Demon's Lexicon oneshot

By HasiVA

Disclaimer: The Demon's Lexicon series belongs to Sarah Rees Brennan.

He felt as if his lungs would burst like popped balloons. 'A very funny comparison to think of at a time like this,' he marveled silently, but continued on in his ceaseless run. There was no time to stop; no time to plot; no time to think. He just ran like the wind. Wind does not stop; it does not plot where it's going to hit next; it does not think of what it leaves in its wake.

That's what Nick was right now: the wind. Considering the sword he was carrying and numerous hidden weapons on his person, he was actually like a very vicious and wild wind.

He struggled across the last part of the beach as quickly as he could. He jumped over the dunes and dodged the palm trees in his path. Whatever was in his way, he dodged and jumped over, but he never stopped.

No matter how fast he ran, he made no sound to interrupt the nature sounds of the beach. The waves crashed on to the shore with its deep 'boom!'; the nocturnal insects chirped and sang their silent songs; the palm trees swayed to the gentle sea breeze. In comparison to calm and quiet nature, Nick was the antonym of it. He was restless and definitely not harmless; how could a person carrying a shiny magic sword be harmless?

At last, Nick's bare feet touched the hot tarmac of the parking lot. The tarmac wasn't burning hot as it had been at day, but a comfortable warmth that had been brought about by the cooling night.

Nick didn't stop to ponder on these thoughts though. He felt as if he were on auto-pilot. The only understandable running through his mind was "Alan is in danger!" His brother was in danger and Nick had to find him before it was too late.

'What was he thinking anyway? He knows he shouldn't be out at night!' Nick mentally berated his brother as he jogged across the parking lot, keeping an eye and ear on the lookout for any ambush.

He had been unconsciously running towards the lights from the beachside lessened with each step he took. He was running in the wrong direction!

Nick wheeled around, still not slowing down, as he ran in the opposite direction he had been running in. His bare feet hit the tarmac with almost-soundless smacks. The sea breeze blew in his face, cooling the perspiration on his forehead and making his eyes water. But his sight was never hindered.

Nick flew past palm trees along the beachside, his dark eyes that of a predator. In front of him loomed a sandy hill.

Nick bounded up the sandy hill, his feet moving even before the sand shifted under his weight. Nick labored on, his breath deepening as he neared the crest. The sea breeze, taking advantage of the absence of obstructions, hit him in full swing. His amulet was burning and Nick wondered if his flesh was being singed.

At last, Nick reached the top and the sight that met his eyes on the other side made his eyes widen.