Hi there~

MichaelSK16 back again with some (kinda) exciting news (possibly.) So I discontinued this story a few months ago after a computer crash led to me losing all of my material on this story and I dropped it at Ch. 3. I've recently found myself at unrest with this and have begun working on this story again. I'll probably end up rewriting the first 3 chapters as well to touch them up and I may or may not also add a prologue of some sort to provide a little back story. I'm still debating this.

If I don't do a prologue, I'll do individual back story chapters to cover each warrior, though that may take some time.

Anyway, in terms of the story's summary for those who haven't read what little I had finished, it goes as follows:

Four years after the original adventure, the Digital World is in distress again due to the formation of an evil alliance. This alliance has banded together to overthrow the Celestial Angels, take over the Digital World, and open a portal to the real world. On top of this, the alliance has gained a large following and has forced the Celestial Angels into refuge.

With all of this chaos occurring in the Digital World, the original warriors receive an all-too-familiar message without a sender, along with 6 new chosen children. They must find their way to the Digital World and put a stop to this alliance before they enslave both worlds.

Well now that I've got that out of the way, I still am in a rebuilding process, and this includes filling out evolution lines for each of the warriors and things of that sort.