Okay so I want to adress a few things...

I do have BETA's a team of betas I navigate around depending on who is and isn't available.

Plus, when I get reviews like this:

Huh... I was actualy trying to click on Little Red Riding Story and clicked on this by accident. This is so short and not very well writen. I hope that you correct that in the next chapter.

When I have clearly stated that my chapters will vary between long and short chapters.

And, I wish to say SORRY to all whom think my writing is not very well writen.

Apparently I need to be corrected...

Well. Fuck YOU! Who can't even reply back to my nice message..

When I replied:

Only you then! No one else has had a problem with it.

Impart from a few pointing outspelling/gramar mistakes, this sin't my regular beta.

Eh, just goes to show!

Let me know if my writing is shit or not. And if you all want me to continue writing.

Also, sorry for the lack of update, RL has been interupting my free time and this comment, put me off a little!

Not knowing if everyone else thought this or not.

Hope you all had a nice weekend - it's finally summer over hear in the UK.

Sorry for my rant, just need to know, becuase that person's comment has been nagging in the back of my mind.