Harry kept pointing his wand at the door in front of us, muttering strange words. It wouldn't open, despite him claiming to know every spell there was that could unlock a door.

I reached down towards one of my guns, but Harry grabbed my hand.

"We have to try and be as quiet as possible," he whispered.

I pulled my hand away from him irritably. "I've defeated powerful creatures that were thousands of years old, yet you're telling me to fear this frail old man?"

"Voldemort is not frail," Harry said, still keeping his voice hushed. "And this place could be full of traps."

"This is nothing compared to the tombs I've raided," I replied. "My own home has more traps than this place probably has!"

Harry whispered another spell at the door, but still it remained locked. "I don't believe you're that familiar enough with magical traps. I don't doubt that you'd be able to make your way through an ancient Egyptian tomb with ease, Lara, but this is different and I really think we should be careful," he warned.

"Well it doesn't look like we'll be getting through any other way," I said, sliding my gun out of its holster. "Can't you just cast a spell to silence the shot?"

Harry's brows knitted together. "Hermione would know a spell for that but I don't. I should have asked her before we left."

I raised my eyebrows at him, considering the fact he knew numerous spells to unlock doors and yet not s single one to muffle sound. The two went hand-in-hand if he wanted to sneak around. I aimed my pistol through the gap in the large invisibility cloak that covered us, just below where Harry was pointing his wand, and fired at the lock.

The lock was blown off and the door opened. I smirked but didn't say anything.

"I suppose they only thought to protect themselves against magic," Harry admitted reluctantly.

I led the way down a dark corridor. "Then we have a great advantage over them."

I started to become suspicious, though, as we made our way through maze-like hallways without incident. I'd thought there would be traps as Harry had said, or at least guards, but there was nothing.

I glanced at the teenager. He was looking around, confused. I was about to ask him if he was sure we were in the right place when he spoke.

"I don't think they're here," he said. "They must have known we were coming."

"Well then, let's head back to Hogwarts." I was only slightly disappointed that I wouldn't get to kick Voldemort's arse. He was a terrible bother to the wizarding world and it would have been enjoyable to help them get rid of him.

"Let's just check the rest of the place to be sure," Harry said. He took the invisibility cloak off of us as it seemed we no longer needed it.

Less than a year ago I wouldn't have cared less. Even I had had no idea that wizards existed until then.

I had been exploring a cave which I'd done some research on. It was rumoured to have a rather powerful artefact hidden somewhere inside it and I, of course, was determined to find it. As I'd made my way through the cave, however, I had fallen onto a spike trap, which skewered right through my leg. The spike was so tall that I was unable to get myself off of it, and I had been certain that I would die.

Fate was in my favour, though, as Harry and his companions Ron and Hermione had been exploring the same cave, looking for something Voldemort had left there. After checking I was not a witch that was working for Voldemort (I definitely wasn't dressed like one, but they had to be sure), they had lifted me off of the spike and Hermione had healed my wound. It was as though I had never been injured.

I had learned a lot about the wizards, and had taught the trio a bit about raiding tombs and that, as they had needed to find a few artefacts themselves. When I'd learned that Harry wanted to find Voldemort, I had agreed to help him.

We made our way through the rest of the enormous house in a more relaxed manner. It truly seemed as though there was no one there but when we finally came to a large entrance hall, seemingly at the back of the house, we heard footsteps.

The slow clicking seemed to be coming from above us. I looked around and saw a silhouette on a balcony behind us. Light poured in from behind the female shape, so we could not see who it was. Another womanly figure appeared behind the first.

"Lara Croft and Harry Potter," said a familiar voice. "We've been waiting for you."