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Tony/Bruce Banner AKA The Hulk

Contrary to popular belief, Tony's teasing doesn't irk Bruce. It doesn't get under his skin. Instead, it stabilizes him, helps him think, focuses him when he's about to snap. The others start to catch on when they're at a party, something for good PR and a douchey kind of guy razzes on Tony and his past reputation.

Bruce twitches, his watch beeps erratically for a moment and then Tony's poking Bruce in the side, telling him his glasses are crooked and isn't he just the stereotypical science nerd?

But Tony's other hand is on Bruce's lower back, rubbing circles into it while he keeps up the jovial, up-beat teasing and Bruce starts to relax until he can breathe normally and smile a bit.

It happens again at a meeting with Fury, again when Bruce has been in the lab all day and he's frustrated and Clint idiotically swipes his lunch from him, not paying attention to his fragile state of mind. Tony's there through all of it to tease and poke and prod and gradually bring Bruce down back to Earth with his words and actions.

And late at night, when it's just them, Tony hugs Bruce close to him in bed and let's the arc reactor do it's work, the soothing, pulsing glow hypnotizing Bruce into a deep, safe sleep.

Because that's one thing Tony can do right.