Author's note:

I love Smallville I mean who doesn't but that's besides the point. I wanted to introduce a new character to the gang and basically because I want Lex all for myself I'll fight ya for him ;). I hope u like her if not oh well tell me about it and I might just agree with u.

I do not own smallville or its characters so don't sue me I don't have anything but my computer and my guinea pig and he poops too much. This is rated G for now who knows whats gonna happen in the future I might just mess it up a bit and flip the script oh well I got a full summer to write it will be interesting u can email if u have any other comments.


She was tall and chunky probably around 5*10 or so and weight I have no clue but lets just say she isn't Lana Lang but who is? She's not a cheerleader or an intellect from hell but I guess that's what makes her….her. Shes not dumb but she cant snark like Chloe can, she's interested in The Wall and loves to dance to Aaliyah, she has a presence about her that just makes people wonder "does she have a secret shes trying to hide or is she just an outcast?" she knows who she is and wont change for anyone or anything she tries not to get too close to people but sometimes it happens. She's a big city girl living in a farm town and she hates it, she likes going to clubs and hates keg parties shes anti pep rally but loves to watch the guys run in those adorable football pants but she would much rather go shopping or just chill at the house. She caused a stir as soon as she came to Smallville dressed up as a complete goth people talked ofcourse but only 1 person came up to her and talked to her, Chloe Sullivan, she thought*this girl must not be like all of the other mindless people she came up to me and talked to me instead or running away in fear or disgust or whatever else is going through these peoples minds so she must not be that bad* She lives with just her dad who actually isn't around that much, hes usually off in Europe on business and calls once a month just to see if the house is standing. But she doesn't care anymore she doesn't care for anything she cant even rely on drugs anymore since she became clean. Daddy doesn't know about the suicide attempts or the late night parties with random guys although she never did have sex with any of them he also doesn't know about the roadrunner tattoo on her back or the pierced nipple. He doesn't know the hell she went through trying to get off the pills and the bottle. But shes fine now and what daddy didn't know didn't hurt him. Shes just trying to live in this teenaged hell she hates to call life but she'll survive she even has fun sometimes but will never admit it to herself.

So what do u think? Should I keep writing or not? I probably will even if u don't like it I don't write for people I write for myself