Deliquesced Amity

Chapter 2

By That Aussie Gurl

Once Callen was positive that Kensi was asleep, he slipped his hand out of her grip and walked back to his desk sitting down. Sighing, he spoke to his friends and team who were equally worried about the junior agent asleep on the couch.

"What's happening to her?" Deeks asked, worried. This wasn't the first time she had turned up at work like that. For the past month, she had turned up to work 2 to 3 times a week looking tired, a couple of bruises and cuts on her body that she had managed to cover up and was only revealed when her jacket moved etc. When the team questioned her about them she would give them some lame excuse about running into a door or cutting herself when cooking dinner and then completely change the subject. However, this past week her 'injuries' had become increasingly worse, along with her tiredness. It worried the whole team to no end.

"She doesn't know. She said she has no memory of it, I think she is telling the truth." Callen answered, casting a quick glance to the junior agent that looked so peaceful.

"So, what do we now? She turns up to work two to three times a week, with excessive amounts of make-up and clothing on to cover up bruises and cuts –"Sam started,

"She has no memory of what happens to her each time, or if she does she isn't telling us but I don't think so, and her injuries have gotten worse this past week." Deeks finished.

"Get Eric to pull any surveillance footage from her apartment over the last few weeks from when the lacerations began and compare each night up until last night. I'll stay here looking for leads." Callen commanded.

"Okay, G. You good?" Sam asked. He knew why Callen was staying in the bullpen. It was obvious. But Callen being Callen and Kensi being Kensi, they kept their feelings to themselves instead of expressing it to each other.

"Yeah, good." Callen answered, half-distracted.

"G. She will be fine, she's Kensi. She one of the toughest people we know." Sam whispered to his worried partner as he pasted him to head up to where Eric was with Deeks, shaking his head at his love-struck, worried partner. He knew Callen liked Kensi. It was obvious, but Callen denied it at all costs. He knew it was only time until he admitted it, and today and the past couple of weeks was just proving Sam's hypothesis towards Callen's feelings with Kensi.

"I know." Callen whispered into the air, looking at the peaceful agent.

It had been a long couple of hours until Eric came up with something. Deeks and Sam had barged into OSP hurriedly telling Nell and Eric the story of Kensi and asking them to look up the footage. They did so, quickly and willingly for their friend but with so much time span to look up and compare with no certain time frame the task was a lot bigger than first anticipated.

"Got something!" Eric said excitedly as his computer frantically started beeping a couple of hours later.

"What do you have?" Deeks asked, sounding impatient. He wanted answers and he wanted them now. He was never a patient man and waiting a couple of hours certainly tested his patience, especially when the answers he was waiting for was about his partner.

"We have found footage of a man entering Kensi's apartment on random days at random times with his own key and always after Kensi has gotten home." Eric stated, bringing the multiply feeds of footage onto the big screen.

"He unfortunately hides his face well and never looks at the camera. He also wears a black hood to cover his face and he only comes when it is dark which also doesn't help getting an identity but we can tell you it is the same man each time." Nell finished, fiddling with her iPad.

"So basically we have nothing?" Deeks asked, angry at the fact that had come up basically empty.

"Ummm…" Eric answered, scrambling to come up with a response for the angry detective.

"No. We do have something. We managed to get his height, average weight and half his face shape after immense amounts of digital enhancement. We have then tweaked an animated version of the photo to match the one side of his face we can see, added his approximate height and weight and sent the info to kaleidoscope. It is now searching the streets of Los Angeles and through all known databases for an ID as we speak." Nell said with confidence, trying to cover for Eric's fumble.

"Let us know if you find anything, we'll be downstairs if you need us." Sam stated as he walked out of OSP, signalling to Deeks to follow him.

Walking into the bullpen, Sam and Deeks noticed that Kensi was now awake and sitting up on the couch beside Callen.

"Hey Sleeping Beauty, have a good sleep?" Sam asked with a smirk.

"Yes, I did actually." Kensi responded with a small smile.

The boys noticed the black eye getting darker around her eye as her make-up attempt became worse and worse. They also noticed dark purple marks and cuts on her arms that were know exposed as Callen had taken her jacket off as she slept to make her more comfortable.

"How are you feeling?" Deeks asked, pulling a seat closer to the couch that Kensi was currently sitting on with Callen next to her. Sam copied Deeks movements, and the team of 4 sat around the couch looking at the junior agent, their eyes filled with worry.

"Better." Kensi replied with a small smile. She knew why Deeks and Sam had pulled up chairs. They wanted answers. They needed answers. She didn't have answers and that scared her. She had never felt like this before, all control was gone. She had no control, no memory. And that is what was really bothering her. The boys would look at her as weak, and she didn't want that. She kept her head down as an extra barrier that they had to break through, that they were not going to break through.

"Kens. We need to know what happened." Callen said, lifting her chin with his hand so she would look him in the eyes.

"I know." Kensi said quietly, looking into his eyes for the first time that morning, "but I don't remember…"

"What's the last thing you remember?" Sam asked from his position.

"Walking into my apartment." Kensi replied, obvious she was thinking hard.

"Do you remember anything after that?" Deeks asked gently. He knew this was tough for his partner, he knew she liked to be in control and being in a situation like this took all of her control away from her.

"… No… Everything goes black from there." Kensi replied, burying her head in her hands in frustration.

"That's okay. We'll find him, don't worry Kens." Callen said, rubbing her back in an attempt to soothe her.

"NO! It's NOT okay! I have no memory of anything! How is that okay?" Kensi yelled angrily, pulling away from Callen and standing up. She regretted the action immediately as she felt a wave of nausea and dizziness wash over her. Trying to walk as quickly and calmly as her dizzy, weak body let her, Kensi tried to get away from everyone; everything. Kensi only made it to her desk before she was, once again, empting the contents of her stomach into her rubbish bin. She felt the same pair of cool hands pull her hair away from her face and rub her back that had done the same action a couple of hours ago.

Once her body had nothing more to project into the bin, exhaustion overtook Kensi's body as she collapsed onto Callen, darkness filling her blurry vision.

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