Summary: In where Avatar Kun contacts the Spirit World multiple times. AU, pre-story character death.

Part I

One day, Kun manages to accidentally transport himself to the spirit world.

Behind his closed eyelids, he suddenly feels a warm breeze blow, the soft mat beneath him grow grass and dirt, warmth from a strange sun on his face. When he finally opens his eyes, a Water Tribe woman sits in front of him, mimicking his position amongst the grass and tree roots.

She opens her eyes as well, and Kun is almost startled by the luminous bright blue of her irises.

"Hello, Kun. I'm glad to finally have met you." Despite the formality of her tone, she reaches out to him and pulls him in an embrace.

He knows who she is. Sifu Tenzin had said that he could accidentally meet his past lives if he meditated hard enough.

"Well, we don't have much time," says the former Avatar as she releases him, "You've made contact with me earlier than I expected, but that's okay. Practically every Avatar is the opposite of the last one. That's probably why you can't bend all too well yet, aside from the fact you're only five." She smiles down at him, and Kun thinks that she's more talkative and approachable than he'd expected her to be. But it's probably because of her age, or lack of it.

"Shortest lifespan of an avatar I've ever heard of. Eighteen. Such a shame."

"It's okay. Other avatars couldn't bend the other elements when they were as old as me," Kun says, and his voice rings with honesty. Not being able to bend aside from moving a pebble and a puff of air has never bothered him in the slightest. But what he didn't know was that it boggled and worried his sifus, though they did their best to hide it.

"Most of the avatars couldn't bend the other elements because they'd never known they could until they were of age. He's known for most of his life, but he still can barely bend."

Kun's predecessor is well aware of this, and she keeps the smile plastered to her face. "Just keep in mind that I and all your other past lives will always be here to help you. You've been able to reach me; you'll do it again."

The edges of Kun's vision turn white, and spreads until he can barely see the former Avatar, but his hearing, evidently, is not affected, when her voice manages to reach out to him: "I'll see you soon, Kun."

He opens his eyes and finds himself again in the training room where he'd been meditating with Sifu Tenzin and his children. They're all staring at him with wide eyes.

Sifu Tenzin remembers himself and clears his throat. "Kun, are you okay? What did you do?"

Kun looks at him dead in the eyes and smiles. "I met Avatar Korra."

"Avatar Korra, why are you so young?"

She looks up sharply at his question, and answers with her own. "Haven't they told you, yet?"

Kun, at six years old with plump cheeks of youth, skinny arms and yet to make a boulder of earth, shakes his head. "None of my sifus want to talk about it." He doesn't mention he's never asked them to tell him. He's just noticed the quiet sighs whenever "Korra" is mentioned, and the sad looks they'd cast his way sometimes.

She inhales, a little shakily, he notices, and hesitantly explains to him the conflict of the benders and non-benders of years ago, that started with a man who'd had enough and ended with the death of the two figureheads of either side of the war. She doesn't tell him the other's name (for surely it is Avatar Korra who was the figurehead of the bending part of war?), but from what he can gather he guesses he was male, and the old Avatar's face hardens every time she is forced to mention him.

When their time is almost up, she reaches for his hand and asks him for a favour- to tell his Airbending sifu that Avatar Korra believes he's doing a good job, and to tell him it was not his fault. He nods.

Kun tells him that night, and it leaves his Sifu speechless. The Avatar finds himself enveloped by Tenzin's warm robes.

One day, he opens his eyes and finds himself not in a rain forest with warm breezes, grass and the warmth of an alien sun. Instead, it is a cave where darkness extends everywhere but for the sliver of moonlight that shines through an opening Kun can't see or doesn't exist. He can hear the distant bell-like trickling of water and the hollow sounds of something moving deep in the darkness, and Kun is frightened into immobility.

"Why, hello young Avatar."

The figure of a man sits before him where Avatar Korra would sit, in the darkness. He can see the outlines of his hands playing with a flat, rounded object. Kun's own hands shake.

"Who are you?"

The man tilts his face towards Kun, and the light catches on his eyes, which glint amber gold. Kun inhales sharply.

"I am Amon."