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Chapter 24

Life worth living.

Just weeks after discovering Carol was pregnant they married in a small ceremony surrounded by the people they now called family. They had celebrated that night, taking the night to forget the fact that the world was crawling with the dead and that life would never be the same again, they just relaxed and let everything go.

In the months that followed, Lori had given birth to a healthy baby girl. Carol knew that Lori and Rick would never really know who was little Abby's real father but for the moment they didn't seem to care, they were too busy enjoying the new addition to their family.

Beth and Merle had become increasingly close and they had surprised everyone just a week ago when they announced they were getting married. Hershel who seemed to know about it already was surprisingly happy.

Maggie and Glenn had become engaged and announced they were now expecting one of their own. Andrea and T-Dog had managed to find romance in each other and while they were not yet talking about marriage or kids, they were clearly in love. They had taken in strangers along the way but were always careful with who they took in. With new people arriving every day and more babies on the way it seemed what started out as a small family was quickly growing.

Carol was now showing, getting bigger every day and she was now about five to six months pregnant and today was the day they would find out for sure just how far along she was – five or six months but more importantly, if Daryl was the father of the baby growing inside her.

They had said it didn't matter one way or the other but she knew that was a lie, it did matter to her at least. She knew it wouldn't change how she felt about the baby or her love for it but she had to know, needed to know for sure. She took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves, rubbing her pregnant tummy.

"Okay little one here we go," she whispered as she moved into the clinic surprised to see Daryl and Sophia waiting there for her. "I thought you had to walk the wall?"

"Did you really think I was going to miss this woman?" he replied gruffly and she couldn't help but laugh.

"And I thought you had bow training with Merle and the other kids?"

"He said I could have the morning off to see the baby," Sophia smiled. "Can I mamma, can I stay and see the baby?" Carol could see the hope and excitement in her eyes and knew she couldn't say no.

"Of course sweetheart," she sighed smiling when Sophia squealed and jumped up and down. Carol moved to the bed as Daryl helped her up onto it. Lifting her shirt she couldn't help but giggle when Hershel squeezed the cool gel onto her belly. "It tickles," she laughed, Hershel smiled at her as he started the ultrasound.

Carol laid back her eyes closed as she waited, she could hear Sophia ohhhing and aahhing in amazement at the baby on the screen as Hershel rolled the device over her round belly. Every now and then she would hear him typing on the wand and after what felt like an eternity he finally put the wand down.

"Well baby is looking very good, nice and healthy, do you want to know the sex?" she opened her eyes looking at him in almost disbelief.

"What I want to know is exactly how far along I am," she snapped harshly.

"Carol," Daryl chastised her.

"Sorry," she sighed feeling bad for snapping.

"No my fault I should have mentioned that first I was just so excited, you're definitely six months Carol, by my calculations around six months and two weeks."

"Thank god," she smiled.

"Does that mean…" Daryl started before Hershel cut him off.

"Congratulations, daddy." Daryl couldn't contain his excitement as he leant down and kissed her hard before pulling back.

"What did I tell you?" he smiled proudly and she couldn't help but laugh. "So come on doc what are we having a boy or girl?"

"A boy," he smiled.

"Oh thank goodness I'm already over run with women in our room and need a little man for back-up."

"Hey," Sophia pouted slapping him playfully.

"Sorry princess but it's true." Carol sighed smiling at their playful conversation.

Life was finally on track again, married to the man she loves, her beautiful daughter happy and healthy and a son on the way. Things had been dark in the past, so many terrible things had happened but none of that mattered anymore even though the dead still roamed beyond the prison walls she knew they were safe here in this haven they had found.

Carol was finally happy, truly happy. She loved her life, loved this family they had found, loved her husband – a man who was good, kind, brave and would never even think of hurting her or their children. A man that knew her worth. Somehow in this hellish world they had managed to make a life together.

A life worth living.