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Digimon: Hurricane Chronicles

Chapter One: The Crests of Sealing

The Digital World, a world surrounded and made physical by computer data from the Real World.

It has its own history, rivalling the otherworld's history in its calibre of intensity and strife.

Hundreds of years in the Digital World passed in an instant to the other, and Digimon, or Digital Monsters, grew strong, cunning and mischievous.

Some harboured a natural instinct for the total destruction of the world, making them siblings to Viruses that gave them life, attacking everything indiscriminantly. To counteract this threat of the Virus Types, the Digimon Sovereigns banded together and accumulated positive energy in the dismal, dying world to seal away these Digimon Demons, numbering at nine, within a seal of pure digital energy that would completely seal them away.

It worked, after 5 years of Digital Cycle toil, and with the aid of Phuanglongmon, the seals were created, and the Demons sealed away in 'Crests'.

7 Demons were recognizable by a given sin, their reincarnations coming down through the ages as the 'Seven Great Demon Lords', a footnote of what little data and power avoided their sealing. But two of them were recognizable as the strongest, recognizable by masks they wore, engraved with strange markings…

The Crests took the form of these two seals and became 'Courage and Friendship'.

Needless to say, with reincarnations and other virus types running amok, a defense system was needed, namely, children with the purest determination, entrusted with utilizing the power of the Crests to aid their partner Digimon.

This is a tale of how they discovered their Crests internal content, and fend for their lives against forces seeking to utilize the Demons power…


The Hidden Terra Village laid smack-dab in the heart of the Land of Ember, one of the five great nations of the Digital World in which humans and Digimon lived together in harmony, the separation of the two become blurred over the years until a few humans got in generations ago, starting families and raising the population of humans who lived, fought and died with their Digimon companions.

11 years ago, a hefty tragedy befell the village, as one of the Nine Demons escaped is imprisonment, but was quickly repelled during its attack on the Terra, and resealed by the greatest Tamer of the time, leader of one of the five great villages, the Fourth Senksha, or the Fourth Vanguard, in common tongue.

Lord Fourth Senksha managed to defeat the Demon by resealing him as a Crest within a young boy.

The village looked like a spliced version of an ancient Japanese village and a young city in Brazil; the houses ranged from annexes to all out towering apartment complexes. In the heart of the heart of the Land of Embers was a school, a school that taught the youngsters who were deemed capable enough to go through basic training as a Tamer.

A Tamer is a human who over time has become so in sync with the data around them; they can merge with assigned partners to carry out missions ranging from silent theft to assassinations and even the conquering of countries.

The Hidden Villages were founded on the blood, sweat and many tears of Tamers over the years, in coalition with their Digimon compatriots. Of course, leadership was needed in all of the villages, so the strongest became Senksha in the Terra, and other versions across the five nations.

A thunderous laughter rained throughout the village, as carrying a can of half full yellow paint loosely as he ran away, Tai Kamiya, a young boy who wore goggles beneath his puffy chocolate hair and a blue training suit with white pocket and jacket rims. Paint splattered on his face made the smirk stick out even more.

"Tai, get back here!" one of the men in body armour garb yelled at him above the clatter of his sandals, "When I get my hands on you!"

"We should be allowed to chase you while on duty, Tai!" the other shouted much more huskily, "Painting stupid things on the sacred Senksha faces is forbidden!"

Overlooking the village from behind the residence of the current Senksha, the Third, was a large escarpment, and upon the hillside (albeit with smiles and blushes and worse painted on) were the great faces of all four Senksha, considered a village treasure.

In the Senksha residence, a towering red building with the Japanese symbol for Ember emblazoned on it, was an old man in white overall drapes with a red kimono showing within the coveralls.

"Lord Senksha!" another of the body armoured Tamers cried in a dojo hall, the old man ceasing his painting.

"What is all the ruckus?" He scorned kindly, his eyes narrowing, "And don't tell me it's Tai again!"

"It is Tai again!" the Tamer barked.

Another one entered from the folding paper door, "He drew faces on the honoured Senksha!"

All the Third could manage was a sigh as he reached over for his red and white hat with the Ember symbol, lighting a pipe as he walked out to organize clean up duty.

Meanwhile, still being chased, Tai ran through the streets like a mouse in a maze, knowing where to go almost on instinct. At the next turn, however, he hit something hard and went crashing back to the ground, clutching his forehead in pain.

Looking over him was an agitated man in his late 20's with a scar running across his nose and his spiked hair running back in a ponytail above his village headband, a vein pulsing at his temple, "You're supposed to be in class, Tai!" he yelled, dismissing the hunt with a simple thumbs up.

In the school, the 'Terra School of Tamers', in classroom 3-B, Tai was plonked onto the floor, facing his class with rope binding his hands and wrapping around his back. He had a distant, uncaring expression before the rows of students.

"Seriously, Tai, you're going to fail your examination if you don't take school seriously!" the teacher that apprehended him sighed as he wrote on the blackboard, "You failed the exam last time, and the time before that and yet you persist in these stupid-"

"Whatever you say, Zaku-sensei!" Tai dismissed amongst the stares of his classmates. Sora, one of the babes, was giving him a slanted glance, Mimi, the pink haired eccentric, giggled at this daily occurrence, Joe the brilliant yet lax student peered uncaringly at him, and the most despised of all, Matt gave him an uncaring, but also elitist look from his seat in the back row.

But Zaku felt himself snap; he turned back and threw the chalk beside Tai, "You think that acting like this will make a good Tamer? You really think this Academy of Tamers will let you pass the exam tomorrow and have a partner Digimon if you act like this?"

"What-ever~." He rebuked dismissively again.

Now Zaku was pissed, a throbbing at his temple making his vein stick out again, "Just for that, everyone will now practise the Transformation Technique through the afternoon!"

A loud moan resounded in the Japanese classroom, extend up all steps to the back row.

Brief Tamer Notice: Techniques can be performed by Tamers without partners through a complicated process of altering the data that surrounds them from digital energy to an elemental or base technique, such as Transformation. It's all about manipulating the data around you!

Now everyone extended in a wayward line of moaners, waiting for their turn to demonstrate the simplest technique a Tamer can have in the school, and Tai was three places from the front.

He heard his name in jitters down the line and from seated kids, aggravating him more as Sora Takenouchi stood forward in a red apron type attire, a red bow tying her long auburn hair into a ponytail.

"Sora here, sir!" she called out, assuming the proper handsign of Ram, placing two elongated fingers just over the other two outstretched fingers, her hands clasped, "Transform!"

There was a little smoke, but when it cleared, a second Zaku stood girlishly before the original, "Um… thank you, Sora…" he sheepishly said as she turned back, jumping up and down in celebration.

In her mind, a giant outline of herself surfaced behind her, "I kick ass!" the girl came back to reality, "Matt, did you see that?" she asked giddily, the boy taking no notice as he stood forward.

Tai was spectating quietly before a low, concurring hum sounded, Mimi voicing her complaints next to him, "We always pay for your screw-ups." She said bluntly.

Joe was behind her in the line, hands in pockets and eyes half sealed, "She's right, why'd you have to paint on the faces? Couldn't you have stuck to messing with shop owners?"

"Like I care what you people think is right and wrong." Tai defiantly said, his eyes focused on the shoulders of Matt, who de-transformed from Zaku and walked up the steps to his seat without a word.

Noticing that the next student hadn't come, Zaku summoned, "Taichi Kamiya!" a grunt from several classmates sounding out as he stepped forward with a rambunctious smirk.

A purple haired girl in a fur trimmed jacket looked on at him from an inverted stance, verging on crouching, a blush running across her face as she fiddled her dainty index fingers, Tai… do your best…

Even in her thoughts, she was a miniscule presence…

Tai stood proudly, his shoulders curiously high for someone of the class age group of 11-12 and other ages around that due to extraordinary skill or lack thereof. He assumed the Ram handsign quickly, making everyone think he would fumble immediately, but as he gave the shout of 'Transform' and the byproduct smoke was produced, they thought he had done well…

Standing there, butt naked before the class was a beautiful woman with great assets, completely exposed in a sexy stance. Some of the boys withheld their nosebleeds, and some of the girls were blushing so much they were on the verge of an aneurism, but Zaku had the worst reaction, as his eyes fell individually on her…

A loud, awful zip was heard as Zaku fell onto his behind, a double bleed coming from his nose and his face several shades of tomato red as he stood back up, tossing the clipboard aside as Tai turned back, ignorant to the female menace behind him as he hysterically laughed, tears in his eyes.

"Ha! That's my Sexy Technique!" he said between gut busting laughter, an angered face (with two pieces of paper in the nose) came to his and bellowed down at him.

"CUT THE STUPID PRANKS! THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING!" he shouted, making Tai droop in defeat with a loud ring in his ears.

Brief Tamer Notice: Hand Seals used by Tamers to use techniques are the key to altering the environment and using advanced techniques to manipulate data to the caster's whim. The Seals are hand movements that can be thought of as being a hacker's encryption!

Simple enough, right?

A few hours later, a golden glow emanating from the setting sun bleached the great faces on the hillside with large pockets of shadow, a small, lowered platform hosting Tai as he ferociously rubbed the Second's cheek to get rid of a cartoonish scar. Sitting atop the Second's head was Zaku, still agitated by Tai's stunt (although it proved he had the potential for creating his own techniques, a difficult task) and making sure he didn't run.

He needn't bother, as Tai was a student and not a Tamer, meaning he couldn't jump from great heights such as this safely.

"You're not going home until every speck is ringed out into that bucket!" he reassured down at the boy.

Defiantly sticking his tongue out, Tai closed his eyes and squinted, "Yeah, like I've got a mother to worry about me, or a dad to scold me!"

He was right… Zaku felt a sting at his heart strings; that depressing sentiment was one only Tai could use in the whole village. He deserved a break at least… a bit of motivation for such a mundane task.

"Hey, Tai?" he called down, itching his scarred nose. Tai gave him a half-cocked sneer as he looked up.

"What now, sensei?" he asked without altering his expression.

"W-well… if you hurry up, we can still make the half price udon deal at Ichibugin…" he trailed off, looking down to find an elated face.

"Now that's motivation! Do that more and I may even finish your stupid homework instead of burning it!" Tai chirped.

"What was that?"

The cleaning all done, Tai sat down in his favourite swivel chair in Ichibugin, number one store for freshly made udon in the Land of Embers. He liked the small, takeout look of the small store, and especially the owner, Renji and his teenage assistant daughter, Chiyo.

They have never and would never look at Tai like that.

Wolfing down what had to be his sixth bowl of udon soup, Zaku slowly made his way through his second, his eyes awkwardly looking at Tai and then running away to his bowl again.

He decided to start conversation over their dinner, "So, Tai."

"Hm?" Tai hummed in between slurps.

"Why would you do that to the Senksha faces? You know who the Senksha are, don't you?" he queried as he ate the small boiled egg in the centre of the soup concoction.

"Of course I know," the young boy said as he downed the udon soup down in a single gulp, "they were the greatest Tamers of their time; the best of the best, Tamer legends who performed in fights perfectly with their Digimon partners."

"Then why would you… if you respect them so-?"

"Because I shall surpass them all," he announced, pointing chop sticks at his teacher, "me, Tai Kamiya, the next Senksha; a Taming legend!" he pulled out a broad smirk, "and then everyone in this village will stop looking at me like I'm the plague and respect me!"

Zaku slurped a loose noodle from the udon into his mouth, his eyes cold as he thought, That might be one dream that you can't achieve; especially you…

"By the way, sensei," Tai asked, clasping his hands in begging, "please let me wear it. I want to get a feel for my new gear when I pass tomorrow!"

Zaku stared for a second, putting his vague sentiment together, "Oh, you mean this thing?" he said, clutching at his Terra headband, emblazoned with a jagged outline of a Japanese character for 'Ember', "no way! You can only wear this when you pass! I'm a teacher, not to mention a man of protocol!"

"Stingy," Tai said venomously, reaching out for his seventh helping of udon at his sensei's expense.

"Hey, hey! How much are you-!" Zaku looked at the pile of six empty bowls, "Tai!"

The next day, at the school, examination fever of jitters and rampant nerves making everyone introverted (apart from Joe and Matt, both acting pessimistically in the corner) ran amok. Tai's turn came all too soon, and he was led to an annexed room, Zaku and a colleague called Mizaki, a white haired man in the body armour attire, sitting in two rickety chairs, a table full of official headband in front of them.

Now Tai would take the exam; a pop quiz of a technique he had learned over his entire stay, as a way to ensure he was applicable with any technique at any moment. Zaku looked at his clipboard and found Tai's name beside the clone technique, information he relayed in a monotone manner.

Tai took a moment to recall what hand seal it was… Ram.

He had done that yesterday, and quickly clasped his hands in the seal's sign, focusing deeply and feeling his energy surge inside him as he called out, "Clone Technique!"

The smoke billowed intensely around him, but as the shroud lifted, slumped beside him was a ragdoll version of himself, a clown like expression on its deadpan face.

He stared at it, like the two judges, and finally raised his hand and ruffled the back of his bushy hair, "Uh… well… I've got my own technique; wanna see?" he looked pleadingly at the two.

Mizaki was smiling and was going to allow it, before Zaku screeched his chair legs across the floor, his face a deadpan like the clone, but serious, "YOU FAIL!"


Zaku sat down with a thud, Mizaki looking cautiously at him, "Zaku-sensei, surely if we see this other technique, he'll get special credit. It takes talent to create one's own techniques!"

Zaku grunted, "Don't get your hopes up; it's a simple variation of the Transformation Technique," he grovelingly said, blushing a little, "and it is not appropriate for the needs of a Tamer. He's got to face facts; he's failed AGAIN." He ended coldly, Tai staring angrily at him.

He started to tremble with ferocious anger as he heard the last utterance; the last syllable of the statement.

Not to mention Zaku shot him those eyes… those horrific, torturous eyes.

Tai was now sat down on the swing he rode on much of his pitiful childhood, the tree and brambles shielding patches of his face from the light. That helped a little, as he didn't want people to catch the twinkles of the water brimming at his eyes as he swung back and forth with his feet firmly ground onto the soil beneath him.

Beside him, at the entrance of the school, were crowds of whole families, crowding around their children and congratulating them all. Everyone had passed, but no one cared about the orphan sluggishly manoeuvring back and forth in the rope and wood swing like it was a rocking chair.

"Congratulations, son!"

"We have a genius in the family! Such a good girl!"

"Now you can join Papa on missions!"

Tai's eyes grew large, the light that once shimmered gone. Deep down, although he primarily felt lonely, he felt the pain and anger of his predicament more; anger fuelled him and made him think vicious, horrendous things upon those kids with all the luck as he ceased in rocking, his goggles atop his knee.

Two women passed by the rim of the crowd, looking for their children (presumably late arrivals) and they chided so lowly they may as well have spit in Tai's direction.

"Look, you see there- that thing is acting out." One said, conversely to what he was actually doing in a stiffened seat on the swing.

"I heard he was the only one who failed." The other input less harshly, but still like a bad neighbour.

"Tch, serves him right…"

"Can you imagine if they let that boy become a Tamer? The poor Digimon assigned to him would die- after all, he is-"

The rasping one ceased as she had a hand clamped onto her mouth by her friend. The woman stopping her had a bead of sweat falling down the side of her face, "Be careful, we're not allowed to talk about that!" she said as the pair slinked away, although slivered would have been more accurate.

Zaki had overheard this and stared with remorse at Tai as he adjusted his goggles to his forehead, before going still again. Mizaki appeared behind him seemingly out of nowhere and placed a kindly hand onto his shoulder, purging the petrification state as he looked back.

Motioning for him to follow, Mizaki left with Tai at his heels, no one but the Third and Zaki noticing. That proved that nothing would ever change around Tai.

The Third clamoured up to the teacher's side, blowing smoke from his pipe as he spoke, "Zaki, we must speak later about your dismissal of the boy."

"…Yes sir…" he grovelingly said.

Tai and the white haired teacher sat atop a building top, the two sitting opposite to each other on a pair of water pipes that ran across the roof, the golden tint of the dying sun bleeding away as they sat there.

Mizaki began, "Tai, you do realise that Zaki-sensei doesn't mean to rile you up or jibe at you, don't you?" he was met by awkward indifference, "listen Tai, just try again. If you fail at first, try and try again. Attrition is the path to success, after all!" he reassured.

Tai didn'tlook up from the roof dust at his feet, "But… I tried my hardest this time, and it still flunked as badly as my first two exams… even worse than my substitution that injured Zaki-sensei…" he mumbled weakly.

Mizaki silently pondered on how a substitution could possibly cause harm, it was just a replacement technique, after all.

Taking note of the blank desperation on the brunette's face, Mizaki finally said somewhat reluctantly, "Shall I tell you an easy way to pass? We need more Tamers with spunk and guts like you; unmoulded talent."

By the practically glistening beam of gold coming dimly from Tai's revealed teeth as he smiled hopefully at him, Mizaki figured he'd caught him into a ploy.

Zaki lay on his bed, the grime ridden window above his head a reminder that he needed to clean, as well as letting the dulcet moonlight embrace his face and allow him no rest. It was full, just like that night all those years ago, causing his eyes to close in remembrance.

It's getting closer!...

Don't let it near the village!

Mom, Dad… what's going on?

Zaki, an evil Digimon has appeared, and we need to go help out with fighting it.

No evil Digimon is stronger than you two!

You bet!

What? Mom and Dad couldn't have… NOOOO!

"Zaki! Zaki!" was the shriek that rattled him back, a rapping at his door leading him over like bait. As he opened the door of his apartment, a moon illuminated Mizaki stood before him, sweat peeling down his face.

"What is it?"

"It's Tai! He broke into the record chambers and stole the sacred scroll!"

"…T-" he was wide awake now, "The scroll of sealing and binding techniques?"

The elderly Third stood before a crowd of accumulated Tamers and their Digimon partners around the entrance of the Senksha residence, bustling with their outrage.

"-This time that freak's gone too far!"

"-It's time to end this little façade of pretending he's one of us!"

"-This time he's gotta die!"

The Third silenced them with a glance, and gave the order, "Alright, squadron one, proceed with scouting and report in when Tai is located. Scour!" he cut through the air, the Tamers and their partners vanishing with great speed and dexterity.

Zaki and Mizaki both headed off in the direction of the forest to the East of the village, their partners, Apemon and Shogunmon respectively, following closely with graceful leaps over, to and thro buildings until they both reached the forest, splitting into two groups in the search.

Tai was hard at work, heaving in and out in giant bursts of air, a giant scroll securely latched to his back by a belt that interlocked between his shoulder and his waist. In the forest, he currently sat resting against an old abandoned shack wall as he panted, a treading sound resting him from this cycle.

Zaki and Apemon looked down in deposed anger, "Thanks for the help in finding this fool, Apemon. I'll send you home now until the next summoning."

Apemon didn't speak, but gave a bulky bow, which on a tall being like him looked like a drooping of the shoulders. Smoke burst from where he stood, and he was sent home until next summoned.

"Game over." He said with menace.

Tai laughed in rebuttal, "Well, took you long enough. Mizaki-sensei said he would tell you about this personal exam as soon as he sent me to get the scroll!" he stated matter of factly.

"What?" he exclaimed in surprise, "Mizaki said that-?"

He sensed a disturbance in the air as he questioned Tai, pushing him aside as his senses piqued, feeling himself be pushed backwards by the force of several stinging throbs. By the time it ceased and he was against the wall for balance, he was bleeding from several puncture wounds from throwing knives; kunai.

Tai writhed from the strike that saved his life, and gaped in horror as he saw the blood trickling down his sensei's arm and body armour, countless kunai buried in him.

Looking up, Zaki and Tai spotted Mizaki standing, a fully blown grin sinisterly plaster on his face as he looked down at the two.

Zaki sneered and coughed up blood droplets, "S-so it was you… s-should have known. Is Shogunmon in on this too?"

"No, I sent him away; he's always hung up on honour and such garbage like that." Mizaki cruelly said against his absent partner, "Now, Tai, give me the scroll!"

"Don't do it, Tai! He's just using you as a proxy- a go between!" Zaki barked at the boy as he stood stiffly, said scroll still wrapped around him securely, "That scroll contains hidden techniques- deadly techniques that can be used to destroy our village!"

Tai braced and narrowed his glare with spiteful wrath at the white haired felon. When he began laughing indiscriminately, he shot Tai a particular maddened look that always riled him up.

"Oh, please! If I wanted to do something as miniscule as destroying this pathetic excuse for a village," he glared devilishly at Zaki, "wouldn't I just use the weapon in front of me? All I have to do is tell him the giant secret!" he teased.

Zaki clenched his muscles tightly. Such an insane proposal could awaken…

"Don't, Mizaki!"

"Tell me, Tai. Have you ever wondered why you have no family? Why everyone gives you this filthy glare like I am now?" he baited the boy with strange questions, "Well, the reason is the decree from 11 years ago that robbed Zaki of his parents."

Tai blanched and loosened up a little as he took a small pace forward, "Decree?"

"Oh, did I mention that you're the only one left out of the decree, just like how you're not welcome in the village itself?" he venomously said, squinting tauntingly at Tai, "Zaki is one of the adults that know… know that telling you brings a world of hurt, but I'll tell you, because I'm at least an honourable liar!"

"Don't tell him, it's forbidden!" the injured teacher belittled from his blood soaked footing.

"The decree is, no one can tell you of the Digital Demon that's infested your body, you are Lucifermon's sealed form!"

Lucifermon, a monster that destroyed half of the Hidden Terra Village eleven years ago…?

Surely the Fourth defeated him…

Probably by a seal…

These thoughts swirled in Tai's mind and brought eleven years of loneliness and pain to the surface at once, like an iceberg piercing the heart. It made sense now… his high temper, his energetic bursts of skill, speed and strength during exercise and especially soccer… it was because he was bequeathed a Demon Spirit's strength…?

Mizaki continued viciously, "C'mon, you mean you never wondered why people looked at you like they wanted you to go away? Die!"

Tai felt water at the back of his eyes and quickly surfacing, "N-no!" he screeched, tightening his muscles like armour from anymore as his anger surged. He was hated because he protected people from his past self?

Zaki pulled the final kunai from his shallow shoulder wound and looked on in dismay as energy surged within Tai and the air became thick, Taichi…

"That's why no one at the village respected or even acknowleged you; their parents even turned the kids at your school against you because of their looks!" Mizaki laughed evilly, "So, if you have feelings, what are you feeling now, rejected little Demon?"

Zaki doubled over to a surge in the kunai wound to his leg.

Zaki… Tai is much like you were in your youth; you are a lot alike.

Lord Third Senksha…

Tai is hurting so very deeply… even more so than you were back then. He goes through the streets alone, goes to an empty home and deals with issues on his own. How would you feel if you were at the heart of a grand secret, and people scorned you everywhere you went when you were an abundantly innocent orphan? What did you do to grab some attention?

I got into hijinks, and I vandalised what was not mine to vandalise.

For attention, I believe? Well, that is what makes you and Tai so alike; you both experience the same pain of loneliness, but he has not a single comrade to rely on. To get attention, he gets into… 'hijinks' just so people have to see him…

"Die, Taichi Kamiya!" the wayward Tamer barked as he unfurled a scroll in his breast pouch and summoned forth a large shuriken.

Junior Tamers get to practise with weaponary…

Tai felt his insides drop as he stood still, awaiting the blow; his future was gone. His death would be a blessing to those pompous fools in the village.

He heard a strange noise and a whirring sound, signalling that the giant shuriken had been thrown, not that it mattered to him; the great Demon…

Blood splattered onto the soil beneath Tai, although the source was far different than what he'd anticipated.

Zaki was stood facing him. STOOD with a shuriken protruding from his back, and blood seeping onto the ground.

Tai froze before finally releasing timidly, "… Why?"

"Because, we're… a lot alike, Tai," his teacher said, shaking on his feet. He planted a hand onto Tai's shuddering shoulder as he explained between lurching, "When I lost my parents to Lucifermon, no one saw me; no one cared about the talentless orphan kid, they forgot my name. My grades in the school fell, and I did what you do, resort to pranks, that I had to pay for… it was so hard."

As he lurched forward with Tai's unyieldingly stiffened posture as ballast, he looked up. Tears smothered his face, and his nose was swelling red as he cried.

"I know that's how you understand the world, Tai. Your alone and it hurts inside, so very much… but the thing to people like you and me is that we never give up; we always try to impress our teachers and peers… I'm sorry I was so hard on you, I'm a pitiful excuse of a teacher… forgive me…" he finished meekly, falling to a mere whisper as his eyes started to truly flood.

The touching moment was interrupted as the rogue laughed from high in the tree he stood on, his head balled in his palm, "Don't make me laugh! Zaki despises you, just like the others! Let your anger feed you, and you can go attempt revenge on the village for all I care. I just want the scroll."

Tai lunged away from Zaki, prompting him to fall into the dirt and look on helplessly as Tai ran through a forest clearing, the scroll in his possession, "TAI!"

Leaping down and landing with dignity and grace, Mizaki straightened out and looked at his wounded compatriot, "Well, well. Did you see those eyes of rage and fire? It's been a decade since I last saw those eyes…"

"Tai is not Lucifermon! It's a seal, not a binding, you fool!" the tearful man rapturously thundered.

Unperturbed, the white haired menace walked past the helpless man, "What a fool you are… one I finish up with Tai and get my scroll, I'll use you as a test subject for my new powers." And with that, his rapid speed made him seemingly vanish as he leapt into the trees, chasing Tai. Shakily, Zaki stood too, and hastily gave chase, not concerned with the blood he was losing.

The Third gazed into a crystal ball that enabled him sight of the entire village and it's forests, almost like security. Currently, he was tailing Tai incredulously with the ball.

"Mizaki… what a fool. Daring him to tamper with that scroll. If he figures out how to unbind the seal, we'll all be killed!" he scorned inwardly.

Deep in the forest, leaping over trees with ease like a dog with all fours to aid his escape, Tai ran amok, just going wherever his instincts led him.

From behind, Zaki soon caught up, leaping to match his pace and jumping while bellowing, "Give me the scroll, Tai! Mizaki is on his way!"

Instead of listen, Tai ceased his course, Zaki turning mid-jump to see if he listened, but finding the boy in front of him, a gut-rending punch delivered that made him crumble to the earth below, Tai dropping down too.

Smoke billowed around 'Zaki', and his transformation technique failed, turning Mizaki back to normal, "How did you-?"

Smoke built around Tai as he slumped weakly against a tree behind him. The true Zaki was sat there, the obvious reason he knew being abundant.

"I see… you fool!" the white haired man yelled, "That freak destroyed your mother and father! No bodies were ever found! And now that we have a chance to finally purge the threat, you defend that freak!"

Zaki snickered, "Say what you like; you won't lay a finger on the scroll."

"I don't really need to- Tai will use it if I don't to seek petty redemption."

"What makes you say that?"

"He had those eyes; the Demon's fiery eyes!"

Zaki shifted against the tree, "… you may be right… those were the eyes; but Tai has too much willpower to be overcome, he tries his best, even against the hatred of everyone, that's one of the many things that separates the two! He's Taichi Kamiya, resident of the Hidden Terra Village and proud member of the school!"

Mizaki's eyes twitched and his vein bulged against his cranium as he used the scroll from his breast pocket to bring forth another shuriken, his eyes speaking for him, "You believe in such drivel? A beast is always a beast, Zaki. MAYBE YOU CAN THINK ON IT IN HELL!"

So this is it…

Before the shuriken began its path, a powerful pain shot through Mizaki's jawline as he shot backward from the momentum. Tai had delivered a firm understatement about his wrath, and the shuriken went off into the dark recesses of the forest.

"Not bad… short stuff," he hotly rebuked, a flash of red circulating around his bloody nose as he stood.

"If you ever. And I mean EVER, go near Zaki-sensei again- I'll kill you!" Tai proclaimed, slamming the scroll hilt like a gavel into the ground and letting it stand as he stepped forward.

"Big talk. I can obliterate you completely, you know."

"Take your best shot, reject. I'll hit you on thousand fold!" Tai adopted a strange hand seal, crossing two stretched fingers atop each other.

"I'd like to see you try- bring it on, Baby Lucifermon!" he shot back with anger in his tone.

"Shadow Body Split!" Tai yelled, a loud bang sounding and smoke encircling Mizaki and Zaki. When the injured tutor re-opened his eyes, he was stricken by disbelief.

Hundreds, maybe a thousand clones were in the trees, on the ground… everywhere. And they were solid duplicates, the clones, unlike earlier, had substance and were done right. He had mastered and advanced to such a level a technique only elites should be able to perform; outstanding!

The rogue looked from left to right, seeing no escape route, even though the trees that some of the clones were covering the ways with big smiles on their faces, "Wh… I- uh…"

"Well now, tough guy; let's do this!" all of the clones said in perfect synchrony as Mizaki fell back a pace, "Well, if you don't want first move, then we'll come to you!"

"NOOO!" reverberated throughout the sanctity and silence of the forest in the early dawn as sunlight crept across the ground, eventually reaching Tai and Zaki (who he was supporting with his shoulder), and Mizaki bloodied and bruised on the ground before them, twitching from the immense shooting pain throughout his body.

Tai looked down at him, the boy erupting with a chirpy chuckle, "Sorry… guess I overdid it, huh?"

Zaki, perched against the eleven year olds shoulder with his shallow wounds slowly closing up, looked down at the hapless youngster with reverence, Tai… that was no small feat, mastering an elite technique that usually only the most experienced and skilled Tamers can master… in fact…

"What is it, Zaki-sensei?" he asked as the teacher stood solidly without his aid.

"Hey, Tai, close your eyes for a minute," he asked politely, Tai sceptically obeying with a sour pout on his face.

He heard something ruffling, and then felt his goggles being pulled off of his forehead and over his puffy brown hair. Like a good, obedient student (for once) he didn't peek, even as something was tied around his head.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now," Zaki said, coming back into sight as his eyes peeled open and noticed a subtle difference, "Congratulations, graduate!"

Tai felt at the area of constriction; soft linen, topped at the forehead by a dinted metal, a symbol engraved; the Japanese symbol of Ember. It was a Terra headband, the symbol that Tai was now a Junior Tamer.


Sora's Tamer Handbook,

Partner Digimon are given to Junior Tamers to be their closest ally, friend and sparring coach. Partners give the Tamers extra strength through partnership in battle situations at times that their techniques are lacking, making up for such a weakness with Digimon power!

As Digimon digivolve, it is a sign of maturity and strength on the partner's part as well, meaning they can become Journeymen class Tamers with their partners. Those willing can go for Elite Tamer status, but the team is seperate and the two become Elites and command their own squads of Juniors.

Digimon can be summoned at any time through a contract process, but I'm running out of time, so I'll cut out here!

Good luck, fellow Tamers!


A/N: And there you have it, a brief test chapter for Digimon in the Naruto form.

Hope you enjoyed, lord knows I did.