It was Willow's turn for watch. They were taking it in turns to watch over Buffy, Angel and now Faith, incase they woke up.
Everyone had been surprised when Faith turned up. Willow hadn't wanted to believe her apologies, but as Faith talked, she had slipped out of the room, unnoticed and done a simple truth spell. If the person had lied she would has gone a bright red, only visible to the spell-caster. But Faith had remained her normal colour as she had apologised to everyone in turn, excluding the ones she had just met.
"Where are Buffy and Angel?" she had asked.
"Now that's a long story." Xander had replied.
They all explained what had happened and then Faith surprised them all, "I want to help."
After much debate, they all agreed. Faith was strong and would be able to handle herself.
Willow made her memorise the ritual to get back with, before they did the spell to send her there as well.
That had been yesterday, Angel and been gone for two days.
Suddenly Faith's eyes snapped open.
"Faith?" Willow said, putting the book she had been holding down.
"Did we do it?" Faith asked.
Then Buffy and Angel's eyes opened at exactly the same time.
"They're back!" Willow called.
Xander, Giles and Cordelia came running in. The others were all at the Magic Box with Anya, to get out the house.
"Did we do it?" Faith asked again.
"Yeah. I think so." Angel replied.
"Anyone else feel incredibly dizzy?" Buffy asked.
"Yes." Faith replied.
"Glad I'm not the only one." Angel added.
They all lay there as the other's scrutinised them.
"Are you all alright?" Giles asked.
"Where did you go exactly?" Cordelia wondered.
"What happened?" Willow pressed.
"Hey! No scars." Buffy smiled, looking at her arms. "Ok, who put me in the funky night gown."
"You should have seen the plaits." Xander laughed.
"I took them out for you." Willow added.
Angel slowly stood up, before holding a hand out to Buffy. She pulled herself up. He then held it out to Faith.

The front door opened and voices echoed in the hallway.
Dawn stood in the doorway, "Oh my god!" she squealed, before hurtling herself at Buffy. "You came back!"
She hugged Buffy to her as hard as she could, "Need air." Buffy gasped.
"Sorry! And Angel!" Dawn then grabbed Angel in a bone-crunching grip. She then gave Faith a quick hug. Faith grinned. *Maybe they have forgiven me* she wondered hopefully.
They all took it in turns to hug each other, saying their 'welcome back's.'
Buffy stifled a yawn.
"We didn't get much sleep last night." Angel said.
"Yes of course, why don't you all have a rest now." Giles suggested.
The three went up the stairs.
"Faith, do you want to go into the spare room. It's just though there." Buffy said pointing towards the far door.
"Thanks, goodnight." Faith smiled and left Buffy and Angel in the hall.
"Hello stranger." Buffy said.
"Hello." Angel smiled.
"You wanna sleep in my room?" Buffy asked, "I mean just sleep. Nothing else. Cause that would be bad. Nasty consequences and all..."
"That would be nice." He said, interrupting her babbling. She was so cute, he thought with a secret smile. They went into her bedroom. Not much has changed, he noticed, although it now looked more like a young adults room now than a teenage girls.
Buffy lay down on the bed, Angel next to her after he took his shoes off. He pulled her into his arms. "Goodnight. I love you." He whispered to his already sleeping angel.
They still had the same problems they always had. But he was going to try his goddamn hardest to make things work out.

Buffy was in Heaven again. She just had to be. She felt the same peace and contentment she had before, but something just wasn't right. She was standing in a large garden. A stream ran down the middle that ended in a small waterfall, down white rocks. A wooden bridge led over stream, into a part of the garden Buffy couldn't see from where she stood. She walked over it and when through an arch that led into a shelter part. Roses grew around the walls, and brightly coloured flowers were growing in the beds.
In the middle of this garden was a water fountain which made a calm bubbling sound. Some parts of Heaven were like this, depending where Buffy had been. It suddenly struck her what was wrong.
Angel wasn't there.
He was always with her when she was in Heaven, that's what her reward had been for her years of pain and sacrifice, eternal happiness with the man, or vampire, she loved. Until Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya had decided to rip her out and thrust her into a place Buffy decided was pretty much like Hell. She spotted a bench on the other side of the garden and made her way to it. If this wasn't Heaven, then where the hell was she?
She sat on the blue painted bench to figure it out. She closed her eyes in concentration. Suddenly she felt a presence next to her and she quickly opened her eyes.
"Hello Buffy." Jenny Calendar said.
"Hi." She replied rather breathlessly.
Jenny smiled at Buffy's obvious shock. "Don't be scared or whatever, I'm here to give you a message from the Powers that Be."
Buffy nodded, "It's nice to see you again." she said and at once wished she hadn't.
"But first I've got one from myself, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I lied to you and I'm sorry I didn't tell you what would happen if Angel reached perfect happiness."
Buffy sighed, "It's me who should be sorry. I'm sorry I didn't kill him in time and I'm sorry I was a bitch to you."
Jenny shook her head, "You weren't a bitch. I disserved everything I got."
"No, you didn't...." Buffy trailed off. The two woman shared a look before they burst into laughter.
"Ok, so we're both sorry." Buffy clarified.
"Right, now the message." Jenny announced, "They gave me a long winded passage to recite to you, about sacrifice yadda, yadda. But let's skip the verbal and get straight to the point. As a reward, you and Angel can get as happy as you want with no repercussions, for as long as you two are together. Which better be forever the amount you two have winged about it." She grinned and winked, "Have a nice time."
"Buffy, honey wake up." a different voice called.
"I think that's your cue." Jenny said.

Angel had just had the strangest dream. Jenny Calendar of all people had just given him the best news he had ever heard after the fact Buffy was alive again.
Buffy had a huge grin on her face, so he assumed she was dreaming pretty much the same thing.
"Buffy." he moaned again, giving her a shake.
She opened her eyes.
"I just have the strangest but best dream ever." She informed him.
"I know. So, you busy?" he asked .
"I think I have a free space in my diary." she told him, before there lips met in a sweet kiss.
"We better have a lock fitted." Buffy muttered.
"Later." Angel groaned, kissing her again.
*Maybe this wasn't Hell after all.* Buffy thought, before getting down to the business of filling that diary space.