pulled her hand away.

"Yes." Jack stood back for several minutes, attempting to wrap his brain around the fact that his best friend was engaged... but to who?

"So, who's the lucky guy?" He asked, flicking the knife closed and returning it to its place on the shelf. Jo bit her lip.

"Give you one... guess."

"Zane proposed? Again?" He asked.

"No! I... I haven't seen Zane in two weeks! This is... when Zane proposed to me in the other time line, I... I didn't give him an answer... and... and by the... by the time we were thrown into the other timeline, I was... going to say yes. I..." She took a deep breath. "I put it on after we arrived in 1947 just in case I didn't return to tell him. But... but instead of going back to the old timeline, we came here, to this new one. And... the ring... it melded to my finger. I can't get it off. And I've been trying to get it off for two weeks."

"Why?" Jack asked, taking her hand back and examining the ring. The diamond sparked in the light.

"Because... because in this timeline... Zane and I aren't together. We don't even know each other, let alone like each other. He's with... Zoe." She whispered the last word, as tears began to gather in her eyes. Nodding, Jack brought her hand closer, taking a good look at the ring.

Jo was right, the ring seemed to be melded into her flesh. In fact, it was difficult to figure out where her finger ended and the ring began. After a moment, he gently let go of her hand and pulled his cell out of his pocket. "Who are you calling?" She asked, returning to her failed attempts at pulling the ring off.

"Henry. He'll know what to do about it." Jack said, putting the phone to his ear. "Although he'll never believe it." She rolled her eyes, turning her back to him. "Hey, Henry? It's Jack. Look, can you come by Jo's office, we've got a bit of a situation here... Okay. See you soon." He hung up the call and slipped the phone into his pocket. "He'll be here in a few."

"Great..." Jo muttered, yanking on her finger again. The ring still didn't budge. She turned back to Carter. "Would you help me figure out how to get this thing off me, please?" She demanded.

He chuckled softly from his place across her office. After a moment, he went to her, taking the hand she held out. They struggled for several minutes, until Henry entered. The older man stopped, watching as Jo lost her footing and crashed into Carter, sending them both to the floor. She raised her head, staring into his eyes for several minutes before getting up. "Sorry."

"Am I... interrupting?" Henry asked, as Carter climbed to his feet. Jo tossed her head.

"No. I just need you to get this off me." She went to Henry and held out her hand. The older man stared at the engagement ring, slightly shocked to see their former Chief Deputy wearing a diamond engagement band.

"You're sure?" He asked.

"Yes! Now get it off!"

Seeing the anger smouldering in Jo's eyes, Henry started to work on her finger. He tried every thing he could think of, from solvents to pastes to liquid solutions. Nothing worked. Finally, Henry dropped Jo's hand and sighed.

"It's not coming off, Jo, I'm sorry. The ring's somehow melded beneath your skin. And it looks like it might be fused to your bones."

"What do you mean it's not coming off?" Jo cried.

"I'm sorry, Jo. It's not going to come off." Henry said. She glared at him, before turning from them. She fiercely tried to dislocate her own finger, screaming in frustration.

"You'd better run, Zane! Because when I get my hands on you, Donovan, you're a dead man!"