Sebastian on the other hand was having a difficult time formulating a plan as much as staying alive as a Xenomorph proboscis slowly made its way into his mouth. He panicked as he felt the slimy tube enter his mouth and he did the one thing no one else had ever thought of; he bit it.

Not with enough force to break skin but just enough so that the pain made the predalien retract its tongue into its own mouth with a screech. Sebastian spat out a few globs of slime before yelling "How's that taste you ugly pauk!"

Why that-

Hold Bloodstain!

But father-

I will deal with him personally.

Sebastian noticed how all the predaliens turned their heads towards the pulsating hive mass like it was speaking to them. Looking at all of them Sebastian noticed that none of them bore any battle scars like the one on LV-426. Sebastian looked over at the black mass "No way." He thought as he put two and two together.

"Bloodlust, right?" he asked the black cocoon.

All predalien heads were turned towards him and the mass stopped moving "Hit the nail right on the head." Sebastian thought with a smirk.

A hissing wheezing noise that sounded like laughter came from the cocoon.

"You remember me." a deep guttural voice rang in Sebastian's ears as the cocoon moved twice as much as Bloodlust moved around inside with excitement.

"Well it was kind of hard to forget! First you led an army to attack an entire base, left your brothers for dead as the Queen slaughtered them, and finally you made Greg go on a feral rampage so you could run away like a little bitch right after we handed your ass to you on a silver platter!" Sebastian told the mass of hive which responded in a non-shallot tone.

"You did inflict significant damage on me. But I have healed." Bloodlust growled.

A low moan to Sebastian's left drew Sebastian to a hunter that was glued to the wall as well.

"But while you may have might…um…" Bloodlust trailed off.

"Sebastian." Sebastian answered for him.

"While you may have might Sebastian, I have something you don't, time."

The hunter began roaring in pain as bones were heard breaking and neon green spurted from his chest along with a pale snake that writhed about on the floor. It slithered up to one of the predaliens and wormed its way up its leg and onto the tubes on its back where it flared its mandibles and squealed at Sebastian.

"As you can see my hive grows stronger each passing day, and once it becomes strong enough I'll take the entire planet by force! Nothing will stop me!" Bloodlust gloated.

Sebastian took a second to mull over what Bloodlust had said before bursting into fits of laughter "Are, are you out of your fucking mind?" Sebastian managed to say between fits of laughter.

Bloodlust and the rest of the predaliens were taken aback by the outburst.

Sebastian took a deep breath and continued "You obviously have no idea who you're dealing with here do you? You're dealing with the Yautja, hunters of the stars, headhunters, Predators, ugly mother fuckers, whatever you want to call them they won't rest until your mangy ass is wiped from the face of existence! They won't quit until your head is severed, cleaned, and propped up on a wall for all to see!"

"Are you referring to the natives?" Bloodlust asked inquisitively.

"Yes I am." Sebastian answered proudly.

Bloodlust scoffed "Well since you speak so gallantly of them than answer me this. Why have they been so easy to capture and kill?"

Another chestburster exploded from the hunter across from him in a shower of fluorescent fluid leaving Sebastian and one hunter left.

Sebastian shrugged "Maybe because they didn't expect you?" then his face broke into a malicious grin "And it was just part of the plan!"

The last hunter broke his arm free of its bonds and reached for his gauntlet attracting the attention of the predaliens. Bloodbath stepped forward and was repelled just as quickly as the hunter backhanded him with a set of wrist blades leaving slash marks across his face. The hunter flipped open his gauntlet and punched in a self-destruct code.

"Go Tez'bak'mal-ahh!" he yelled as another chestburster was born.

Sebastian used the distraction of the predaliens tending to the new hive member and they're wounded to summon all the strength he could muster and break free. He dropped to the floor in a roll, scooped up his mask, punted a predalien chestburster that was in his way and sendt it screeching all the way, turned and roundhouse kicked Bloodshed in the throat who tried to grab him from behind escape, flipped of the rest of the hive and sped off into the sewer.


Yes father?

Take that beeping object from the creature and follow Sebastian. When he gets to the surface…give it back to him.

Sebastian sped through the sewer like his life depended on, which it did. Before the hunting party entered the sewer they made a backup plan that if any of them were captured they would perform a Hiraket and contain the blast to a fifty mile radius. Sebastian passed the bodies of dead hunters that had been ambushed by the predaliens.

"They never saw it coming." Sebastian thought as he sprinted to the exit, the dirty water splashing under his feet.

He was unaware however if Bloodstain silently following him with beeping object clutched in his claws.

Sebastian shot up out of the sewers to a surprised crowd of citizens as well as the Elders.

"Is the abomination dead?" one of them asked.

"Yep, and so are all the other hunters." Sebastian panted.

"How can one monster do such a thing?"

"There were five." he explained.

"What! How is that possible?" another elder yelled.

"I don't know but right now we need to get these people away from here because-"

An object flew up and out of the sewer and landed in front of him with a thud. It was a severed arm with an armed explosive ticking away in its wrist. Sebastian looked back into the sewer to see a clubbed tail disappear from sight.

"Son of a bitch!" he thought.

Then panic set in. The bomb was twenty seconds away from detonation and there was a crowd of men, women, and children that had gathered to see the triumphant hunters climb up out of the ground carrying the monster's head. Instead they got a lone Ooman and an arm that was about to explode.

"No one panic! This will be fixed immediately!" an elder said trying to reassure everyone. He bent down and closed the device to cancel the countdown but the beeping didn't stop. Sebastian saw a long crack running across the back of the panel.

"Its damaged beyond repair, we've got to get these people out of here now!" he told the elders.

"Silence Ooman I know what I'm doing!" the elder retaliated still trying to stop the countdown. With ten seconds remaining Sebastian decided to take action.

"What are you doing?" the elder asked as Sebastian crouched next to him with his blades extended.

"Plan B!" Sebastian said and plunged his blade into the device.

"Greg if I die I'm going to kill you!" he thought as the bomb sputtered blue sparks.

After a moment of bated breath the beeping stopped and the device died at one second left. Sebastian sighed along with the rest of the crowd.

"Congratulations pup, perhaps you may survive here after all." a familiar voice said behind him. Sebastian turned to see Kwey'tana standing amongst the crowd with her hands on her hips and a smile on her face.

"Good to see you're feeling better." Sebastian said with a smile of his own.

Then someone tapped on his shoulder. Sebastian turned around to see an enforcer standing behind him "Tez'bak'mal, we have just received word from the king. He wants to meet you."

Greg stood back next to Sophie admiring their work as Deacon sat in the massive chair/control booth on top of the dead Engineer with the telescope pointed in his face as he tried to find the controls of the ship. They still needed to move the body out of the chair but they would figure that out later

"I still don't think this will work." Sophie said sighing.

"Why?" Greg questioned.

"This thing has been shut down for god knows how long!"

"That Sophie is very, very, very true!" Greg said and hopped off the body in front of her "But where there's a will there's a way!"

Sophie rolled her eyes "We're going to need more than will to get this ship off the ground." she said pointed out.

Who are they?

The sound of guns being cocked behind them made the trio spin around to see what looked like an army of Weyland Yutani soldiers armed to the teeth with pulse rifles that were pointed their direction.

"Well…were boned." Greg said putting her hands in the air.

Then a woman's voice was heard "Stand down." It commanded and the soldiers parted to allow an android carrying a portable video screen that displayed an elderly woman with faded blonde hair and dull blue eyes.

Sophie recognized her immediately "Misses Yutani!" Sophie said in surprise.

"Hello miss Maxwell, I see you've been busy." the video screen said indicating Greg.

"Well what can I say? This job is full of surprises." Sophie growled.

Linda Yutani chuckled softly "Oh Sophie, you have no idea what you've stepped into have you? Well I do hate loose ends, shoot her will you?"

The soldiers who obliged by training their guns on Sophie. Greg was in front of her in the blink of an eye hissing with anger.

"Hold your fire!" Linda commanded again her gaze fixated who grinned smugly.

"Knew that would get your attention." He spat.

Greg what is it?

Nothing Deacon, stay there!

"Stackson right?" Linda said causing Greg's eyes to widen with shock.

"What did you just say?" he asked with surprise clear in his voice.

"Stackson, Gregory Stackson. That's your name is it not? Don't tell me spending a month in a Xenomorph hive has made you stupid!" Linda laughed causing Greg to snarl and take a step forward. Instantly all guns were aimed at him.

"Cut the crap Grandma, we both know what this is about! You want me I'm here just leave her alone!" Greg said spreading his arms for effect.

Linda merely laughed "You? I could care less about you and Xenomorphs period! My husband's affinity for those vile creatures has cost the company millions! Bio-weapons are far too hard to control, I'm looking for something more…technological." She finished looking past Greg at Deacon who had stepped off the control booth and was watching the display innocently.

Deacon what are you doing?!

Greg yelled at Deacon.

I'm sorry, I just wanted to meet out new friends.

They are not friends Deacon

Not friends?


Then they're…enemies?

Yes! Why else would they have loaded guns pointed at us?

"You there! The blue one, come here." Linda called out to Deacon who pointed to himself questioningly "I'll be dammed it understands me, yes you come here!" Deacon began to shuffle forward but Greg stopped him.


Greg yelled.

But she told me to-

Deacon when an enemy tells you to do something you do the complete opposite!

"I said come here you dull creature!" Linda snapped.

She just called you dull! Are you going to take that?

Greg said hoping to anger the frail Xenomorph.


Ugh, you're hopeless!

Linda had had enough "That's it! If you don't get your disgusting blue hide over here this instant the girl gets a bullet between the eyes!"

A gun was cocked and aimed at Sophie who could only stand by hopelessly. Deacon and Greg both hissed menacingly.

"Uh, uh, uh, none of the sass! Now get your blue ass over here before I but a bullet in it as well!" Linda tutted.

Deacon, remember what I said about doing the exact opposite of what your enemy tells you to do?


Forget everything I just said.

But you said that-

Forget it just walk!

Deacon began to shuffle nervously towards the intimidating video screen as Greg stood where he was formulating one of the most daring, dangerous, stupid, and brilliant plan he could think of.

"Well I hope you don't mind me asking Linda, but what the heck do you want with Deacon?" Sophie asked her hands still in the air.

"Deacon? You named it? I…never mind. That information is classified. But I'll give you a hint, Prometheus was just the beginning. Mankind's revolution against their oppressors is at hand. Come, Deacon." Linda said.

Deacon looked back at Greg who nodded. Linda smiled as he shuffled along into the group of soldiers.

Now Deacon!

Deacon stopped following the group of soldiers that still had their guns trained on Sophie and Greg and focused.

Wake up little ones, wake up and fulfill your purpose!

Deacon mentally called out to thousands of face huggers below them.

"What are you waiting for keep moving you stupid freak!" Linda yelled at Deacon when she noticed he had stopped moving.

"I think you're the ones who should be moving." Greg said with a smirk.

"What do you mean? I…what's that noise?"

A scuttling noise resounded throughout the entire ship. Greg leapt forward and tackled Sophie to the ground as a swarm of facehuggers erupted from the hole in the floor like a swarm of angry bees. The soldiers fired at the face raping spiders but they were overwhelmed by the writhing mass. Greg and Deacon watched as soldiers fell to the ground with the horrible creatures attached to their faces with stoic expressions.

The android carrying the video screen tried to run but was halted by Sophie grabbing a pulse rifle and emptying the rest of the clip into its back. He collapsed in a puddle of white with Linda screaming things not meant for young children to hear as Greg stepped over the android and finished it off with a tail spike to the head.

"You little fucks will not stand in my way! You will not stop me! I will make you pay!"

Sophie walked over and picked up the screen "Sorry you're breaking up!" she said and tossed it up into the air and shot it out of the air just as easily.

"Well that was fun. What was that all about anyway? Weyland Yutani industries not wanting anything to do with me is a first" Greg said brushing a black lock of hair out of his vision. Sophie turned with a scowl on her face.

"Oh no I know that look." Greg sighed.

"Explain how the hell you just did that!" she said indicating the fallen soldiers and the remaining facehuggers still scuttling around the ship.

"And more importantly what are we going to do when they hatch!"

O.o Greg has made a risky move that could doom them all! What does the king want with Sebastian? Will Bloodlust's hive grow to deadly proportions! And what is Linda Yutani's plan with Deacon? More questions that can be answered next chapter! Reviews are welcome!