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Outsiders POV.

As soon as the tiny match stick lit with the fragile yellow flame hit the round, thick, weather beaten brown logs it erupted into long yellowy orange flames. Three tall dark, muscled native men huddled around the fire.

The middle man spoke, the eldest member of the group.

"We have out-siders joining us tonight." He said; his deep whispered baritone carried over the top of the crackling flames.

"Who?" The young man on the left said, immediately suspicious. "We never have outsiders, unless they are from other tribes."

"Billy's invited Charley Swan down, apparently his daughter is Billy's god-daughter and has moved in to Charley's place on a permanent basis. According to Billy she arrived Friday night." The elder man spoke with a hint of warning and authority, indicating to the other two to behave.

"Humph. Just cause she's Billy's god-daughter, doesn't mean she's a Quileute."

"Paul!" The older man warned, half growled. Turning sharply, he glared at his friend and pack member.

"Jared." Paul ignored his Alpha and said. "You've been awfully quiet." He stated. "What do you think of all of this?"

The guy on the right Jared shrugged his shoulders and inclined his head.

"If the council accept them, into a Bonfire gathering then I'm cool with it. Plus Charley practically lives here any how; and goes fishing with Billy and Harry Clearwater on a regular basis. I'm surprised Billy hasn't invited him down sooner to a gathering... must be something to do with his daughter's presents that Billy invited him. You know Billy doesn't just invite anyone without their being a reason behind it." The man Jarred stated.

They fell into a companionable silence as they heard the first sound of tires indicating they were no longer alone.

"Behave." The middle man, warned, mostly looking in Paul's direction.

"Jared has a point. Billy doesn't just invite anyone nor do anything without reason."

"Yes 'sir." Paul mock saluted.

Bella's POV.

The drive down to the little Indian reservation called LA Push was quiet as we drove down to Uncle Billy's house, before heading to this bonfire gathering thing. Jake had said that it's boring and full of old stories in an attempt to scare me, but apparently the food was the best bit and that's why Jake suffered through hours of boredom.

A small sacrifice for good food - I rolled my eyes, remembering what Jake had told me yesterday when the Black's had come over for lunch and dinner, which I cooked with the help of Jake who'd brought my Dad's favourite fish up, whilst we ate take-a-way Pizza's up in my room.

He was telling me about the people that would be there; most of them he didn't like impart from the elders, Quill and Embery his two best friends. To which he said they'll all get on, with me, like he and his sisters did.

I almost wished Charley lived in La Push, at least I'd know people at School tomorrow. Starting a new school in a small town, was something I wasn't looking forward to.

In small towns, people knew everyone and everyone's business. I was the new girl with no connections in Forks except for Charley and a few of my dad's police friends.

I spent most of her child hood trips to my dad's down La Push; it felt more like home than Forks ever did. It was the only thing I looked forward to about my visits, and seeing my Dad of course.

Apparently Jake's sister didn't live around here as they'd upped and left the nest and never looked back, according to Jake of course; except for the rare phone call every once in a blue moon she didn't keep in contact.

I wondered what had happened, as Jake's tone had taken a cold note when he'd explained that his sisters no longer lived with him and his dad, but I didn't press him.

"We're hear kiddo." Charley's cheerful, relaxed tone brought me out of my muse.

It was always nice seeing Charley act this way, back home in Forks he was a different man, tense and in Police Chief mode even at home, if he wasn't sat in front of the TV watching a football match, with a six pack of beer in front of him.

We were staying over tonight, and going back to Fork's early Monday morning so neither I nor Charley were late for school and work. It was an unholy hour…I wasn't looking forwards to waking up at god knows what time; and don't wish to acknowledge or ever have to repeat the experience again.

If we go to another one of these bonfires, I hope it'll be a Friday or Saturday night not Sunday. I'm only thankful the weather decided to stay dry too. Not as warm as Phoenix, but warm enough for jeans and a hoodie. No coat.

After we picked up Jake and Billy, with a month's worth of BBQ food and Billy giving off instructions we made it to the cliffs of La Push. If it were the same cliffs I was thinking of, the La Push cliff's look over several pretty beaches. First beach; and another one that was for La Push residents only.

I could see there was a fire already lit spying the high yellow and orange flames in the darkening sky, with three silhouettes surrounding it. Very tall, frames... I might add.

"Who are they?" I asked Jake, as they stepped out of my dad's patrol car I rather reluctantly rode in. Charley would be dropping me off at the house before heading off to work so he needed the patrol car more than I needed my new truck.

Jake's face darkened as he glanced in the direction I'd turned my head in.

Outsider's POV

"Jared, Sam and Paul." He said with distain.

"JAKE!" Billy suddenly half yelled, half... growled.

"What?" He said turning to face his Dad.

"I don't knew how you can like them..." He muttered, as Billy shoved the grocery bag he was holding in his lap in his sons hands.

"Be nice, Jake. You best not be filling my god-daughters head with your rubbish." Bella watched on amused between the exchange of father and son whilst Charley was already heading in the direction with four of the bags.

"Rubbish?" Jake gasped, "Rubbish?" He repeated again, Bella felt like she was watching a tennis match.

"Jacob Alexander Black! I want no trouble from you and your friends this time." Billy said with a voice filled with authority and warning. Bella was surprised Billy wasn't a teacher or in the Police Force like her Dad with a tone that commanded even the most unruly of people to attention.

She watched amused as Jake immediately shut his mouth clearly thinking twice about arguing back and marched; or should she say stomped, off in the direction of the fire.

She followed his figure before spying her dad returning with the three silhouettes she'd noticed before they'd parked up.

Bella felt Billy grab hold of her hand tightly and tug on her arm to grab her attention!

She leaned down so he could whisper in her ear.

"Don't believe everything Jake says about my people Bella. He is very young and naive...but one day; I hope not…that he will never have to understand...the truth behind the st-"His breath ghosted along the shell of her ear and she strained to listen to the unspoken words.

Her god-fathers cryptic speech was cut short as he noticed the person stood far across the clearing; a deep husky voice called out his name sharply and what was... That? Perhaps a bit of warning?

Bella turned to glare at the intruder whilst Billy kept hold of her hand, gripping it slightly for comfort; only to find her glare melt away as met a pair of eyes that reminded her of the night sky…dark, and flecked with the stars.

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