A new idea of mine. This will be an all MA-rated fic, since every chapter will contain smut. You can also do requests for a certain couple, but I won't change who's human and who's vampire. I will make a list of some who I've decided on already:

Human: Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, Sasuke, Neji

Vampire: Pain, Hidan, Kakuzu, Madara, Kisame, Kakashi

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This will be more of an introduction. The first couple is Pain and Itachi.


Rain fell down from the sky. Large puddles of water lay on the ground. The streets were empty of people and the streetlights flickered against the night sky. A redhead sat in his car, trying to force himself out of the car. This was really the last place he could go, before he went crazy. His hands tightened around the steering wheel, his knuckles turning white.

He opened his eyes and soft grey eyes looked up at the building in front of him. His pupils were wide, too wide. He was so hungry, but he needed more this time. At first he thought it was cool to be a vampire and he hadn't mind when someone had changed him. Of course he didn't know how that little world really worked. He hadn't known about the stripes that were placed in the neck, showing of your rang. He still had only one, being the lowest of the lowest. Not even a vampire wanted to be with him, let alone a human.

The neon lights blinked on and off, looking a bit cheap. He had heard this was actually a nice place, but he didn't know how the humans were treated inside. How many would be forced to stay here and how many of them came willingly. It was something that was holding him back. He didn't want to force anyone to be with him, but this was just the end. He had to force someone and at least he could pay for it now.

He had made up his mind. He was just going to do this and that would be that. He didn't have to go back, he just needed it this time. He told himself that the next time would be with someone who actually wanted him. He would get his second stripe and make another vampire love him. It didn't have to last, but he just wanted to be looked at without disgust lingering in their eyes. He couldn't hang out with humans or vampires. They didn't want him around.

He opened the door and stepped out. With a few quick paces he reached the entrance of the neon covered building, the red flashing against his pale face. He was barely wet. Vampires moved a lot faster than humans, but the lack of blood filling him, made him slower.

A grey haired man sat behind a counter, reading a book. Most of his face was covered up by something that looked like a mask. The redhead wondered what happened to him, but it wasn't his place to ask. The scar running down his left eye said enough. It was a vampire with some experience. A quick glance to his neck and the redhead knew that this vampire had been mated to a vampire, but also had been imprinted with a human. He had three stripes.

The single black eye looked up from the little book and it showed off a smile immediately. At least he was friendly towards his customers. He needed to be friendly, otherwise his clients wouldn't come back.

'How may I help you?' he asked in a friendly tone.

The redhead looked away in shame. This wasn't something he had wanted to do, but he really needed it. 'It's been a while since I last had some human contact,' he said, not going into detail. He had actually never been with a human as long as he had been a vampire now, which was about two years. He could go for some donated blood, but that wasn't enough. No hormones were shared and that's what made it so great, or so he heard.

The black eye went down to his neck and then focused on his eyes. 'I think I know what you need. You don't have to explain any further. Follow me.' He waved for the redhead to follow. He walked off to the right and took a right turn there.

The redhead took a deep breath and convinced himself once again that this was what he needed. His name had been Pain for as long as he had known. Not a nickname which he had gotten when he was turned, but something going way back to elementary school. He had actually forgotten why they had called him that.

He followed after the grey haired man and walked into a huge hallway. On each side were about five doors and out of some of them came strange noises. At the end was a bigger door and that was where the man had gone to. He was waiting for Pain and the redhead felt the need to hurry. In a flash he stood beside the man and waited for him to open the door.

In one push both doors opened and slammed against the walls. All heads were immediately turned towards the door. Pain had to close his eyes and calm himself down. The smell of all the humans together was too much to bear.

'Pick one you like,' the man said reassuringly. He even gave Pain a pat on the back and somehow it really calmed him down. He wasn't the first to go in here and he would surely not be the last.

His grey eyes searched for a face he would like. Something special that caught his eye. He never liked blonde, so that one wasn't the one. Another redhead would be too strange for him. He looked through all of them, but didn't see anything he liked. Until his eyes went to the far back of the room. Two black haired males sat on one bed. One of them seemed way too young to even be here, but the other was sort of beautiful. He reminded Pain of someone.

A finger was lifted and that was all the grey haired man needed. 'Itachi, you're up.'

Two black eyes looked up. Pain couldn't read anything off the face. It was just empty. It didn't matter, but Pain still didn't like it. He should be enjoying himself too.

Itachi stepped off the bed and pulled the hand of his little brother off his arm. It was his job and they needed the money. He was just happy that Sasuke didn't have a lot of clients. He was too young to be here, but he had insisted himself. His brother wouldn't be the only one who would suffer.

The raven went out of the room and Pain followed after him. This must be like a routine to Itachi, nothing more, nothing less. He wouldn't care about Pain, but he would fake it and that was all he needed really.

They went inside a room that seemed to be noise free and Itachi took off his robe right away. Pain felt the need to touch the pale naked form. A lifted a shaky hand and let his fingers trail down his side. Black eyes looked up at him, taking in as much information as he could. He was trained for this and he knew by looking in the eyes of a vampire, you could tell what they wanted. This one wanted to touch and be touched, but he also wanted blood. Nothing unusual there, but some didn't. He didn't like it when they needed blood too, but on the other hand he loved it. It would make him feel amazing.

Itachi took a step forward to the redhead and started taking of his jacket. With his long thin fingers he stripped the vampire of every piece of clothing he wore and Pein let him do as he pleased. The fact that someone wanted him naked was enough.

When he was fully naked, Itachi laid his arms around the redhead's neck and kissed him softly. Pain was still a bit unsure, but as soon as he felt that little tongue asking for more, he couldn't hold back. His arms folded around the thin frame in front of him and he pushed him close. The kiss became harder, fiercer and his own tongue swept through the other's mouth.

He pushed Itachi back until his legs hit the bed. They fell over and Pain landed right on top of the raven. They kissed and kissed. Pain got more turned on by the minute, his erection brushing up against Itachi's pale leg.

A hand was wrapped around his dick and stroked him softly. Pain let out a needy moan. Finally someone else but himself touched him again. His kiss trailed down to his chin and after that his neck. He suckled on the soft skin and was about to do something else.

'Not yet, not yet,' Itachi said a bit breathless. 'It will hurt too much now. Bite me later, during the actual sex.' Pain looked up at the black eyes and nodded. He had actually learned something now. This had been a really good idea. Now he could definitely find himself a human and treat it the right way.

Pain hovered over Itachi and had closed his eyes. Soft groans left his lips while Itachi kept stroking him. His black eyes studied the face above him.

'Maybe you should continue. You only have an hour,' Itachi said. Pain's eyes snapped open as the words trickled in. They had been here for almost half an hour now. He really needed to hurry up.

His eyes went in search for something else and fell on the little nightstand at the side of the bed. On top of it he saw lube, flavored lube, a basket full of condoms and some other unidentified liquids. There was probably a lot more in the drawer under it. They really could fill all your needs in this place. He grasped the bottle with normal lube and poured some of it in his hand. He coated his fingers in it and went straight for the raven's entrance. Maybe he should have taken his time, but he didn't have time and he was in need. He was here for himself and not for the other.

A finger slipped in. Itachi didn't even make a sound, he just focused on the hand. It didn't bother him as much anymore, he just wanted to know what was happening to him. He had been in some weird situations and he wanted to avoid that as much as possible. He didn't think this vampire would hurt him. He was to insecure still and fresh. He was probably only a couple of years older than himself.

Another finger slipped in and now Itachi felt it. It still wasn't bad, but it started to feel weird again. He hated this moment the most. You're in a position where you can't really do anything to stop someone and your body protests as much as it can against it.

The third finger went in and Pain started to scissor him a bit. Through half lidded eyes he watched his fingers go in and out and he couldn't wait until something else was moving in and out of that pale body. He thought he had prepared the boy enough and pulled out his fingers. He picked a condom out of the basket and put it on. He didn't want to catch something bad and you never know with whores.

He placed himself in front of the prepared ring of muscles and pushed in in one go. Itachi shivered the uncomfortable feeling away and forced his body to relax. Pain waited a second before moving, seeing Itachi struggle a bit. He wondered how long Itachi was already here. Shouldn't be long if he still is this sensitive.

He kissed the pale human again and let him wrap his legs around his waist. Pain started moving now, slowly pulling out only to thrust in hard. Itachi still didn't make a lot of noise, but even he couldn't keep in the soft whines and moans. It still felt nice even though he didn't like the vampire above him.

Pein felt his hunger grow again and he really wanted to bite that little neck. He just had to wait a second. He was sure he would feel it when the moment was right.

He kept thrusting in, but set a faster pace than before. When he pulled up his own legs a bit, Itachi let out a loud moan. Pain's eyes shut up at the black ones and found them closed. His face was flushed and his mouth stood open a bit, ready to moan.

The sight was such a turn on, that he couldn't hold back anymore. His face lowered towards the exposed neck again and this time his teeth sank in immediately. First Itachi screamed out of pain and he clawed Pain's back open to make him stop, but then the good feeling came. As Pain drank from him, foreign hormones drifted into his body. They made him feel tingly and ultra sensitive. This was what he liked about the bite. The hormones descended towards his own cock and now it really got hard. He never got really turned on until he got to this moment.

Blood flooded in Pain's mouth and he moaned in agreement. This was what he really needed and he liked how warm it still was. He had never tasted it like this. It also brought so many other things. He could feel the things Itachi felt and they soon changed into pure lust. It made Pain thrust into him harder, pounding into the human's prostate. His teeth sank a bit deeper into the skin when Itachi pulled his head even closer. He moaned loudly and started moving himself. Pain held still and let the human move himself. The pace was slower and more irregular, but Itachi liked this more. His own orgasm was rising and he knew it wasn't necessary for him to come, but he wouldn't stop now. This at least left a nice memory of this all.

Pain felt Itachi's release against his naked stomach and saw this as a sign to stop drinking. He wouldn't drain the boy and he didn't need more. His tongue slipped over the puncture wounds and they closed immediately, leaving two pinkish spots in its place. It would fade soon.

Now it was time for himself to come and let Itachi return to his little brother. He set a face pace again, just the way he liked it. He lifted Itachi's legs a little higher again and pounded into the tight heat. It didn't take him long to feel the pressure rising. It had been a while, so he was actually surprised he had lasted this long, but for all he knew it was a vampire thing.

Warmth spread through his entire body and the muscles in his abdomen started to tighten. Just a little bit more. With a few more hard thrusts he came deep inside the human, a groan escaping his mouth. He had been just in time. Only a few seconds later a knock on the door told them that the time was up.

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