Alright so... This is what my sims have done to me in the course of my whole day. Just one, real day. I left it on play mode for half of it... The other half I spent fixing it.

So you know just a normal day, for new resident Ella. She had this want to, well, become the leader of the free world. Move her into her house I, the games master, left to go swim believing I had paused it. That wasn't what happened.

In the time I was gone Ella had reached her career goal and ruled the world. She had two boyfriends, an unfaithful status (not cheater just unfaithful) She had already had eight boyfriends not including the two new ones. Ella adopted a child named Hazel who was very brave and good and she wanted to be astronaut and she was in the army and marrying Leighton Sekemoto. That's right she was freaking married and had a daughter named Ella Jay.

You can only imagine my face at this point but it gets worse. The people Ella had dated were now single right... They were all married men when she dated them! Oh and Blaire was a romantic intrest to her as well!

What the hell sims? So Hazel was a really good kid and it wasn't hard to you know get her on track but her mother. She died before I even found out what gender Ella Jay was! Granted I paused it almost immedatly. So how did I fix my sims?

Well I used all of Ella's sim points before she DIED! and got everyone to where i wanted them to be.

Let this be a learning experience for everyone, if you want a good story to tell about your sims leave them alone for a few hours. But I don't recomend it for your energy bill. Okay bye guys thanks for listening to my rant.