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Chapter 7: Framed

Err...short Sawyer's POV!

All around me was the peering pitch black water. I couldn't find the strength to get up to surface because I've always had a dirty little secret that I can't swim! My hands flailed around as if I was trying to climb the water, but instead, I sank deeper. I was losing air fast, mostly because of panick. I tried screaming, but all that came out was fizzles of bubbles. The surface was retracting farther and farther away from me, my eyes blurring as the last pieces of air in me left like a bullet. My conscious state was slowly slipping away, and so was my life.

3rd POV

Gregory very well knew he hated humans, he never wanted to do anything with them, but the look on her face when he pushed her off the ledge kept replaying in his mind. God was testing his guilt, testing his decision. There was something that snapped in him. It hit him like a boulder that he may still have a little care deep within his dark soul. A sigh emitted from his mouth as he dove off of the cliff. He has never free-fallen, so even this was exhilarating. He braced himself before the waters swallowed him alive. Underwater, you might as well be blind! Considering he's dead, the breathing part wasn't much of a problem, but he still needed air for some reason. His eyes darted around for any signs of a scrawny girl with black hair and blonde highlights.

Not finding anything, he broke out into the surface, "Human!"

He heard no response and the surge of alarm drove through him.


All that was heard was the tide waves and seagulls. No, he needed to hear that chime-bell voice.


The name astounded him, for he had never called a mortal's name in the last 3 centuries. It felt..weird, not calling someone in their 'species'.

"Stop with your frolicking, mortal!" Gregory shouted out to the, helplessness in his tone.

For the first time in 300 years, he has never felt so...lost. What would his parents say? What would Cedric do? What would her family expect? Those questions were mind-blowing to his late mind of the modern. And he didn't like it.

"Sawyer...damn it, respond!" He cursed, giving up already. He gulped in the warm feelings as his cold aura kicked in again. Flying out of the water, the sound of something plopping out of the sea rang into his radar ears. His head snapped at a direction not far from the cliff. Floating in the water, was a bracelet. "Sawyer."

He flew like a lightning bolt down into the spot where the bracelet was floating. He swam deeper into the water, nothing being seen for a moment, until something red-clothed caught the corner of his eye. He couldn't believe it. There, the human girl he had grown to hate was floating limply down the water. He swam over to his guilty cause, wrapped an arm around her waist and let the pressure glide them up to air.

She laid still in his arms, eyes fully closed, and a heartbeat not thumping in his ears. He needed to get them to land. Stat. He flew up to the air, the damp clothing making it very heavy to slickly fly to the sandy beach, but they made it.

Sawyer's POV

Once my eyes fully shut closed, I went through a very bright tunnel. I kept getting closer to the end as memories passed by like photoshots. Starting from the very beginning when I was born, down various memory lanes, and finally what I was going through right now. I smiled as the last vision of seeing Gregory and an even more radiating light blasted in my eyes, then faded away.

I was standing on some sort of sandy beach. Nothing around me, but tide waves and stones. I wore a very pretty grecian white dress and gladiator sandals that rose up to my knees. The fuck? My hair was in bouncy curls, my bangs falling onto my head as usual. A metal..halo or whatever it was called was wrapped around my head to give my hair a puff-up. "H-hello?! Anyone out there?"


My body spun around and saw a beautiful girl, about the same age as me. She had long, straight, bronze, wavy hair that fell to her bust. She wore the same outfit as me except it was shorter and the color was off-white. She wore creamy wedges and the same accessory was canvased around her head. She had tan skin, baby pink colored lips, and striking icy green eyes. A light blush shaded her high cheekbones. Her height was an inch shorter than me, and she earned a more curvacious figure.

"H-hi...who are you?" I asked curiously and walked closer to her.

She smiled apologetically, as she spoke in a thick British accent, "My darling, I am sorry. My name is Rosalynn Crest."

Holy...moly. Is this the chick Gregory fucking made dinner on years ago? I scoffed, backing away and realization spreading over my face, "You're the girl Gregory k-killed centuries ago."

Her head dropped to stare at the floor, "Yes, that is why I was sent to you."

I cringed. What does she mean by that? But I frowned when I remembered Rudolph's explanation of her, "Do you know that Gregory is the walking Satan because of you and your damn brainwashing?"

She stayed silent, so I kept babbling.

"He trusted you, for once in his life and you repay him by trying to kill his family?" I yelled at her disbelief. I don't care if I'm in Heaven. I will damn start a fist fight with this chick. "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be dead by now!"

"I'm sorry. I know, I have made a terrible mistake back then-"

"And now, it's to fucking late." I spat at her, her body stepping back lightly. That's right bitch, watch your turf.

"I know. I was tested by God and I chose the wrong pathway." She muttered embarrassingly.

"No, shit sherlock." I grumbled, crossing my arms.

"But I could sense that you won't." She added quickly and all of my attention focused on what she said. My eyebrow cocked up for a damn good reason. She took in a deep breath of air, "Sawyer...Gregory isn't a bad person because of me. He's like that from the beginning. Did Rudolph tell you he was self-inflictive as a human?"

"W-what?" My jaw dropped. Him? Emo? Well, it's a bit obvious, but still!

"I knew Gregory before he was cursed. I remember him trying to find ways of death, always using stakes to scar himself on the wrists. After the curse, he became mad at the world because he thought everything disliked him. That he didn't deserve the happy life." She told me in a very straight tone.

My heart shattered at such a image forming in my head. "That doesn't give him the reason why he hates mortals."

"Look at you compared to him. See what you have and what he doesn't. You have an amazing life ahead of you Sawyer. Growing up and having a family. Gregory...what about him? Ever wonder that will happen the next 3 centuries he has to live on with? Never moving foward, always luring around in the night?" She explained, my eyelids filling with tears of sympathy.

I sniffled, wiping away the tear drop that rolled down my eye. I croaked, "I never really thought of that."

"Then let the fates guide you back to your journey. I have seen what they have in store for you Sawyer Thompson. You are destined to do great things in life." She happily announced, my vision shading away again. "It is not your time...Remember: a burnt, and rotton rose can be ugly and dark, but with a little care from someone, it'll bloom into something beautiful!"

That was all I heard before the blur made it so dizzying to see that my eyes had to shut close.


I heard nothing, but air. Then, a far away voice calling out to me. Lastly...the sea waves that crashed onto the shore.

"Mortal...wake up..wake up!" I felt someone shake me, my name obviously called by Gregory since he's the only one that calls me that..other than Fredrick.

I groaned, the sand beneath my hands moving as I drooped my eyes open. A heavy relief of a sigh came out of Gregory's mouth. Why was he relieved? Shouldn't he be laughing with joy? Rosalynn may have softened up my feelings for this guy, but it doesn't mean that we our sworn enemies treaty relationship wasn't down yet. I snapped my eyes open, angrily shrieked at him before bitch slapping him right across the face. I got up onto my feet as he cringed back and caressed his cheek. My hand sort of hurted too.

"Ow! What the Hell! I'll kill you, mortal-"

"To bad you almost did!" I yelled at him, my voice cracking as reality all went back to me.

"That was your fault for making me furious, Thompson."

I cried out, full of annoyance and a 'done already' tone, "God...I...fucking...I HATE YOU!"

He froze, the words sinking into him. He gulped, and stared down. Yeah, he should be shameful! I started punching him, but I doubt they were doing a much of a big damage.

"You bastard! I almost died! You almost took my life away!" I sobbed, my punches weakening as I fell bawling into his icy chest.

"Human..." I heard him sigh heavily.

"Do you know what would've happened if-"

"I didn't come down there to get you? Yeah, you'd be bones from the depth or fish food for the sharks," He interrupted.

I pushed him away, pointing a strong, shaking finger at him and my damp hair falling into my mouth. Ew, salty. Oh- well, duh! "S-shut up. Haven't you played around with me enough for today?!"

He paced around the sand, his hands behind his head. "Maybe for today, but just know that you're still considered to be vulnerable."

"Gregory, enough! Okay, I'm sorry for whatever I did. I-I'm sorry if I...ruined your life. Or...I'm human," I whimpered, plopping my fucking stressed out ass onto a rock.

He stared at me intently and in a flash, he was right in front of my face. I guess he sensed the awkwardness and my aura of punching him in the face and looked down, shaking his head. Whispering ever so quietly, "You didn't ruin my life. You're just a dumb human like every other out there."

Well, ain't that rude! Also to the other beings on the Earth! "Like every 'dumb' human out there? Gregory, I am helping a family or Vampires for Godsakes. Sure, there's Bella Swan, but...hey, here I am. Doing something every other human may not have the chance of experiencing."

For the first time, he actually smiled a little, "You got guts human for being here right now."

I rolled my eyes, "What's that suppose to mean?"

"It means, that you're with one of the most dangerous guys on the Earth and you just slapped him, yelled at him, and is now only 5 inches away from him," He pointed out, cocking an eyebrow up. "Don't think that this whole...moment won't change anything though. I hate you too."

I scoffed, feeling played. I got up in confidence. "I'm heading home. Tell Cedric if he gets back that I got...sick and shit."

"Wait...you're not going to speak to him of what happened?" He smirked at me deviously.

Holy shit. He freaking smirked! Oh, that is so alien and...sexy! "Just smile more. It let's people calm down. Uh..bye...bastard."



"Scumbag." He snapped back. Oh this is on.



"Rotton punk."

"Disastrous mistake."

This going to be a long night.


After 2 more hours of swearing at eachothers pie-hole, I finally reached home. For a guy from the medieval ages, he sure knows a lot of modern hissy names. I shuddered at some he actually called me. I nodded in approval. I think...we actually...coordinated tonight. In a way. It's just us. Our...enemyship has a tint of friendship in it when it comes to overpowering situation. Just as I was about to walk up the stairs, Auntie Dottie came into view.

"Hey honey! How was the date? And...why are you soaking?" She checked me over.

I chuckled, trying to think of a good enough explanation. "I...me and Cedric...passed a manor and there were sprinklers running! We couldn't resist!"

"You two should've! Look at you, wetting the nice carpet!" She scolded at me. I ran up the stairs, a smile on my face. I made my way past her, but she gripped my arm. "Did he make a move? Was it good? How did it-"

"Auntie! We didn't kiss! You should know me better than that. I don't kiss on the first date." I explained to her.

"Sorry, my bad! Well...g'night doll. I'm gonna hit the hay." She kissed me on the head before groggily dragging herself to her room. I climbed up the remaining flights of stairs.

I first headed into the bathroom to shower then changed into a pair of boxers, a white tank, and tied my hair up into a loose ponytail. I brushed my teeth and threw my damp laundry into my basket before jumping into my room. The dark room showed nothing, but the outline of a man.

What...the fuck! I swear if it's Rookery I won't hesitate to kick him in the balls! My hand reached over to dim the lanterns on.

There, I saw Cedric.

"Oh my God, Cedric. It's you. I was freaking out right there!" I giggled in relief.

He didn't respond, but his bright red eyes glowered at me. "So, it was just a plan?"

I was utterly confused, "W-what? I dunno what the eff' you're talking about."

I skipped over to bed, but was slightly feared that Cedric could be angry right now. "You sent me here to get your necklace so you can speak with Gregory alone. I knew..."

"Excuse me? I did not, in any way manipulate you to talk to Gregory! So, don't blame me and secondly, what do you mean by: 'I knew'?" I shrieked, pulling myself off of my bed and glaring at him.

"Do not lie to me, Sawyer! I could practically feel the attraction floating around you! I knew you wanted him. Not me." He spat at my face.

"'Attraction'? Cedric I swore nothing happened! If..if you and me were supposedly in some sort of romantic relationship you'd trust me to be faithful!" I pushed him away from me. His hands grasped my upper arms extremely tightly. "O-ow! Cedric stop!"

"You think of me as that delusional? Well you thought wrong, Sawyer! I'm smarter than you think. More smarter than your precious lover!" He shook me violently.

I dazed off and swapped his arms off of me. "You're insane! Don't come near me anymore! Leave me alone. Leave the Sackville-Baggs alone! Leave Gregory-"

"Don't fucking say that name."

"Then stay away from me." I growled through my teeth. "Get out of my house. Get out! Damn now!"

He crept away, never turning. "You don't know what you have just signed for. Sawyer Thompson."

I groaned as he flew away steamingly. I pulled a fistful of my hair then kicked my chair over frustratingly. Great, two Vampies may want to kill me! Ain't I a keeper? Ahaha...no? Kay.

I fell face first onto my bed, obviously irritated and cooling off my heat. "Why me?"

I relaxed after a moment and got up to my feet. Why is Tony's room so quiet? Oh no. No way did he...

I ran out of my room, down the flights of stairs and barged right into the 8 year-old's room. Nothing. His messy bed was usual, but the clothing of his pj's lain on the floor looked untouched. That kid's got guts. I didn't waste anymore time, I grabbed a coat and my Uggs and tip-toed downstairs and outside. Ooooh, fucking chilly!

I traveled after a couple minutes and ended up at the cemetery.

'Please no Gregory or Cedric! Please no Cedric at least?' I pleaded in my mind as I crossed over th foggy area and back down to the opening. I got onto my butt, my legs dangling over the edge. I pushed myself over and fell in. I bent my knees so the impact wouldn't do much damage and it luckily didn't, but I did tumble around slightly. Regaining my balance and coordination, I heard angry yelling.

"Well what does it matter to you what I think? Or if I think?" Gregory's hellish Scottish voice boomed all around the tomb.

"Do not say that...I feel your sting." Fredrick said stiffly.

I followed their voices and ended up at the main foyer. All eyes snapped onto me, though one was missing. Where's that slutty Cedric? "H-hi...uhm...did Tony, somewhat, passed through here?"

"No, why? What has happened?" Rudolph panickly asked me, Anna also agreeing with worry in her eyes.

"I-I went down to check on him and he wasn't there!" I whimpered, my voice cracking. Wuh-hu-aoh, please don't get tear jerky right now!

"Could you please lower your voice?" Gregory annoyingly sneered at me.

Well, it was nice while it lasted just an hour ago.

"Sorry hun, but that won't happen if I'm freaking out!" I exasperated, breathing hyperventilatedly and pacing around.

"Do not stress yourself dear, I am sure Tony is safe...maybe a little lost, but your younger cousin is intelligent, so I doubt that." Freda assured before resting a hand on my small shoulder.

"My apologies. I guess, I'll go and search for him." I pursed my lips, turning around and walking out of the foyer.

Though as soon as I stepped foot through the threshold, a bright light emitted from behind. Ow! Motherfucker! My eyes were used and adjusted from the night or darkness, so a light like that coming out of the blue really hurt like Hell! The sound of the Sackville-Baggs screaming in pain and the sound of sizzling clenched my heart. I whipped around and saw Fredrick trying his best to block the others with his cloak, but it barely was any use. Shit.

Suddenly, my eye caught a flash of spiky blonde hair.

"Tony!" I called at him as he entered down the stairs. There were freaking stairs? Rah! Dammit! Man, I need my shades. There was an encaged light that surely belongs in a football stadium hanging right in the middle of the foyer. "Do something!"

He looked around confusingly before picking up a light weight rock and viciously throwing it at the light.

"Goal!" He fist pumped when it collided with the light.

It shorted out and shut down. The light was pulled up by whom I guess was that sick bastard, Rookery. Tony was talking to Rudolph about something very important from the looks on their faces.

"I-is everyone okay?"

I guess not since Fredrick collapsed onto Anna's lap. "Does everyone look okay!?"

Gregory had walked beside me, asking a rather rhetorical question. I crossed my arms and scoffed, "Sorry if I'm concerned, suh-her!"

"This must've been your plan huh?" He accused, all the goodness he had draining away.

"Excuse me? You think I planned this?" I gasped in disbelief.

"So the whole time back at the cliff was nothing..." He muttered, disgustingly staring at me.

He's never looked at me like that. Eventhough we're hateful enemies, he's never given me an expression that shown so much. I cringed, but my anger started phasing into tears.

"No it wasn't! I swe-"

"Then why did this note fall out of Rookery's jacket?" Cedric came walking into the foyer with a crinkled paper in his hand.

"What?" I breathed out, snatching the paper out of his pale hand. He smirked, shoving me on the shoulder.

Dear Rookery,

I have completed the job on softening Gregory down. I cannot believe he's that stupid to think we actually got along at the beach! No way. Not with that monster! I hope to be payed very well, Rookery.

Sawyer Thompson

My shaking hands held a fake a piece of scrap that had exactly my writing on it. I would know because I always heart the dots on I's. Not only that, the tail of 'Y' curved up to form the 'E' in my name. I was the only one in the Thompson family to do that in print.

"I-I didn't write this! I swear to God!"

The Vampires flinched at the name. Gregory just grabbed the paper out of my hands. My heart beated faster than ever and there were tears rolling down my eyes. He crumpled the paper in one hand after he read every speck and word of it. He said a 3 words that signed my entire death contract and tore my heart in half:

"You betrayed us."

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