Hello, all you awesome readers and reviewers!

Today marks the one-year anniversary for this story. I had planned to have Survivors finished by the time this date rolled around, but due to the worst-timed bout of writer's block I believe I've ever experienced, I haven't been able to finish the last two chapters. I swear, I've sat down multiple times, tried to vomit out whatever words came to mind, and even that approach wasn't working. So, no dice.

But I didn't want to let the date pass by like I have with every other story I've written, so I'm going to jump the gun on something I had planned for after the story was finished.

A while back I started putting the skills I'd learned in Drawing 101 to start making several portraits of all the OCs of this story, and I thought it would be a cool treat for all the awesome people who have lent me their characters and have followed this story since the beginning. They can be found on my DeviantArt account, which shares my FanFiction username. I only have a few right now, but I hope to have drawn all the main characters by the time I finish this trilogy. For those OC creators whose characters I haven't yet drawn and posted, feel free to send me a picture of a person or celebrity that most resembles your character. For the most part, the drawings are how I imagine the OCs, but I'd love to see your image of them in real life.

Also, I extend the invitation to all OC creators to send me ideas or thoughts on how their characters have progressed and where you'd like to see them go, or something you'd love to see them do. While the next two books have a structure, the plots are pretty fluid at the moment, so there's plenty of room for expansion. Those who don't have OCs, send in some plot ideas if you want.

Thanks again to all the readers of this story for giving your time, feedback, and just the enjoyment of knowing that someone is getting some entertainment from what I expel from my overactive brain, flaws and grammar mistakes and all.

Yay for 1st Anniversary, and for those of you out, Happy Summer Vacation!