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"Run, Neemon, you idiot!" yelled a white bear-like creature over his shoulder. "We can't stop now! They'll catch us for sure!" He shrieked.

"But I'm tired! And my feet hurt! And my pants are too tight!" whined a yellow rabbit-like creature who was sporting red pants. "Can't we just stop for a minute, Bokomon?" Neemon insisted as they traversed the barren, deserted wasteland that used to be a thriving city in the Fire terminal.

"No, you buffoon! Don't you understand our current predicament?" Bokomon cried. "We're in over our heads this time! We really need to get a message out to the Legendary Warriors!" He spoke swiftly, gasping for breath from time to time.

"But Bokomon, I don't understand what we're running from, or where we're running to! Could you explain it one more time?" Neemon asked simply, stopping in his tracks. Bokomon bowed his head in his hands, shaking it hopelessly.

"Neemon, my nit-witted friend," Bokomon sighed. "When will you learn to pay attention?"

"When you start making things more interesting," Neemon stated bluntly. Bokomon buried his face in his hands again, completely flabbergasted by his ignoramus of a pal.

"Okay, let me explain one more time." Bokomon began, "Do you at least remember when the Legendary Warriors were here, when they defeated Lucemon and saved the world?"

"Uhhhhhhhm…" Neemon contemplated "….yes."

"Okay, that's a start," Bokomon said with a fake sense of security. "To put it simply, the Digital World hasn't been recovering like it was supposed to. A new dark force has risen up and began destroying our world. This is something the likes of which we've never seen before, and our best hope to stop these fools is to get the legendary warriors back to the Digital World. You must understand the severity of our situation Neemo-" Bokomon glanced toward Neemon to ensure he was still following. Neemon stood in his place, fast cried out in rage and disbelief

"I can't believe you, you mindless nincompoop!" he snapped the elastic waist of Neemon's pants, bringing Neemon out of his slumber in a shriek of pain.

"Why would you do that? Owowowowow." Neemon whined. Bokomon ignored his whimpering friend and continued off in a hurried pace.

"We don't have time for these games, Neemon!" he shouted back. He walked in silence for a few moments, a strange feeling overcoming him. Bokomon turned around, and Neemon was nowhere to be seen. "Where on earth is that prat now?" Bokomon said with a tinge of annoyance in his voice. "Neemon! Where are you, you twat!" he shouted. "We don't have time for this! They're going to find us-" he said as a shadow loomed over him. Bokomon turned to face the hulking force that seemed to block out the sun.

Bokomon's eyes looked the mass up and down. Legs the size of tree trunks stood firmly under the huge torso of the half man/half bull. One of its massive arms had been replaced with a steel cannon. The minotaur Digimon grunted and flared his nostrils angrily.

"Min-Minotarumon!" Bokomon shrieked in terror.

"Hush up, puny teddy bear," said the hulking bull unintelligently as he picked up Bokomon in his normal hand. "You's comin' wif me. Da boss requites ya intamediate jailin'."

"Pardon me, but don't you mean 'requests my immediate jailing'?" Bokomon corrected the bumbling oaf.

"Ya! Dat's what he said!" Said the hulking moron. "Okay let's go. Boss don't like ta wait." He set off with Bokomon squirming in his massive hand.

"Let me go, you giant ignoramus!" Bokomon yelled.

"That couldn't have gone much better." said a dark figure, a pleased smile spreading across his face. "That idiot has managed to grab the smart one while the moronic one followed Gulfmon with no resistance." The figure let out an ominous laugh as he watched over one of the hundreds of monitors that broadcasted a live stream of the entire digital world.

"Master!" a robotic alien Digimon entered the room, gadgets and gizmos of all sorts acting as arms and stray wires acting as legs.

"Yes, Ebemon?" asked the dark figure.

"Gulfmon has arrived with the idiot prisoner!" proclaimed the odd alien Digimon.

"Prep a cell immediately and make sure he is completely isolated!" the figure demanded. "They cannot relay that message from Ophanimon."

"Roger that, Sir." Said Ebemon as he rushed out of the room.

"The Celestial Angels are hopeless now!" proclaimed the dark creature, stepping into the light coming from the corridor.

"Don't get too far ahead of yourself, now, Bagramon" Said a voice from the shadows.

"When did you get here, NeoDevimon?" asked Bagramon. Now in full light, the demon lord Digimon was fully revealed. He resembled a fallen angel, with his long white hair and malevolent crimson eyes. Once a powerful angel Digimon that ruled over death, it appeared as though his body was still being fought over by his former, pure self and his current, corrupt form.

"I wandered in as that twerp was leaving." He replied. NeoDevimon was an actual fallen angel Digimon. He had gigantic crimson wings and his disproportionately long arms were covered in a crimson cloth wrap. His face was covered by a distinct, gold, horned mask, which was said to conceal his true power and control him, but below it shone six ghastly white eyes.

"I presume all went as planned?" Bagramon questioned.

"Why, of course. How could you ever doubt my ability? There is no way those Celestial Angels will ever be prepared for the barrage I have planned."

"Excellent." Bagramon smirked. "What about Phelesmon, have you heard back from him yet?"

"I haven't heard a word yet. You know how he is. He isn't exactly the best communicator, and he isn't exactly in his right mind. We may never hear from him. We just have to assume he's doing fine. His production of the Aphotic Acid hasn't faltered yet, so I don't think we have much to worry about." Neo Devimon said confidently.

"Yes, that's true," agreed Bagramon, "but this is different. There's a big difference between spawning the acid and mass producing it. Who knows how well we can monitor it in mass quantities?"

"Like I said, we just have to hope for the best." said Neo Devimon cooly. Little did he or Bagramon know, beyond the walls which confined their conversation, Datamon stood, listening to the entire thing.

"Oh no!" the little robot Digimon proclaimed. "What on earth am I gonna do about this? I have to make sure Bokomon and Neemon get out of here and warn the Celestial Angels!"

"Hey! What are you doing on this level, grunt?" Roared Asuramon. "Get back to your post!"

"Yes, sir!" exclaimed Datamon. He scurried away, down to the lower levels near the entrance to the dungeon, all the while plotting his rescue mission.

"There goes Kanbara. He splits the defenders right down the middle. He dribbles the ball right past the last line of defense. The all-star striker has a breakaway!" Takuya Kanbara, striker and captain of the Japanese National team, dashed ahead, in alone against the goalkeeper. "This one is for the World Cup folks! He winds up, and he shoots!" The ball left Takuya's foot like a rocket off of a launch pad. The goalkeeper leapt to the left in desperation as the ball tipped off his fingers, and into the back of the net. The crowd erupted. Takuya was surrounded by his team. "The sixteen-year-old phenom has done it again! He has carried Japan straight to the history books!" the announcer exclaimed as Takuya was being hoisted on his teammates' shoulders. Takuya was basking in the glory, ready for the award ceremony when-


The scene around him froze as the obnoxious beeping rang clear through the stadium.

"Somebody turn that off!" He shouted. The sound only grew louder as a voice called to him in the distance.

"Takuya…..Takuya…." The soft voice was getting closer. "Takuya!" The voice roared.

"Ah!" shouted Takuya as he fumbled around in his blanket and rolled off of his bed, hitting the floor with a thud. "Wah…happened?" he said groggily, opening his eyes to see the middle-aged woman he knew as his mother standing over him, just glaring.

"Do you have any idea what time it is, Mister?" Yuriko Kanbara roared. It took a moment for Takuya to realize what was going on and to register what his mother had just said.

Think Takuya. He mused. What day of the week is it? Why is your dragon of a mother so angry? What have you forgotten now? What's for dinner tonigh-No! No! No! Stay focused. He stopped himself, getting back on track. Let's see. It's a Sunday. I can't be late for school. He looked toward his alarm clock, which his mother had just turned off. 10:30. It isn't that late, so it's not like I've slept all day. Let's see. Mother's Day? No, that was last week. Father's Day? No that's next month. Their anniversary isn't until November. Mom's birthday was in February. Dad's is later this month. Shinya….well, who cares about that twerp?

"Uh…Sorry Mom. I'm lost. Mind filling me in?" He said while rubbing the back of his head. He could feel that his hair was a mess.

"You told me to wake you up early today! I've been trying for an hour! You were supposed to meet your friends for something. That's all you told me." She said, clearly agitated about her son's carelessness and absent-mindedness. "Jeez, you're sixteen now, Takuya. You're basically an adult. You need to start being a bit more-"

"Crap!" Takuya shouted, cutting off his mother's lecture as he remembered why he'd asked to be woken up early on a perfectly good Sunday. "I'm late!"

"No! really?" his mother sassed.

"Sorry Ma! I gotta run!" He said in hysterics. "Get out while I change okay?" he said coming off more rudely than he intended. His mother glared and walked out. Well that's not the best way to start a morning. He thought as he threw on a black shirt with an orange outline of a fireball.

"Crap! They're gonna be so pissed at me! Kouji is gonna kill me!" Takuya frantically mumbled to himself. as he threw on socks and a pair of cargo shorts. He scoured his pigsty of a desk in search of his D-Tector, hat, and goggles. He dashed out of his room and down the hall. As he turned the corner, he slipped and fell down, tumbling down the stairs to the landing below with a crash.

"I swear, Takuya. If I had a dollar for every time you fell down those stairs after oversleeping, I'd be a rich woman." His mother said casually as she passed by her son, crumpled at the bottom of the stairs.

"Thanks for the concern!" He said as he dashed out the front door.

"Wait! Aren't you going to have breakfa-" she began as the door slammed shut. That kid, he'd lose his head if it weren't attached to his body. She thought as she walked into the kitchen and sat down with her husband and her younger son.

"Is that boy always in a hurry?" asked Hiroaki Kanbara.

"His surname isn't the only thing he gets from you, honey." She replied.

"I was never as bad as he is!" he said in his defense.

"Okay, dear." She said, smirking. The front door opened again, followed by a ruckus and a loud proclamation of "Crap!" indicating Takuya had forgot something.

"Ma! Have you seen my shoes?" He yelled.

"I don't wear them, hon." She replied.

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" He shouted.

"Watch your language, son!" replied Mr. Kanbara.

"Sorry, Dad!" Takuya said. "Found 'em!" The door slammed again and he was off.

"Like father, like son." Mrs. Kanbara giggled. Mr. Kanbara just frowned.

"Where is that idiot?" asked a raven-haired boy coldly. "I bet he overslept. We could be here for a few hours," He said as he fell back against a tree, arms crossed and a stern frown. It was a bright day as Kouji waited in the park with Kouichi, Izumi, Junpei., and Tomoki. Kouji fiddled with his bandana as he pouted impatiently.

It has been four years since the time they spent in the Digital World and a lot has changed around them, but the Legendary Warriors had become inseperable. Today was no ordinary occasion, however. It was the twins' birthday today and they were supposed to have been out and about already, had it not been for the absence of a certain goggle-headed leader.

"He'll be here soon! He didn't oversleep!" replied Tomoki.

"Sorry, pipsqueak, but I think you may be wrong about your hero this time." Junpei retorted.

"Hey! I'm not that short anymore!" Tomoki complained. "I'm taller than Izumi!"

"You're right, Tomoki," Izumi said, "but you're still the youngest." She teased. "Besides, Junpei's right. Takuya is probably sound asleep right now. He must put his poor mother through so much." She giggled.

"That woman is a saint." Kouichi chimed in with a chuckle as the group laughed. Even Kouji cracked a half smile.

"Speak of the devil…" said Junpei as they turned to see Takuya sprinting toward their meeting spot, huffing and puffing.

"Well, look who decided to show up half an hour late." Kouji glared "Nice hair. Just wake up?" he smirked at Takuya's unkempt and messy hair, which was flaring out in all directions. For best friends, Kouji and Takuya had a "love-hate" relationship. If they weren't insulting each other and taking shots at one another, something was wrong.

"Ha ha." Takuya said sarcastically. "For your information, I purposely left my hair like this." He lied. "Why should I care what others think of me?" he said.

"That's very admirable of you." Izumi giggled. "Is that why you're wearing two different socks as well?" she pointed to his mismatched feet. Once again, the group chuckled while Takuya glared.

"Okay," Junpei broke in. "I think it's obvious that Takky has had a rough morning. Let's get going. We can't forget the special occasion for which we've put aside this day, after all."

"Stop calling me that!" Takuya yelled.

"No chance, Takky." Junpei said, with extra emphasis on his pet name.

"By the way, Takuya, we voted that you're paying for lunch because you were late." Izumi said. "I hope you brought your wallet." Takuya just moaned as they walked out of the park. And with that, they set off, completely unaware of what lied ahead of them as their second home was in a state of crisis.


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