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The other Vocaloids watched as the pink-haired teen took Miku to a room in the back of the guild. Rin smirked at the sight, amused. Len chuckled lightly at the sight and his sister's expression. However, Luka was a little confused as to what amusement the twins were getting out of the sight.

"Who's that boy with the pink hair?" Luka asked the twins. The blonde duo grinned widely at each other then turned their suspiciously large smiles toward Luka.

"We should really entertain Miku-chan's guild mates, don't you think, Len?" Rin asked her brother with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Len reflected his sister's devious grin and nodded his head eccentrically.

"I absolutely agree 100%! Luka, we should sing a song, don't you think?" Luka raised a delicate eyebrow in question. She wasn't sure exactly what was going on through their minds, and she wasn't too sure if she wanted to find out or not.

"You think those two have a thing for each other?" Luka asked with an amused smile. If it was even possible, the twins' grins grew wider.

"No, we know they have a thing for each other," Rin answered with a nod of her head. She felt awesome for knowing that she could figure it out without Miku even figuring out herself. Score Rin: 1, Miku: 0.

"I see," Luka said finally. She giggled at the two young Vocaloids. "Meddle and I'll make you wish that you didn't," Luka said with a disturbingly calm tone. The twins swallowed in fear. Luka loved the other Vocaloids like they were family, that's how all Vocaloids were. She didn't like seeing them getting hurt and didn't tolerate them hurting each other.

"Yes m'am," the twins stuttered. The pink-haired singer smiled in satisfaction at their response and walked to a nearby table to take a seat. She learned that it was a big mistake after a swarm of fairies surrounded her where she sat. She felt a bead of sweat form on her forehead.

"You're Luka Megurine! I love you so much! You're hot! Will you sing us a song?" people all around her shouted. She put her hands up defensively as to fend off any potential pursuers.

"Now, now, why don't we all calm down?" Luka suggested. With a small smile she tried to make her way back over to the stage. Luckily for her the members of the guild made a path for her to walk in. When she made it to the stage she climbed up and waved down at the crowd around the stage.

"You're going to perform?" someone asked. With and light and amused chuckle she nodded.

"What kind of song are you all in the mood for today?" the pink-haired Vocaloid asked. Many and varied requests were shouted at her, most of them requesting something upbeat, but styles of all kinds. Man, Miku's guild sure was rowdy, wasn't it?

Rin and Len stood at the foot of the side of the stage. The drummer looked to her fellow Vocaloids for advice and to her greatest joy and relief, the two were shouting up a name of a song.

"Sing Just Be Friends!" Len shouted.

"Yeah, I'm sure they'll love it! It's one of your best songs!" Rin yelled in agreement to her brother's words. With a nod Luka turned back to the crowd.

"How would you like to hear a song I'm sure you all know? How about… Just Be Friends?" Luka shouted out. The already loud cheering grew louder and was pumped for the performance. Luka used her magic to start up the music and began singing.

"Just be friends. All we gotta do is just be friends.
It's time to say goodbye, just be friends. All we gotta do is just be friends.
Just be friends. Just be friends.

It came to mind in the early morning yesterday.
As if I gathered broken pieces of glass.
What the heck is this? Drips from my cut finger.
Is this really what we hoped for?

I knew it at the bottom of my heart.
The hardest choice would be the best.
My love refuses it and repeats self-contradiction.
When can I tell it to you?

In the slowly decaying world,
I'm struggling but it's the only way.
Carving your faded smiles, I pulled out the plug.

I screamed out with my hoarse voice,
Rebound and resonance echo in vain.
Nothing is left at the end of the unchained me.
Coincidences that sticked us degenerates into the dark and are broken in pieces
"No matter what we do, life is just like that," I mumbled.
Somebody's tears flown down the dried cheeks.

All we gotta do is just be friends…"

The song continued and the members of Fairy Tail eccentrically sang along. Though it was a sad song, it always had a happy feel to it if you didn't pay attention to the lyrics.

The song had ended and the twins had said they wanted to perform. They loved all the attention and while Rin wore it as a big, flashing sign on her forehead, Len kept it a little more hidden.

Luka sat down at a table away from the shouting and dangerously hyperactive crowd and looked toward the direction that the pink-haired boy had dragged Miku off in. What were those two talking about… or doing? As much as Luka loved Miku, she did not want to think about that! She did, however, think about the possible identity of the man she was with. He had looked strong enough to take care of her and protect her, but that meant he also looked strong enough to hurt her.

Luka knitted her brows together. She knew it was pointless to worry; Miku was a mage here in the guild that she was now sitting in, she could handle herself. But, she couldn't help but worry about someone she saw as a little sister. What were the two talking about? What had the twins so suspiciously enthusiastic?

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