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~It Started With A Promise~

It felt like a dream, but it wasn't. She could hear the beating of his heart as she laid her head against his broad chest. Hearing it reassured her that what she was experiencing was in fact true. She was truly with the man she loved.

Kasumi smiled as she entangled her finger with that of her now former guardian while he wrapped an arm around her waist under the sheet as they lay in bed together. A kiss on her forehead was all she needed from him to know that he too was enjoying their intimate moment together. Finally, after several hours, they were finally alone together. She gazed up at his emerald eyes and was entranced. His lips arched into a smile. Kasumi blushed at the sight of his smile. He couldn't stop being amazed of her beauty. While she had exposed her entire body to him, he had to admit that there were other things about her that he thought were far more beautiful. Her hazel eyes. Her amber locks. Her soft pink lips. Her skin on her cheek that he gently stroke. All complementing her.

He too, thought it was a dream. He was with the woman that he loved. He never expected this day to come. It had been a year to the date, that the last Dead or Alive Tournament had been held. Both, he and Kasumi, had managed to stop DOATEC from continuing with their plans to create more experiments on them with the aid of her siblings and several of their allies. Soon after, Kasumi was able to return to her village with her brother and half-sister and the death sentence on her head had withered away. He visited her any chance he got just to make sure she was alright. She kept insisting that he no longer needed to do so, but he was persistent.

He kept reminding her of the promised he made to her brother. Despite all that had happened, he would always make sure she was alright even now that she was finally home. Kasumi would always blush when he tried to persuade her.

His visits became frequent then. Kasumi would always get excited when he made his way towards her home after he had a brief conversation with her brother or half-sister. They would walk side by side in the gardens by koi ponds, and shared several meals together that she prepared just for him. She occasionally made his favorite dish and ate her favorite dessert. He eventually gave Kasumi her first kiss at a festival in her village. Kasumi saw that day coming. She only wished that it had happened sooner. It was somewhat funny. Before, he resisted from expressing his feelings towards her, and vowed to protect her. Now, they were all over each other and never wanted to be apart from the other.

Kasumi felt her chin being held as he pressed his lips against hers. When they parted, she couldn't help but smile at her now husband. Several months ago, he proposed to her after he got the blessings of her family. She happily accepted.

Now, happily married to the man that she loved, Kasumi was more than eager to start a family with him. She wanted to have three children while living with her husband at his village.

He whispered in her ear so that she could only hear. She giggled as she he nibbled on her ear. She tangled her hands in his long brown hair as they stared into each other's eyes. A gentle kiss was placed on her neck that made her gasp when he brushed his bare body on hers. Kasumi just giggled. She still thought it was funny how their love started with a promise and had now bloomed into something more. Yet, it didn't seem to bother her the least. Today was the start of her new life with the infamous Dragon Ninja, and the hopes of creating her family.