Okay, I hope I have every ones attention. I know most AN's say that they are important but this really is actually important!

Some of you may have read my last Authors Note but I have noticed some have not. I have already stated, Bluebubble133a and I have decided to discontinue. Last chapter was our final chapter and as mentioned in my last AN we want to pass the story on. Obviously some of you did NOT read the AN because you either followed or favourited. Yes, I am very touched that you enjoyed but it does mean you were NOT listening to me and so I decided to write this chapter so that anyone who doesn't read my AN's (fare enough I don't blame you) knows of our plans.

Don't worry I am not writing this to tell you I don't like you 'following' or 'favouring', this is merely a notice to tell you we would like one of YOU, a fellow writer or even a reader who has never written before to take on the challenge of continuing our story. I would like you to continue our story and if you are interested- in any way the slightest bit- just PM or REVIEW me for any questions. There is also more info about this in the AN last chapter (and I would really like ALL of you to read it if you could take the time).

pLeAsE iF yOu cOuLd tAkE iT oFf oUr hAnDs, wE wOuLd bE vErY gRaTeFuL! o_O

And so once again I leave this to you, hail and farewell

On Behalf of BLUEBUBBLE133a,

Kind Reguards,

~Me (:3