So I kept calling this chapter the ultimate Uchihacest! That was the warning that this is incest since it's with Madara, Itachi and Sasuke. If you don't like it, don't read it!


The door slowly opened and all humans watched as Kakashi walked in with another vampire. Eyes widened and excited whispers were exchanged. It didn't happen a lot that an elder came to the brothel. Usually they had many imprints of their own and didn't need the service of the humans. This tall dark man was an exception and everyone wanted to go with him. Everyone knew a bite from an elder was the best feeling you could have.

Every human tried posing sexually on their beds. Deidara flaunted his long blond hair, Sasori tried to appear as small and fragile as he could and Itachi and Sasuke were… not really doing anything. They were trying to hide themselves more from the elder, but of course that was what got them noticed. With long strides the vampire walked to the back of the room and stood in front of Sasuke's bed. Itachi quickly joined his little brother on the bed and held him protectively.

'Would you look at that. I believe I have found some family members,' the elder said. 'How did you two Uchihas even get here?'

Uchiha looked up at the vampire. He had never known they had a vampire in the family, let alone an elder. He must be some sort of great uncle. A hidden secret. 'We had some problems with the family,' was what he answered. His eyes still gliding over his family member. The vampire was handsome. He looked so well lived, but also still so young. The years had done him good. And that long black hair was just beautiful. Itachi could only wish his hair would ever look like that.

The elder smiled and Sasuke let out a little squeak when his eyes fell on it. The vampire turned around again and walked towards Kakashi. 'I would like some time with the Uchihas. Make it happen, Kakashi,' he said as he walked out of the door with a slight wave towards the rest of the humans. A disappointed sigh lingered in the room.

Kakashi practically pushed Itachi and Sasuke and the best room he had and ordered them to undress and get on the bed. 'You two better do your best in pleasing him. If he becomes a regular client, we will be doing a lot more business.' He shifted with the sheets and lifted Sasuke up only to place him in Itachi's lap. 'Now please do your best and make Madara happy,' he said before he hastily walked out of the door, mumbling stuff to himself.

So his name was Madara, Itachi thought to himself. He wondered what Madara expected of them. It was strange that the vampire chose relatives. He could have chosen anyone he wanted, but he chose them. And why did he want both of them?

Madara walked in, wearing a long red robe and it appeared that there was nothing under it. Except a pair of red slippers. Sasuke giggled as a flash of the famous playboy mansion and its owner came in mind. Madara turned towards them and raised an eyebrow, but also smiled. He liked the boy's innocence. It was just so… Sexy… Madara sat down in a big velvet red chair a few feet away from the bed. His leg was wrapped over the other and he let his head lean on his hand. 'Well, do you two look sweet together,' he said, looking at how Sasuke was placed sideways in Itachi's lap and Itachi had his arm around Sasuke's waist to keep him from falling off. 'Why not make it extra cute and give each other a kiss?'

So that was how it was going to be. Madara was just going to tell them what to do. Itachi didn't really mind. At least he didn't have to think about it himself now and he really did want to touch his little brother, how wrong that may sound. There was just something so perfect about him. So while he was staring in Sasuke's big black eyes and seeing something that resembled fear maybe, he grabbed Sasuke's chin and pulled him forward. He kissed him softly first on the plump lips and when he noticed how nice it felt, he kissed him again, a little rougher this time.

He felt two arms hesitatingly being wrapped around his neck and he could deepen the kiss even further. His tongue swept across Sasuke's bottom lip and with a soft moan Sasuke opened his mouth, granting access to Itachi. His tongue slipped in immediately and started massaging Sasuke's tongue with his own. His little brother tasted sweet and the kiss felt so soft. They had completely forgotten that they weren't alone until Madara cleared his throat. Itachi broke the kiss and pushed Sasuke harder against himself protectively. He looked at Madara angry, mad at making them stop.

'Well, wasn't that nice to see. Two brothers getting closer to one another. You looked rather sexy there, Sasuke,' Madara said while his eyes were fixed on Itachi. He was teasing Itachi and Itachi knew that, but it still got to him. Sasuke was his, only his. 'Itachi, don't you think Sasuke looks sexy?'

He had asked it on purpose! Of course Itachi found Sasuke sexy. Just look at how those big black eyes were looking up at him, wondering what he would answer and then that cute little blush. He could just kiss it. Through gritted teeth he answered,' yes, he looks really sexy.'

Madara smirked. 'Don't you just want to touch him, Itachi? Why not get him excited and see how his face gets this beautiful color.' Madara saw the shiver run down Itachi's spine. It was fun playing with them.

Itachi softly pushed Sasuke of his lap and made him lay down on the bed. His pale hand reached between Sasuke's legs and grabbed the slowly hardening cock. As he gave the first stroke, Sasuke moaned already. It made Itachi shiver again. How badly did his little brother want this as well? He gave it another stroke and watched Sasuke's face gain a nice color. He watched the eyes close as Sasuke's cock was now fully hard. Moans slipped of the plump lips and it made Itachi want to hear more. He let his tongue slide over the length and then took in the head. Sasuke immediately reached for his hair and pulled it hard. Itachi looked up, seeing if Sasuke didn't really want this, but the black eyes were still closed and Sasuke's mouth was opened in a silent moan. So he kept going then. His tongue swirled around it and he could taste the precum already. As he bobbed his head up and down, he watched Sasuke and how the little body was moving under him. The little hips bucking up and the hands shaking in his hair, pulling softly from time to time.

Madara was now slowly stroking himself, but the other two didn't even pay attention to him. They were in their own little word, but that didn't matter to him. He would get them both in the end and they will love it. 'Itachi, it is time for you prep your little brother. You don't want to hurt him, right?'

Itachi sat up with a moan, knowing he got to fuck his little brother pretty soon. 'Spread your legs a little for me, Sasuke,' he said sweetly and slowly Sasuke did, eyes fixed on Itachi's face. Madara threw some lube their way and Itachi spread it over his fingers. It felt rather cool and he could only imagine how that would feel inside of Sasuke. It smelled a little minty.

He let his first finger circle around the little puckered hole, rubbing some of the lube on it already. Sasuke was still looking at him, but he was only focusing on what he was doing. He inserted the finger until the first knuckle and turned it inside of Sasuke, spreading the lube good. He saw his brother starting to shiver. The lube wasn't that cold, right? It had already warmed up on his hand. It should get warmer once it's inside of his little brother, so it would be alright. He pushed the finger further in and Sasuke's eyes closed halfway, his mouth open a little.

Itachi found it time for the next finger, so he pulled the first one out and pushed the other two in slowly. He kept pushing until they were both in and then started stretching the tight little ass. He could already imagine how that would feel around his cock. Soon the third finger joined the other two and Itachi tried getting them in further, finding Sasuke's special spot. He thrust his fingers in harder and with it got a lovely long moan. He did it again and again and soon Sasuke's face was flushed in pure pleasure. With an extra long final thrust, he finally hit Sasuke's prostate and immediately little hands went up again and fisted his hair. He had to peel them out of his hair to free himself, but Sasuke was now ready for him.

He pulled his fingers out and reached for the lube again. Why did Sasuke keep on moaning and why was he shaking so badly? 'What did you put inside of me?' Sasuke whimpered. Itachi looked at the little tube with a confused look and read: Cooling gel, lube that makes you extra sensitive. With a shocked look his eyes shot back at Madara who was smirking at him.

'Fun times, right?'

Itachi's eyes went back at the tube and then back at Sasuke, back at the tube and so on. Should he put it on himself or not? It seemed to feel really good, but extra sensitive?

'Put it on yourself, Itachi. I don't like to wait,' Madara said as an order. Itachi heard the threat linger below his voice and knew he couldn't deny. The decision was made for him. He squirted more of it on his hand and lubed his cock up in a thick layer. Immediately the coolness hit him and he couldn't stop his body shiver like Sasuke's had done in the beginning. That stuff was really good…

He pulled Sasuke's legs up and placed them on his shoulder. He placed himself in front of Sasuke's puckered hole and couldn't stop the moan from slipping of his lips. No, he didn't push in already. The lube was really starting to take effect now. It started to heat up a little and the tingly feeling was just so amazing. Sasuke was looking up at him with a knowing look and with their eyes locked, Itachi did push in. They both moaned as Itachi was fully inside of Sasuke. Two arms were again wrapped around Itachi's neck and he was pulled close. Sasuke was still shaking and writhing under him and the sight of it was delicious. Slowly Itachi started to move and it got him some lovely sounds coming from Sasuke.

Madara was still enjoying this all and could barely wait for his turn. Not that he had to wait, but he still wanted to see the two brothers go crazy. He saw Itachi's pace quicken and Sasuke screamed when his prostate was hit. Now that the lube was there, that place got even more sensitive. Madara knew all too well how to make a mess out of humans. He loved the sight of it. How the head was being thrown back and forth, hands trying to grab just about anything and sounds so loud coming from that lovely throat. Almost as good as when he bit them.

The slapping of skin resonated through the room and even Itachi couldn't keep quiet anymore. He was moaning and he could feel his orgasm building already. He had never come this quickly, but that lube really did miracles.

Itachi sat back up and kept Sasuke's legs in his hands. He watched his own cock disappear and it made him moan even more, his orgasm building up fast. Suddenly a pair of arms was wrapped around his waist and he felt a hard cock pressing against his back. He didn't think Madara would join them already and he was wondering what was about to happen.

Madara started nibbling and licking Itachi's neck and Itachi laid his head on the vampire's shoulder. He liked the extra attention he was receiving and his neck was a sensitive spot. He kept thrusting into Sasuke who was watching them curiously. Itachi's eyes were closed and that's why he never saw the next thing coming. Teeth sank into his skin and the pain hit him first, but then the pleasure followed up immediately. His eyes snapped open and he moaned even louder than Sasuke had done. The hormones flooded his body and his whole body felt extra sensitive. Every soft caress Madara gave him, made him moan again and the way Sasuke was squeezing his walls around his cock drove him insane. With a scream he came, filling his little brother up with his seed. The teeth left his neck and the arms left his body. He fell down on the bed and laid there, trying to catch his breath.

Madara pushed Itachi away a little from Sasuke and left him for now. He didn't take much blood since he liked to take several sips along the ride. Now he just wanted to fuck Sasuke. 'Get on your hands and knees,' he ordered and Sasuke immediately obliged. He wanted to know what his brother had felt and if he was lucky, that might happen soon enough.

Sasuke waited in anticipation. He could feel the head being placed against his quivering hole. He took a deep breath right before Madara started to push in. Sasuke wanted to be filled up completely again, not liking the fact that Itachi had finished before him, but Madara felt even bigger than him. Maybe he could hurry this up a little. He pushed back right until he could feel Madara's upper legs. The vampire hummed in approval and ordered Sasuke to move on his own. Not quite sure how to do this, Sasuke lifted his ass up a little higher and let himself slide off Madara's cock, only to push back again.

'Good boy, Sasuke. Show me how you can ride me,' Madara said huskily. As soon as Sasuke heard those words, he started to move faster and moaned just for Madara. He would show the vampire how good he was. He wriggled his ass back and rolled it around Madara's cock. He did a lot of things he had never done before, just so he could please the vampire.

Madara had liked it up until now. The little boy wasn't moving fast enough and he noticed that Sasuke's legs were getting tired. He wrapped an arm around Sasuke's waist and kept him up while he quickened the pace to something he liked. He got Sasuke moaning and screaming again and the little boy was clawing at the bed sheets, trying to grab something. Soon Sasuke would be going just as insane as his brother had already done.

Then he felt something shift to his side and he saw Itachi getting up. The human was staring at how his cock went in and out of Sasuke and Madara saw that Itachi was rock hard again. He smirked at Itachi and then turned back to Sasuke. 'Can you do something for me, Sasuke?' he asked and the little boy looked back at him. The big black eyes fell on Itachi then and he licked his lips as he saw Itachi's cock hard again. 'Can you pleasure your big brother for me?' Madara saw Sasuke nod and then guided Itachi to sit in front of Sasuke.

Itachi kept staring at Madara. Even when plump lips wrapped themselves around his rock hard cock and a lean tongue swirled around it. His eyes went half lidded though and he couldn't really see Madara anymore, but he kept staring. He moaned when the tongue dipped inside the slit of his cock and he could feel Sasuke doing the same, the vibrations running through him.

Madara started to pick up the pace again since he slowed down when Itachi woke up and didn't bother with the others' pleasure anymore. He pounded into Sasuke's ass and a groaned softly once in a while. Because of the rough pace, Sasuke was pushed forward further down Itachi's length and it made Itachi grab the soft black locks and keep him there. Sasuke did his best to suck around his brother's cock, but the way Madara was thrusting into him, made him moan a lot. He couldn't move anymore. He was being used for their pleasure and he didn't mind anymore. His prostate was hit repeatedly and the lube was still making him feel all tingly and warm inside. He would come really soon.

Suddenly Sasuke was pulled away from Itachi's cock and placed against Madara's chest. He knew what was coming now and he moaned loudly just because of the thought of it. He had never expected it to be this amazing though. He expected pleasure and knew it was better than the other vampires, but this was just the best he had ever felt. It was like a tiny explosion inside of his body and it triggering all new explosions in every nerve. He was hypersensitive and Madara used that fact. His cock was being stroked and Madara kept pounding into him. With a last hard thrust Sasuke came all over Madara's hand and the sheets in front of him.

Sasuke felt extremely tired now, but Madara wasn't done with him yet. 'Sasuke, I need you to prepare your brother for me now,' Madara said nonchalant. He motioned for the little boy the move for his brother and Itachi was looking rather shocked at the vampire.

Itachi was about to protest, but the look he got from Madara shut him up. He let Sasuke get between his legs and he knew what lube Sasuke was about to use. He would find out soon enough how that felt. Itachi knew Sasuke didn't really want to do this. Especially since the little boy was so tired, so Itachi kept in every sound he wanted to make. He sighed them out or gritted his teeth tightly. But when three fingers were inside of him and Sasuke actually started thrusting them in, he couldn't keep quiet. He moaned softly and the big black eyes shot up to him. 'Make more sounds, please,' Sasuke said sweetly and went back to looking at his puckered hole. It shocked Itachi, but he didn't keep in the sounds anymore. He moaned loudly whenever his prostate was hit and that lube really made him moan even more. That lube really did some weird stuff with a person. 'He's ready,' Sasuke said while he pulled his fingers out.

Itachi's body was still shaking because of the lube and he got a feeling of need. He needed to be filled up really soon and thankfully Madara was on the same page as him. 'I want you to sit on my lap, Itachi. With your back against my chest. And Sasuke, please sit back and watch the show.' So that was what Madara wanted. He wanted them to look at each other, seeing them in their ultimate high.

With shaking limbs Itachi crawled on top of Madara. He hovered above Madara's cock and was about to slowly let himself slide down the hardened length when Madara pushed him down harshly. He screamed as he hit the end and was fully filled up. He breathed heavily and needed a minute, but the vampire never gave him one. He pulled Itachi up by his hips and then snapped him back down again. This way Madara really hit his prostate dead on and Itachi couldn't help but like it. Soon he was bouncing along with the quick pace and he was moaning like a little bitch in heat.

His chin was grabbed and his head was turned towards Sasuke who was still watching them, his eyes half lidded. 'Can you see your little brother watching you? Why not give him a good show, huh? Show him how sexy you really are.' Madara's words got to him. It was like the velvety voice was a spell and made you do whatever he wanted.

Itachi would do a good job and look sexy for Sasuke. His eyes were fixed on Sasuke's face and he bit his lip when Madara hit a good spot. When he noticed Sasuke's eyes widening a bit, he licked his lips seductively as far as he could while he was still bouncing in Madara's lap. His own hand caressed his chest and tweaked a nipple. He moaned again when he saw Sasuke's hand going to his own hardening cock again. His own hand glided down to his stomach and his abdomen and then to his cock. He gave it a long slow stroke, but just one. He needed more time to play. He wanted to seduce Sasuke more, but Madara had different plans.

'Good boy, Itachi,' he whispered in the human's ear before he let his teeth sink into the soft pale skin again. This would be his last sip since he could feel his own orgasm coming already. The warm blood flooded his mouth and he moaned at the sweet taste. His thrusts slowed down and he just enjoyed the moment. The screams Itachi once again let out and how the human came all over the sheets, staining them even further. Sasuke who's hand was going up and down his own cock in a fast pace and soon shooting ribbons of cum all over the sheets, again. Those two brothers might be the hottest thing he had ever seen.

With a few last thrusts he groaned out his own orgasm and let Itachi fall out of his arms.

Completely dressed again, Madara left the two brothers alone in the room again. Of course after a quick kiss and a promise he would be coming back for them. The blush he got after that was enough to make him come back and this place would certainly be recommended to others.

Itachi still laid exhausted on the bed and looked over at his brother who was gripping at his tongue. 'What are you doing?' he asked confused.

'By dongue feels numb,' Sasuke said with his tongue still between his fingers. Itachi could only laugh at that. The lube had messed up his brother's mouth as well. Some great stuff that was.

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