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She used to dance, sing, jump, run, sing, and sleep. The little girl loved to make music. She loved to dance and sing more than anything, but she wished she could escape the confines of her room.

Lucy Heartfilia, a girl with a beautiful secret, wanted to be free. She wanted to let the world hear her voice. On top of the magical secret she already had, her mother had taught her everything she knew about Celestial Magic.

Lucy had many gadgets that people like her were born with. A video diary of every dream she'd ever had was one of those things. It was like she had her own, personal, digital memory bank. When she really sang her heart out, she could do things other girls her age could never do.

In her black, white, grey, and teal outfit, Lucy projected her Dream Diary out in front of her. She watched the footage nostalgically.

"I remember those days and that dream," she muttered to herself. A little girl, short and cute, danced and sang her heart away, her pattern being rock hard then sleep, then get up and party hard some more, and so on and so forth.

She watched as the little girl jumped on her bed, crashed, sang, crashed, jammed on her guitar, crashed again falling off her bed and landing on her head, pounded on the keys of her keyboard, crashed yet again, then swung her favorite vegetable back and forth in her hand until she crashed again and fell over on her bed and into a sweet dream.

The little girl landed in a wide, empty space. The ground beneath her feet was decorated like a chess board. She jumped in fright as a long column of doors dropped in front of her. Determined, she began to run through the many doors, not getting anywhere but to the door after that, and the one after that. She began to run faster and faster until she finally broke out into a sprint of mind boggling speeds, ending when she entered a wide, grassy plane with skies that were as blue as her eyes and clouds that were as white as snow.

She ran across the never ending field, her arms out at her sides and extended behind her ever so slightly. Five stars flew above her, breaking into pieces and revealing her friends that she ran with. Her dear friends looked so happy to see her.

There were two, a boy and a girl, with blonde hair. Then, there was a girl with pink hair and a boy with blue hair. Another girl ran with them, she had brown hair and a red outfit. The blue-haired boy was funny and clumsy, stumbling as he reached for the hand of the pink-haired girl.

Len and Rin had the blonde hair, she found out. The girl with pink hair was named Luka, and the girl with brown hair was named Meiko. But the one that stuck out to the currently reminiscing girl, was the blue haired boy named Kaito. The sleeves of his shirt were too long and covered his hands and he wore a blue scarf.

'The silly boy,' Lucy thought. They'd all seemed familiar to her now, but that was because she'd met real people that reminded her of the people in her dream.

Here, let me clear up some of the confusion.

Lucy had finally managed to escape from her prison of a home. Her father had been a cold hearted man since her mother had died, saying that Lucy's passion for singing was a waste of time, and that she should focus on learning how to run a company instead. Her father's aim was to marry his beautiful daughter off to some rich snob just so that the two fortunes would combine, making the old man even richer. Since the age of 13, her father had introduced her to dozens of wealthy suitors, and even at such a young age, she understood her father's greed and desire for power and wealth.

Her father didn't understand her at all. As a matter of fact, he never even tried to understand her. You see, the need to sing and dance and perform, it was part of who she was. It was a basic requirement in her life, a necessity in order to live her life and function properly. Lucy often sang in her room while her father was away on business trips, or performed for the staff of the mansion. Only she, her mother, and the staff of her home knew her secret about what she was.

After escaping, she knew she couldn't try and make a living by singing and dancing. Not right off the bat. She needed to find a source of income, a way to get her some cash and a lot of it. She needed to find a place to live now that she was on her own. She'd considered joining a wizard guild, like she'd always wanted to. The most famous guild out there was the one she wanted to be in.

She'd been on an outing with one of the maids that worked at her estate and she'd been saved, along with the carriage, by a mage with a mark on her hand. She got out to thank the person who helped her, but it seemed that they were long gone. She looked out into the distance and saw it. The Fairy Tail guild, the same mark as the one that was on her savior's hand. That day was the beginning of her dream to be in Fairy Tail.

She wanted to join Fairy Tail after she escaped her father's grasp, but had no idea how to go about doing it. She was in the port town of Hargeon on that one fateful day when she met her partner, team mate, and best friend. She met Natsu Dragneel, the famous Salamander of Fairy Tail. He ended up dragging her off to Fairy Tail while trying to outrun the authorities.

That's what got Lucy where she was now, sitting in her apartment. Team Natsu had just gotten back from a mission and it was tough. Not the mission, but what happened during the mission. Silly Natsu, with his pink hair and scaly scarf, had this bad habit of going way overboard with his magic. It was normal if he destroyed about half of a city. Normal, but annoying.

Lucy was tired, but she couldn't sleep yet. Her secret made sure of that. It was a pain, but Lucy always had the extra energy to sing her heart out. She was going to be performing at a club on the other side of Magnolia. She managed to book a few gigs and quickly, her fame grew, but all the money she earned usually went towards rent and food, because a certain pink-haired Dragon Slayer would always barge into her house through the window and raid her fridge and cabinets.

The only person in Fairy Tail that knew her secret was Master Makarov, who she had lent her 'Miku Money', as she called it, to help rebuild the guild after her father sent Phantom Lord to bring her home. She was grateful for everything that Fairy Tail had given her that she was often donating money to her family without them even knowing. Only Master knew. She tried to keep it a secret from her fellow guild mates, that secret of hers. She wasn't ashamed of it, but worried that they wouldn't accept her.

She was a girl who changed when she sang. She became another person in terms of appearance, but inside, she was still the same Lucy. She was a girl born into the world with a main purpose. She was a Vocaloid, and her purpose was to sing.

Every Vocaloid had another identity. Lucy was Miku. Hatsune Miku, with bright, blue eyes and long, teal hair, Miku's purpose was to sing to the world.

Lucy darted out of her apartment and into the streets of Magnolia. If she didn't hurry, she'd be late for her gig! Lucy was already transformed into Miku, which caused her great difficulty in reaching the club, but she got there, and not a second too soon.

"I'm the perfect princess," Lucy sang out, her voice eliciting cheers and cries from the audience, and she continued with her song. World Is Mine seemed to be her most popular song, by far. Her heart would jump happily as her fans would begin to sing the lyrics with her. The sound of the audience echoed loud through the building, their voices carrying the words of one of her songs. The feeling was like nothing else.

'I want my family to know how happy I feel when I sing,' Lucy thought as she finished her performance and headed backstage. She wouldn't stay long. It was just a gig. She hadn't really booked any real concerts yet, though every single one of her performances felt like one, what with all the fans crowding around the stage whenever she performed on one.

She was going to tell her friends in Fairy Tail that she was a Vocaloid. She would them that her other half was Hatsune Miku.


"Where's Lucy?" Natsu whined as he sat himself at the bar. The retired, S-Class mage giggled behind her white drying rag.

"You miss Lucy, don't you?" she purred, clearly enjoying herself. Mira was a matchmaker, and matchmakers get couples together. Her favorite 'project' was Natsu and Lucy. They were just too cute for their own good.

"Yes! I'm bored! She promised that she's come to the guild before she called it a day. She said she was just gonna take a shower and a nap!" Natsu complained.

Master Makarov bonked the boy on the head with his odd stick that he liked to carry with him sometimes.

"Lucy had some stuff to take care of! She'll be back soon, so stop whining you little brat!"

"What did she have to do, Gramps?" Natsu asked. He wanted to know where his best friend was!

"That's her business, Natsu. If she didn't tell you, then I'm not supposed to tell you! Deal with it, and I told you to stop whining. Yeesh! You all are a bunch of brats, you know that?"

Natsu pouted, but complied with the master's wishes, well, for a little while at least. He was almost hurt that Lucy was keeping something from him. He didn't know what it was or how important it was, but he didn't care! Whatever it was, he didn't know about it! She didn't tell him about it! They were best friends, nakama, and nakama should keep secrets from each other.

By the time Lucy was half way to the guild her transformation had already taken its leave. She kept running for the guild, excited to tell them. She would tell them tonight.

She burst into the guild doors and ran to the bar where she saw that pink head of hair.

"Natsu!" she called out happily. Natsu spun to face her. He looked angry. Why did he look angry?

"Lucy, where were you?" he asked, folding his arms across his chest like a parent scolding his teenage daughter for being out too late.

Lucy came to a sudden stop. Did he already know, did he know and think that it was… bad? Disgusting? A waste of time, as her father had once said? Suddenly, Lucy was terrified to tell him. No, he didn't know. There was no way he could know because he's Natsu!

"I- I was out r-running some errands," Lucy replied, sounding like a kid who had just been scolded but didn't know what they did wrong. She couldn't tell him, not after the scenarios that ran through her head. Natsu was her best friend, and if she didn't tell him first, she didn't tell anyone.

"You said that you were gonna take a shower and a nap then come to the guild," Natsu said, beginning to tap his foot on the ground.

"It was a last minute thing. I'm sorry Natsu," she said, sounding like she was about to cry. That feeling kids get when they get yelled at, that scared feeling that made you feel shameful though you haven't done anything, that's what Lucy felt.

Lucy had always been scared that people would find out her secret. As stated before, she loved her secret. It was fun and magical. It made her feel so happy. But she was worried about what other people would think if they found out. She didn't want to be called a freak, or a monster, or two-faced. She didn't want to be looked down on for hiding it in the first place, which is what always led to the continuance of the secret being kept.

Master Makarov knew her secret and didn't seem to mind. But, then again, he didn't seem to mind a lot of things, so his opinion didn't really matter in the situation. She would figure out a way to tell everyone, but most importantly, Natsu. She just needed to figure out how to tell him and she had to think of a safe way to do it too. That rambunctious teen was unpredictable, so she'd have to be careful with her words.

"I'm sorry, Natsu," the Vocaloid mumbled before turning and leaving the guild.

There were a few people glaring at Natsu, burning holes through him with their eyes. Erza was one, Mirajane was another, and Levy was glaring too. So were Gray and Wendy and Charle. Even Happy was gouging holes into the back of the Dragon Slayer with his eyes.

"Natsu!" Erza shouted, causing said boy to flinch in fear. The scarlet-haired re-quip mage yanked him up by his scarf. "You should be severely beaten for doing that to Lucy!" she shouted furiously. There were shouts of agreement from his guild mates.

"E-Erza," Natsu tried to begin, but wasn't allowed to finish.

"Go apologize to her NOW!" she screamed and threw his at the guild doors, effectively booting him out of the building.

Natsu got up from where he landed. Why was everyone making such a big deal out of it? It wasn't like he attacked her, or set her on fire or anything like that. He didn't cause any physical damage. But he did have to admit that the way her shaky voice came out when she apologized tore at his heart a bit. He upset her, but didn't know what he did wrong.

"Guess I better go ask her," Natsu mumbled as he began to drag himself to Lucy's apartment.

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