Kurt's sure he's going to wake up any second now. This is all just too good to be true. Only in his dreams would he be lying on the hood of a car next to Blaine, their hands entwined as they watch the last bits of light surrender to dark blue. An hour has passed since they've made their harrowing escape, and after a lot of kissing, they decided to just soak it in for a little while. The silence should be awkward but really, Kurt finds the peace soothing compared to the excitement rumbling inside him. He can't remember feeling this happy ever before in his life and as of right now, he's as high as the stars they are staring at.

The scary part is wondering when he'll be pulled back to earth or when he'll wake up. The very thought could bring tears to his eyes. When he does think too much about it, he squeezes Blaine's hand so he can feel him squeeze back; during those moments, Blaine would turn his head and look at him and the two would just smile and laugh all over again. "Why do you keep doing that?" Blaine asks.

"Oh, I don't know. It might have something to do with the fact the rock star I've had a crush on since I started high school is holding my hand and we just spent an hour making out, no big deal. Oh, and did I mention we're staring up at the stars?" Blaine chuckles more as Kurt's smile grows impossibly.

"Well, you've been looking at the stars. I've been too busy staring at you."

"Oh my god, you did not just say that!"

"What, you don't like that? What if I told you I found the entire universe in your eyes?" Kurt laughs as Blaine leans close enough that his breath rains down Kurt's neck. "Hmm, what if I tell you the paparazzi must have killed me because I'm in heaven right now?"

Kurt's face is red, as he can't stop laughing, particularly when Blaine's presses a ticklish kiss to just below his ear. Blaine tries another compliment. "Eres tan dulce que por solo verte engordo."


"You're so sweet that I get fat looking at you." Blaine drapes his arms around Kurt and kisses him on the lips. Kurt skin feels warm everywhere Blaine is touching him and he's trying to deny how much he likes it. Of course, that's impossible, but so is pretending that this might not fall apart as soon as it's begun. How often did you read of fans living happily ever after with their beloved superstars? It just didn't happen. He may be a fan, but he's not so infatuated with Blaine that he can't see what's really going to happen.

Although, Kurt has to admit that rather than lose himself in Blaine like he expected, he's beginning to see Blaine in a new light. In a strange way, knowing that Blaine could be falling in love with him like Kurt has with him has put them on equal level. These past few weeks, he's gotten to know Blaine on a personal level. He's learned some of Blaine's secrets and Blaine's learned a few of his. They're not quite to the point where Kurt can look at Blaine and see a normal man; maybe they'll never get to that point. What could happen is that Kurt may one day stop seeing him Blaine Anderson the rock star and instead, see him as this thing that's inherently Kurt's.

Blaine seems to sense something is off and loosens his hold on Kurt. "Is everything okay?"

Kurt tries to smile again, but it falls flat. "I just keep wondering when I'm going to wake up from this." Blaine looks at him like he's insane. Kurt shrugs. "Sorry, that sounds corny but it's true. I keep thinking this is one long wonderful dream and that it's going to end at any minute, and if it does…"

"You'd be really disappointed," Blaine finishes and Kurt nods. With renewed hesitation, Blaine trails his palm against Kurt's face and uses his fingers to push a few locks away. "That's not an issue because I'm not a dream, Kurt, and I'm not going to disappear on you. I'm here to stay, now that we're…" Blaine trails off as realization hits him. Kurt knows what's just popped up in Blaine's head—he doesn't know what to call Kurt now. It didn't seem right to classify each other as friends, but despite all the making-out that's just taken place, it still seems too soon to call each other boyfriends.

"Now that we're romantically inclined?" Kurt tries and Blaine shakes his head. Kurt feels his heart sink low into his stomach. All the anxious energy that's been a low hum before is now screeching. He dares to ask, "What would you say then?"

"It's, uh...well, not what I think you think it is." Another stab in Kurt's heart. Blaine takes one look at Kurt's painful expression and groans. "No, no, god…How do I explain it? I'm not saying I don't romantic feelings for you—I think the hour in the car proved that I do very much. If anything, it's that I think my feelings are much more than just romantic. You're great." Blaine winces at his own lameness. Kurt squeezes his hand reassuringly, feeling much better (if 'much better' meant 'out of this world with joy') about what's going on between him and Blaine. "Great" had never sounded so wonderful in Kurt's ears.

Blaine sighs, choosing to gaze up at the stars again so he can hide his full emotions from Kurt. "It's just…you've seen what dating me is like. Don't get me wrong, I feel like the luckiest guy on earth that I get to do what I love, but finding real, actual love… it's complicated."

Kurt, hearing the quiet tone of the normally boisterous young man, realizes for the first time Blaine might have fears about this relationship too. It doesn't occur to him that maybe Blaine's afraid Kurt won't be able to handle the spotlight and he'll leave Blaine. Perhaps worse, he could be afraid Kurt was only after the fame and fortune. After all, hadn't Sebastian only given Blaine the time of day because he was rich and famous? As nice as it was to go from being bullied to loved by millions, it must make a guy paranoid when it comes to his relationships. Honestly, Kurt has no idea how to prove to Blaine his feelings have nothing to do with his superstar status because honestly, they do. However, Kurt isn't sure if it's so much Blaine's status as it is what he does with his status. He brings people up and doesn't think of knocking them down. Blaine is a superstar, but he's more human than many of the normal people Kurt sees on a daily basis. Kurt wants to be in love with that, not the image of Blaine.

Again, he can't prove it, but he wanted to try. "Maybe it's too early to try and attach a name to this," Kurt decides.

"Kurt…" Kurt holds up his index finger, motioning for Blaine to let him finish. Blaine closes his mouth and turns his face to look at Kurt again.

"We have enough people trying to complicate this for us. Why should we add to it? Let's just see how this goes and if it doesn't work out, then that's it. If it grows into something more, then the baggage will be worth it." Kurt lifts their hands so they're lying in between them. "After all, isn't the point of going to prom to show everyone that no one can tell us who we can or can't fall in love with?"

As Kurt sits up, Blaine's jacket falls from his shoulders. It's been brushed off and put back on several times in the time since they ran from the paparazzi. He notices the red rose he gave Blaine is starting to wilt. Blaine sees it too, but doesn't share Kurt's look of disappointment—instead, looks hopeful. Kurt's never seen a wilting flower do that, so—Kurt thinks with joy in his heart—it must be him that's making Blaine so hopeful.

Kurt leans over and kisses Blaine one more time. "I think I need to go home," he says just as they part lips.

Blaine groans, pulling back to check his phone. His skin pales when he sees the time. "Yeah, we have to really get a move on it if I have any hope of getting you home by 10."

"Don't worry," Kurt assures, sliding off the car and then offering his hand to help Blaine down. Blaine accepts the help but rolls his eyes at Kurt's words. "Seriously, he might be scary but he has nothing on my mom and I am my mother's child."

They stare down to where they're holding hands and then back up to each other. One more kiss, Kurt promises as he does just that.


There's a balcony just off the ballroom at Dalton academy. The reception has long since died down, but with all the commotion involving Blaine and Kurt, Nick doesn't dare to leave just yet, so he leans against the balcony and just relaxes for a bit. Wes just spent the past hour brushing off most of the paparazzi before setting out a manhunt for whoever told the press Kurt would be here today. It baffles the whole band, seeing as how only close friends and family knew the wedding was even occurring today. The idea that someone in their very exclusive circle could have betrayed them in such a way hurts.

"Crazy stuff, huh?" Nick glances over his shoulder and his stomach does summersaults, as it always does when Jeff Lowren is around. Back when they were kids, before every teen girl in the world crushed on him, Nick melted into a puddle of goo anytime Jeff was around and not much else has changed since then. Just one thing; he knew that Jeff liked him back. Always had—they've just been too afraid to say it until recently. It doesn't stop Nick from blushing when Jeff's elbow touches his as he stands next to Nick.

"To say the least," he replies, earning him that famous smile that could make insanity strong and the heart weak. "I wonder if we should come out about us. You know, just to take some of the heat off Blaine."

Jeff shrugs. "Doubt it'd do anything. Those two are in a pretty unique situation. I don't anyone would be surprised to hear we got together."

Nick gives a small smile, hardened at the edges in an attempt to hide his pain. "My teenage self would be."

Damn it, Nick. What the fuck is wrong with you? Nick chastises. He finally gets the man of his dreams and he has to spoil it by being a baby about the past. So much has changed since then. For one thing, Jeff had admitted he just didn't play for one team (something Nick's always thought, but somewhat doubted ever since he caught a very eager Jeff making out with a very slutty Veronica Fields in their dorm room one year). They also weren't schoolboys anymore—they were grown men. Men who filled out, became confident, and knew better of themselves. Nick would be lying if he said the man he's falling in love with wasn't sexier than the boy he hopelessly crushed on.

Jeff keeps his smile, though it loses a little of its luster. "I told you that I liked you even then, remember?" Nick nods, but doesn't look at Jeff, so the other boy has no choice but to move his head so Nick can see his expression of adoration. "I was a dumb kid, Nicky. I had no idea what I even liked, never mind who I liked. Then there was the fear…you saw how many kids we had like Blaine or Trent come to Dalton to escape bullying. Could you blame me for being afraid?"

No, really he couldn't. Especially since now he was the one talking Jeff out of going public with their relationship. Not that it was out of the fear Jeff was talking about. It's the fear that once he tells the world this thing that's been a secret for so long, it'll become more than they can handle. Nick's enjoyed having Jeff to himself these past couple weeks, but could they handle being a public item? God forbid, some expert paparazzi digs in their past and makes a story out of the fact that Nick had a crush on Jeff, or about Jeff's fling with Veronica. That's why Nick hid his homosexuality from the media. Maybe as rock stars they waved a lot of their rights to privacy, but the time he choose to come out and his love for Jeff was between them. No one had the right to pry that away from him.

Although now, he wondered if Jeff was worried Nick didn't believe in him, or worse, was too upset about the past to see this through long haul. Now, Nick felt even more stupid for his comments. "I didn't mean like I said it. I meant like… you're unbelievable in general. I feel lucky."

Jeff laughs and gently punches Nick's shoulder—more like a brush than a punch really. "Yes you did, but I know you meant that too, so thanks," Jeff says and suddenly the glow is back, much to Nick's relief. "Do you remember when we were waiting to find out the results of our audition—the one we finally made the final round of after several failures."

"Actually, I was hoping to forget," Nick teases. Jeff scoots himself a bit closer to Nick and lays his head on his shoulder.

"When we had the final round and only one of us could get it, I was so nervous. I tried to be cool—"

"I could tell." Nick takes a risk and leans his forehead against Jeff's. He just hoped if there were any paparazzi down below, they would see what a private moment this was and leave them be. Of course, that's about as realistic as a dragon flying over Dalton, but it gives Nick the strength to dare to be publicly affectionate with his boyfriend. "You were so still. I don't think I had ever seen you so composed for so long—besides the time Wes threw his gavel at you for talking too much during the meeting."

"Oh, don't worry, I got back at him. Let's just say he would kill me if he knew where that gavel had been the next day. Anyway—when we had our audition and I heard you sing Uptown Girl, it was…it was amazing, Nicky. You sang it perfectly, you danced fluidly and you just lit up the room. I was dazed and I knew you were going to get it. There wasn't any doubt in my mind. I wasn't even pissed. I was so proud of you. I felt something I couldn't even understand that day. Now I know what it is." Jeff moves his hand over Nick's hand and laces his fingers through his. Nick squeezes Jeff's fingers with his own, seeping his aura into his skin. "It's love. I love you."

Nick nearly bumps Jeff in the head with his shock. "Jeffry!"

"What? It's true." Jeff frowns for the first time that night, a scared look washing over his face. Jeff peers down at the quad in shame. "Um, too soon? Yeah, definitely too soon. Sorry, I just…forget I said anything."

Nick's eyes soften as he tries to grasp what just happened. Jeff said he loved him—his Jeff. The man of his dreams, the sweetest person he's ever known, and the creator of that high nirvana he gets just being close to him, just said 'I love you'. In his shock, Nick had no idea how to respond; even though he's wanted this from the moment he met his best-friend and band mate. Now that Jeff was rambling off apologies and was just as nervous as he was the day of that audition, Nick had to say something. Why not the truth?

"Jeff. Jeffry. Jeff!" Nick shouts to get Jeff's attention. The blonde stops and stares at the normally quiet young man. Even if he isn't the first one to say it, Nick has to swallow the lump in his throat before he stutters, "I-I love you too."

"You do?" Nick nods.

"When you described how you felt watching me sing for the first time? That's the way I felt when I met you for the first time. Since that day, I've drove myself crazy being in love with you and being afraid I'd never get to say the words. Now that I do…" Nick tilts his head away and blinks back tears. Happy tears for all the sad times he cried thinking this would never happen and now knowing that despite all his suffering, it did happen and it wasn't even by his choice. "…I can't believe it."

"Better believe it, Nicky, cause I'm going to spend the rest of my life proving it."

"Whoa! Okay."

Jeff groans as they both turn to the double doors. Trent stares at them shell-shocked and then sighs when he realizes he's walked in on yet another private moment. "Impeccable time as always Trent."

Trent glares at "Yes well, while I'm glad you two are finally resolving that pesky sexual tension, I'm sure Wes wouldn't appreciate you guys going public right now with everything going on between Kurt and Blaine…And speaking of Mom, he sent me to get you guys. We're having a meeting at Thad's later to talk about everything."

"Everything?" Jeff asks teasingly. Trent huffs and crosses his arms, giving off that classic sassy-Warbler attitude.

"You know what I mean."

"Yes he does, and we'll be there," Nick assures, hitting Jeff again on the shoulder. "Hey Trent, remember how you said—"

Trent holds up his hands in mock surrender. "I didn't see anything."

"Yet…" Jeff nips at Nick's ear. The slightly older Warbler squeaks, his cheeks flushing in slight embarrassment. Jeff's haughty chuckle pushes air into his ear.

"T-thank you, Trent," Nick stutters out. Trent waves his hand and returns inside. The minute the balcony door closes, Nick smacks Jeff hard on the arm. "You ass!"

"What? It was funny." Jeff is still laughing as a matter-of-fact. Nick shakes his head away from his boyfriend so he doesn't see the smile.

"Doesn't make you any less of an ass."

They hold hands back to the door and then kiss before they open the doors. Once they're back in public, they separate. They'll tell everyone soon—once this thing with Kurt and Blaine blows over and they've finished their album. Right now, Nick just focuses on what they told each other tonight. A private moment that makes Nick want to scream out to the world.

Jeff Lowren, the man of his dreams, loves him.


Blaine drops Kurt off minutes before his given curfew. Kurt invites him inside but Blaine insists he has to meet with Wes to go over their current problem. Kurt suspects it's more because of Burt because he kisses him in the car and not when he walks Kurt up to the porch. Kurt can't find it within him to be annoyed at his father because it feels like he's on some wonderful drug called Blaine Anderson.

He walks through the door and sees his father sitting in his chair, watching t.v., with the bat laying across his lap. "Is that really necessary?"

"I wasn't really going to hit him."

"Like that makes it better," Kurt murmurs as he closes the door. He sits down on the couch and bites his lip. He knows he has to tell his father about both the paparazzi and about his new romance with Blaine. It really hurt Burt's feelings when he found out Kurt lied about Finn going to the concert. Kurt never wanted to see or hear the utter disappointment in his father's voice again. Besides, if media got crazy over his relationship with Blaine, he was going to need people he could trust. Despite how protective he could be, Burt would always have Kurt's best interests at heart. He did threaten to kill a superstar on numerous occasions for him after all. "Am I on the news yet?"

Burt tenses and then releases a long, haggard sigh. "And why would you be?"

"Well… somehow, the hyenas found out Blaine and I were at the wedding and we sort of had to make a run for it." Burt pinches his temple in frustration, making Kurt feel guilty. "I swear, we were trying to be careful—"

"No, I know, Kurt. It's not your fault. Did they get pictures of you?"

Kurt shakes his head. "No, because the man you keep threatening kept me from view using his jacket and drove us away from there." Burt lowers his hand. He's half-guilty, half-impressed and it's just enough for Kurt to cross his arms smugly.

That is, until his father asks, "Is that his jacket you're wearing?"

"Uhhhh," Kurt fingers dig into the fine material. By the time he got home, a chill had started outside so Kurt put his arms through the sleeves, obviously not expecting his fashion-blind father to pick up on the switch. Of course, he never would have if Kurt hadn't opened his big mouth. He did plan on telling his father about Blaine, but walking in with his jacket draped on him just didn't seem like the way to do it. "So, remember the talk we had earlier..."

Burt grabs the bat again and stands. "No, no! Not the sex part! Give me that!" Kurt shouts in a shrill voice, taking the bat from his father's hand and dropping it to the floor. "I meant the part where I said I wasn't dating Blaine!"

Burt grinds his teeth together. "So you lied again?"

"No, Dad. Just sit down and let me explain please." Burt calms himself enough that Kurt can give him the shortest, but honest, version of what happened with Blaine—leaving certain parts out of course. Burt listens but gives no real expression until Kurt finishes by saying in a quiet voice, "…so, we're taking it slow and seeing what happens."

Burt taps his fingers along the arm of the chair. The crease in his forehead twitches like he wants to be upset but the flat line of his mouth gives Kurt nothing to decipher. "Dad? Are you mad?"

"No, I'm not." But he's not happy either; Kurt can't say he's surprised about that. "I just—he is worth it, Kurt?"

"What are you talking about?" Kurt asks like his dad is crazy. Maybe too quick as Kurt didn't want his dad to think he was doing this for the wrong reasons. He'd like to think his father knew him better than to think Kurt was only dating Blaine because he was a superstar. "He's the sweetest guy I've ever met. You've seen how much he's done for me."

"It's not what he's doing for you, Kurt. It's what you're willing to do for him. This whole thing with his ex and the media, and the school—it's not going to get any better now that the rumors are true. Hell, it's gonna get worse. Are you going to tell me you're prepared to deal with all this right now? What about school? What about NYADA?"

Kurt thought about most of these things—he imagined the attention he got from the media would certainly be worse if tonight was any indication and certainly, his popularity as school would change drastically (though nowadays, who could say in what directions). Kurt honestly hadn't considered how this could affect his chances of going to NYADA until now. Would his chances of admission be affected? Is it possible that dating Blaine would have his form thrown out or maybe even moved to the top? Then there's the fact he'd be living in New York nine or more months out of the of the year, while Blaine would be splitting his time between his various charities, appearances and concerts—not only in this country mind you, but all over the world. One day, Kurt wanted that life but it would take several years of school and perfecting his art before he'd be even close to there. Was the life of a college student compatible with the life of a celebrity? Being with Blaine sounded nice in theory, but how could it work when—

Kurt stops himself from finishing that thought. It's like he told Blaine—they didn't have to worry about the future right now. They just needed to sit back and enjoy the ride; the loops and turns could come later. "I don't know if prepared is the right word, but I know Blaine's worth it all."

Then for the first time since Kurt's come home, Burt smiles. It's not very big and it's mostly nervous, but it's all Kurt can ask for right now. "God, it scares me how determined you are sometimes. You've got your mom written all over you, you know that?"

Kurt smiles back, trying not to tear up at his father's response. He's done enough crying today, thank you—speaking of which…"Thank you."

"I don't know if that was a compliment. I loved your mom but she could be a real pain in the ass sometimes."

"Not that," Kurt says with a snort, and then with a warmer tone. "Thank you for supporting me through all of this."

Burt shrugs as if it's the easiest thing in the world. "You're my kid and I just want you to be happy. I may not believe in this rock star as much as you do, but if there's even a chance he can make you happy, I don't think it's my place to tell you he can't. I just hope your excellent instincts are right on this one."

His father stands up and hands the t.v. remote to Kurt. He then kneels down and grabs the baseball bat off the floor and gestures it toward Kurt. "Doesn't mean I'm an Anderson fan. He might be all right if he handled those vultures like you said he did, but I'll have no problem putting him in the paper if he hurts you."

Kurt sighs. "You're talking about the obituaries, aren't you?"

"If he thinks running from the press is hard," Burt begins as he stands tall and somewhat proud of himself. "There's no running from an angry, overprotective dad."


Thad knows he should feel a little disconnected from the group—after all, they're living the dream they planned together while Thad is here chasing after a toddler, working a full time job, and trying to graduate from college in the process. He just can't find it in him though. He's proud as hell of his friends for making it in this big bad world. Besides, as freaked out as he was to become a dad, and as cliché as it sounded, he wouldn't trade his beautiful daughter for anything in the world.

The Warblers (minus David who went off on his honeymoon hours ago) come in one by one fairly close to midnight. Blaine's the last to arrive—Thad shushes him when he steps too hard on the hardwood floor. "Sophia's asleep."

"Oh, right sorry. Basement?" Thad nods and closes the door behind Blaine, and then follows him down to the electronic room/play room/basement. Nick, Jeff, and Trent occupy the long couch while Wes sits in the chair closest to the coffee table, leaving another chair open and a beanbag. Blaine insists Thad takes the chair and settles himself quite happily in the beanbag.

"All right," Wes says, banging one of Sophia's toy gavels against his hand. "So, the wedding went south this afternoon, just not for the reasons I thought it was. At this point, we still don't know who told the paparazzi about the wedding—"

"Give you a hint—rhymes with dirty mother fucker," Jeff mutters.

"Sebastian doesn't rhyme with that at all, Jeffry," Nick points out.

"Guys…" Wes warns.

"I know. I just wanted a reason to call him a mother fucker."

"Guys," he warns more sternly. "We don't have any proof it was Sebastian who did this and honestly, I don't think it is."

"He's the only one with motive," Trent says. Thad hums uncertainly.

"Actually, that's not true at all. With as popular as Kurt and Blaine are becoming, I bet a photo or a tip featuring those two would cost a pretty penny. Besides, how would Sebastian have found out about the wedding? It's not like any of us would have told him and no one invited to the wedding would have anything to gain from telling Sebastian—they'd have plenty to gain by telling a news outlet."

Blaine opens his mouth, but then closes it, realizing he has no defense. In fact, everyone in the room besides Wes seems at a loss of words. "I almost wish it was Sebastian," Wes says, breaking the silence. "At least then, we'd know who we can trust and who we can't. I'm still launching an investigation but…" Wes spares a nervous glance towards Blaine. "I think I'm sending you all, Blaine included, to a charity fashion show in London. The plane leaves late Monday and—"

"Uh-uh. No way." Blaine shakes his head firmly. Wes's glare is strong enough to burn holes into Blaine's skull. In the past, when that looks come up, there wasn't any arguing with Wes. This time, Blaine's not willing to step down. "I'm not leaving Kurt to deal with this on his own."

"You can't stay here now the paparazzi knows you're here! If we're not careful, they're going to think you're dating Kurt instead of doing something nice for…" Wes trails off because Blaine blushes and looks down. Thad stares in shock because while he had advised Blaine to go through with dating Kurt, he didn't think it would happen the day after that conversation. "Blaine…you didn't…"

"Oh, me thinks he did," Jeff says a little too proudly. Nick and Trent stare wide eyed at the lead singer as he bites his lip and nods. "Just couldn't keep your hands out of the cookie jar could you?"

"Jeff, that's enough," Nick says when he breaks from his shock. "Blaine, when did this happen?"

"Tonight. Actually, that's what the reporters interrupted. We did…finish it later though."

Wes groans while pinching his temple. "Damn it, Blaine! I can't deflect their questions forever. What am I supposed to tell them when they starting accusing you of having sex with a minor? Lie?"

"Whoa, okay first, I haven't had sex with him yet. We just kissed and made out for a little while," Blaine explains in a less that calm way while counting on his fingers. "Second, even if we had sex, the age of consent in Ohio is 16. Third, he's going to be 18—"

"Okay, fine we get the point. Son of bitch," Wes mutters under his breath, lying back in the chair. Thad feels like he should offer Wes a scotch—or three. "Alright, so the rumors turn out to be true, and then what? People will still think Kurt is using you for your money. If we don't play it safe, everyone, especially Sebastian, is going to use that to their advantage. The best thing you can do for your relationship is to go off for a few weeks, do a few charity events, and introduce you two slowly. Not. All. At. Once."

Trent makes a small noise in his throat. "I hate to say it Blaine, but he's right. I was for this if you could stay here secretly, but now that the cat's out of the bag…it might be better if you lead the press away from Kurt until you guys can come out about your relationship."

Blaine glares at Trent, something he rarely does. "And what about Kurt? He'll think I'm leaving him to deal with all this press alone. Not everyone's going to follow me to London, you know."

"No, but it might help deter confirmation of your relationship, which is for Kurt's benefit, Blaine. Didn't you say Kurt was trying out for NYADA?" Nick asks. Blaine's eyes soften almost immediately. "You don't want him wondering if he got in because he's your boyfriend. You wouldn't want that, would you? Besides, these are his last few months of high school. It's a little late to keep it from being complicated, but we can try and do damage control."

"It's just for a few weeks. Provided things are calm by then, you can try and sneak back in here. We just need to let the fire die a little bit, first, all right?" Blaine shakes his head, his jaw setting hard but he knows Wes and Nick are right. Thad can't say he blames Blaine for being so frustrated, but toying with the paparazzi was like diving with sharks. Now that they had a whiff of blood, they'd be coming for more. The best thing they could do is take Blaine away and hope that keeps a feeding frenzy from forming around Kurt.

"And how are we going to keep Kurt safe?" he whispers quietly.

"Actually, I've planned for this and I've decided to hire Kurt a PR agent, and I just so happen to know the perfect person…" Wes says. Thad waits expectedly for the name as does everyone else. He's the last to realize that Wes is staring directly at him.

"Thad?" Nick asks, a little surprised.

"Me?" Thad blinks in shock. Thad's has been studying communications for three years now, but he never actually gave any thought as to what he would do with that degree. PR Agent wasn't really one of them nor did he understand why Wes would pick him—not even graduated yet—to be Kurt's PR agent.

Blaine catches on before he does. "Yeah, that's a great idea!"

Thad twists his head towards Blaine. "It is?"

"Actually, I'm surprised I didn't think of it before now. Thad's probably the only person we can trust here. You're basically studying what Wes deals with on a daily basis. You don't think you could do it, Thad?" Nick says thoughtfully.

"Well…I don't know." The better question was did he have time to do it? Erin, his ex and Sophia's mom, is attending school out west coast. She comes back for breaks and summer, but that leaves Thad mostly on his own with his daughter. Between raising a little girl, working his job, and going to school, he wasn't sure if he could handle controlling the press Kurt's surely going to get.

Wes senses Thad's hesitance and adds, "You need an internship to graduate, don't you? I think your school will count it once they get a phone call from Warbler Studios. It also pays very well, Thad my boy. Very well."

"All on Blaine of course," Jeff can't help but throw in. Blaine eagerly nods in agreement. Thad jostles his hair. Money would nice. Money would make it easier to take care of Sophia and getting that pesky internship out of the way would make him go through college faster. Besides, Kurt did need help and—

And damn it, Blaine's giving him the puppy dog eyes. "Okay, I'll do it. You can stop that now!"

Wes sighs in relief. "Good, we have plan. Now we just have to keep to it…Blaine," Wes says glaring at Blaine. Thad shakes his head, hoping to god Wes's expectations weren't too high.

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