Title: Backfire
Rated: Pg-13 for bad language in later chapters. And other stuff I don't want to give away.
Summary: It starts from the scene where Buffy and Xander make up in Seeing Red. Totally B/A.
Note: This is the first fanfiction I've put on the internet, so please be nice! Angel season 3 didn't happen. No Connor and definately no icky A/C! Spike left in Seeing Red, in my fan fiction, he's still gone, no mention of him and his lame threats. Atempted-rapist git.
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Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own 'em. 'Cause if I did, bleugh to C/A. And Buffy and Angel would actually be happy! Ish.

Xander strolled up behind Buffy. She seemed to be poking at the bushes and shrubs with a long stick.
"Time for the spring poking already?" he said.
She turned at his voice.
"Just making sure there are no more evil trio cameras, or Evil Uno." she informed him.
"The sinister, yet addictive card game?" he asked.
"Warren," she paused, "Jonathon and Andrew got klinked but, Warren pulled a rocket man. It was a thing."
"You'll find him," Xander said reassuringly, "he won't be much good with out his friends."
She gazed at him meaningfully, "No, he won't."
They both stepped over to the bench and sat down, Buffy facing him.
"How did we get here?" he asked.
"Scenic route, long drive." she joked.
"The last few weeks..."
"I know."
He looked down, "I though I'd hit bottom but, it hurt. That you didn't trust me enough to tell me about Spike. It hurt."
"I'm sorry, I should have told you." she said.
"Maybe you would have, if I hadn't given you so many reasons to think I'd be an ass about it." he told her,
"Guess we've all done a lot of things lately we're not proud of." She said.
"I think I got you beat."
"Wanna compare?"
"Not so much." he said
"I don't what I'd do, without you and Will." Xander said with emotion in his voice.
Tears filled her eyes "Lets not find out."
They both lent forward to hug. "I love you. You know that, right?"
He nods before hearing footsteps, he looked up,
"Buffy." he said seeing Warren.
They pulled apart and stood up.
"You think you could just do that to me?" Warren cried, "You think I'd let you get away with that?" he laughed maniacally. "Think again."
He lifted a gun up and aimed at Buffy. He pulled the trigger. Buffy threw herself at Xander and he fell to the ground hard.
There were five gun shots before they stopped. Xander started to get up, dusting himself off. Annoyed he said, "Sweet fancy Moses. Where the hell did he get..."
He caught sight of Buffy.
She was lying still on the ground with a shot wound in her chest. It was starting to bleed.
"Oh God," he said.
He knelt down by her. "Oh God," he said again, softly.
"Buffy? Buffy..." he placed his hand on top of the her chest, just above the heart.
Stop the bleeding echoed through his mind.
"Buffy?" he cried.

Xander stared down at Buffy's still body. His hand still covering the wound, her blood was seeping through and spreading. The sounds of Warrens gunshots still rang in his ears.
"Buffy?" he said, trying to stop the blood. She opened her eyes but gazed past him.
"Oh god, oh god, oh god..." he repeated. He couldn't lose her. Not again, they had only just gotten her back.
He pulled his cell phone out his pocket and dialed 911.
"Stay with me..." he begged.
"Hello, which service do you require?" the operator asked.
"Ambulance, quick!" he cried down the phone. It went dead as she put him though.
"My friend, she's been shot." he said as they answered.
The male operator asked for the address.
Then, "Is she still breathing?"
He lowered his hand to the other side of her chest.
"She's breathing, but she's struggling."
"Right, the ambulance is on it's way. Put pressure on the wound, a coat or shirt or something."
He ripped of his yellow shirt, popping the buttons as he did so. He screwed it up and placed in on the wound.
"Ok, I've done that." He said into the phone.
"Keep her talking." The operator told him.
"Stay with me, Buff. Come on...please..."
His voice broke with a sob.
Blood was just spreading through the shirt and covering his hand.
"Say something..." he begged, squeezing her hand. She remained silent. Her eyes started to close.
"No..." he cried, shaking her.
"Help!" he screamed.
He heard the wail of the sirens as the ambulance pulled down the street.
He let go of Buffy's hand as he leapt up and waved the ambulance over.
A man and a woman jumped out and ran over. He knelt back down by her.
"What happened?" the man asked.
"She got shot!" he cried. *Duh*, he added in his mind.
The man pulled a needle out of his bag and injected her in the arm.
"How long ago did it happen?" the woman asked.
"A few minutes ago, I was with her. I tried to stop the blood." A tear rolled down his cheek.
"Don't let her die." he pleaded.
"What's her name?" the woman asked.
"Buffy, Buffy Summers."
The man gently shook her arm, "Buffy? Stay with us? You're going to be ok, if you stay with us."
She was still gazing into space.
"Come on," Xander said, "For Dawn, Will and me, you gotta stay with us."
The woman pulled the bed over to her and they lifted her on to it.
They wheeled her over to the ambulance, putting a drip into her hand.
The ambulance wailed as they set off again, Xander by her side.
He sat by her, "Can you hear me?" he asked, "You have to live, for Tara as well, and Anya and God, even Spike! So we can kick his butt together is he is still in Sunnydale."
The ambulance pulled up outside the hospital and a two nurses, a doctor came running out the doors, pulling a bed along with them. Xander clung to Buffy's hand, trying to keep her awake.
"Please..." he begged.
Her eyes fluttered but closed again. A nurse pulled him out the way as they slid her on to the other bed, leaving a trail of blood.
Her lips parted and she struggled to say something.
"Xander..." she choked.
"I'm here Buffy, it's ok."
Her mouth closed, but he could see blood on her lips, and a drip of it rolled down the side and onto the pillow.
An oxygen mask was pulled on her, and another injection was given as they rushed her through the double doors.
"Stay in the waiting room." A nurse commanded.
"But...I need to be with her." he argued.
"She needs treatment, without people getting in the way. If you want her to live, keep out the way." The nurse snapped back.
They pulled her though some more doors and they closed behind her.
He sank down on a chair, before remembering Dawn would be leaving school soon.
He stood up and fumbled in his pocket for his cell phone. He had left it in the garden. Silently cursing he rummaged for some loose change. He found a payphone and rang Dawn's school.
He told them what had happened.
"Tell to come here, now." He said.
She hadn't said goodbye to her Mother when she had died. If Buffy died now, it was for real, they had nothing left to bring her back.
It would be forever.

To be continued.....