Merlin reached to the back of a crowded dusty shelf, his fingers grasping for a jar that was nonexistent. He snorted in disapproval. Why does this always happen, he thought wearily. Merlin turned to his mentor, "Giaus, I can't find the vail you're talking about." The old man frowned, intensifying the wrinkles that lined his aged face. Giaus sighed, and gently pushed Merlin aside to have a look himself. "I could have sworn I had the vial of Night Bane here…" The physician had no better luck than the servant boy, and both were distraught.

"Without Night Bane I cannot cure the outbreak…" the physician stated. He looked back to the patient on the cot by the fire. He was a small boy shivering; as if cold, though he had a burning hot fever, and a good two layers of wool blankets. The boy was pale, and sweating, often times murmuring to himself in his fevered sleep. He was sick, but so wasn't half of the common people of Camelot. The boy was not the first to be stuck by the disease, and most certainly not the last. It was quickly spreading, and three people had already died in the past day. It was a plague, and Giaus needed to cure it before more died.

"Where can I find it?" Merlin yawned tiredly. He had been up all day helping Giaus tend to the sick, and on top of all that he still had his chores for Arthur. Chores that seemed completely unnecessary, like mucking out the stables; which Arthur had a stable master and his apprentices for. "Far, perhaps as far as Ealdor, it grows close to water, usually along the river banks. The herb itself is a vine, kind of like a weed, and it attaches itself to rocks, and spreads like a blanket. It's kind of similar to moss, only a deeper woody green with a distinct lemony smell." The physician said, pulling out his rather large herbology book. He flipped to a page towards the middle, its sheets crusty and yellow. A water colored picture appeared beside a in-depth description of the herb Night Bane.

Merlin had seen the plant, and he had smelled the plant a million times. Memories of fishing in the little river with Will resurfaced. He could almost smell the mossy herb, and feel the spongy plant under his feet as he climbed the rocks. Merlin knew exactly where to find the Night Bane, the only problem; Ealdor was far away; and not to mention close to Cenred's kingdom. He was unsure of how safe the travel would be, and he wasn't sure there was time. It was almost a week's journey, and how many people would fall ill by then? And he couldn't forget Prince Arthur, no King Arthur now. There was no way the king would allow him to go alone, or even go at all. These were most certainly dangerous times, especially with Morgana plotting at every turn.

The black haired boy rubbed his temples therapeutically; he definitely had a headache coming on. "I will have to talk to Arthur in the morning. We can't let any more people get sick."