hi im Yuffie Sheperd im 14 years old and I get put in a situation that I have to take care of a drell and a turian all the while trying to get out alive from a project that a organization made and my brother is not to happy about geting the call from Captian Anderson and things get crazy from there this; is my story.

God why do you hate me was what I was thinking while I was runing out of the house after waking up late becouse I had a wired dream; ever had a dream were you thought it was real? yah, I was haveing one of those

Dream start

I was staring face to face with what looked to be human girl but, she had disings all over her and her eyes.. they looked just like a Drell persing black eyes that can look like thay can see your had something that look like some type of gun in her hand after staring at her for god knows how long she finaly starts to move but backwords that confused me the world started to spin slowly but ganning speed then out of no were the ground gave out from out underneath me.

Dream end

Now your proble wondering why I was running? well thats simple realy, becaues I was late for school; my alarm clock didnt go off to get me up i finaly get to school and in my first class just as the bell ring.

lets see if I still can sneek to my sit befo-"Yuffie your late"mr. smig said

"wha, no I'm not. I was here when the bell rang im just not in my sit" I stated he saks his head "why cant you be like your brother leon now hes was a good student" sounding so ashamed

why the hell does everyone comepare him to me yah i get that were the same but were also diffrint at the same time so STOP COMPARING HIM TO ME! I yelled in my head while heading to my desk mad i sat down and took my notebook out and started to copy the notes that was on the bord. It was about an hour or so when the office called me down thinking how worse can my day get

"hello? I was called to the office?" I asked politely to the lady at the desk she pointed to a spot were a drell, and a turian siting on diffient sides the drell on the left and the turian on the right so that left one spot open in the meddle, of them so I walk over and set down between them both giveing me looks.

"ahh, good your all here" we looked over to see a salarian walking to us "good, good jest what i was looking for" the salarian wishper but I heired

what in the world his he talking about "good jest what he was looking for" that cant be good if i heird it maby thay heired it as well I thought "follow me there is a car waiting for us" the salarian said we nodded as we followed him I decided to ask them a question

"did you heir what he was mumbleing about?" I wisperd "yes I was hopeing you would know" the drell asked the turian jest noded his head I shaecked my head no and we followed him out of school and in to a car the turian, me, then the drell the salarian was in the front in the driver sit we were stuffed in the back I fellt that the turian and the drell were agenst me [it was that cramed in the car].

"if you don't mind telling us, were are we going and why did you pick jest the three of us?" the turian asked we looked at him waiting for an answer for some reason I was geting realy tired thinking it was just me I looked over to the drell then to the turian to find out they to look like they were trying not to fall asleep I felt a presser on my left shoulder I looked over and fond out that the drell fell asleep it was geting realy hard to stay wake trying to fight the drowsyness I was so tired I could barly feel that the turain fell asleep as well whats going on.. why am I the pillow I asked in my head as I got a fuzzy look at the salarian befor every thing went black.

Disclamers I do not own Mass Effect