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Double Trouble

"Oh come on we've been walking for hours!" Misty complained "Can't we stop for lunch? Please?" Brock and Ash turned around. "C'mon Mist! I'm not hungry!" Ash said. Just then Ash's stomach grumbled. Misty put her hands on her hips and stared at Ash. "He he he I guess I am a little hungry." Ash said slowly. So the group sat down for a break and Brock made sandwiches.

"Mmmmm! That was good!" Misty said cheerfully now that she was full. "Pika pikachu! (Ya you're right Misty!)" Pikachu said happily. "Come on you guys we better start heading off if we want to get to Mahogany Town before dark!" Brock called. Ash like normal started running ahead. "C'mon I wanna battle that gym leader!" Misty and Brock sighed and followed Ash. When they finally caught up they saw Ash standing there and looking down at something. "What are you looking at Ash?" Brock asked. "Wow! It's beautiful!" Misty squealed. They were on a huge cliff and just below and to the right was a huge waterfall. At the bottom there was a clear river running by a bank near a forest. "You're right Misty." Brock said in awe. They all just noticed then how high the cliff was and jumped back from the ledge. Suddenly…

"Prepare for trouble!"

"And make it double!"

"To protect the world from devistation!"

"To unite all people within our nation!" "Not you three again!" Ash interrupted. "Hey don't interrupt our motto!" Jesse yelled. "I know it off by heart!" Ash yelled back. As Jesse and Ash continued to fight Meowth jumped forward and stuffed Pikachu in a bag. "Pikapi! (Ash!)" Pikachu yelled from in the bag. "Hey give me back my Pikachu!" Ash yelled. "Ah hahahaha!" Jesse laughed. "Now we've got your Pikachu!" Ash grumbled something under his breath then lunged at Jesse. "Now we're gunna do something we should a done a long time ago!" Meowth yelled pressing a button on a remote. Out of the trees came a weird looking machine. It was silver and looked like it was a hand holding a baseball bat. The bat started swinging around. "Whaaaaa!" Ash yelled as the machine headed strait for them. Ash noticed that it was going to hit Misty and Brock too. "Look out!" Ash yelled pushing Misty and Brock out of the way. But Ash didn't get away in time. Ash got whacked right on the side. He yelled out in pain and went skidding on the ground. "Ash!" Misty yelled running after him only to be grabbed from behind by James. "Let me go!" Misty yelled. "Ash!" James silently tied Misty up with Brock. Meanwhile Ash was getting whacked over and over by the machine. He could faintly hear Misty screaming his name over and over in his head. Misty couldn't take it anymore she struggled with the rope as hard as she could. Finally she managed to get free. Quickly she grabbed a pokeball and called out Starmie. "Starmie water gun!" She screamed. Starmie shot a water gun at the machine and it started crackling with electricity. "I am about to explode please evacuate the area" the machine said in a computer like voice. "Ash!" Misty said shaking him. "Ash please wake up! Ash!" "5…4…3…2…1…goodbye." the machine said before it exploded. "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" Team Rocket yelled and a light twinkled far away. Pikachu who was still in the bag fell from the sky and Brock caught it. Brock and Pikachu coughed as smoke and dust headed toward them. When it all settled Brock and Pikachu looked around for Ash and Misty. They weren't anywhere in sight. "Ash! Misty!" Brock yelled. "Brock!" a voice said faintly. The voice sounded as if it was coming from the ledge. Brock slowly walked up to it, and there was Ash holding onto the ledge with one hand. The other arm was hanging limply by his side obviously broken. Misty was holding onto his legs. "Ash don't you dare let go!" Misty screamed. "Brock help us up!" Ash yelled starting to panic. Just then Misty screamed because a Caterpie was crawling near her face. Misty's scream startled Ash who let go of the ledge. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Misty and Ash yelled as they fell toward the water. "Ash! Misty!" Brock yelled now starting to panic himself.

As Ash and Misty fell the grabbed hold of each other so they wouldn't be separated. (A.N. ~ Not lovingly you sicko's!) Ash made sure he was on the bottom closest to the water. Misty didn't get why he did that until they hit the water. The force was so strong Misty was knocked out for a second. She quickly swam up to the surface being the good swimmer she is. Oh god Ash was at the bottom! He was probably knocked out! I have to find him! Misty looked around. Ash was nowhere in sight. Misty dived into the water. She looked around but couldn't see Ash anywhere. She just now noticed how sharp the rocks were at the bottom and hoped that Ash wasn't dead. Misty looked around again and saw Ash. He was floating unconscious with his mouth open. Blood came out of a cut on his head. Misty swam over and scooped him up. She swam over to the bank and layed Ash down on the shore. He looked horrible.

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