Pein the pimp chapter 6:


Should I talk to him? Would it be inappropriate to ask an employee out on a date…? What if he's changed his mind?! Maybe that's why he's ignoring me…

Frowning, Pein walked back from the breakfast room. He passed Itachi's door, heart hammering. It was just his luck that the Uchiha would emerge as he was walking past… He got closer and closer, actually speeding up. Did he want the weasel to see him? To communicate with him?

Well… yes, if he was being honest with himself. Itachi had been avoiding him since that night… and it was killing Pein. The man knew Itachi was feeling awkward about last time they spoke, but he had too much pride to come out and address it. Still, they both needed to talk about it because this was confusing and painful. The ginger hated how Itachi was talking to him about work as he did before and delivering reports shyly, eyeing him with those big dark eyes if they passed in the halls or he entered the same room…The Uchiha was waiting for Pein to make the first move.

But dammit I've never done anything like this before!

Normally people threw themselves at him and he'd never really cared about any of them. But this- here with Itachi playing hard-to-get and Pein craving the Uchiha's touch and voice and company- was not something he had experience in dealing with. He sighed deeply when he reached the door. The ginger could hear no movement inside. Pein raised a fist to knock.

"Is that the Uchiha's room?" a velvety voice mused behind him.

Pein turned quickly, recognising the tone. It may not be as deep as his voice but that man was sexy-sounding, he had to admit. Pein hadn't even sensed him approaching but there he was, leaning against the wall behind him. He was good.

"Sasori," the taller man greeted.

The scorpion raised an eyebrow. He was a genius at reading people and their body language -such a talent was useful to his area of expertise- and he could tell instantly that his employer was embarrassed. So he has a thing for Itachi Uchiha…?

"Are you sure it's a good idea to get attached to that one?" the redhead asked, his chocolaty eyes disapproving. "With all due respect, Pein, I think you're making a mistake. Were it me there is no way I would allow him -or his brother- anywhere near Akatsuki. They could be spies for the police for all we know."

That one…? Itachi was a person; he was a "him" not a "that." Pein's eyes hardened; he'd considered that possibility but he doubted they would go so far as to stage a giant hoax like the deaths of Fugaku and his wife and the house fire, etc… It seemed unlikely not to mention over the top… and Itachi had been so sincere. Pein wanted to believe him.

"It's not your place to tell me how to run my company." Pein replied with an emotionless tone, adding or my would-be love life, thank you very much… in his head. "Are you prepared for your job?"

The scorpion shrugged, "Yes, I was about to leave but decided to check with you if the details had changed. This is different and more complicated than my usual jobs, so I wanted to make sure. It's definitely in Ame?"

The taller man nodded and Sasori kicked off the wall and turned, heading for the exit.

"Good luck," Pein called after him as this job meant much more to him than any other he'd assigned to Sasori. "And be careful."

The redhead kept walking but turned his head slightly to catch a glimpse of Pein from the corner of one deep brown eye.

"Same to you," he said with a warning tone.

If something happened to this place Deidara would be affected. Sasori gritted his teeth, praying Pein got his shit together and didn't cause any problems for his blonde.

Pein sighed and walked away, heading for the bar. He felt the need for a stiff drink and bitching session with Konan. He glanced back at the door to his weasel's room, frowned and dragged his feet as the early morning drinking sessions seemed to be merging with his daily routine.

From the other side of the door, in a dark room, Itachi slumped.


Why didn't he knock? Doesn't he trust me after all? What should I do…?

The Uchiha sat with his head in his hands and back against the door in the dark and felt like crying. He knew he'd feel better for it but for some reason his body refused to grant him the comfort. It insisted on bottling up the hurt and loneliness till someone talked to him.

No… till Pein talked to him.

Unfortunately it looked like he'd be waiting a little while longer. The Uchiha frowned; he could wait as long as Pein did eventually say something to him. Say that to him again… Itachi blushed and cuddled his knees to his chest as he thought of that night in the rain… and warm, strong arms holding him close. The weasel grinned; Pein definitely cared.

The smile instantly fell.

I'll be leaving in a few months anyway. What's the point of getting attached and acting pathetic like this? It would only cause hurt and inconvenience.

Itachi rose to his feet, flipped on the lights and strode to the wardrobe; time to move on with his life. The Uchiha heard passing chatter and footsteps on the other side of his door.

"Hey! So if you had to go out with a guy who works here who would you like?" Ino's voice chirped.

"Pein," Konan answered immediately.

Itachi felt fury and something in-between fear and jealousy rush through him; he tensed all his muscles and was shaking slightly. Dammit…

"What about you?"

"Hmm… Either Sasuke or Deidara," the blonde mused aloud. "Sasuke's so cool! They're both gorgeous and Dei's a really nice guy. Totally gay though, so he's my gay best friend. Hey, do you think something's going on with those two? Him and Pein?"

Ino had pointed to Itachi's door- of course the eaves dropping Uchiha didn't see this from inside and assumed they were still harping on about the bomber.

"Hmmm, maybe… I was wondering that myself after those vibes in the kitchen yesterday…" the blue haired woman's tone was thoughtful, "He is extremely sexy, after all. I wouldn't say no to him… I mean, who doesn't want a piece of that ass?"

Ino giggled at the comment.

Itachi clenched his teeth as the girls' gossip continued further down the hall. He leaned against the door with both arms pressed against its wood. He was shaking slightly and felt wretched; how could he want Pein to only love him when he would have to say goodbye and hurt the man? Still, no tears fell.

Flicking the lights off, Itachi slid down the door again, crouching in that same position silently, cuddling his knees once more. He tried to pretend a man taller than him with stronger muscles and ginger hair had an arm around his shoulders. In his imagination he was offered a comforting smile with cigarettes.


"And then he said "I always have" in this really sincere -but still totally sexy- voice, un," the blonde prattled. "And –I swear- he was the greatest lay I've ever had! And how many have I been with? I'll have to ask Pein someday… Nah, I'd feel like a massive whore. But anyway, he was amazing, un! So, I gave him my number and he left… He has this sexy walk too-"

"Deidara," an angry Hidan interrupted, pealing a slice of cucumber off of his left eye. "It's great that some redhead rocked your fucking world but during that time I MISSED MY FUCKING RITUAL FOR NO REASON so shut the FUCK up and focus on the fucking job in HAND!"

The artist flinched and nodded apologetically, miming zipping his mouth shut. Hidan grunted his approval and replaced the cucumber. He smirked as Deidara got down on his knees at the end of the bed the zealot was laying on. The blonde had already expertly coated his finger and toe nails in a dark teal greenish coloured polish and was now blowing lightly on them whilst massaging moisturiser into Hidan's feet and between his toes. The white haired man sighed contentedly; making Deidara his "bitch for the week" was the best idea he'd ever had. Anything he wanted, Deidara had to give him.

The blonde had already brought him breakfast in bed, cleaned the entire room, tidied the wardrobe, given him a manicure and pedicure, done Hidan's hair and next on the list was his massage.

He lay there on Deidara's bottom bunk of their nice, freshly cleaned bed, wearing only a purple pair of boxers with swearwords in yellow and orange printed all over the material. The zealot's body had been killing him since last night's bondage session, but now he had the dainty fingers of his roommate easing away the pain.

Deidara coated his hands in moisturiser and finished the foot massage. He moved up, along Hidan's strong legs. It felt wonderful. Typically the most feminine man Hidan had ever met would be gifted with excellent masseuse and nursing skills. Deidara's blonde brows pulled closer to one another as he glided the moist pads of his fingers over a nasty-looking closed wound.

"Hidan… You know, I don't like seeing your body up-close like this, un…"

Deidara's words made the Jashinist flinch inwardly, stabbing in his gut like knives. Out of the blue Hidan felt the urge to cry. He'd never been told he was ugly before, but he was sure he could take it from anyone else.

Just not Deidara, he thought with an aching chest, Anyone but him.

"I hate seeing what those sick bastards do to you, un," he went on, obliviously.

Relief and joy almost winded Hidan, "Wh-what the fuck?"

The bomber grinned at his friend, completely oblivious to his previous mistake.

"I don't want people to hurt you. And to find pleasure in it… Don't you think that's kind of disgusting, un?"

He was just being fucking protective… Hidan smiled, a tear of joy trickling over his temple. Dammit, why am I so fucking emotional today?!

"Actually I like it this way, so don't worry." He raised a fist to quickly erase the evidence of his crying, "Guess that makes me "kind of disgusting" too, right?"

"Oh yeah, you're disgusting alright. Filthy even…" the flirtatious teen winked at his friend, "That's why I've gotta clean you up till you're good as new, un!"

That boy was going to be the death of him and his self-restraint, Hidan sighed as he tried to think of something other than the pretty young man working his way up his bare legs, kneading the flesh with his magic hands travelling closer and closer to his more sensitive areas… The zealot began to focus on something else, like the blissful injuries he would sustain later that evening. He grinned in a feral manner, remembering that it would only be a few more hours until new, torturously good scars and cuts and bruises were to be bestowed upon him. The thought was starting to turn him on… His grin quickly turned to a grimace as he remembered where he was and whose company he was in. A boner right now would not help the whole "We're just best-buds, of course I don't fancy Deidara!" thing he had going on.

"You know, I just thought of something, un…"

"Whoa, fuck! Achievement unlocked!" Hidan lifted his head slightly and peaked under the green slices covering his eyes before completely removing them -and crunching the juicy vegetables in a crude couple of bites- to regard the blonde's cute little pout.

"Don't take the piss, un!"

"Ok, but seriously, I keep meddles and shit in that drawer over there just for occasions like thi- Argh, fuck, Dei, it was a fucking joke!"

Deidara had bitten him on the inside of the thigh.

Fresh scarlet blood began to flow from the wound, brightly contrasting with Hidan's moonlight-coloured skin. At first the artist felt guilty and he almost panicked, but then he remembered his friend probably got off on this sort of thing anyway. Still, he felt bad. Deidara couldn't help being a caring soul- especially for the man who'd always been there for him, ever since day one. The blonde bit his lip at the man lying beneath him apologetically and then flicked out his tongue to lap up the blood, feeling Hidan's smooth flesh quiver beneath the warmth.

The zealot watched with wide eyes as Deidara's mouth worked over his skin. Fuck, is he trying to make me loose it?!

The artist had never thought much of his actions towards Hidan, always assuming he was safely seated in the taller boy's friend-zone. Hidan wouldn't make a move, Deidara used to think. He knows I'm just playing around...

But even the blonde could now sense something was thick in the air, and it certainly wasn't "friendship" or whatever. So why wasn't he stopping? Why didn't he make a stupid joke and act like they were just best buddies or something? Why was he enjoying the tension so much?

What about Sasori?

After the younger male had swallowed the escaped, coppery liquid he pressed his parted lips over the open wound, pressing that hot, wet muscle over the slice until the bleeding subsided. Hidan couldn't help the heavy breathing, or the way his mind wandered to all the things they could be using that moisturiser for (instead of his legs), just like Deidara couldn't stop the slow raise of his blonde head and the sexy half-lidded blue-eyed stare that followed. It was force of habit.

Hidan's eyes flickered to the bottle of would-be lube and Deidara's were quick to follow. The blonde caught on but played dumb, looking away and kissing the wound better again.

"Sorry, un," he mumbled.

There was a pause as both males stared at each other, blue into pink and pink into blue.

Hidan refused to look away, his mind rushing. Why wasn't Deidara doing his usual awkward chuckle and joking blabber to smooth this over and move on? Any second now the blonde would surely laugh it off. The white haired man continued to eye his roommate with expectation, unsure of what to do. Should he make a move? Was that what Deidara was waiting for? What the hell am I supposed to do?!

The blonde had been about to do just that, trying to think of something (anything) and made the mistake of quickly scanning the room to find a conversation topic when his eyes found that moisturiser cream again. The white haired male inwardly groaned as he watched Deidara look at the lubricant and lick his lips clean of blood- a movement he probably wasn't aware of consciously, but tormented Hidan to no end. His mind began to whirl uncontrollably, conjuring up an assortment of positions for him and his roommate to enjoy.

Before he could stop himself the older teen squeezed his eyes shut in dismay. He was turned on. With every awkward second that passed he felt his underwear grow tighter. A dark blush spread over Hidan's cheeks as Deidara finally thought of something he could say to break the awkward silence. He turned his pretty face back to the older teen, mouth open as he was about to begin speaking.

His mouth went slack when he caught sight of his friend.

At first he frowned; why was Hidan bright red? And then he saw the huge tent in those brightly coloured boxers.

"Hidan…" Deidara began quietly, unsure of where he was going with his words.

Oh my fucking Jashin! The zealot screamed to himself inside his head, furious with his body and mind. He glanced sheepishly up at the blonde seated between his legs, a prettier blush blooming over Deidara's cheeks as well.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT!

Pein walked sluggishly down the stairs to Zetsu's room, sloshing the contents of his half-empty bottle of tequila in one hand.

The green-haired freak lived on the lowest bowels of the base; he had a whole hall to himself inside which he kept UV strip lighting to grow rows of tables of weed amongst various other plants. The pots were lined up in the pattern black then white then black then white. The front of his door was black and the back was white, the same as the door to his bathroom.

The basement (which was actually larger than the combined kitchens and dining hall) he lived in wasn't properly decorated. It basically looked like a prison with concrete walls, floor and ceiling (out of which dripped various pipes), though it had been furnished with sofas, televisions, lamps, tables, a huge fridge, three freezers, radiators and chairs that corresponded with the black and white theme. Zetsu had a large bathroom (with cupboards stacked with syringes and capsules of pills, powders and liquids), a king-sized bed (underneath which laid fifty pillows, though the cases were packed with cocaine rather than feathers) and a collection of wardrobes. The wardrobes were the only furnishings to escape the black and white theme. Some of them were plastic, others were metal but the majority were wooden. They were various different colours, shapes, sizes and types of wood or metal or plastic. All but one was stocked with weapons ranging from crossbows to pistols, throwing knives to bazookas, poisons to explosives. The crazy man had named all of them. Each and every one that stored dangerous equipment was named after a plant; Daisy, Rosy, Lilly, Blossom, Fern, Violet, Willow and Buttercup were the ones Pein could remember off the top of his head, though the one he remembered best was the only one that didn't store weapons of any kind. This was Zetsu's personal wardrobe for his clothes; Collin.

Collin was smaller than the other "female" wardrobes, closest to Zetsu's huge bed. Surrounding the bed were multiple television sets and computer-screens and lap-tops.

"Why are they all female?" Pein recalled asking Zetsu as he gestured to the wardrobe.

"Because women are dangerous. Very dangerous." Zetsu glanced to the side at where the fridge and freezers were humming in the corner closest to his bed. "Hey, Pein, promise me you'll never look inside them, ok?"

"Ok… I promise," Pein decided whatever Zetsu was nervous about showing him probably should remain unseen. "But what exactly is-"

"Do you believe in aliens?" the maniac cut in suddenly before smacking himself, "Shut up! …Sorry. But yeah, that's Collin. He's a good guy. You and Collin are the only people I trust. Yeah. Actually, I'm not sure about Collin. Me neither, but he can hear us so be quiet!"

Pein hadn't known whether he should laugh or back away slowly. So instead he did both.

This brought him back to wondering who he could trust. Konan, of course, Zetsu, in a strange way he knew that man respected him and would go to great lengths to kill and eat anybody stupid enough to try and cause trouble for Pein or the company, Nagato, though he was now very worried about where the man had gone missing to and why for such a long time… But other than these three people, who was there?

Thoughts of Itachi suddenly swirled through his mind like the alcohol in his veins and bottle. There was an aching in his gut. He frowned and clenched a hand over the material covering this area of his strong body. Pein hated that the boy had lead such a hard life. And he loathed the rest of his family for driving him away. That was no way for a family to behave. It was easier to get angry on the weasel's behalf rather than face the consequence of the other Uchiha's death threats and greed: Itachi would go. He would leave Pein and this place behind.

There had to be something the man could do.


"Pein!" Konan's voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

He stopped and turned to see the blue-haired beauty, striding elegantly closer. Pein nodded and she smiled, reaching him. They both continued to walk towards the green-haired maniac's den, side by side as they always had been. Konan and Nagato were Pein's closest friends- ever since childhood.

"So…?" the woman nudged him with her elbow, "What's go you drinking shots from the bottle this early in the day? And you're heading for Zetsu's stash, too, huh? It's gotta be bad, whatever it is."

Pein sighed, offering her the bottle which she gratefully took and sipped from.

"Love," he sighed, making Konan almost choke on the strong drink. "What's your excuse?"

The lady shrugged, "Period pains. You men have it so easy."

"Why don't you just take a pill? Isn't that what most girls do?" Pein ignored the sexism crack.

"I intend to- just not those sorts of pills," she winked a pretty amber eye. "I can't swallow them. It must be in my head or something but I just can't."

"So you can handle God knows how many penises shoved down your throat but not a couple Paracetamol?" Pein laughed once. It was a dark sound.

She pouted, "I like you better sober."

The ginger ran a hand through his hair, feeling the start of a headache already. "Me too."

"I keep telling you, don't I? Alcohol won't cheer you up! It's a depressive!" Konan poked his arm, "So…? What's all this about love? Who caught your eye and made you all sad and broken hearted? Tell me so I can break her face."

Pein smirked, "It's a boy for starters… and actually I'm sworn to secrecy with this one."

The woman stared, "Sworn to secrecy?! You –Yahiko- are obliged to tell me everything! We're Bestest-Buddies-Forever-And-Ever-In-The-Whole-Universe! So you have to tell me!"

Pein shrugged –he might be drunk but he still wasn't going to go against Itachi's wishes- and went to open Zetsu's door. He froze as soon as his hand finished closing around the handle.

"Nyaaaah! Ah~ Haaah~Uh, ooooh, Zetsu-saaaaan…" Tobi's voice moaned from the other side of the door. "Yes… Ah! There~"

Pein's eyes widened before he went red in the face- all the way to the roots of his orange hair –and turned to Konan, who was just about holding in a laugh.

They both backed away slowly as Zetsu's grunts and rasps of praise, as well as Tobi's pleasured cries and screams, echoed through the madman's private hallway. Konan took a long swig of the bottle and handed it back to Pein, clutching her lower stomach as she felt another cramp stab her insides. The ginger man rubbed her back in sympathy, drinking the remains of his bottle.

The pair found themselves back in the kitchens; the social area of the company. Since all the lounges were used for the kinky events going on later in the day everyone tended to relax in the large eating space. Sasuke and Naruto were sat on the counter by the fridge. The blonde was singing along to his roommate's guitar playing. The Uchiha opened his mouth at Naruto and the blue eyed boy fed him a piece of sushi with a grin as they continued the song. Gaara sat nearby; listening as he ate quietly, Kakashi was on the other side of the kitchen, reading and Kiba had Hinata seated a top one table and tossing little party sausages up in the air for Akamaru and himself to compete over as they both fought to catch the meat in their mouths.

All of them noticed Pein enter and stiffened somewhat, except Kakashi who raised a hand as a casual greeting gesture, which the Leader nodded towards in return. Other than this everyone continued pretty much as normal, some fixing their clothes and sitting up straighter, but otherwise they were very relaxed. This was their relaxing time.

There was food and other people- two of Deidara's favourite things.

So where is he? Konan wondered.

She normally enjoyed chatting with her little blonde buddy, as did Ino. However, the boy was nowhere to be seen. The Yamanaka waved to Konan, smiling at Pein as he sat down at their table too.

"Where's Dei-chan, Ino?" the blue haired woman asked as she tried to get comfy in her chair.

The girl shrugged, "Haven't seen him all day! Weird, huh? Naruto said he saw him early making loads of food but he went back to his room and hasn't come out for ages."

Konan placed a finger to her chin. "Hmm… Maybe… Hidan finally told him how he feels…?"

Pein snapped his head up to look at the girls, "Hidan likes Deidara?!"

"Pfft! Boss, oh my God! Everybody knows that," Ino giggled, before turning back to her friend. "But he wouldn't have, surely! I mean, he's too scared he'll ruin their friendship-"

The ginger snorted and Konan glared.

"What is it, Pein?"

He scratched the back of his head, "Hidan…? He wouldn't be that caring, right? Are we talking about the same Hidan here?"

Ino rolled her eyes and took a sip of her lemonade. "You're just oblivious. How are some men so terrible at understanding emotions?"

Pein slumped, too drunk to care about the disrespectful way Ino was addressing him.

The blonde suddenly perked up, "Speaking of which- I hope you don't mind me asking, sir, but… Do you have something going on with Itachi Uchiha?"

"What?" He frowned, sobering up instantly at the mention of the name, "No."

Ino chewed her lip, "Ok… Sorry for asking."

Pein sighed, "Konan, do you have chewing gum?"

Konan smirked and handed him a few strips, "You're not interested in being drunk anymore?"

He took the gum, silently chewing as Konan mouthed to Ino how he sulked but never really felt a hangover or anything- he just felt terrible when he was drinking. Precisely why he drank in the first place, Konan didn't understand.

"Shouldn't you be at school?" Konan pondered aloud, frowning at Ino.

The blonde shook her head, "Weekend. Duh."

Konan shrugged and Ino settled for gossiping about who got to "tend to" the band that was on their way- Manda. (She had a habit of referring to clients as flowers.)

"They're a bit… screamo for my tastes," she explained to her boss, "And the lead singer's kind of creepy but cool- oh God, that tongue-"

"Shotgun," Sasuke's voice called from the other side of the kitchen.

Ino looked up in surprise. Her available eye brightened as it met those of the indifferent Uchiha boy. Taking this as an invitation to join them she rose to her feet, Sasuke in her sights. He kept at the song, a soft smile on his face as he listened to Naruto continue singing words of love in his pretty voice. The teenage girl rose from her seat, exchanging smiles with Konan, and sauntering over to Naruto, who smiled as the girl hopped up onto the counter and sat next to him, singing along too. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

Konan watched with a troublesome smirk on her face as Itachi, looking handsome and tragic in his casual dark clothes and silver necklace, appeared at the doorway. He smiled at Sasuke, seemingly pleased with how his little brother had made friends so easily. The older Uchiha then scanned the room and caught sight of Pein.

The blue haired woman raised an eyebrow at the way Itachi paled, his facial expressions melting into a mask as he met eyes with her. Konan tilted her head with intrigue but the teen ignored her, turning to open the cupboards above him in search of cornflakes and something sweet.

He would ignore Pein. Playing hard to get was the best method he could think of; this way he wasn't really leading the man on but at the same time he could maybe enjoy Pein's company. It's his own fault if he makes a move on me and ends up getting hurt… Or at least that was what Itachi was telling himself.

Pein, however, was facing the wrong way. He had his back to the weasel, therefore Konan thought it only fair to inform him of Itachi's presence.

"Pein… You know that boy you mentioned…?"

The ginger eyed her dangerously. "I don't want to talk about it." Nor am I allowed…

"Ok, but I think he might~" she teased.

The man snapped his head around and caught sight of Itachi stretching to reach something in a high cupboard. The position he was in displayed his beautiful body perfectly for anyone in Pein's direction. Something the man refused to believe was coincidence.

Especially when the boy with midnight-black hair turned to glance at him and met his glance with a light blush. Pein smiled warmly- and Itachi gave a small grin back. Despite himself the Uchiha felt pure joy race through his veins as he watched his Boss leave Konan alone at the table and strode over to where he was standing. The ginger man closed the distance between them, not saying a word he placed a hand on Itachi's shoulder. The younger man couldn't recall when he had relaxed from the stretch to grab the box of muffins he'd discovered- nor did he care.

The taller man reached up easily, without breaking eye contact with Itachi, and seized the treats. He handed them to his weasel, who murmured a "thank you" and opened the lid to the muffins. Both seemed completely unaware of everyone's eyes staring at the two usually stoic and closed off men sharing such an affectionate moment.

"You should ask him to butter it for you, Itachi," Konan called from her table.

A lot of the people in the hall snickered. Itachi went a bit pink, again, before giving her the typical death-glare. Sasuke grinned at the interesting scene.

"One more word and I'll cut your costumes allowance," Pein threatened darkly.

Konan quickly held up her hands in mock surrender.

Pein sighed and turned his attention back to Itachi.

"May I speak with you in private, Itachi?"

As the Uchiha nodded without hesitation, but with slightly apprehensive eyes, somebody wolf whistled.

"You only get two thousand this month, Konan," Pein declared with a tired voice as he led Itachi out of the too-crowded room.

"What?!" she cried, "But that was Kiba!"

"Hey!" Kiba shouted.

It was too late, the pair had left and Ino instantly returned to the moping Konan, raring to go for a new gossip session.

Pein walked side by side with Itachi towards his office. He wasn't entirely sure what he wanted to say but he knew it would probably come out once he sat down and opened his mouth, looking into those beautiful eyes. They walked in an extremely awkward silence, which the ginger loathed. To fix it he reached out and made the bold move of taking Itachi's hand.

The young Uchiha's eyes widened but he gripped the larger, warmer hand gratefully anyway.

"I missed you," Itachi mumbled.

He felt the stronger fingers slide between his own and squeeze tightly.

"I didn't go anywhere."

"You know what I mean…" He trailed off, looking away.

Pein rubbed the pad of his thumb along Itachi's palm, making the boy feel tingly.

"I know exactly what you mean."

Deidara finally saw everything. It was clear to him now, after watching Hidan's reaction. The man liked him. He like liked him. And after all this time of the blonde blindly walking about the room with nothing on, or carelessly bragging about how excellent his previous client had been... Standing Hidan up and teasing him with his body. Constantly calling him his best "Friend"… The artist felt ashamed.

All the while Hidan was lost in those azure eyes and too afraid to move. He could tell Deidara had figured it out. How could he not figure it out? Between either of them was the stiff and aching proof Hidan fancied his best friend! Shit.

Deidara finally couldn't take the suspense any longer. He felt so guilty he did the first thing that came to him: flirting.

"I hurt you, didn't I?" he said in quite a soft yet sexy tone. "And I've messed you around… Do you… want to do the same to me, un…?"

The white-haired man's oddly coloured eyes widened.

Deidara kept his sparkling blue stare intense with his face serious as he crept in a feline manner over the taller, stronger body.

"You can hurt me, do whatever you want, un. After all, I deserve it. You've been so good to me… but I've been naughty. Shouldn't you punish me, un…?"

The younger teen tilted his head in a cute manner, the hair free of his ponytail trailing like silky feathers over his too-hot body. Deidara was leaning his face down to feel Hidan breathe over the skin of his lips now, daring his friend to move.

"You're giving me the "spank me; I've been a naughty boy" act, huh? You fucking tease…" The zealot grinned, completely awed that the situation had panned out so well for him.

If this was all it took he would have let the blonde see him get hard ages ago!

He grabbed the back of Deidara's head roughly, marvelling for the hundredth time at his soft, beautiful hair, and crushed their mouths together.

Neither of them wasted time with a chaste kiss.

At first contact both mouths were open and hungrily devouring the other.

Hidan groaned as Deidara, who was already almost as horny as the man beneath him, ground their crotches together and proceeded to plunge a hand into the purple pants. There was very little thought going on now- the pair felt as though they were plunged into a desperate, animalistic race to get off as quickly as possible before rational thought came back into play and ruined their fun. The blonde gasped into Hidan's mouth as he felt the white-haired male unzip his jeans and ram both hands into the garment. A chuckle rumbled through his chest as he felt Deidara wasn't wearing any underwear. The blonde chewed the older male's tongue in response, earning a painfully-pleasured moan and a squeeze on his smooth little rear.

Deidara slid his fingers through soft, white hair as he actually managed to maintain the domination of Hidan's mouth whilst pumping him furiously with his other hand. The male who lay beneath him grunted every now and then, fighting back in the kiss and bucking his hips up into Deidara's touch. It always felt better when someone else jacked him off, but because it was Deidara it felt like heaven, and although he didn't want it to end he knew it would soon. Sense would re-enter their brains the second they broke contact. The very moment they stopped to catch their breath.

Hidan dreaded it, as did his lover-of-the-moment.

Instead of thinking both focused on satisfying their urges before this happened. They shut off their minds and turned their full attention to sex.

Groping, thrusting, pounding, devouring, messy, noisy, rough and glorious sex, was the unspoken and single thought the two males shared silently through touch alone.

Pink stared up hungrily into blue. But where most would run terrified from such intensity Deidara revelled in it. He wanted more. He wanted to feel all the pent-up rage Hidan had for him. He wanted to be used and abused, not only to even the score but because that look and these touches excited him. They excited him to no end.

Hidan ran his tongue over Deidara's pearly teeth, wrapping a hand over his weeping shaft and stroking, rushing to smother the member with furious love. The blonde moaned back into the kiss, his heart racing and body trembling. Hidan's other hand eagerly groped and squeezed the ass he had been fantasizing over for the last year, marvelling at how soft and warm the skin was. Deidara felt a finger poke and then shove roughly inside him, past the initially tight ring of muscle. Deidara pressed back into the touch, forcing the digit deeper. He then rocked his pelvis back and forth, his lower regions thoroughly enjoying a finger-fucking on the back thrust and the tight, fast hand pleasuring his arousal when he brought his hips forwards. Speed was the name of the game; for one thing whoever came first would most likely get teased about it for quite some time. On the other hand, the pair had reason and all things sensible right on their tails. It would be ideal to have enjoyed themselves before that happened.

The problem was both were trained professionals in the arts of sex. This meant they had pretty incredible stamina, after all, practise makes perfect. Unfortunately the libido of an animal in heat but with more stamina than a marathon runner was not "perfect" for times such as these. They just wanted to find what they were looking for from this relationship and this one moment. Neither male could deny in their lust-clouded minds that there had always been some sort of sexual tension in the room. Just like how neither could accept it was alright and maybe they should just go out. Both subjects were impossible to speak of. They weren't meant for this, so why were they doing it?

The more they thought about how strangely bad this should be the faster and harder the pleasure came. It was wrong, but it felt very, very right. Exactly why it was wrong neither could put their fingers on. (Hidan's were shoved too far up Deidara's ass for a start). And at the same time they wanted it so badly. Forbidden love; something so sick and wonderful it made their whole room feel sinfully dirty and hot. Hidan added a second finger which Deidara gratefully accepted, ignoring the slight stretching pain as it entered him. They were searching for that one thing inside one another, perhaps to get it out of their systems and move on with their friendship or maybe to make something more of this bond.

Either way, Deidara reasoned, I'm his "bitch" for the week because of what I did with Sasori. It's my fault and I'll just have to face the consequences...

That was the last sentence that fully formed in the younger teen's mind before electrical pleasure shot up his spine and all through his muscles. A third finger had been added but before Deidara could feel the pain of it Hidan had struck gold in the form of the blonde's sweet-spot. He felt his legs give out and a particularly loud groan escape his throat whilst Hidan smirked and used his own legs to kick off the rest of the blonde's clothes (which had pooled at his knees and behind him on the bed). He then removed his hands from the teen's body- which was not at all to Deidara's liking. He moaned sadly as Hidan pulled his hands free from the soft, hot body.

Instead he ran those lucky hands over Deidara's sides, now devouring his neck, all the way down to his collar bone and back up again, to his earlobe. Hidan licked and chewed the sensitive skin ravenously as he flipped their bodies so that he was on top. The blonde felt his heart race faster still as anticipation, fear and helpless lust burned through his veins. The older teen dragged Deidara's beautiful body by the hips to the edge of the bed so that his legs dangled off the end and his behind was close to joining them.

Hidan crouched and took both tanned thighs in each hand. Wide and wild blue eyes watched as the man spread Deidara's legs -with a reverence that told the blonde he'd been longing to do this for some time- and bent to lick from the base to the tip of his rigid cock. The religious boy lapped hungrily at the sides of the shaft, knowing exactly where to go in order to send his roommate mad.

"Uuh, mmm, haaah…" Deidara grabbed a fistful of sheets in one hand and slid his fingers through Hidan's hair with the other.

The blonde's rolled his hips whilst tensing and relaxing his thighs as his the older boy circled the tip and then forced his head down, taking the entirety of Deidara's manhood down his throat.

"Aah! D-dammit, u-un," the smaller boy mewled and shuddered happily.

Smeared with saliva and pre, Deidara's arousal twitched desperately inside Hidan's mouth. Both moaned, Hidan because, unbelievably, Deidara tasted sweeter than any woman or desert he'd ever had the pleasure of tasting and Deidara because Hidan's hot and moist cavern around him felt utterly divine. He felt he would either drown in pleasure or burn to death if his climax didn't reach him soon. Hidan deep-throated him for three rather violent bobs of his head with closed eyes before he opened them and flickered them towards the moisturiser that lay on it's side within Deidara's reach. The writhing blonde caught on again and passed his friend the bottle.

Hidan slung Deidara's legs either side of his neck. The blonde's knees bent over the warm flesh of each of Hidan's shoulders and stayed in the position. Deidara watched as Hidan continued to swallow his cock whilst coating his hands in moisturiser. One hand slowly began jacking Hidan off, slicking his erection, whilst the other lubricated Deidara's already-stretched ass. The suspense and blowjob Deidara was receiving seemed incredibly torturous. He moaned and panted whilst curling and uncurling his toes behind Hidan's back. Deidara could feel his climax building. The pressure began to rise and he couldn't help squirming a little, his golden chest heaving. Hidan wasn't going easy on him- he was being as harsh and pleasurable as possible.

Both boys had been taught that during sex with clients it was a good idea to go easy on them until they came close to orgasm. At this point you use all the skill and energy you possess to satisfy them with an explosive finish.

This technique seemed to have been abandoned by Hidan as he did everything within his mouth and tongue's power to suck Deidara dry. Said boy groaned as he felt himself throb with need. They hadn't even got to his favourite part yet and already he felt like he would blow at any given moment. Burning pleasure was already searing through his groin and threatening to send him over the edge.

"H-Hidan~ I-I'm gonna-ah!- gonna… if you keep- uuh!"

Just before he came Hidan pulled his mouth away, raking his canine teeth along the sensitive member and biting the skin of the tip earning a cry. Deidara was beginning to understand the appeal for this type of sexual pleasure as he was experiencing it first-hand. Being brought closer and closer, and then being denied a sweet release with a painful tease, leaving the uke a complete mess of aching, burning, yearning desire as they're left helpless and vulnerable in the heated build-up, that sensational ecstasy before glorious release, being left to burn, simmer and whine until the one in control finally gave in and freed you. Deidara was already feeling slight apprehension about his release; he knew it was going to be painfully good.

Hidan now stood, licking his lower lip as he grinned down at his roommate.

The blonde's beautiful body squirmed closer to the standing man, as if edging closer to his climax. Deidara was blushing heavily as he felt those pink eyes roam over his exposed form; with his ankles hooked around Hidan's shoulders the positioning drew attention to the artist's aching erection. Shamelessly Deidara went to relieve some of the pressure he felt boiling in his lower regions, but before he could even touch himself Hidan had grabbed his hand and bent it back. The blonde yelped and whimpered as he pulled his arm away.

"Touch it and I'll break your fucking arm."

Deidara gulped, watching the man loom over him with fearful want.

He felt something warm and wet lightly slip between his ass cheeks.

Knowing exactly what was coming next the blonde whined and struggled in Hidan's grip, trying to push Hidan inside him. Much to Deidara's surprise he complied. The taller man forced his large and eager cock into that tight hotness that was the blonde's ass.

"Fuuuck!" Hidan shouted as the younger male simply cried out in hurt and joy.

Neither moved as they adjusted, not just to the feeling of being connected and stretched or squeezed by another, but to the new connection they now had with each other. This went beyond two friends getting carried away and doing something stupid and both boys knew it. After a seemingly endless moment Deidara closed his eyes, a soft smile gracing his pretty features.

This isn't so bad…

Hidan grinned as he saw that face. A sense of victory raced through him. He'd done it. He'd finally done it. The older teen tried to pull out, still finding it unbelievable how Deidara was almost crushing him in a vice-like grip. He would loose it soon, but was determined to make the most of this situation. He might not get this lucky again.

Deidara opened his eyes and then moaned as Hidan rammed back inside and thrust his cockhead over his prostate, harshly brushing against it. The blonde moaned, yearning for more. He wanted Hidan to nail him. He wanted to get fucked into the mattress. Fast.

"Shit! You're really- ah!- fucking tight for a whore~ Dei," Hidan grunted between pants whilst working up a wild tempo with his thrusts.

Deidara attempted to give the stronger male a disapproving look before finding himself unable to sustain the glare. It quickly turned to a pout and then a moan and then a half-lidded "I don't care just keep doing what you're doing" kind of look. He squirmed, grabbing the sheets behind his head and using them to anchor him in place and panting with need as his prostate was smashed into repeatedly. He saw coloured dots behind his eyelids and white flashes if he kept his eyes open. Pink eyes seemed to feed off of what they saw. Hidan was pounding into Deidara so hard now his tanned body began sliding back on the bed. To keep him in place Hidan slid his hands along the outsides of Deidara's legs, along his thighs and took a hold of the blonde's hips.

With each thrust Hidan now pulled the younger teen back into him, earning louder cries as he went deeper each time.

The sensations that came with being filled, the friction and the intimacy; Deidara adored this. He wanted everyone to touch him, everyone to love him and know he was beautiful- even if he did love men the most. Hidan knew him better than anyone, saw all his flaws and helped him in any way possible. Now it was his turn to return the favour, and he was enjoying every second. Even if his arousal felt like it might explode from the lack of attention. Everywhere, outside and inside of his body, felt like it was burning. Hidan smiled cruelly as he slammed into Deidara's prostate now, dead-centre, drawing a particularly loud series of moans from the blonde's throat, who let his eyes roll back slightly. Deidara arched his back like a cat, desperate for more of the feeling.

Hidan licked his lips at the sight; the body of an angel, that's what Deidara had. It was times like this when he remembered Deidara was so close to perfect. The zealot wished he had more hands; more to link his fingers with Deidara's fingers, pinch his nipples, hold his slim waist, feel his rapidly working chest, caress his lovely, blushing face, stroke his loose mane of hair…

Deidara chewed his lip and shuddered, pleasure rocking through him and threatening to spill over without even the slightest touch to his cock. He panted, feeling Hidan throb inside him with need in time with his own. Their time was running out. He was going to loose it.

Blue eyes stared up, pleading as he drowned in passion. Deidara felt his body tingle as sparks and bolts of bliss attacked his nerves, the epicentre of these being his thoroughly abused prostate. He moaned, arching his neck and panting as the sensitive spot within him continued to be victimised by Hidan's animalistic thrusts. Said man groaned, intoxicated by the sight, sounds and sensations Deidara provided him.

"Do you know…? How long… I've wanted… this…?" Hidan demanded as he continued his assault on the sensitive nerve bundle. He punctuated the sentences with his thrusts, "For fucking ages- ah! –Deidara! I don't give a fuck about your clients! I don't give a fuck about that redhead asshole! I don't give a fuck whether you give a fuck about me!"

Deidara flinched slightly at the outburst, gasping helplessly as his friend furiously attacked him with pleasure. Despite the zealots speech his pounding didn't ease up. It had the opposite effect; he was fucking him harder, more ferociously. Deidara wanted to tell Hidan he cared. He wanted someone to do something about his erection. He wanted to feel guilt for Sasori. He wanted some understanding for this situation. But he could receive none of these things. All the blonde could do was lay there and take it and try not to forget to breathe.

"But I care about you, dammit~" Hidan confessed reluctantly between heavy breaths, his thrusts coming slower and deeper now. "I give a fuck about you, Deidara. Sorry."

The white-haired man felt tears pricking his eyes. He didn't know why he was apologizing. Nor did he understand why he had said all of that in the first place- much less now, in the heat of the moment.

But once again, it turned out for the best.

Deidara wriggled his legs free of Hidan's shoulder blades, at first resulting in the man assuming he had ruined it and the blonde was no longer interested.

This, of course, wasn't the case.

Deidara used his long, tanned legs to wrap around Hidan's pale waist and with one mighty pull he force the cock inside him deeper still whilst heaving Hidan's whole body on top of his own. The bomber rolled their entangled bodies hastily, wrapping his arms around the zealot's neck.

He smiled and brought their lips together warmly.

It was a short kiss, but said more than enough, swirling and tasting tongues to all of their hearts' content. Deidara pulled his face back slightly and kissed him again quickly.

"I give a fuck about you too, un."

Hidan beamed up at the blonde. He shoved him back down and laughed once, exultant. Deidara grinned and then closed his eyes in pure bliss, biting his lip to hold back a cry, since the zealot had slammed into his prostate again. Hidan had one of Deidara's arms locked around his neck –pulling his face closer so the taller boy could wetly ravish his tanned neck- whilst the of Deidara's hands was splayed over Hidan's back to hold their bodies closer. Hidan kept ramming into him- gratefully and with fresh enthusiasm. The blonde was beginning to get very lightheaded as he bent his knees and held his rear off the bed in an angle that allowed Hidan better access and both of them more pleasure.

The zealot finished marking Deidara's neck and went back to reclaiming his lips. When the blonde met the kiss happily, tongue messily meeting the other boys and enjoying the warmth he felt. As a reward Hidan kissed Deidara deeper, burrying one hand in that soft, golden hair he adored, whilst using the other to sneak between tanned thighs.

"F-fuck yes~ U-un!" the bomber cried, breaking the kiss and gasping as Hidan finally grabbed a hold of his neglected cock and roughly pumped him.

Deidara shivered and pushed his body off the bed higher with his legs. He just about held back his orgasm but feeling Hidan finally touch his dripping wet arousal, all the while hammering into his sensitive ass, was going to drive him crazy with passion. He had been yearning for Hidan to touch him there again and it seemed like forever since they began this crazy, spontaneous fuck. But at the same time, not time at all.

Hidan grunted and panted louder now, feeling that coil clench inside of him. It was a wonderful, new feeling to be so utterly consumed by another; to have his whole cock slam all the way inside Deidara's tight, hot and incredible ass. If this is what it felt like to be seme Hidan thought about –in his subconscious and non-sex-clouded areas of his brain- maybe looking into further exploration of these positions. The older teen groaned as he felt fresh waves of pleasure wash over him. He shuddered, heat pooling between his thighs. He was going to cum. Hard.

Determined to give Deidara as much as he was receiving, the male with the larger, stronger body began to thrust faster. Deidara moaned continuously, sometimes trying (and failing) to get across a message with broken, half-moaned and half-gasped cries of pleasure. Each smash into his prostate was beginning to blur into the next until he couldn't tell when one ended and another began. Hidan tightened his grip on Deidara's rigid, glistening length and pumped more vigorously then ever.

The sensations were overwhelming and quickly became too much.

"F-f-fuuck, Dei! I'm gonna fucking cum! Uuh~"

Deidara felt Hidan's hot breath come faster over the crook of his neck. He struggled helplessly as the pleasure proved to be too much for his body to take. Deidara knotted one hand in white hair, yanking Hidan's face closer to his own. The older boy dipped his tongue into Deidara's mouth and felt adoration for this blonde burn as strongly within him as the he felt for the deity he worshipped.

Some time during the mouth-moulding, teeth-clashing, tongue-chewing kiss Hidan went crazy. Deidara combed his fingers through the white locks, whilst mewling and writhing in ecstasy, and he stroked hard along Hidan's back. The blonde gasped, breaking the kiss, as Hidan had sank his teeth into Deidara's lower lip. He grinned evilly, leaning back down whilst thoroughly working his hips back and forth, and took the wounded lip between his own. Hidan licked and sucked the blood from Deidara's mouth, swallowing thirstily and moaning as the shock Deidara felt made his insides tense.

With crippling strength Hidan ploughed into Deidara's heavenly body whilst fisting his cock as fast as humanly possible. Hidan growled into the kiss and fucked the blonde harder, determined to cum together. He pulled out of the kiss briefly to look down at Deidara's gorgeous face. Cerulean eyes blinked up at his, the pretty flushed face expressing slightly worried expectancy, gratitude and need. Hidan found himself very proud and excited at being able to force Deidara to feel like this.

"Cum with me," was his rasped order.

Deidara couldn't reply; his voice wouldn't have formed an understandable reply fast enough and before he could attempt to nod the bigger and stronger boy over him was kissing his lips again.

The younger teen's scream was muffled by Hidan's demanding mouth as he came, spilling his seed between Hidan's hard-working fingers and over their stomachs with excruciatingly pleasurably thrills and sensations rushing and surging through his body. They gathered quickly, fire searing into and between Deidara's thighs as he felt Hidan slam and burry his entire cock inside his ass and cum at the same time. The hot, milky fluid erupted over Deidara's prostate resulting in the blonde giving a keening whine of delight and raking his fingernails over Hidan's back- which the pale man thoroughly enjoyed.

He groaned and finally slowed his thrusts, rocking in and out of that blissful body beneath him at a leisurely speed as he finished working his wrist between the blonde's now-sticky legs. Deidara moaned as Hidan's large load started to trickle down the insides of his thighs and drip into a sticky stain on the bed sheets under his ass.

"Aaaahh~" both males sighed contentedly as they came down from the high and closed their eyes.

Deidara blindly pulled Hidan closer as he felt the man begin to remove himself from the blonde's ass. He shook his head and pulled Hidan back down for another kiss. Hidan tiredly moved his lips over Deidara's, smirking as the blonde nipped at his upper lip playfully.

"I'll need to give you another wash, un," the blonde mumbled over Hidan's mouth.

"Mmmm, fuck yeah you will… After sleep…" the white haired man murmured back, pecking Deidara's lower lip's injury and slowly retracting his spent member.

The blonde squirmed in slight discomfort. More of Hidan's juices leaked out as they lost the connection. The zealot loomed over him, admiring his masterpiece. Those pink eyes focused on the blonde's slick stomach. He licked his lips and shuffled lower down Deidara's body.

"D-don't Hidan, un!" he warned, fright entering him as that warm tongue he now knew so well began lapping up the white liquid in his bellybutton and over his abs.

"Why the fuck not?" Hidan asked as he swallowed and bent his head for more. "You're delicious, Dei. Seriously I want this shit on my pancakes."

The bomber winked, "That can be arranged."

Hidan grinned, "Fuck yeah."

He went back to licking up the remnants of his and Deidara's lovemaking.

"B-but if you keep that up, un…" the blonde murmured anxiously, "I'll…"

"You'll what?" Hidan teased, watching as Deidara's cock started to rise once more and feeling something similar to déjà vu. "Heh. It's payback time, Blondie. Fucking of humiliating, right?"

The smaller boy blushed deeply and looked away. "Shut up, un."

Hidan grinned, lapping at the sweet tip and grazing into its slit with his tongue.

"Round two," he offered as Deidara jolted under him, feeling the moist muscle start to work over his balls.

"U-un~" the slender boy moaned.

Sasori had a nasty feeling in his gut. Like something was very wrong.

The scorpion sighed, trying to focus. He had visited Zetsu before leaving the Akatsuki complex and was armed and ready, aware of exactly whose territory he now trod. This was Hanzou's playground.

Hanzou owned a brothel and gang similar to Akatsuki though smaller and of lower quality. He despised Pein for stealing his customers and generally being able to sustain such a monopoly on the weapons, drugs and sex trade of London or "Ame": the land of rain, (they had nicknamed this area Ame because in England, there, it never seemed to stop raining). Recently the man had learnt that Akatsuki had multiple branches abroad also, infuriating the man further. Pein was succeeding and he was stuck in a rut.

There had always been tension between the two establishments however nothing so bad that Pein had felt him or his workers were ever in immediate danger. There was no way of Hanzou getting his hands on them. All weapons, drugs and anonymous sex clients were served in the underground base: highly protected with almost everyone he employed of a high level of martial-arts skill and weapons training. On top of this alarms and cameras were primed everywhere. There was no way people could sneak in. Zetsu and Pein kept watch of everything.

So Hanzou would have had to capture one of them when they left the base. All employees were very secretive about their personal lives and histories anyway, usually telling either nobody, or just their roommates, or Pein. No names were given to clients. Aliases were improvised if necessary. There was no way personal information could be leaked unless you somehow knew one of the Akatsuki by working in the establishment itself. Outside each worker made a conscious effort to stay with people. Lots of people meant safety in numbers. And the only times they were alone were when they went about daily life above ground or were sent to tend to clients in their own homes or on holidays or business trips, etc. To hire an Akatsuki would cost you a very pretty penny indeed, as well as having an extensive background check carried out on yourself and everyone you are related to and thoroughly involved with or would be close to at the time of the Akatsuki's arrival.

Pein thought of these people as family. He would keep them safe no matter the means and costs. He would do it.

So how had he let one of his best friends in the world get kidnapped by Hanzou? How can this happen? Sasori found himself wondering as he paced the roof of Hanzou's building. It must have been an inside job. A mole.

Sasori curled his lip in disgust, glad his work only involved his own skills and his poisons. He could trust these things. The redhead was standing atop the "Spa" (brothel) known as the Salamander. Hanzou was quite the business man, setting up a chain of these. However, whilst Akatsuki branched out Salamander was densely sourced within London.

Pein seemed quite anxious about this mission, as is understandable… I better not keep him waiting.

The man slipped into one of the vents on the roof, tight black outfit providing very little wind-resistance. He landed silently inside the metal maze and began the search.

Fifteen minutes of crawling later the redhead found what he was looking for. A thin, pale man was bolted to a large electric chair with what looked like several rods stabbed through his back. His face looked tired as he slumped in the torture device, matted red hair flopped over one of his eyes. Thin and wasted, all of the man's skin seemed almost translucent, hanging off of the bones and tainted with bruises and burns. He was twitching slightly, involuntarily, and had a sickly shine to his wasted body, presumably from sweat and smeared here and there with filth and grime. The sight seemed to leave Sasori shaken and with a sour taste in his mouth.

Nagato… the redhead shook his head, grimly, wondering whether he should be happy the man was still alive or sad they didn't put him out of his misery. What have they done to you?

"Talk, you fool, and this can all be over. It's not heroic, this silent treatment. It's pathetic," a man older than Sasori, wearing a gasmask, spat. "What's Pein's real name? How many of you are there? Where are the bases?"

Both redheads remained silent.

Sasori noticed another person in the room beneath him; a teenage girl. Both she and the masked man had their backs to his vantage point.

"…TELL ME!" the one Sasori recognised as Hanzou demanded.

The redhead said nothing, only glaring at the man. His eye began to tiredly wander the room, resting briefly on Sasori. He dropped his head, an exhausted smirk gracing his drained face.

"Why do you care, Hanzou?" Nagato spoke with a deep, authoritative voice- something Hanzou loathed as no matter how little he fed the man, nor how large the voltage he forced through that pathetic frame, it never broke. The redhead didn't need to raise it as his captor did. He –the proud victim- had the moral high ground and was determined not to sell out his precious friends. "And how did you manage to get me here anyway? It was all such a blur I can barely remember…"

The man sneered. "Let's just say not all of the "friends" you're suffering to protect are worth the effort-" So it was a mole. "- and none of them have even tried to come and find you, I swear. We would know."

Nagato let out a humourless laugh. "Maybe you should check again."

Hanzou frowned with fear oozing from his now-tense form. He turned to the girl, nodding at her. She took this as a signal to leave, exiting through the only door in the dank room. It was laid out similarly to a nasty, cheap motel room but with a large electronic panel set up beside the horrific throne Nagato was bound to. What appeared to be medical equipment was littered over the surfaces, though Sasori severely doubted any of it was for aiding the poor cracked and shattering shell of the Nagato who used to work at Akatsuki.

Both redhead's were infuriated that the man was wearing a mask: if Sasori were able to poison him as per usual, this could all be over. Unfortunately the mole must have forewarned Hanzou. They watched helplessly as he clasped a large leaver. Nagato shut his eyes, bracing himself, whilst Sasori's widened.

"Tell me everything." Hanzou insisted, fiddling with dials as though expecting to have to use the machine no matter what he was to hear or say.

"You will get nothing from me."

Hanzou slammed down the leaver and Nagato's body jarred. The entirety of his visible skeleton seemed to crackle and spasm. He clenched his teeth as they rattled, a thin trail of watery blood streaming from his nose. A swirled, purple eye rolled back into Nagato's head almost as though desperate to retreat and escape the nightmare. Hanzou began laughing.

"For a sick weakling you have certainly done well to survive this long."

Sasori suppressed a gag and a shudder, flashbacks of his old friend Orochimaru's trailer flickered through the redhead's mind. The scorpion shook his head, focusing. He unscrewed the bolts holding the vent together, secured his mask and tossed a smoke grenade inside before slipping into the dark cloud himself.

Hanzou shouted enraged bewilderment before feeling the sharp stabbing, burning sensation in the back of his neck. He felt a long, thin needle drive through his flesh and muscle, resulting in a complete lack of control over his muscles. The man fell to his knees with a gargle, his body searing but unresponsive. The smoke dispersed and Sasori was about to remove his mask, satisfied with the deep yet neat and tidy wound.

Nagato watched the light fade from Hanzou's eyes as they stared into his own. Relief and joy were blooming in his weak chest. He was free. Finally, he could see Pein and Konan again.

There was a shrill scream.

Both redhead's jarred. Sasori whipped his body round, securing the mask again. The pink haired girl from earlier was standing in the doorway. She quickly drew a gun from the holster on her thigh; however it didn't take a genius to see she wasn't exactly experienced. The teen's frenzied green eyes twitched and flickered from each of the men's faces. She finally settled on aiming the gun at Sasori, who gritted his teeth. Abruptly she changed her mind, letting out a strange, strangled yelped whimper she pulled the trigger as the nose of her weapon pointed at Nagato's chest.


Sasori flung himself in the round's path, arms outstretched, knowing his body was much more likely to survive a bullet compared to the weakened state of Nagato's. He was wearing a bullet proof vest, however the lead tore apart his pale skin and drove into his forearm. The scorpion cried out in pain, but landed on his feet with the bullet nestled in his bicep. The man cursed as he tensed the muscle, faintly aware of the blood seeping through his clothes.

Nagato gasped, watching helplessly as the shorter man grunted and glared at the girl still shaking in the doorway. She refocused her aim on the scorpion and pulled the trigger again. And then again. After two hollow clicks the girl realised she was out of ammunition. Frozen like a rabbit caught in the headlights the pink haired teen faltered and gasped as Sasori suddenly surged forwards. At the last moment she came to her senses and threw a powerful punch his way. Unfortunately for the teen, he caught the arm, noticing she had little control –though rather a lot of strength- and guided it past his head. He then used her exposed state –as she had dropped her guard to strike a blow- to slam an elbow into her face.

She shrieked in pain, reeling back, however Sasori wasted not a second as he caught her other arm, the one wielding the useless gun and harshly twisted it behind her head. Under his grip the brittle bone snapped and the gun fell from limp fingers. The girl cried out and whimpered, tears carrying mascara residue along her cheeks. Sasori twisted further, forcing the girl to drop to her knees on the floor in pain. He kicked the gun from its place on the floor up into his grasp. With his other hand Sasori brought the weapon down, pistol-whipping her over the back of the skull.

With a terrible cracking sound she fell to the floor, limp and awkward but breathing.

"Are you done beating up the little girl?" Nagato's voice teased hoarsely behind Sasori.

The assassin grinned wryly, and turned on his heal, "If it weren't for me that "little girl" would have shot and killed you."


The scorpion's expression killed the words dead in Nagato's mouth. He turned as much a he could in his confines to see what changed.

Sasori's sharp eyes moved from Nagato to Hanzou's sneaking form on the dirty floor. The man, shaking and twitching horribly from the poison Sasori had administered, managed to lift himself to his knees and crawl closer to the control panel for Nagato's chair. Sasori's eyes widened and he began to sprint back to the other side of the room. Hanzou lifted a trembling arm, making a grab for a large lever. His spazming fingers closed around air. On the second time try he grasped the lever.

"Curse you, Akatsu-"

With a burst of speed Sasori leapt onto Hanzou, elbowing the man in the centre of his back. He coughed up blood with the end of his words. With a shout he crumbled, but his grip on the metal stayed strong. As the two men's bodies fell Hanzou dragged the lever down with him, resulting in a lethal charge crackling through Nagato.

With a horrible keening scream he was shocked to death; Nagato's pale, weak and thin body violently rocking with tremors. Blood trickled from his ears, tear ducts and nose as the electricity flowed through him, unrelenting.

Desperate, Sasori tore the lever free of Hanzou's hand. The man collapsed, unconscious beneath the scorpion whilst he force the lever back up to the upright position. He pulled himself to his feet, staring helplessly at Nagato's lifeless body. The redhead felt his stomach drop through the floor. He'd never failed a job before.

The lonely soul in the room felt his eyes prickle at the sight of Nagato. The edges of his mouth burnt and dead eyes bloodshot.

Sasori hung his head.

"I failed."

"I'm sorry."

Pein and Konan could see it in Sasori's eyes that he meant it.

Konan laid a hand on the Pein's shoulder dark tear stains prominent on her pretty face. The blue haired woman let out a shaky breath before speaking.

"We knew this would happen," her cold eyes rested on Sasori's defeated ones, "He was sick. We knew he didn't have long and had accepted that this would happen sooner or later-"

He shrugged off her hand with a hateful glare.

"I'm not paying you." Pein spat venomously at Sasori, making the redhead flinch.

"Pein," Konan reprimanded softly, "He brought us Hanzou alive-"

"It's alright, Konan," Sasori raised a hand to quiet her but also in surrender. "I understand. Actually I don't think I could accept a payment for this-" he gestured to his wounded arm, disgusted with himself "-I failed. I'm very sorry. What I would like to say however, to help you in any way I can, is that Hanzou knew Nagato was ill. He knew the hospital route, that's how he captured Nagato. Hanzou pretty much told him there was a mole. Someone working here is a traitor."

Konan stiffened.

It's true she pushed people in the direction Madara wished, but that was for Yahiko and Nagato's safety. She never gave away any information. So there was someone else that man had wrapped around his finger? How many was he manipulating? Just how powerful is he?

"What?" Pein's glare was now deadly. "I will not tolerate rats…"

His swirled eyes quickly flickered to Konan, "And I won't have any more losses."

Guilt had Konan feeling sick in the stomach. Shame and fury; Madara had promised her Nagato would be safe if she obeyed him. Perhaps Hanzou had hated the Akatsuki enough to disobey him; however the woman still felt completely helpless and foolish. She was left with very few options. Pein wouldn't be able to take it if she told him where her loyalties seemed to be lying at the time. But how could Konan simply put up with Madara not keeping his end of the bargain?

At least Pein is safe.

Sasori looked seriously at his employer, eyes slightly hardened, almost business-like. Pein ground his teeth; Cold bastard moves on quickly I see.

"This means that a lot of your people are in danger. I know it's hardly my place to speak, but what do you plan to do?"

The pierced man's eyes bore deeply into Sasori's fierce brown ones.

"…That's my business. You seem to keep forgetting that, Sasori."

The redhead inhaled with frustration clear on his face.

Konan frowned, "Why? You never seemed to care very much about Akatsuki –or anything, really- before."

Pein eyed Sasori curiously, agreeing inwardly with Konan's observation.

"These jobs paid more than the others I received, and were more frequent," he lied easily. "Of course I wouldn't be expecting to get employed again here."

The redhead shrugged dismissively as Konan opened her mouth to contradict him.

"In any case, I was wondering how much it would cost to buy one of your… uh…"

"Performers," Konan offered.

Sasori nodded at her and Pein raised an eyebrow.

"Depends which one and for how long," he said bluntly, eyes still glaring hard at the smaller man.


Konan's eyes widened and Pein snorted.

Sasori frowned at the ginger's reaction but continued.

"I want to keep him at least until it's safe for him to work here again."

There was a silence as Pein worked things out. Konan chewed on the inside of her lip. Finally the boss sighed.

"You do realise Deidara is our superstar, right?" the pierced man smirked. "Everyone wants him. I guess this proves his skills: he manages to touch the hearts of even cold, twisted people like you-"

"If Sasori were to borrow Dei-chan it would be like he had a personal bodyguard," Konan cut in.

"…Well, let's hope he's more successful this time." Pein's smirk was quickly swallowed by seriousness. "We here are all very fond of that boy. I, personally, think of myself to be something of a father to him. On top of this he is currently our most popular and frequently requested out of the men and women. Sometimes Itachi overtakes him but at the moment Deidara's in the lead."

"In other words, it's going to cost you and you better bring him back without a single blonde hair out of place." Konan said, her eyes screaming warnings at the scorpion.

Sasori sighed, he suddenly felt like he was asking for permission to marry Deidara or something. The thought made him blush. He hung his head so the two didn't notice.

"Well, don't pretend you don't know how much money I have. I know you know," Pein smirked at this and Konan shrugged. "How long can I have him for if you don't include my usual living costs- for two?"

"Nine days." The pair told him flatly.

Sasori gaped. "What? But I have-"

"We know how much you have. But you don't know how much we'll lose by telling people "sorry, Deidara's unable to take requests this evening" for nine days. It's a good deal," Pein admitted with a rueful grin that didn't meet his eyes. "Normally I'd charge extra, because otherwise I might as well keep him here and save the hassle, but really he would be safer with you. This means you're only paying for the compensation of not letting him stay here. Do you understand?"

"Yes…" Sasori sighed, "Thank you. When can my nine days start?"

Konan smiled, Madara had a thing for Deidara. This was good. Sasori could keep a close eye on him and away from the Uchiha.

"Konan," Pein turned in his chair to look at her, "When's Deidara's next big performance?"

"Tomorrow evening." She answered immediately.

"Good." He turned back to Sasori, "You can take him the day after. Be sure to meet us here that morning for the paper work and Deidara. You seriously better take care of him. Where are you planning on staying for those nine days?"

He redhead smiled to himself. "Ibiza."

"Oh, shit, I forgot to ask… this all started because you'd thought of something…?" Hidan asked, lazily turning his head to the blonde.

Deidara grinned, "I was going to ask whether you were normally seme or uke, but I guess I don't need to ask now, un."

The white-haired man smirked, "Actually I've always been the fucking uke up until now. This was my first seme experience."

The two were lying naked on the top bunk, Hidan's arms securely locked around Deidara's waist so he didn't fall off in his sleep.

They looked at each other, Deidara disbelieving. "Well, you're certainly a natural, un."

Hidan looked too smug so the blonde stuck out his tongue, "Still, you're nothing compared to Danna…"

Purple eyes narrowed as jealously burned through the zealot.

"Well I fucking hope he doesn't mind you helping me practise, Dei-chan~"

Hidan nipped Deidara's neck, who laughed sheepishly. Me too… He thought, before drifting into unconsciousness between the zealot's strong, warm arms.

Ten long minutes after being expelled from the room Itachi watched as a redhead and Konan exited Pein's office. The Uchiha and Pein were enjoying an innocent and pleasant conversation and had been all big eyes and shy smiles when those two had appeared at the doorway looking miserable and somewhat meek. Pein had said to wait outside, his voice harbouring a hollow quality all of a sudden –which had concerned Itachi at the time… but this was taking forever. Itachi would have probably left in a huff if it were anyone else. But it was Pein. The expression in his eyes were so tragic and despairing when he looked from Konan –who shook her head- to the redhead –whose face was unreadable as he glanced between Pein and the Uchiha and then at the floor, where his stare remained.

Itachi looked up with interest and intercepted a cold stare from the redheaded man; brown eyes seemed to scrutinise the Uchiha whilst issuing a vicious warning. The weasel displayed no fear though there was a lot about this man that sent a chill through him. He was unaware of ever doing anything to offend the stranger (he didn't even recognise him) Itachi would remember someone with such an air of strength- one Itachi would have preferred to make use of rather than stand and glare at.

The redhead moved on, limping slightly and clutching at his arm, curiously eyeing the doors he passed in the hall. Konan smiled pleasantly as she made her way past, freshly applied makeup masterfully masking any tears she had previously shed. Itachi nodded at her, his expression cold, and moved his eyes back to the disappearing redhead. He was slinking along the corridors with his hands stuffed in his pockets looking almost guilty or nervous- like a scolded child.

"Sasori, please allow me to treat your arm-" the man opened his mouth but Konan had placed a hand on his shoulder. "I insist; we have very able…"

Her voice trailed off into the distance. Itachi briefly considered calling after her whether or not it would be a good idea to knock and see Pein or come back later. The Uchiha played with his fingers for a moment before deciding to leave. Mentally kicking himself for being such a chicken he took a step in the opposite direction to the door of Pein's room and office.

The moment his foot touched the carpet the Uchiha heard the door open.

Itachi turned and stared up guiltily, as though he had been caught stealing candy at a sweet shop. Pein regarded him sadly, making the younger feel worse. Whatever had been said had really taken a toll on his Boss. Pein needed him.

And I was going to sneak off and pity myself…

Itachi turned to face him, waiting for his scolding. They shared a silent moment, staring at each other. Pein sighed. He broke it in the end.

"Nagato's dead."

Itachi's eyes widened and his lips fell apart.

"What?" he gasped, hesitantly stepping closer to Pein. He wasn't sure how this information would affect the way he felt. He didn't know what to do.

The ginger took a deep breath, trying to blink back the tears clouding his swirled eyes. Itachi instantly closed the space between them, tying his arms around Pein's shuddering form.

"I told Konan to cover for you... she said it wouldn't be a problem. I need you with me more than performing tonight. Do you mind?"

"Of course not," Itachi splayed both hands pressing down on the man's broad back and pulling him close. "Of course not…"

The ginger took several shaky breaths whilst gratefully holding the Uchiha against him with a strong arm over slender shoulders. His long fingers fiddled with Itachi's slick black hair, like a young child absently playing with his parent's necklace. Pein showed faint signs of fascination with the silkiness of the strands as he used Itachi to calm him.

Is this how it was doomed to be with us? Itachi wondered sadly. We're only brought together in times of crisis, only expressing meaningful physical affection when we would otherwise feel completely lost.

As if Pein had heard the question he pulled away from the weasel, sliding both hands along each side of Itachi's pretty face. He grazed over those soft midnight sky bangs and cupped the pale, pretty face before him. Watery eyes were conveying an unfamiliar conviction.

"I promise you, Itachi," Pein spoke low but his words seemed to echo in the space between them. "I won't let them get you- or Sasuke, or any more of us. You will be safe with me. I won't let anything happen to you. I promise."

"Won't let who get me?" the Uchiha frowned, pulling a hand free from behind the taller man and lightly wiping away his tears. "Please- I don't understand. Explain."

The two had moved from Pein's office to his bedroom. Itachi had felt anticipation and thrills at seeing this intimate place of his Boss's. The man had explained and left Itachi to contemplate what he had been told as Pein used his bathroom. Itachi had to say he was surprised to see how similar Pein's room was to his own and everybody else's. He was a good man at heart. The Uchiha smirked; for pimp standards… He wasn't a tyrant; he didn't consider himself to be above the rest of them. He cared a lot.

Itachi frowned, but he was still dangerous, even if Pein himself was kind in his own way. He might provide substantial money for those who needed it and a hidden home for those who needed it but these people –Itachi now saw- were being held as constant hostages. Hanzou- Itachi had never heard of the man. But he had been a rival and enemy. Through his death (and the death of Nagato) they were now certain of at least one thing: someone here working for Akatsuki was a traitor. It didn't take long for Itachi to think of Madara. Pein seemed to agree, though he wasn't entirely sure of what to do about the mysterious man. Lacking evidence wasn't the issue- after all he could simply hire a hit man and say it was an accident. Nobody would know any better and it wasn't like the police would get involved. The point was Madara wouldn't go down easy and before they tried it Pein wanted to get a better idea of what was really happening in his work place.

After all, Madara was a genius. He would have a backup plan. He would have people on his side. It would be complicated.

And what if it wasn't actually him? What if Madara's prime goal had only been the Uchiha brothers and this was someone completely separate?

Most importantly… Itachi frowned, taking a seat on the edge of Pein's large bed. Is it safe here? Would it be a better move for me and Sasuke to move on? Maybe we should move to a different branch of Akatsuki.

Thinking about it, Itachi decided that would actually be a terrible idea. Nagato had been dying and whoever the rat is knew exactly where he was going for a treatment. Itachi knew very little about Nagato, so he had no idea about the redhead's illness. No doubt if they knew something as private as that they would know if, where and when we decide to move… Itachi pursed his lips; Unless I'm just thinking that for personal reasons.

As if on cue Pein emerged from the bathroom.

Itachi looked up, blushing for some reason. He realised he felt very nervous, like he was about to loose some type of virginity he wasn't aware he had. He suddenly realised he had never really cared about anybody he'd slept with before this night. Pein… Sure, Itachi had been sleeping with the man for a long time- but that was before he realised he felt more than respect a lot of lust and fascination for the man. Now he knew him and the Uchiha couldn't help but love what he'd found. And if they did it tonight it would be the first time they'd ever done it in a real bed- in Pein's bed...

Said man stepped out of the steamy room, regarding Itachi with a tilted head. He had loose black pyjama pants on and a towel draped over one of his dripping shoulders. His body was hard, wet, muscular and pale as a Greek God's statue after a heavy downpour. The weasel stood and padded over to the man he loved. He stood there, before the half-naked Pein, looking at his feet and opening and closing his mouth. God he wished he was good at talking nonsense to fill space like this. It was times like this he actually considered being blonde and dim-witted like Deidara might actually have been an asset.

He realised how long it had been and glanced back up at Pein, avoiding his eyes and blushing at his own foolishness. The man grinned down at him warmly, taking his pale hand in his own and climbing into the middle off his bed, crossing his legs and pulling Itachi with him. Without hesitating the Uchiha sat in Pein's lap- though the man hadn't indicated to any such position –with his rear situated in the middle of the larger man's legs, each of his own slimmer and more subtly toned legs either side of the ginger's body. The younger felt the blush still heat his cheeks as he took the towel from Pein's shoulder. Even on the man's legs Itachi was only eyelevel with Pein's collar bone.

"Here," he said softly and he started using it to gently dry his head of wet orange hair.

Itachi mustered up the courage to look Pein in the face. He noticed the man had his eyes shut with a small smile on his pierced lips and a slightly red hue colouring his cheeks. Something about that face made the Uchiha smile cutely and curl his toes in joy.

The weasel felt wet hands hold his waist, fingers trailing up his back and untying his hair.

"Pein-" Itachi began, lifting the now-wet material from his love's head. He forgot how to speak when he looked up into those eyes he thought he knew.

Pein had taken out his contact lenses.

Deep brown orbs bore down into black ones. Itachi was instantly lost in them- so warm and entrancing, with flecks of green and gold. They seemed to see not only through Itachi but over him, all of him and everything about him. But the best of all, they seemed to like what they saw.

"You have lovely eyes," the Uchiha murmured, letting the towel drop from his hands.

Pein grinned, "Glad you think so."

There was a moment of silence again as Pein seemed to say much more without talking.

"Yahiko," Itachi whispered, making the man tilt his head.

The Uchiha kept his mouth open, inhaled as though he were about to speak, but the words died forgotten on his tongue. He exhaled a little, making the ginger's secret eyes light up a little more in amusement.

After another moment of peace between them something changed and both suddenly came forwards, kissing the other. Pein moved hungrily, starved of this delicious taste and eager to replenish himself, whilst Itachi submitted as he had thoroughly missed the feeling of drowning in Pein's mouth and the sensations this man provided. He laced his fingers in the almost-dry ginger locks and Pein wrapped both arms around Itachi's waist more tightly. He rolled them, still licking and sucking and devouring the Uchiha's sublime mouth.

He lay them down so they were on the sides, facing one another. Quickly, so he wouldn't have to stop touching the raven for too long, Pein shot out a hand to grasp the sheets and heave them over the pair. Itachi mewled lightly as the kiss suddenly turned tender, almost too warm and sweet. He found the most curious feeling exploding in his chest, like a pleasant fire. Rather than the burning need for oxygen or ache for sex but rather a need to be closer to this man. He wanted to be everything to Pein, and he never wanted that to change. He wanted to stay forever, never having to leave this moment. It was a bittersweet feeling as it marred with the truth: he had to leave. These moments were numbered. The time he had with Pein would one day run out- perhaps sooner than he had expected.

Still, the comfy, lovely warmth spread through him as if Itachi had submerged himself in a warm bath. He shivered slightly and arched his neck whilst tugging lightly at Pein's soft, damp hair to bring their lips together harder in an adorably needy nature. The taller man complied, holding the Uchiha's cool, beautiful body closer to his own and kissing him deeper. He tasted the same strong, bittersweet taste on Itachi's swirling, tangling tongue. The hot and little, wet muscle was completely smothered with Pein's larger tongue. He seemed to ease away the bitterness, like sucking out the venom from a bite. He would make it better, he was certain of it. Itachi would be happy and safe and loved. Pein would make sure of it.

The older male pulled away after a blissful time, grinning as he heard the sad whine Itachi gave. He didn't want it to end. He knew it had to, but he still didn't approve of it. The weasel tried to pull Pein back down, pouting. Still, Pein was too strong and Itachi gave up, exasperated. He sighed, blushing frustrated as he fluttered his eyes open.

The man opposite him was smiling. His eyes were free from the grief Itachi had witnessed to fill them earlier that day.

Itachi's face was very close, just not close enough, to Pein's.

"You were going to say something earlier…?" he hinted.

Itachi sighed, still pouting a little.

"That's no reason to stop…"

The ginger grinned, "Oh. Sorry. Were you enjoying yourself, then…?"

The Uchiha blushed darker and tried to look away from Pein's newly revealed eyes. He didn't succeed.

"That depends… were you?"

Pein's smile grew softer in reverence. "Yes."

The weasel felt pride and ecstasy burst within him. "Then me too… What I was going to say was… Are you sure you want to… To… What do you want me to do…? With you… now…?"

Pein's eyes changed. Instead of being warm and loving they now seemed to be trying harder to look into what Itachi was saying. They were more intense. Serious.

"Nothing you don't want."

"I… I want to please you," he said truthfully. "In any way I can… Yahiko…"

"But…?" brown eyes continued to probe his face, though Pein felt like laughing and cheering after hearing those words from the stoic Uchiha.

"…But… I don't want to… if we… you know...-"

"Have sex?" Pein offered simply, finding the way Itachi seemed to try and fail at scooting around the term so cute and entertaining.

That pretty, porcelain face went pinker as Itachi pursed his lips. "Yes… I don't want to remember how… the times after… I don't want to think about why we did it first here because of…"

Pein's expression eased out of the tentative and amused grin to a tiny smile more understanding and slightly grateful.

"Alright," he said softly, brushing his fingertips over the side of the Uchiha's face and tucking a couple of stray hairs behind his ear.

Itachi smiled back.

Another long moment passed before the weasel took a deep breath and frowned at Pein.

"You don't have to keep smiling like that for me, you know."

The ginger raised an eyebrow.

"…Do you want to talk to me about… anything? You can, I'll listen."

Pein smiled back, "You're so sweet…"

He smiled, eyes flickering over Itachi's pretty face. He couldn't believe after creating something as sinful as Akatsuki, the Gods had blessed him with such an angel. His face fell slightly and a thoughtful expression replaced the one he had been wearing.

"I had already accepted that this would happen to Nagato… It's just so sudden. But now all I can do is move forwards. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again." Unconsciously Pein tightened his grip on the weasel cuddling up to him in his bed.

Big, dark eyes squeezed back, watching with a careful expression as Pein shut his eyes and then opened them. Itachi had the curious feeling that Pein wasn't really looking at the ceiling like he appeared to. Instead he seemed to see another time- one with Nagato, not the Uchiha.

He rolled onto his back, staring at the ceiling. "Can I tell you about him? He was my best friend after all…"

"Sure, if you want to. You don't have to-"

Pein smiled at the worrisome boy and turned his head back to the ceiling. "I want to."

"Ok…" Itachi sat up and Pein watched as the smaller male shuffled with a grace only he could manage when tangled in someone else's bedcovers.

The Uchiha tossed aside his tight black jeans (seeing as they wouldn't be very comfortable to sleep in) and sat up. All he wore now was a loose lilac shirt and black boxers. His long, pale legs stretched out in front of him. He settled himself with his back resting against the headboard and gently lifted Pein's head to rest in his lap. The man seemed to be very happy with this arrangement. He had a faint blush and smiled gratefully, closing his eyes: it had been a long day.

Pein felt a fuzzy sensation in his belly as feather-light fingertips caressed his closed eyelids, fance and bare chest, before nestling into thick ginger hair.

"So, you like my eyes then…?"

"I do." Itachi said quietly as he saw Pein crack one open and peak up at him. "They're very warm… When I was a kid I used to collect crystals and rare rocks and things like that. You're eyes are like Tiger's eye. And they have bits of green in them…"

Pein snorted and Itachi blushed, feeling stupid for babbling.

"What?" he demanded.

"Oh no -not you- I was laughing at myself. I was going to say "Glad you think they're grrrreat!" but then realised how stupid that joke was…" Pein explained, looking to the side, embarrassed.

Itachi giggled, "Shall I nickname you Tiger?"

Both men blushed, unsure of where their relationship was headed. Pet-names were a bit far, weren't they?

Itachi closed his eyes, resting a cool hand against Pein's warm, handsome face. Maybe it was because he was tired and wasn't thinking clearly or maybe it was because he was with Pein and the man had a way of making him feel safer and strong, whatever the reason Itachi felt braver. He kept his eyes closed as he murmured into the semidarkness; "But really… I like "Yahiko" the best."

Pein's eyes widened and he twisted his feet in the sheets gleefully.

"I love it when you say things like that."

Itachi opened his eyes, blushing as he felt the warmth of Pein's smile.

"What else do you think about me? You can tell me Itachi, come on. Cheer me up. Make me smile. You're very good at that." He added, flashing his white teeth at the beautiful face above his own.

"I think you're very kind… too kind to me. I think you're really strong- to move on and keep smiling…"

"That's thanks to you," Pein cut in, enjoying the surprised look that flashed over Itachi's face. "…I've decided I'll tell you about Nagato another time. I don't want to right now. Sorry."

"You don't have to apologize, its fine. It's up to you. I won't push you or anything."

The ginger smiled, "You don't have to worry about upsetting me. You would have to do something pretty awful to make me mad at you."

Pein raised a hand and touched the side of Itachi's face. "Just… distract me. Just for tonight. I need you to distract me."

The man sat up and turned off the light and sat back down. He didn't bother getting out of the bed and closing the curtains: Pein liked how Itachi looked in the moonlight. He seemed even more angelic with a mysterious glow in his perfect skin and stars glittering in his big, dark eyes.

He gazed up at the beautiful vision above him expectantly.

The weasel chewed the inside of his mouth for a moment, thinking of what to say before he decided.

"I like… No, I love how you hold me. Even the smallest, most innocent touch- it's special and different and… better, because it's you. You look… well," the Uchiha cleared his throat and looked away, "sexy…" he muttered the word as though it were a curse.

"I do, do I?" Pein grinned, enjoying Itachi's flustered manner about the subject. "Really, how so?"

The boy pouted, "Don't tease me… You just… You're so overpowering… and what with the muscles and the piercings and you're face and hair and air of authority- sorry."

Pein's grin had widened to the point his face felt like it almost hurt. Itachi huffed a quiet "Don't look at me like that" probably blushing though it was hard to tell in this light.

"Thank you," Pein said seriously. "I should apologize. I'm taking advantage of the situation."

"That's ok. I'm sorry I started… what's the word? "Fangirling" or something?"

Pein chuckled, teasing, "Its fine. You're normally so cool, calm and under control. I like listening to what you're really thinking. It's nice to know you think I'm "sexy" and you "fangirl" over me."

"I told you not to tease me," Itachi pouted.

"Sorry," the taller man said, though the grin on his face didn't really help him convey any sincerity in the apology.

Itachi sighed and moved on. "I like how warm you are."

Pein raised an eyebrow at this.

"You are. You're the warmest person I know. You always feel hot to touch, but I'm normally quite cold. I've been told that before but I never really notice until I touch someone normal. When I touch you I realise just how poor my circulation really is."

The ginger glanced up seriously, "Are you too cold?"

"Huh?" the weasel shook his head, "Not really… Just- whoa!"

Pein suddenly sat up.

He ran his hand through the Uchiha's hair, fisting it and holding his head against his chest. Pein used his other arm to lock around Itachi's waist. In a moment –before the weasel noticed what was happening- they were both under the covers. Pein started rubbing his hands up and down the younger male's bare arms, warming with friction. Itachi giggled quietly, making Pein freeze.

"Are you… Ticklish…?"

"What? No-hey wait!" the weasel burst into fits of laughter as he found two strong, warm hands had been shoved up his shirt and were teasing his soft, sensitive flesh.

Pein laughed and watched as Itachi writhed helplessly, crying he was laughing so hard.

"S-S-Stop!" the Uchiha insisted between giggles and breaths, "P-ple-ease!"

Pein grinned down at the boy beneath him. He sighed, freezing, his expression turned very serious as he analysed the Uchiha's disgruntled and flustered form as Itachi caught his breath. The boy looked up into those new eyes he so quickly fell in love with.

"What's wrong?" he asked fearfully.

"Don't leave me, Itachi."

The Uchiha stared up at him, tears pricking his eyes, "But I-"

"I understand, but I can't loose anyone else… especially not you. It would be so cruel… You're so perfect, so lovely. I adore you, Itachi Uchiha. I would protect you with everything I have- and trust me; I have quite a lot- so…"

Itachi stared up at the man above him, suddenly feeling very trapped. What can I do? I want to say… But that's not fair… This is so unfair...

"I'm sorry," Pein rolled to the side, collapsing beside the young man. "That wasn't fair… You must be tired-"

Pein was cut off by Itachi's lips.

Instantly he kissed back and reflexively opened his eyes through shock. Then he caught sight of the Uchiha's dark orbs regarding him half-lidded and pretty. He held the contact as the kissed slowly, tenderly, tongues gently moving around and together. Itachi's heavily-lashed eyes fell closed as Pein brought his arms up to cradle the Uchiha against him. So warm…

When they broke apart Itachi ducked back down for another soft, lingering kiss. When he moved back he stared down at the man apologetically, but also lovingly.

"I adore you, too. But you know why I can't make any promises. I'm sorry, you deserve more."

"No," Pein shook his head with a sigh. "I deserve no such thing. I don't deserve love- especially none as beautiful as yours. This is only fair: probably some sort of punishment from above."

"Don't say that…" Itachi lay atop the ginger's warm, strong body. "…Do you want me to keep… Distracting you?"

Pein threaded his fingers in the silky hair he loved. "Yeah… We'll sort things out in the morning…"

Itachi wasn't really sure what to say after that. He wasn't good at smoothing things over with words and such. He thought to what he did when Sasuke had nightmares and took a deep breath, mustering all the courage he had.

"And I'd give up forever to touch you…" he sang quietly, "'Cause I know that you feel me somehow. You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be, and I don't wanna go home right now…"

Pein stared in awe as he heard Itachi's beautiful voice. He sounded so delicate, like if the larger man spoke one word his song would shatter and break into tiny pieces of glass. He would break forever. It was the prettiest voice, the most beautiful sound he'd ever hear. Tears stung the gingers eyes and he smiled sadly, Itachi was definitely too good to be true.

The Uchiha peaked up at Pein as he kept singing, quiet but well considering the butterflies in his belly. After witnessing the way Pein was marvelling down at him he felt something close to comfortable and carried on more confidently. Just above a whisper he stole all the words from every sad love song he felt confident enough to sing, slender arms clinging to Pein's waist as the man held him close.

Pein suddenly woke, feeling something move as he slept. For the first time in a long while he hadn't woken in the middle of the night from bad dreams. As the man caught sight of Itachi sound asleep with his head resting on Pein's stomach and arms still loosely locked around his waist the ginger smiled. He was so elegant, even asleep.

Pein tried to remember when he had fallen asleep. He blushed slightly, a cosy feeling spreading through his large, muscular chest as he recalled the songs Itachi had recited for him in that pretty, delicate voice. He was so precious. the songs he recognised had been, in running order, Iris, Sewn, Green Eyes, Kingdom Come and Maybe Tomorrow.

The ginger sighed, there had been more. Many, beautiful words and melodies, but he hadn't a clue of who they were by or what they were called. Pein was sure Itachi probably sung them better anyway.

"Is there anything you can't do?" he mused aloud, though quietly, whilst pulling the blankets up over his cool shoulders.

Pein briefly marvelled at how the Uchiha had hung on. Normally the pierced man was told by bed-buddies how he was a rough and restless sleeper, as was proven by how several of the pillows were now strewn across the floor and how his legs and arms were flung apart at odd angles. He sort of looked like he had just flopped down mid star jump. Still, where most would give up and curl up away from him in their own corner of the bed and steal all the sheets, or retreat to the sofa or floor, Itachi had somehow clung on. He was still holding on, pinning Pein down like an anchor in the centre of the bed. His body lay between Pein's open legs, snuggled up to his warmth, happily unconscious.

The taller man blinked back tears, hoping against hope he could keep this perfect boy.

"Sweet dreams, Itachi."

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