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Brock sank to the floor. The Razor Wind had hit him right in the chest.

"Heh. He won't be able to move. You're finished!!!" Koga yelled walking over to Brock who was now on the floor. "Heh. I could have used you as an underling.if you knew when you were beaten."

"I.I'm.no.t down.yet!!" Brock gasped.

"Heh you can barely talk let alone move. Grimer is still holding you so you can't get to your pokéball's. Give it up and maybe I'll kill you quickly." Koga laughed. 'But he should be dead right now. I hit him right in the chest! Grrr. I can't let him know.' He thought.

Brock winced but slowly, even with the Grimer, started getting up.

"Impossible!!" Koga gasped staring at Brock.

"You're a baka (idiot) Koga." Brock said slowly standing at his full height. "You seem to think your Grimer can somehow disappear before it hits me? It hit your Grimer baka (stupid) and it didn't effect me fully."

(A.N.~ To clear up any confusion "baka" can mean "idiot" or "stupid")

"Iie!!" Koga gasped looking at his Grimer that had swirls in its eyes. Koga growled. "I'll get you for that!!" he yelled lunging at Brock who stepped nimbly out of the way.

"Your done now Koga!" Brock yelled grabbing a pokéball. "Onix go!!!" he yelled throwing it. "Onix bind Koga!!" Brock yelled pointing at Koga.

"Not so fast!!" Koga said quickly grabbing another pokéball. "Meet my strongest Pokémon!! Articuno!!!" he yelled throwing the pokéball.

"Iie!!" Brock gasped staring at the large and blue bird Pokémon.

"Hai (yes)! This is the legendary Articuno!!!" Koga laughed. "Feeling lucky?"


Blaine laughed. "Okay Moltres finish her off!!!" he yelled pointing at Sakura. Sakura stared in horror as the huge ball of fire hurtled towards her. She could still feel the heat even though it was a few feet away. It came closer.closer. Sakura covered her eyes knowing this was the end. She waited. 'What's taking so long?' she thought cracking her eye open. She wished she didn't. At that moment her Charizard jumped in the way of the blast. Charizard gave a shriek of pain. Sakura stared paralyzed in fear. Tears silently trickled out of her eyes. "Iie!!!!! CHARIZARD!!!!!!!!" she screamed.

Blaine laughed. "You got lucky but now you don't have your Charizard to jump in the way."

Sakura rushed to Charizard's side. "Chrizard onegai (please)...onegai wake up. Chrizard." Sakura choked on a sob. She could feel herself shaking with anger. "Blaine!!" she screamed. "I will never forgive you for what you've done! NEVER!!!!!"

Blaine shrugged. "Did I ask for forgiveness?"

Sakura stared. Blaine gasped. It looked like fire were in her eyes. Blazing hot and warm. "You've hurt my Charizard without care. You. Will. Pay." Sakura said the last three words with every step. Grabbing a pokéball she threw it. Blaine stared at it. 'This has to be a strong one. Oh well it can't beat my Moltres.' He thought.

The pokéball opened and out popped.Cubone. Blaine laughed. "Your sending out that puny thing!?!" he yelled staring at it. "It's attack will barely affect my Moltres!!" he laughed again. "Your through."

"Who says I'm attacking Moltres?" Sakura said pointing at Blaine. "Cubone use your Bonemrang on his hand!!" she said pointing at Blaine. "Cu bone bone (alright Sakura!)!" Cubone said and it threw it's bone at Blaine.

"Nani (what)!?!" Blaine gasped as the bone hit his hand and something fell down. A huge crack filled the air signaling that Blaine's wrist was broken.

"Quick grab that item!!!" Sakura yelled pointing at the thing that fell down.

"Iie!" Blaine yelled quickly bending down to pick it up. But Cubone hopped on his head making him fall down. Cubone hopped over to Sakura handing her the item.

"You think I didn't wonder how you were controlling Moltres so easily? Then I noticed you were holding the Volcano badge. I remembered that the badges aren't just sovneirs of battles. They help you control any Pokémon! Take away this.and your finished." Sakura smiled patting Cubone on the head. "Great job Cubone! Return!" she said as Cubone went back into it's pokéball. "Now let's finish this!! Go Flareon!! Use your Flamethrower!!!"

"Iie!! It's imposs." Blaine whispered falling to the ground. Sakura looked sadly at him then at Moltres who looked sorry for hurting her.

Sakura rushed over to Charizard. "Chrizard take a rest I'll get you to a Pokémon Center soon." She said recalling Chrizard to its pokéball. "C'mon Flareon let's see if we can find a machine that'll heal Chrizard." Sakura said smiling at Flareon. Sakura took a step towards the door but stopped. Her burn was stinging like crazy. "Actually maybe.I'll just.sit down." She said flopping on the ground. Moltres made a screech of concern. Sakura looked up. Moltres was nudging her pokéballs. "You want me to catch you?" Sakura asked surprised. Moltres nodded. "A-are you sure?" Sakura said now totally confused. Moltres nodded again. "Well okay." Sakura said grabbing a pokéball. Sakura threw it at Moltres who got sucked into it. The pokéball wiggled for a couple seconds before stopping. Sakura blinked. "I.I caught Moltres!!!" she yelled jumping up and down but stopping because of the pain. "Okay now what do I do?"


Brock dodged the ice cold Blizzard Articuno was blasting. His rock Pokémon are weak against the ice cold blasts of snow and wind. 'How am I gunna win this?' Brock thought.

"Your done for! Give it up!!" Koga yelled laughing like a maniac.

'There's something strange here.how is he controlling Articuno so easily? There's gotta be a connection.' Brock thought looking wildly around. 'I can't see anything in this Blizzard!' Brock stopped looking around. 'I'll just have to get rid of the source.' Grabbing a pokéball Brock threw it to the side just before he got hit by the blast. He looked down. He was being frozen solid! Soon Brock was covered in ice.

"Heh. That was harder than I thought. Oh well it's over now." Koga said.

"Not just yet." Said a voice behind Koga.

"Nani!?" Koga yelled whipping around. "Iie! I froze you! How'd you get out!?!"

"Just before you hit me I threw a pokéball. That pokéball contained.Pineco! Pineco used it's Self Destruct and freed me." Brock said smirking. "And now I think it's time to end this. Onix Rock Throw!!" he yelled. A tonne of rock fell onto Koga who yelled out.

"Iiieeeee!!!!!" Koga yelled before getting buried.

"Hai!! I did it!! No wait WE did it!" Brock said jumping up and down. "I hope the others are okay." Brock felt a nudge on his shoulder. Turning around he saw Articuno poking his pokéball's. "What's the matter Articuno?" Brock asked. Articuno nudged his pokéball's again. "NANI!!! You want me to catch you!?!" Brock gasped. Articuno nodded. "Well.okay." Brock said pulling out an empty pokéball and throwing it at Articuno. The pokéball wiggled for a minute then stopped. Brock blinked. "Hai!! I caught Artincuno!!"


Ash opened his eyes. He was still in the same room. Lt Surge was still unconscious on the floor. Ash's Pokémon were standing around him including Zapados. Ash stared into Zapados's black eyes. "He..llo Zap-pados." Ash said with difficulty.

Zapados nodded and Pikachu grabbed one of Ash's pokéball's.

"What are.you do.ing Pikachu?" Ash asked. Pikachu pointed to the pokéball then to Zapados. "You mean Zapados wants me to catch it?" Ash asked surprised. Pikachu nodded. "Are you sure.Zapados?" Ash asked again. Zapados nodded. "Well at.least it'll save.you from.Team.Rocket." Ash said throwing the pokéball with his good arm. Zapados got sucked into it and the pokéball wiggled for a few seconds. Then it stopped. Ash stared. "I.I don't believe.it! I caught Zapados!!!" Ash said smiling happily. "Wait till.I tell the.others!" Ash said staring at the ceiling.

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