Deliquesced Amity

Chapter 1

By That Aussie Gurl

DISCLAMIER: We all dream to own it but unfortunately I don't NCIS: LA or any of it characters either, I just play around with them instead(:

Deliquesced: Abused

Amity/Ardor: Love

Kensi woke up with a pounding in her head. Looking around she noticed she was in her own bed but she had no recollection of how she got there and what happened last night. Getting out of bed to get ready for work she realised how crappy she actually looked. She had a black eye, cuts over her body and just looked generally crappy. She also felt like it too.

Great! She muttered to herself as worked on covering all the lacerations on her body. This has been happening quite regularly. A couple times a week, sometimes even more, she would wake up, covered in lacerations and no memory of what happened. She knew her team were getting worried, and even tried to ask her about a bruise or cut that she hadn't managed to hide from their eagle eyes. She always succeeded to come up with some lie that she wasn't sure was believed, but the subject was dropped and that was all that mattered. She knew today would be harder to convince them that she was fine for a couple of reasons. One, she felt even more crappy than normal and was covered in even more lacerations than normal and two, they were increasingly getting more and more worried about her. She knew there will be a time when they won't drop the subject and demand answers, where they won't believe her lies. She knew that day was coming closer and closer but she hoped to God that day wasn't today because even she didn't have the answers.

Appling the last bit of makeup and putting on a jacket she looked at her reflection in the mirror, she knew that day was today. The amount of make-up and clothing she had put on in her attempt to hide the gashes had failed miserably. She knew if she stayed home, they would be even more suspicious and would come to find her. She wasn't getting out of this. Taking a deep breath and gathering all her possessions needed for work, she walked out to her car confident to the fact this was going to be a long, hard, confronting day at work. Great.

Walking into work late, she prayed that there would be a case. She couldn't do it, she couldn't. She knew she should have gone to her team in the first place, but she couldn't. That would hurt her pride and the team would see her as weak. Being the only female was hard. She knew they were all her over-protective brothers, and would do anything for her, she also knew they would go into over, over-protective mood once they heard of what was really happening and she couldn't handle it. She loved her brothers, and it was a good feeling knowing that the three of them had her back in any situation but there was something about this situation that she couldn't go to them about. The fact that even she didn't know what was happening to her frightened her. She had no control and no memory. How was she meant to ask for help when even she had no idea what was happening? Taking a deep breath, she walked into the bull pen and sat down at her desk noticing how dizzy and nauseous she felt. Ignoring it, she acted like everything was fine to divert the worried glances they were currently being sent in her direction.

"Morning!" She said as cheerfully as she could.

"Morning Kens." Deeks answered, curiously and worried. She looked like crap, and he could see through the cheerful greeting she threw at them.

"Are you okay?" Callen asked, leaning forward in his seat to get a better look at his favourite agent.

"Yeah… Yeah, I'm fine Callen" She said quietly, lifting her head from where she was looking down to at her hands to give Callen a small smile before looking down again, attempting to keep the contents of her stomach down and to stop the dizziness that was engulfing her sight.

"No you're not Kens. Stop lying." Callen replied, seeing right through her lie.

"Coffee anyone?" Kensi responded avoiding the subject all together as she stood up with all the energy she had. She regretted the action straight away as she gripped her desk to steady herself from the dizziness.

"Kens?" Sam asked, sitting up, looking at his sister. Deeks and Callen had now sat up further in their seats too to look at the junior agent.

Before Kensi could respond, she leant over her bin to empty the contents of her stomach that she couldn't keep down anymore. As she was throwing up, she felt a pair of cool hands touch her neck as the hands gathered up her hair from her face and rubbed her back to soothe her.

Once Kensi's stomach had nothing else to offer, and coughing to make sure, Kensi attempted to stand up, annoyed at herself that she had let her body show weakness like that.

"Hey, not so fast Kens." Callen said gently as he helped his sister up into her chair, whilst Sam got her some water and Deeks came to the other side of Kensi.

"I'm fine." Kensi replied, her voice barely above a whisper with her head looking down.

"Kens…" Deeks said, trying to get to get his partner to look up. He knew she was purposely avoiding them, like a barrier. He had to get past that barrier.

"I'm fine. I just need some air; breakfast didn't sit well this morning." Kensi lied as she stood up. As soon as she stood up, the dizziness and nausea hit her like a truck. Callen quickly grabbed her, to stop her from falling as he, with the help from Deeks, guided Kensi to the couch.

As soon as Kensi was comfortable, Callen sat next to the couch and gave Kensi a look that said, 'What the hell happened?'

"Kens. What happened?" Callen asked, gently. Sam and Deeks had retreated back to their desks to give Callen some privacy with Kensi, knowing that she would most likely open up to the senior agent, the one person that taught her everything she knows, the person she has known the longest in Hetty's team (aside from Hetty of course).

"I...I'm…-"Kensi started quietly before she was interrupted.

"Kensi. Stop lying. I know something happened, you are hurt. What happened?" Callen had noticed the lacerations that had carefully being hidden, or so she thought.

Kensi sighed. She knew she had to be truthful, not matter how bad she wanted to keep this a secret.

"I-I don't know, Callen. I-I don't know. I have no memory." Kensi diverted her gaze to the wall the entire time, she couldn't look at him. She had disappointed him, her team. She had become a victim. No, she wasn't. She wouldn't let herself be seen weak and vulnerable.

"It's okay, Kens. Just get some sleep. We will be right here if you need us." Callen replied, grabbing her hand and squeezing it to comfort her. He knew he would get more information out of her and she would be more corporative after some beauty sleep.

Kensi gave him a small smile before slipping off into dream land.

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