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Travis thought's and Wes thought's.

~At the beach house with Travis and Wes~

"This cannot be happen" thought Wes looking at his reflection.

"I don't have a problem with it" Travis voice called out in his head.

Wes fell on his ass in shock, when he heard Travis's voice in his head.

"What the hell is going on Travis?"

"I don't know Wes".

"This is just plain crazy".

"Well, I think it's fucking cool being able to talk through our minds with each other Wes"!

"Yeah your total right Travis it really amazed being able to hear your voice inside by head."Wes said in a mocking tone.

"Yeah right, why the fuck would, I want to hear your voice inside my head Travis".

"What the big deal about it".

Wes lets out a sigh running his chubby hands through his hair.

"Hey man is you okay".

"Do, I fucking look okay Travis!"

"Well no, why the hell do you think, I ask you if you were okay."

"I'm fine."

"Now you're just laying man."

"I'm not!"

"Are too"!

I'm not"!

"Are too"!

"I'm not"!

"Are too"!

"I'm not"!

"Are too"!

"I'm not"!

"Are too"!

"I'm not"!

"Are too"!

"I'm not"!

"Are too"!

"I'm not"!

"Are too"!

"I'm notttttt"!

"Are toooooo"!

"Okay enough already, Travis".

"I'll stop if you tell me what wrong and don't lay man".

There was a long pause before Wes answers his question.

"Do you really want know what's wrong".

"I wouldn't be asking if, I didn't want".

"Fine, I'll tell you what wrong, but you better be listing, because, I'm only saying this once Travis".

"Okay, I'm all ears man".

Okay are you listing Travis".


"I'm only going to say this once so don't import me Travis"

"Okay, I won't".

"I've been turned into a toddler and pulse; I've also been turned into half a cat.

"What so bad about that, I think this is better cool men".

"Of course you would think this is cool Travis".

Wes let a yank rubbing his eyes.

"I think we should go to sleep Wes" said Travis.

"Me not tiwed" said Wes.

"Suwe youw not budded", Travis said rolling his eyes.

"Come on budded", Travis said pulling Wes towards the only bed in the room.

They reach the bed in 15 minutes.

Travis grabs a hold of the sheets to pull himself up on the bed.

A few minutes later….

Travis was looking down at his partner from the bed.

"Do you need help Wes" asked Travis.

"No" said Wes.

Wes once again grabs a hold of the sheets, trying to pull himself on the bed.

After trying for a while to get on the bed, Wes sat on the floor arms cross.

He glares up at Travis and the bed.

"Awe you suwe you don't want help get up on the bed budded" asked Travis.

"Wes doesn't need Twavis help get up on the bed" said Wes.

"Kay fine, I won't help you up then" said Travis.

After a moment of silence between the two of them

Wes was the first one out of the two of them to speak.

"I need help Twavis", Wes mummer under his breath.

"What did you say budded" Travis asked him softy.

Wes glares up at Travis.

Wes sat there silence, just glaring up at Travis.

After about ten minutes of silence, Wes repeated what he said to Travis again.

"I need help Twavis" ,Wes said.

"Kay budded" Travis said.

Travis grabs Wes under his armpits helping him on to the bed.

It only took Travis about five minutes to get Wes on the bed with him.

Travis and Wes crawl under the blanket.

Travis grabs Wes around the middle, pulling Wes towards him.

Wes push's at Travis chest sleepily.

Travis just pulls Wes closer to his chest.

"Shh go to sleep budded" said Travis, running his fingers through Wes's soft blond locks.

A few minutes later…

Travis and Wes were curled around each other.

The kitty jump's onto the bed curling up at their feet.

~Meanwhile with Kate and Amy~

Kate and Amy were sitting at their desks going Travis's and Wes's late case they had been working on before, they had gone missing.

It had now been 42 hours, since Travis and Wes had gone missing.

They had looked through the case files multiple times of Travis's and Wes's late case, the two had been work on before they had disappeared.

After 42 hours of searching the case had gone cool.

There were no more leaders on where they could be.

Kate looks at her partner to see, if she had any leads on where Travis and Wes were.

Amy looked up from the files at her partner.

"These are fuck useless", Amy said pushing the files off her desk.

Kate gets up from desk and walks up to Amy desk.

She bends down picking up the files Amy had pushed off her desk.

She tries handing the files to her partner, who just stares at her.

A few minutes later….

It took her ten minutes of trying to get Amy to take the files back.

Amy had finally taking the files from her partner hands.

~Meanwhile with Dr. Ryan~

It had now been 42 hours since Travis and Wes had show to therapy.

The other members were starting to ask questions about Travis and Wes.

"Dr. Ryan where are Travis and Wes" asked Dakota.

"Yeah where are they Dr. Ryan" asked Mr. Dumont.

"Did something happen to them" asked Mrs. Dumont.

"Did they get shot" asked Peter.

"Are they in the hospital" asked Rozelle.

"Why have they been here the last few sessions" asked Clyde.

"Okay everyone calm down, I'll answer one question this session" said Dr. Ryan.

"Dakota" asked Dr. Ryan.

"WhereareTravisandWes" asked Dakota really fasted.

"Dakota dear could you slow down" asked Dr. Ryan.

"Oh sorry Dr. Ryan" said Dakota, rubbing the back of her head.

"That okay dear just don't talk so fast" said Dr. Ryan.

"Okay" said Dakota.

Dakota took breath before speaking, "Where are Travis and Wes?

"They're in the middle of working on a case" said Dr. Ryan.

It was only half the truth.

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Perview for the next chapter.

~Travis and Wes~

Travis and Wes woke up with their legs tangled together.

It only took them a few minutes to get untangled from each other.

Travis and Wes jumps off the bed along with the kitty.

They walked towards the bedroom door fining it half crack.

Travis push's Wes behind him and peeps out the door to see if it was safe.

Once Travis finds it to be safe, he opens the door and steps out of the bedroom.

He walks forward into the other room to check it out.

Travis looks around the room there were chairs, a fire place and a TV settled.

He starts to walk around the room, checking to make sure it was safe.