For the readers of Opal and the Genie:

It's finally out! The new, improved, traditionally published and tried "The Opal and The Genie!" written under my pen name T.S. Lowe. I got a traditional publishing contract with a digital publisher. You can find the book on Readict. If you're not sure you want it yet, I also posted up the first four chapters on Wattpad, Quotev, and Fictionpress.

You've waited for far too long, but I hope your patience is rewarded! I hope you guys like it. ^.^ Please let me know if it tickled your feel-goods by leaving a review...wherever. I so hope you like the final rewritten work as much as the first draft.

Thank you all so much for reading!


T.S. Lowe/ LoweFantasy

P.S. This note will only be up for a few weeks and then I'll be taking it down so it doesn't offend the laws and sensibilities of this here website along with the rest of the fanfic version of this story. For further questions, feel free to PM me.