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Digimon: Hurricane Chronicles

Chapter Two: New Rivals & Contract Signings!

Tamers, the quintessential element that manages the world's stability by balancing the chasm of power that has erupted in bloody wars between Digimon Tamers of the Five Great Nations. Currently an age of docile tolerance since the Third Great Tamer War twenty years ago swept through the Land of Ember and its cousin, the Land of Thunder.

Registering and passing the examination of the school in the Hidden Terra Village like Tai has now managed will see through to the formation of a 3 man cell, led by an Elite Tamer, known commonly as O'rin that is either Digital or Human. The three trainee Tamers are known as K'rin, and are appointed their Digimon partners, nurtured from hatching for the day.

The aim of the squad is to raise elite K'rin until the graduation exam to become T'rin comes about, in which displays of knowledge, decision making and power of the squad and their partners are shown.

Money is transacted by missions assigned to the squad by foreign lands or villagers; high end, dirty work is ranked higher and conducted by O'rin to garner the most income and keep the village afloat against the other four Hidden Villages.

An easy way to tell which level of Tamer the person is by the Digimon's classification.

Rookie and occationally Champion for K'rin, Champion and Ultimate for T'rin and Ultimate and even Mega for O'rin.

The Senksha and other village leaders are known to have Mega's.

The day after Mizaki's defection and prompt defeat, Tai was overlooked in the report filed by Zaki, as Mizaki had played on his emotions and used an illusionary technique to bind Tai to his will, capturing the now returned scroll (or so the falsified report claimed).

Now a Junior Tamer, a K'rin, Tai sat in school at his third row up desk, chin laying softly on his crossed arms, showing off his official headband to everyone, who had shown a little glance of surprise, but raised no quarrel about it; this was the first step to the rest of their Tamer lives, after all, so who cared about Tai?

Joe was passing by the third row in his slumped, hands-pocketed fashion as he noticed the flunk out, "What are YOU doing here, Tai? This is for everyone who didn't fail; everyone but you."

Tai's brow twigged to this and twitched, "Oh yeah," he lifted his head and holstered his headband with his thumb and index finger, "because it's totally possible to get a replica instead of your own." He snidely countered, squinting.

Joe, ever the relaxed narcissist, simply cocked his chin up to Tai, "Maybe you stole one from a T'rin."

"Do I look like the type who can defeat or sneak up on a T'rin?" he bantered, Joe losing intrest in this stagnant battle of wits and walking down the steps of the classroom, "That's what I thought."

Sora was not running late by any means, but she wasn't exactly going to be renowned for her un-tardy nature at this rate. Twenty four minutes and counting until she had to be at the school one last time for initiation and orientation duty. The school was twenty minutes away anyway.

Of course, the auburn haired idol of Tai paid no mind, her room coloured white with a mirror and a brimming cupboard and desk for study (not that a genius calibre girl like her needed it) with an immaculate floor. She was currently in her usual red get-up, affixing the headband to pull her hair back and show off her forehead while holding her shoulder length hair in check.

Once done, she assumed a model pose to her mirror and admired herself, before becoming marred by a frown line as her mother called through her door with a rhythmic rapping at the door, "Sora, are you sure you don't need me to start dressing you again? Orientation will have started before you get there!"

Looking scornfully at the wooden door, Sora defeatedly said, "I'm going now!"

But deep in her thoughts, her outlined version of herself (her stress outlet) came forth and rasped in her thoughts, How long is she going to treat me like Mommy's Little Princess; I'm a Tamer now, show me some respect!


Moments later, Sora was trudging at a heightened pace, all the while wearing a despondent face, So, we're not kids anymore… and we'll be assigned to squads from now on… Oh, please let Matt be with me!

Busy pleading thoughtfully, she stumbled through the streets on the way to school, but passed by the entrance of the Tachikawa Floral Services store, even worse because Mimi was staring at her in a purple apron like get up with elbow pads stretching a little far down to her wrists. She was staring ignorantly at Sora, who stopped for a few seconds before taking a brisk pace past the flower store and girl.

But Mimi was apparently a good power walker, as she caught up in an instant and walked side by side with the girl, a dense air of danger abundant through the streets as they passed.

Mimi began pleasantries with, "So they let you pass? They must really need some cannon fodder." She said almost expectantly.

Okay, maybe not so pleasant, so Sora counteracted with, "The school is ancient history, Strawberry," she jabbed at her hair colour (not literally, of course), "I cannot lose to you anymore; after all, I'll get personal lessons on improving myself to beat you by my new squad mate; Matt." She ended with a daydreamer's giggle.

"Really, because I think you'll lose Matt to me like you've lost everything else in out years together, Jack O-lantern," she jabbed at Sora's hair and slightly rounder head shape (again, not physically), "face it, you'll lose to me again."

"No, those days of me losing to you are over," Sora said, her brisk pace increasing into a restrained run a few paces ahead of Mimi, before the strawberry haired girl caught up with sourness, beginning a back and forth charge, the lead of the little challenge changing ever few seconds as dust rose into a straight b-line down streets and alleyways until they came within spitting distance of the school, beginning an all out, evenly spaced out race with no clear leader as they entered the corridors.


Everyone was now waiting for Zaki to arrive for the orientation, jitters and chatting with their friends interspersed across the classroom while Tai, Matt and the shy purple haired girl sat peacefully in their seats, doing their own things.

Several of the girls were sending lustful looks over to the cool, brash Matt as he sat there, staring from his back row desk with his fingers interlocked and his chin rested on them, his eyes piercing the front of the room.

Rumblings in the corridor behind the classroom's slide door roared out, followed by the grunts of anger from a pair of females as the door slid open with a thud, revealing Sora and Mimi struggling with each other to get inside, eventually squeezing through at the same time.

"I'm first!" they both announced in sync, slapping each other in the face with their outstretched arms as a sign of victory. After a disagreeing glare between the two, Sora carved a broad smirk on her face, Mimi's plastered with one as well.

"I win again, it seems." Mimi finalized with a huff.

"Really? I didn't think winners took the backseat at the end of a race." Sora rebuked with a hefty puff, her eyes falling to the bottom left as she panted, her eyes instantly focusing on the same thing as the rest of the girls (and following her, lovingly, Mimi) toward the indifferent Matt.

Tai mistook this like a fool to mean him, as he, although unbeknownst, was sat in the wrong place and was a few spaces away from Matt on the same desk. He felt blood boil in his face as he caught Sora's glare, looking away promptly in embarrassment.

Sora now ran toward the row, Tai's heart beating at a cardiac rate with each step she took, until she was right in front of him, her face several shades of pink, Sora… the class babe, as far as I'm concerned!

He stood foolishly to receive her, only to be barged past, getting pushed aside as she slid across the conjoined bench desk seats to the side of Matt, who retained his complacent look of uncaring semblance. Tai, regaining his composure and standing back up, grimaced as he brushed his three-quarter shorts, Of course… my luck doesn't function like that; it doesn't function at all.

Back on Sora's end, ignoring the several pairs of insidious looks she was receiving from other females in the room, she was as red as a tomato as she stuttered her speech, "G-good morning Matt… how are you feeling?"

"Better than Tai," he said incredulously, diverting his gaze to Tai, who's back was turned as he brushed down, "and what is it that you want, Sora-?" he caught a set of eyes not based on Sora's shoulders.

She wasn't listening, "I-I was thinking that we could sit next to each other this period,"

"Something you want, loser?" he said to Tai, who he had caught gazing unintentionally.

Tai's anger surged as he stepped on the desk, walked over to Matt's section and huddled down in a crouch, just staring angrily at the blonde heartthrob with a squint, "What was that, Yamato?" he said with a rasp, knowing how Matt despised his full birth name, much like he hated 'Taichi'.

Sparks might as well have flown as Tai looked down into the calm allstar's eyes, Sora and several girls incessantly chanting.

"-Tai, get away from him!"

"-Loser, you can't look down on Matt!"

"I outta beat you!" was Mimi's distant input.

Tai continued the stare until he felt a push at his rear; a child sat in front had tried leaning back with his elbow rested on Matt's desk, pushing Tai into Matt and colliding, forehead to forehead, the two crumpling down to the ground beside Matt, both clutching at their centre of pain (although Tai was writhing).

As Tai writhed back and forth, he eventually felt a kick at his back; a weak, feminine kick. Looking up, Sora and several girls stood there with hate and intensity in their eyes down at the chocolate haired boy. As they cracked their knuckles, he knew what was coming and gave a small whimper, "U-um… Sora… all of you…"

"Tai…" Sora began, quivering and trembling with wrath even the Demon within Tai would fear (probably), "You're so annoying! Get away from Matt and me and sit elsewhere!"

After a few minutes of blood, sweat and figurative tears, as no girl shed any for him due to his stubborn aversion to death, Tai was plopped back in his seat next to Sora as reward for not telling Zaki on them as he walked in with his papers and saw Tai's face bruised because of female attacks.

Of course, they faded after mere minutes, and Tai was now back to being as vibrant as the minute before, only a bit quieter about Sora being bedazzled next to him by Matt who sat next to her.

Zaki began the orientation, "Well, to start off, everyone has done well to come here. As of today, you are K'rin, the bottom of the Tamer heap. I'll now start with the first of two parts this morning; introducing you to your Digimon allies. Remember this well; they expect and shall be given the utmost respect and will fight to defend you from threats on your missions from now on. So, with that in mind, we'll start off with class list order. When your name is called, come down to the front, and your partner shall enter through this door," he pointed to the bottom slide door, "greet them, and then take them back to your seat."

Tai grovelled a little in his bored seated position, Sat next to a total babe who's about as sharp as a balloon, a borderline jerk and Zaki-sensei is still talking… it can't get worse, can it?

"Also, as part of today's plan, you shall be assigned to squads, three man cells with your partners, and you shall meet your O'kin sensei in the afternoon period. Lunch is too be off the school site; you are to at least make a team-oriented pact with your teammates, whoever they may be. They could be the ones to keep you alive while on duty, after all."

Even the distracted Sora turned and looked dismissively, Way to state the obvious; now let's get this over with!

Zaki lifted his clipboard register as reference, "First up; Matt Ishida. Yes I know it's not in normal register, it's been randomized to see how you cope with pressure; now Matt, come on down."

Matt stood up stiffly, pocketed his hands in his shorts and squeezed past Sora and Tai, who gave very different sighs as he went by, Cope with pressure? What does he think, that everyone'll back out or something? He can't admit he lost the register and just scribbled names down, can he?

Matt reached the front, followed by female sighs. The slide door opened, revealing a short, yellow wolf cub creature with a wolf skin coat and a digital code engrave on his stomach.

Zaki explained, "We of the school decided that for a cool, level headed, talented student like you, Gabumon would be a natural choice; he's basically a digital reflection of you." He said as Matt and Gabumon went back to Matt's section of the desk.

Around six names later, Sora's name was called, the wily girl happily heading down and meeting her pink bird partner Biyomon, "We of the school thought that a Biyomon, a fire willed Digimon with its own shy nature matched up perfectly."

Finally, twenty names later, making him second to last, Tai's name was called, the boy standing doggedly up and walking toward the front amongst silent whispers surrounding him in the rows. Although riled up deeply by it, it didn't show as he beckoned with a tilt of his head to Zaki for his partner to come in.

The door slid open in almost slow motion to Tai's adrenaline fuelled tunnel vision. What is his partner was lame? What is it hated him as well? Worst off, what if it was a Gabumon; he wanted to be as different from that arrogant blonde as possible.

His eyes widened and time sped up as he caught sight of his partner. A smile came onto his face and he nearly released a wail of happiness as he caught sight of the orange dinosaur creature facing him. An Agumon was an incredibly rare creature nowadays; only 1/100 people had them as partners. They were fabled to have gone extinct but made a comeback and have been a rarity since!

Several moans filtered their way down, moans of displeasure at Tai's luck; some were silently a little underwhelmed, but still grateful for their partners. Tai stood up to hear the reason why. Zaki had to have had a fantastically intricate reason for allowing a rare Digimon to partner with the class failure, right?

He stayed silent for around ten seconds, and simply said, "He's a fiery soul, you're a fiery soul. Try to counteract each other and work well."

Well that was disappointing. Tai went back up to his desk with Agumon with judders in his spine. He had never been so lucky before!

Zaki, before reading the final student out, looked up at Tai and Agumon; both silently introducing themselves to each other. By the looks of it, Agumon enjoyed the child's company already, It's not just that, Tai… this is on Lord Senksha's order; Agumon is one of the few vaccine types, so he'll counteract the thing, hopefully.


After the final child was done, a ten minute recess in the classroom to say hello and learn a little about their partners began, and passed by almost immediately. Time flew by as the children relayed their lives and in the girls' case, loves before Zaki clapped his hands, chastising the young pairs of their introduction time as he began squad read-out.

"Right, now it is time for your cell assignments. Remember what I said about respect for your mates; it could save your life while still a K'rin." Zaki forewarned, reaching for a loose sheet on his desk with what seemed to be a tree of some form from where Tai was sat, "Alright, Squad One,"

Tai cut out when several squads were ran through without his name called, Agumon looking at him expectantly, but retaining his silence as his elder Tamer read the names, Three man cells, eh? As long as I'm with two people not called Matt, then I'll be fine. Hey, maybe I'll get lucky and Sora will be with me!

Sora, clasped hands in prayer form beneath her desk, out of sight to all but a very disturbed Biyomon at her serious expression, as she conflicted in her mind with intensity, I will be on Matt's squad! I've been using lucky charms and using rituals for this! My horoscope says I'm lucky, so that's that, Strawberry!

Matt simply remained quiet, Gabumon acting as cool and stiff in his seat next to the blonde as possible while Matt thought decisively, For me, only one man is needed. Gabumon seems capable and calm, so that should be enough; why drag two losers along?

"-Next, Squad Seven!" Zaki called out, reading through with pauses, "Tai Kamiya, Sora Takenouchi!"

Tai felt his happiness implode inside him, but Sora slumped in her seat, her stomach dropping, I'm with the idiot?

"-And Matt Ishida!" Tai's elation soon left as quickly as it came, slumping into his palm against the table while Sora wanted to leap up and dance on the desk as the girls stared vilely at her from all directions.

I'm with that loser? Tai thought, depressed.

Two out of three isn't bad! If I have to deal with Tai to be near Matt, so be it! Sora chirped inwardly, apparently having absorbed Tai's elation.

Tai lifted his hand in a questioning manner, Zaki looking rather misplaced as he looked at it, "Um… yes, Tai?"

"Why am I with that blonde wannabe when I'm elite on my own, Zaki-sensei? Isn't that unfair to him to be put on the same squad as me?"

Zaki sighed and rubbed his eyes with his pinching fingers before looking Tai in the eyes again with the words he needed compiled, "Tai, Matt was specifically placed on your squad to give you a rival; he had the best grades in the exam while you flunked with the lowest grades. So what were you implying?" he put in a rather harsh tone.

Sora piqued to Tai's shot at her crush and (under the table) gave him a stiff jab to the calf, making the boy yield in pain.

Matt added lowly without averting his forward gaze, "Try not to be a burden, dunce."

Zaki gave a stressed sigh as he moved on to the announcement of the next squad assembling, It'll be alright… it'll work out itself, especially with him as their assigned O'rin.

Twenty minutes later, the lunch period began, and the newly compiled squad separated to bond and try to iron out any past issues during their childhoods. Squad Seven on the other hand was divided, walking around separate of each other, waiting for the lunch hour to pass as they bonded with their Digimon partners instead.

Tai was sat atop a building, leaning against a guardrail toward the edge, a sweet bean pastry in his mouth while Agumon ate the same animalistically by gnashing away with both hands holding in the crumbs from escaping his large mouth.

"So, a fire type… that will mean we have the advantage of raw power as a team, Agumon!" Tai ecstatically envisioned.

Agumon took a more complacent stance, "Listen, Tai. We're on a team, and we need to strengthen our skills if we want to become O'rin in our own right!"

"Yeah, but that team stuff seems impossible considering Matt is on the squad; this seriously sucks!"

Agumon finished his pastry and thought it over, Maybe if he pulled a prank or something on this Matt, he'll be able to work with him; he seems to have a childish grudge, might as well get rid of it now…

Tai caught him staring up at him, not the clear sky, "What is it, Agumon?"

"If I help you pull a prank on Matt, will you put this childish stuff aside so that we can focus from now on?"

"Maybe," was his immediate response, but it was better than nothing, the orange dinosaur mulled.

"Well, first of all, you'd need to get Gabumon away from him; he's his partner like you are, but in a more connected way, if you understand what I'm saying."


Meanwhile, on a not to distant building top eating their lunch with their Digimon was Mimi, Joe and a chubby friend of his called JP, who wore a blue jump suit with baggy shorts over the top and a green jacket and white scarf. Their partners were Palmon, Gomamon and a small, overweight dog type Digimon called Dakimon respectively, eating on the other end of the roof area.

"Alright," Mimi began with a firm, boss-like tone that radiated introverted vibes, "if we're a squad now, you follow mine and Palmon's orders to the dot; is that clear?" she said rhetorically.

"This is tiring," Joe said discontentedly, Besides, women go insane and inane if you refuse them control. Men are all doomed to become subservient to women. My dad's the very definition of 'whipped' by a girl like this!

JP was tucking in rather happily into a small bag of potato chips with a snicker, "If you're wanted my recognition as leader, than lead me to some barbeque." He commanded inbetween gnashing.

Mimi slapped her forehead, "Why me? Why not the Jack O-Lantern?"

Joe diverted his gaze down to the street level, noticing Agumon and Gabumon walking alone toward a nearby soda machine. He remembered them distinctly because of how rare they were, especially the dinosaur based creature. Looking up, he spotted Matt on the parallel building, around two floors down glancing out of a window while ingesting a sweet bread pastry.

A little overhang of gutting, supported by a small tiled surface suddenly began to shake in a silent motion, caused by Tai's silent glancing across the small overhang toward Matt's window.

"Tai." Joe simply put, his two teammates refocusing and looking down at him as well as he crouched beneath the window.

They were all stunned in their own ways when Tai leaped through the open window and colliding into Matt as the wooden shutter cracked shut behind him, obvious noises of a struggle wringing out through the wood.

Mimi snapped, "Tai, if you dare tear a single hair of his glorious head, you're my personal enemy forever!"

As she finished threatening the air, the struggle apparently was settled, and the wooden panel reopened without a single voice of quarrel, Matt leaping out with the same arrogant expression on his face as Mimi chuckled lovingly with a red streak on her face.

"See? Tai can't hope to touch my Matt!" she dreamily declared as Matt leaped down with grace into the streets, beginning to run full pelt in a pre-ordinated destination, odd for someone who was just eating without a care in the world.

Sora, meanwhile, was sat with a sullen look on a bench that sat dead centre in a park path, both sides of the path engulfed with intensive trees and flowers. Biyomon wanted to ask her the problem, but after failing for the last thirty minutes, went to get a snack for the downtrodden girl (her partner, who is supposed to entrust everything to her, by the way).

With half the lunch hour already passed and no progress made toward Squad Seven's relations, the afternoon period of meeting their O'rin sensei and sealing their contracts with their partners (that allows summoning at any given time on either end). But the girl wasn't sad and quiet because of the blood sealing that was custom, but a far more introverted and girlish reason.

Matt's on my team, just like I wanted… but how do I go about it? She pondered, Do I tell him straight up, or wait until we're on a mission and try to talk to him alone…?

Her brown eyes peered up from the cobble stone ground to a tree across the pathway, Matt stood there, staring with a smirk on his face and a strange, abnormal gaze.

Sora felt her heart flatline and then begin a rapid pulse, Bedroom eyes~! Dirty boy, we're too young, we have to take it slow-, but she had to face reality, yeah right… my luck got me him, but also Tai; something else is bound to go wrong… I'd love it if he came over with a sweet remark like 'I love your unique hair colour; it's so attractive compared to other girls!'

She inhaled and exhaled, numbing herself as a pair of sandals came into her view of the ground, "What beautiful hair… I love your unique hair colour; it's so magnetic compared to other types!"

A large thump was pounding in her chest, It… it's not exactly what I-I said but…


The defeated writhed in his bindings, rope chafing his wrists and tape blocking his muffled, anger fuelled exclamations. Matt struggled in a dimly lit room, the shutter having been re-shut by a slight breeze.

Matt's eyes were narrowed and the bridge of his nose upheld anger brows so low they formed an arch, I got to careless; before I'm sure he couldn't make physical clones, even I can't do that… who would've thought he had the spunk! What's that rat doing, using the transformation technique to pass off as me?


Tai, disguised surprisingly well as Matt in transformation, plunked himself ever so closely to Sora on the bench, placing his arms as a rest on his bent knees, "Sora… I've been thinking over the last few minutes… maybe we should talk and see how well we know each other."

Sora felt her facial temperature skyrocket, "S-sure thing, Matt…"

"First of all though, I'm not entirely sure… what do you think about Tai?" he asked abundantly, but still mimicking Matt well enough to make her compile an answer as she lowered her head with a dense sigh.

"He's… always getting in my way, no matter what time, place or need; especially around you. He knows fully about how I feel, and yet he persists in his stupid pranks to try and separate us… I don't trust Tai on the team as far as I can throw Agumon. He's a pest." She said rather harshly.

Tai's throat tightened, and his anger swelled inside of him as he stared at the girl who had (unknowingly) dismissed him as a pest to his face. But when the auburn beauty looked anxiously up to his transformed face on that bench, it all leaked out and he couldn't manage speech or a reprimand, not now.

Tilting her face forward and puckering her lips, Sora timidly asked, "Please, I'm desperate for your approval, and your approval alone…"

Tai couldn't help it, his body began functioning against his will, leaning forward like his own desires overruled his mind as he came, inching closer and closer to the girl and…

"Tai, I've got a score to settle with you!" Matt shouted across the way, running towards them from up the path. Sora had her back turned to face the second, legitimate, Matt Ishida as Tai quickly sped away with silent paces, Matt giving a low chide as he stopped and watched Tai cross around the corner, smoke trailing him as proof of his dispelling the technique.

Sora, ever the haughty genius girl, looked at the real Matt with an ashamed look on her face; she had nearly been tricked by an idiot!

She broke the silence with a meek exclamation, "How did you get here in time to save me Matt?"

He looked at her, aghast by her robust outburst, "Save you? I just used the rope escapology we practised last month; it wasn't hard. Now I need to settle my score with that idiot Tai." He mumbled evilly as he strafed past her in Tai's direction.

Sora was so aggravated by that little incident; no, calamity! How dare Tai try something like that after she unwittingly revealed her feelings to the transformed him, "Well, give that little idiot a good old punch from me. He's always messing with me and you and always gets in everybody's way! He's a good for nothing brat! I think it's because he grew up alone!" she ended with a snide snort, assuming an all knowing, cross armed stance as Matt abruptly stopped on the path and glanced over his shoulder, an frosty eye going unnoticed by the girl.

"You mean… because he has no parents; no family?" he said, warning slithering along his tongue like a viper, coiled to strike.

"Exactly! He has no one to tell him right from wrong! That's why he's gone all these years with these stupid pranks to mess with others like a childish brat! He's so introverted!" she huskily judged.

What a hypocrite! Matt thought, his blood boiling inside of him, "Alone, devoid, whatever the word you use, it will always describe kids like Tai being brats; it's part of life. You have no idea what it means to be alone, and luckily, I haven't experienced his anguish thanks to my little brother."

"W-what are you talking about?" she spouted with arrogant worry in her question.

"I'm saying that you're a goddamn pest!" he sickeningly twisted, turning his back on the girl and leaving her with a vehemently bewildered expression.


Back in the classroom, two hours later, the three tried to forget the incident (they didn't mention it, truth be told) and had been waiting for their apparently tardy O'rin sensei who was supposed to administer the blood contract sealing (all the other squads had done this as they watched, meaning they'd seen a lot of blood to startle a haemophilic).

The six humans and Digimon were about to go to the faculty office in the school, but remembered that the O'rin was running so late that school faculty had… adjourned for home and scouting duties around the village.

But the young Tamers got a shock as the slide door finally began to slide open, but revealed only JP, who went to his old desk and removed a bag of beef jerkey before leaving again, which made something in Tai snap.

He walked over to the blackboard in a huff, grabbed the eraser and began to plant it in an arch created with the slide door, the door sliding open again before anyone could question his stupidity. Unfortunately for Tai, no eraser fell on the O'rin, as he seemed to be a sizeable man who seemed to radiate battle and therefor reflexive experience. After picking the eraser up in his bear like hand and planting it back at the blackboard without a word, they got a look at him.

He was around 6''2' with short, kempt spikey black hair, a pair of shades indoors and a blue trench coat he kept open and loose, flapping around his calves while he wore the regulated body armour gear under the coat. Around his neck was a perched weasel Digimon called Kudamon, a white ferret with digital code and an earring as accessories on his tiny, slender body.

His voice was surprising light and audible, but dark in a strange kind of controlling way, perhaps signs of commanding experience on life or death battle fields as a Tamer in foreign lands.

"Sorry I'm late. Come with me, and we'll begin the contractual process."

Squad Seven in its entirety relocated to the garden balcony area of the school, three floors up with a great overview of the gate. The O'rin and his Digital ally took up that view by firmly sitting against the guardrail at the foremost point of the balcony while the K'rin sat solemnly in relaxed but serious postures beside their Digimon on the red cushion seats fitted around the curving balcony.

Before the O'rin could begin as he drew breath for his speech, Matt inclined, "Isn't an O'rin, regardless of species, meant to be separated from their partner to become a pair of equal co-working O'rin?"

The man looked at him, his ferret compatriot looking on sullenly at the kids and their Digimon from his shoulder perch, "Our team is a… unique allowance by order of the Senksha himself. It's far beyond what you mere K'rin deserve to know since your bottom of the heap."

Matt's nostrils flared in a brief flash of anger, and he assumed his cool pose from the classroom in the morning, placing his elbows on his knees.

"Right, now that that is taken care of, I suppose we should introduce ourselves individually as the first order of business," he said, reaching into the back of his trench coat. By the silhouette, it was assumed by the three that it was a regulation pouch all Tamers had to wear once beginning missions. The man pulled out three scrolls with the Japanese symbols for 'CONTRACT' insignia on them, but rather than hand them over, he held on until Sora cut in.

"Um, sensei?" she asked, getting his attention, "Could you do it first to demonstrate what we need to do?"

Pondering it for a moment, the O'rin mentally concurred, "Alright then; my name is Satsuma Rentarou, an O'rin of the Hidden Terra Village. This is my assigned partner, Kudamon, who you needn't know about considering your position. My hobbies include being the best at what I do, and I despise arrogance."

Sora blanched, 'The best at what I do' isn't a sign of arrogance, Satsuma-sensei?

"Your turn, let's start with everyone's favourite prankster." He diverted his eyes to Tai behind his glasses.

Tai took heed of the call, "I'm Tai Kamiya, a K'rin of the Hidden Terra Village. This is my newly introduced but great friend and partner Agumon; my hobbies are eating lots of udon and pulling pranks in all honesty, and I don't have any dislikes I'd really feel comfortable talking about, but I have a simple dream. I will become the greatest Senksha so that people won't look at me with scorn and look up to me."

Satsuma jolted a little, narrowing his eyes behind his tinted lenses and curving a small smirk, None he'd like to discuss, eh? I can understand that sentiment, so I'll let him pass on that one. His eyes and Kudamon's then rested on Sora and Biyomon, "Alright, you next young lady."

Sora straightened up, shot a fleeting glance that wilted away as she quickly blushed and pulled her hands to cover her face like a mask, "I'm Sora of the Takenouchi clan, a K'rin of the Hidden Terra Village. My hobbies are…" she stumbled in speech and batted her eyes, "I mean my hobby is to watch… My dream is…"

Satsuma and Kudamon followed the blazing trail of love her eyes formed by looking at Matt's face from the side. They both sighed vehemently, feigning tiredness by rubbing their eyes with hands and stubs.

Girls of this age group are usually succumbing to hormones; a great disadvantage on the battlefield… Satsuma adjusted his shades before moving on, "Sorry, Biyomon, but I have to make this short. You next; that mark emblazoned on the back of that jacket intrigues me."

The mark he was talking about, printed red and white against the blue background of the jacket was a yin-yang of two juxtaposed colourings, red and white. It was the clan symbol of the ancient and respected ancestors of the Ishida clan in the Terra Village.

Still striking his cool pose, Matt coldly answered like it was a calculated part of the day, "My name is Yamato Ishida, although I prefer Matt. This is my partner from this day forth, Gabumon, one of the strongest Digimon I've ever seen by just looking into his eyes. I have many dislikes, and I hate almost everything. I tend to keep to myself, as I find solace in my loneliness; but these vapid girls," he shot a quick, dirty glance at Sora, who flinched, "and as for dreams, I don't believe in them and hope. There is only a single path for me, and I will take it. I will restore the honour of my clan, and avenge my brother and my own against a certain… person." He finished with a rasping tone, similar to a low hiss.

Tai lowered his gaze, He's insane. Sure hate to be the one he wants revenge on.

Sora softened hers and turned light pink, gazing at him in awe, Is it just me, or did his coolness factor just skyrocket?

Kudamon and Satsuma tensed a little, the little ferret thinking on the same wavelength as his human partner, Just as we assumed from the briefing this morning.

"Right, on to the contract sealing," Satsuma clapped, placing the three small scrolls on the ground and unfurling them so that it was one on top of the other without any overlapping. Inside all three, binding markings that formed a discreet square were based around a clean spot, each of the squad's K'rin names recoded on each, their partners listed below in small font, "this is in two stages; first off, hand seals of Horse, Boar, Bird and Dog must be given, followed by a firm planting of your blood laced finger tips onto the free space in the parchment."

He handed around a small knife, with which he ordered a small incision into the thumb, letting it bleed and then scattering blood droplets on the other fingertips of the right hand before beginning the sealing.

The assigned seals performed, Tai slammed his bloodied tips into the parchment above his and Agumon's names, removing his fingers to see the blood realign itself on the parchment, forming two kanji; PARTNER SEAL.

After Sora and Mat performed the ritual sealing, and their blood formulated their binding contracts, Satsuma input, while picking the rolled contracts up, "Why not test it out? Agumon, go to the lower levels please," a minute passed as the junior Digimon obeyed the O'rin, "now Tai, perform the seals I just taught you, slam your palm into the ground and say 'summoning technique'."

Tai obeyed like a boyscout, fumbling the seals at first try, earning him a smug chide by Matt. That spurned him on, and he performed the seals in perfect time for a K'rin, "Summoning Technique!"

The Tamer retreated a pace as the smoke rose, and with the billowing gas gone, Agumon was revealed, holding a soda can that he cracked open with his claw and guzzled to the astonishment of the two girls present. All three of them could do it now.

The O'rin gave them little time to celebrate, coughing to garner their attention to the rail he sat against, "Now for part two. All of you, please try this. This is a cooked up trinket of the Science Department for Junior use to get the most battle data out of it."

He handed three strange devices to them; they were like small square terminals with curved inward corners and a signal receiver at one of the corners. Sora looked at her sensei in apparent confusion, "What are these things, sensei?"

"A new type of tool for the common Tamer, said to improve Junior K'rin life expectancy by recording battle data and sending data waves to your Digimon without you noticing, making Digivolution easier on you three youngsters, while me and Kudamon toiled for years to achieve it." He said disappointedly with an exasperated sigh.

Kudamon led on from there, "It's a Digimon amplifier of sorts… I'll explain it in detail some other time, but right now, it is simply for the use of K'rin. It's known as a Digivice."

"Cutting corners, are you?" Tai added with a sour tone.

"Fine, Taichi Kamiya, keep up. Digimon battles and Tamer battles are recorded on these devices, and the data is transmitted constantly to the partner Digimon and acts as a source of knowledge for the human. Simply put for you, if a Rockmon attacked either you or your partner with Rock Ball, an offensive strike, you can perform it with hand seals, and your partner, rather than gain the attacks as it is unnatural, gains knowledge and a little power, meaning they can Digivolve easily. Clear?"

Tai held his sour pout routine, "Was that so hard, Kudamon-sensei?" he said childishly, I understood very little of that, actually…

Satsuma cut the chit-chat short with a hubris, looming face, "Regardless, I want to inform you that your final exam for becoming K'rin for real is tomorrow morning. I want you to prepare yourself by packing all of the required Tamer gear and weapons, but don't eat breakfast, I don't want vomit on my boots, it is a survival challenge, after all…"

Tai and Sora stammered a little before hearing that, "Say wha-?" weren't they doing all this because they did become K'rin?

What was going on here?


Sora's Tamer Handbook,

Energy used by human Tamers for techniques to attack and defend during a battle situation is not usually referred to as being digital energy, but is called by Tamers and many Digimon 'Chikara', the apparent word in the ancient tongue from the old world our ancestors descended from!

Chikara is used in a multitude of ways, but is separated into the three basic forms of Tamer powers that other forms branch from. They are Tekina, the physical art, Genina, the apparition art for elemental techniques and Seiina, the psychosis art of mind control and perception twisting.

That's all for this time, K'rin!

See you all soon, too swamped right now with missions with Matt, Satsuma-sensei and… uh… Tai… why me…?


A/N: And that is how the Digimon Squad Seven was assembled. The story will begin to become different but still premised on Naruto and (god willing) Shippuden.

Yes, their sensei is the commander from Data Squad. Other faces from the franchise shall be returning individually as well!