Deliquesced Amity

Chapter 8

By That Aussie Gurl

Callen and Kensi had beaten Sam and Deeks to the boatshed by a couple of minutes, which explained by Deeks was because Leysha was in a meeting with his boss and they had to wait for it to end, meaning they had not missed the start of the interrogation like Kensi had been worried about.

Sitting cross-legged on the table, Kensi watched the interrogation on the plasma screen in the main room with Callen sitting on the edge of the table next to her. He had wanted to go in but a phone call from Hetty said he wasn't allowed to and had to stay with Kensi, outside of the room. Reasons Hetty explained to Sam privately because she wanted the suspect breathing at the end of the interrogation and not another corpse for the morgue.

They watched as Deeks sat in front of Leysha in a chair as Sam walked around, both obviously frustrated with the man. They had been interrogating him for the past hour and were not getting anywhere.

"Once again. How do you know this woman?" Deeks asked, pointing to a picture of Kensi.

"Once again, I don't." Leysha replied, obviously annoyed.

"Really? Huh. Okay, well then give me an alibi for the 17th of June." Deeks said, about to lose the last straw.

"I was at home, asleep! Bad day at work."

"Can anyone verify that?" Sam asked, also on the last straw.

"God." Leysha answered smartly.

"In other words, no. So tell me, where were you really?" Deeks said, in an almost snarly voice.

"Why don't you believe me?" Leysha asked, fear in his eyes of either not being believed for telling the truth or in fear that his cover story was not being bought. Sam and Deeks hadn't decided yet but they were both pretty sure it was the latter.

"Because we have footage of you breaking and entering this woman's house! Multiple times!" Deeks yelled as he pointed to a couple of photos of him outside of Kensi's apartment. They had decided before the interrogation to try to keep Kensi's name out of it as much as possible for both her sake and to test him at the same time.

Quickly looking at the photos, Leysha replied; "You can't prove that's me." As he lent back in his chair, crossed his arms in front of his chest and smiled smugly.

Before Sam or Deeks did something they would regret, they both left the room and slammed the door behind them as they went out to meet the other two on-lookers.

"Definitely the guy, Kens?" Deeks asked once they met with the couple.

Looking at the plasma screen Kensi replied, "Yeah." And then looking back at her co-workers she elaborated, "Definitely him. He's the guy that appears in my dreams."

"Now we just have to get him to fess up." Sam said knowing full well the court would not rule Kensi as a reliable witness due to the drugs and her mental and physical conditions at the time.

"Let me talk to him." Kensi said, surprising all three men.

"No way, Kens." Callen said after a couple moments of silence as he was the first person to find his voice from the surprise of the statement. Though, all three men were secretly suspecting her to state that she would like too, it was Kensi after all.

"Why not? He would most likely fess up to me!" Kensi protested. Deeks and Sam just stood watching, silently agreeing to let Callen handle this one on his own.

"Because you are in protective custody, you are a target and you are not even technically allowed out of the house, which we bent that rule twice already. And you most certainly are not allowed to be anywhere near the interrogation to find the guy who did this to you." Callen replied, putting an arm around her waist in hopes of both comforting her and restraining her so she wouldn't do something stupid.

"So? Who cares! I am Federal Agent! I have as much right as you guys to interrogate him, this is where I work, so how is that bending the rules? It's not. Exactly. And I am NOT a victim." Kensi replied, obviously losing her temper and reading into what Callen told her.

Quickly, Kensi stood up and pulled away from Callen's grip. She knew she only had a small window but chanced it as she took off running towards the interrogation room. Once inside she quickly shut and locked the door before blocking the door making it extremely hard to get in.

Once Kensi fled towards the interrogation room, it took the three men a couple of seconds to realise where she was going before they took off after her. As they started to bang on the door to get it down, Kensi blocked the door, making it harder for them to get the door down.

"Kensi! Let us in!" Callen yelled, trying to get through the door. He was worried. Kensi just locked herself in the room with the guy he was pretty sure abusing her and they had no way of protecting her, there was no way for him to protect her.

"No!" Kensi yelled back.

Realising they weren't going to get the door down, the three men retreated back to the main room to watch the interrogation unfold.

"Ryan. Long-time no see, huh?" Kensi asked, sitting down at the chair that Deeks was sitting in before.

"Yeah, been while. How are ya?" Ryan asked. He seemed almost confident Kensi realised. She knew that it was him, she just had to get him to talk.

"I'm good thanks. What about you?"

"I'm good as well."

"That's good. You know Ryan, I have this feeling and I just can't explain it." Kensi said, looking him in the eye.

"Yeah? What kind of feeling?"

"I feel like I have seen you recently but it's stupid, I mean the last time I saw you I was 15."

"I know, like we said, it has been a while." Ryan replied, purposely ignoring the 'I feel like I have seen you recently' bit. Kensi also noticed how his face turned almost angry when she mentioned the last time she had seen him was when she was 15. Was this all something to do with that?

"Hm. That is has but tell me Ryan. Why do I feel like I have seen you before recently?" Kensi asked, getting out of her chair and walking around Ryan.

"Maybe you have been seeing someone that looks like me?" Ryan said, starting to feel on edge but smirking to cover it up.

"Mm. No, I haven't. Haven't dated in a while. Got this thing for another guy, haven't told him yet though but he definitely does not look like you, hotter too with calming ocean blue eyes." Kensi replied, not looking at the small camera and sighing dramatically at the mention of his eyes.

Outside, however, Sam and Deeks both turned to look at Callen after Kensi's statement.

"What? Who said it was me?" Callen answered, hiding the relief he had once he heard that statement. She really did like him back! But so much time has been wasted of him running around in circles with his feelings and how she will react and -

"G. Don't play stupid. It is obvious you two have a thing for each other." Sam said pulling Callen out of his, once again, round-a-bout thoughts.

Before Callen could respond they were interrupted by a smash coming from the interrogation room. Looking up at the plasma screen they saw a furious Kensi holding Ryan to the wall, hands close to suffocating him. Quickly, the three men ran to the door and somehow managed to get it open with their combined efforts.

Running in, Kensi was still holding him around the neck with one hand and sometimes punching him in the stomach and face.

"Kensi. Let him go." Callen said, edging closer to her.

"No." Kensi replied, not loosening her grip one bit. Using her free hand she started punching Ryan in the face and stomach whilst yelling at him,

"It was you! You're the one who has been coming into my house, you stupid idiot! Just admit it! It was you! Why? Huh? Why did you do it" Kensi started to tighten her grip around Ryan's neck and the team noticed he was starting to turn blue. Even if Ryan wanted to respond, he certainly couldn't with Kensi's strong grip.

"Kens. Let him go, he's not worth it." Callen tried again.

"Yes he is." Kensi replied, tightening her grip once again.

Callen knew he had to take action, signalling to Deeks with his hands they grabbed Kensi. Callen grabbed Kensi around her waist from behind while Deeks stood between her and Ryan trying to get her to realise her lock on his neck so when Callen pulled, Ryan didn't go with them.

Trying to push Callen away, Callen half-carried, half dragged the distressed agent just outside of the door.

"Kens. Calm down, it's okay. We've got him." Callen said, not letting go of her and facing her, "We will get a confession out of him, don't worry!" Being bold, Callen put his arms around her waist once again pulling Kensi into a, hopefully, comforting hug. After a while Callen broke free and used his hand to push a lose bit of hair away from her face, "I'll be back, okay baby?"

Kensi nodded as he let go of her and her head looked down at the floor, not wanting to look at anyone but as soon as he let go of her she felt a new set of arms around her shoulders. Looking up she saw Deeks smiling at her.

"Nice punch, Kens." Deeks commented.

"Thanks." Kensi replied with a smile as they peered into the interrogation room they were standing just outside of with Deeks arm around her as if to comfort her yet restrain her at the same time.

What Kensi missed with her head down was that Callen asked Deeks to restrain her for him. He didn't need her to come pouncing into the interrogation, they were already going to have to get Eric to edit a lot out as it was so their versions of the interrogation matched up with the video that would go on record.

"You wanna admit it now?" Sam asked sitting in front of Ryan who was once again sitting in his chair.

"Admit what?" Ryan asked, trying to appear like he hadn't a clue what they were talking about while rubbing his neck where Kensi's finger marks were still visible.

"You break into a Kensi's house two to three times a week, beat her and then drug her so she has no memory and then leave again." Sam replied, placing the photographic evidence of Ryan breaking into Kensi's apartment.

"Who said I did that? You cannot tell from those photos that is me."

"Yes, you can. And we did. All the evidence is stacked against you, admit it and may help yourself in the process."

"Well then I want to see this 'so called evidence' because I am pretty sure you have none meaning –" Ryan was interrupted as Callen broke. Callen had been standing beside Sam before it was the final straw. This man was not going to get away with hurting Kensi, his girl. Callen approached Ryan and threw him against the wall.

"Why? Huh? Why did you do that to her? What reason do you have for putting a person through that?"

"I didn't do anything." Ryan retorted, earning him a right hook to the jaw.

"G." Sam said warningly as he attempted to pull him back. Callen shrugged him off.

"Yes, you did. Just tell me 'why'. Huh? Why? That is all I want to know."

"Who could pass up an opportunity to do that to that sexy thang. To touch her, to feel her. She was vulnerable. She was easy, and she deserved it. Every second of it, she deserved it! And it was worth it, every– "Before Ryan could finish his sentence he was getting punched, hard. In his abdomen and face by one angry G. Callen.

"G! Stop!" Sam said, trying to get his partner to stop but he couldn't.

Kensi who was witnessing the whole event unfold from the threshold of the room in Deeks grip suddenly broke free and ran towards Callen.

"Callen. Stop. It's okay, I'm okay." Kensi said as she placed a hand on his shoulder. Reversing the roles of just a few minutes ago.

"No it's not. This jerk abused you Kens." Callen replied as he delivered more blows to Ryan's body.

Standing in front of Callen, using herself as a barrier, Kensi tried to stop Callen.

"I'm not worth this, G." Kensi said, hoping that using his first name might knock more sense into him, "I'm not worth possibly losing your career."

In surprise at her sentence Callen froze. Taking advantage of this opportunity Kensi pushed him away from Ryan.

"Of course you are, Kens. What would make you say such a stupid statement like that?" Callen asked, looking her in the eyes.

Before Kensi could respond, Sam interrupted them.

"Lover-birds, out! I'm banning you two from this interrogation!" Sam said as he pushed the two out of the room with a smile as he and Deeks took over the interrogation.

Putting his arm around Kensi, Callen led her to a nearby couch. As they sat down Callen turned to face Kensi, arm still firmly around her waist.

"I'm sorry Kens." Callen said, looking into her eyes.

"For what?" Kensi asked, surprised at his sudden apology.

"Not getting a confession out of Leysha."

"That's okay, Sam and Deeks will… Eventually. And you kinda did… But it will most likely have to be edited out by Eric if you want your job unless he can work some of his magic!" Kensi said with a smile.

"Yeah, but I wasn't able to, legally anyway. I failed you baby." Callen said with a sad face. He kinda regretted going physical on Leysha but it felt so good at the same time and the jerk deserved every punch.

"G." Kensi said, using her hand to lift his chin up so she could look into his eyes, "You didn't fail me! You put your career on the line to punch the daylights out a suspect! If anything, I failed myself and let myself become a victim." Kensi replied as a tear slipped out and slid down her face.

"Oh Kensi." Callen said as he wiped the runaway tear away with the pad of his thumb.

Callen and Kensi sat there holding hands and staring into each other's eyes for who knows how long before they were interrupted by the slamming of a door. Looking up, without letting go, they saw Sam and Deeks emerge from the room and walk over to them.

"We finally got a proper confession out of him. It was him that broke into your house Kens." Sam said, looking Kensi in the eyes.

"Why?" Kensi asked.

"Something about revenge to do with your father's death and you."

"What? What does that mean?" Kensi asked confused.

"He had feelings for you Kensi, and when your Dad died you lost contact with him. He took it personally and he hunted you down to get revenge. Took him this long though." Deeks said, looking at Kensi with sympathy.

"Oh, well then why did he use the drugs?" Kensi asked, shocked.

"He said so you couldn't run off to the police or something like that and tell on him. It also meant you couldn't change anything making it continuously 'easy' for him to get in because he could continue to use the same way each time." Deeks answered.

"Oh." Kensi said, obvious she was in her own thoughts.

"Hey." Callen said, regaining her attention and moving his arm around her waist to squeeze her side, "This isn't your fault. Don't worry about it."

"G's right." Sam said, giving Kensi a smile.

Kensi smiled back, trying to convince herself that they were right.

"Hetty wants to debrief us back at OSP in 30 minutes. Deeks and I will first drop Leysha off at LAPD for prosecuting." Sam said.

"Okay." Callen replied as Sam and Deeks went to retrieve Leysha and leave the boathouse, leaving Callen and Kensi alone.

"Kensi." Callen said softly, getting her attention.

"Yeah?" Kensi asked, looking up at him.

"This case. It has made me realise something, something that I have hidden for a while now, something that I cannot hide anymore. I don't know if you will be the same back, heck, you probably won't but I can't hide it anymore."

"G? What's going on?" Kensi asked, slightly worried and concerned. Taking a deep breath, Callen decided to just go ahead and say before he chickens out once again,

"Kensi Marie Blye. I love you. I love you so much and I can't hide my feelings any more. I love the way you smile, the way you dress, walk, talk. Gosh, I love everything about you." Callen said, looking Kensi in the eyes as he watched a smile creep onto her face.

"G Callen. I love you too." Kensi replied as their lips meet in pure bliss.

After a while Callen whispered, "I'm glad we worked this out." as they broke for much needed air.

"Me too." Kensi replied as their lips once again reconnected in a sweet embrace.

Maybe, just maybe, Kensi found love in life. Love that won't leave her, that won't abuse her, that won't give her nightmares or come to haunt her but yet scare them away and be with her through thick and thin. Maybe, just maybe, Kensi Marie Blye will have a happy ending after all.

All they all lived happily ever after, the end... Or is it? O.o

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