So. It has recently come to my attention that this website doesn't have even a single Negaishipping drabble collection. This is, of course, a completely unacceptable state of affairs. To remedy this situation, I'll be unloading all of my unconnected drabbles, that were too weak to be transformed into real stories, into this one big fic. Also, I really don't have the type of determination required to write anything more than the odd, fluffy drabble.

This collection is essentially for anyone who wants a quick fix of negaishipping, without having to sift through plot and coherent narrative and all that nonsense (I'm looking at you Pokemaster366/ Moonlight Absol).

Also, the individual drabbles have individual ratings, between K-T. Others may be suggestive, and warrant a higher rating, but I'm really not gonna bump the rating up for maybe one, or two ficlets.

Lastly, the status of this fic shall forever be "Complete", mainly because I vowed never to publish an incomplete fic, but also because I have no clue whether I'll be updating at all. Indeed, the first three drabbles may be the only ones I ever write, in which case I'll make an ass of myself :/

Anywho, you can click the "Next " button now, if you already haven't done so.