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Another quiet evening. It was a normal Tuesday, so Kakashi didn't expect many customers. Mostly he had been focused on reading one of his books and just relaxing by his desk. One of his employees as he called them, had already bothered him, so he was in no mood to socialize any further. Of course that didn't mean he was actually going to be left alone.

The front door swung open and he was greeted with a cheerful and way too loud 'Kakashi!' And so it began… Slowly Kakashi raised his head and peeked over his book to stare at the incoming pair. Well, that was quite the miracle. Naruto with someone else… He knew that person though. Hadn't he been here a while back? Kakashi wasn't sure, but with how many clients he had a day it wasn't so strange. He did own the most popular brothel in this town. Even had a license and all, unlike most. His place was clean and well cared for, because his lover would surely have his head if it wasn't. Such a sweetheart.

'Nice to see you again, Naruto,' he replied politely, placing his book back on the desk, memorizing which page he had been on. 'What can I do for you two today?' Better just get this over with before the blond vampire wanted to talk about their business. Or introduce this other guy. Two stripes told Kakashi enough. They were mates and would probably like a human to join them. Though the one with two stripes might not be allowed to bite the human. That was something Naruto had to arrange though.

A fake thoughtful look crossed Naruto's face, clearly showing he has had a plan for a very long time and didn't need to think about it at all. Just the type he was. 'Well, because this is the first time Pain and I will have a human join is, I would like the usual. Rather someone I know quite well, even if that little black haired teen was very fun as well.' A dreamy look crossed his face and Kakashi noticed how Pain slightly narrowed his eyes. Well, at least this guy likes his new found mate. Naruto was a very nice guy anyway and always took care of the ones he was with. 'So if you could bring him to my room, then Pain and I will be waiting there.'

Kakashi nodded in response and as the pair left for a room, the owner of the brothel walked over to the large room all his employees shared. The room immediately went quiet when Kakashi arrived and most looked a little confused when since he came in alone. That almost never happened. But Kakashi wasn't fazed and just continued on towards the right person. Stopping before the guy's bed, pale eyes moved up, giving of a bored vibe. 'Naruto is here to see you and he brought a friend,' Kakashi murmured and the guy nodded in response.

Gracefully he stood up, his slender legs stepping out and his feet lightly touching the floor. Kakashi always thought it seemed like he was floating and called it a miracle that he wasn't a vampire. Humans shouldn't be allowed to move like that. 'What's the other guy like,' the soft but deep voice asked, stretching his arms above his head before walking along with Kakashi.

'He has been here before, so he knows how it works, but I think Naruto will keep him at bay when he would go too far. Just keep in mind that he only has two stripes,' Kakashi answered, halting before the door and looking at one of his most wanted whores. He was such a sight to see and it was not strange that Naruto asked for him regularly. 'If you think anything is amiss, you know what to do. But I think you will be alright.' With a comforting squeeze to the shoulder Kakashi turned and walked of, shooting one last line over his shoulder before disappearing around the corner. 'Leave them in awe.'

And with that he entered and was immediately greeted with a cheerful and loud 'Neji!' Naruto really didn't know how to greet people properly, but it didn't matter, the brunette could only smile at it. Even if he was just a client, Neji had grown fond of Naruto and it was always a pleasure to receive him.

The usual robe all the whores wore slid of Neji's body, showing the other two his lithe body and he could hear a small gasp coming from Naruto's partner. 'Good to see you again, Naruto,' Neji said softly, slowly walking over to the pair that was sitting on the bed. Of course he was aware of the fact that he was fully nude and the others were not, but the way those greyish eyes were following him around, studying his form, Neji just couldn't bring up to care. It may sound wrong, but Neji loved to be looked at like that. It was flattering and you knew someone would be careful with you, afraid they would do something wrong. Yes, Kakashi was right. He would not need to worry.

Standing still before the two, he waited on what the others wanted. When there was only one, you could take the initiative, but with two there usually were requests. Blue eyes had been taking his form in as well and as they had done so many times, two tanned hands reached up and grabbed Neji by the hips, pulling him forward. Well, apparently there was no plan. They were just going to start right away…

Coherent thoughts went out the window as soon as Naruto opened his mouth and took in Neji's still soft length. It was what the blonde always loved to do. First get Neji nice and hard and prepare him at the same time and after that Naruto would just enjoy his body in every way the vampire wanted. Naruto just always wanted to make sure that the other was also enjoying himself.

Soft gasps kept escaping Neji's lips and he fisted Naruto's hair to keep him close and not pull back any time soon. But he knew he had to focus on the other as well. So moving his half lidded pale eyes towards the red haired vampire, he noticed the discomfort and streak of jealousy. Nothing too odd. They must not have been together long. 'What's your name?' he asked softly, swallowing heavily to keep in a louder moan. He knew Naruto loved them, but now wasn't the time.

Greyish eyes shot back up to him a bit surprised now and he just stared for a while. 'Pain,' he eventually answered and Neji wasn't sure if he liked that name. Would it mean something about what they were going to do here? The guy didn't seem like the type though. Quite shy at this point, but with someone as confident as Naruto next to him it must be hard.

Neji nodded in response and just kept their eyes locked for a little longer as Naruto continued his ministrations. His tanned hands were now roaming over his stomach and chest, feeling him up and making Neji's body twitch under his touch. It didn't go unnoticed by Pain. Without a word Neji reached out his free hand towards the other and as if in trance Pain took it, letting Neji pull him up and step closer. 'What's with all the piercings?' he asked casually, trying to make Pain comfortable as he settled behind Neji.

Hesitatingly he let his hands slide up and down Neji's sides, trying to get a feel of the smooth skin, finding it so unblemished and almost perfect. 'I just like them,' he replied. So no need for any personal talk. Neji was okay with that and didn't need to know why Pain had that many piercings. And this was only his face. He wondered how many there would be under his clothes. 'Can I…?' came the question and Neji wondered if the question was for him, but then noticed blue eyes looking over his shoulder and then nodding slowly as he returned to sucking on Neji's now hardened length.

And then the second pair of hands got a little bolder. Still not too much and he could feel the uncertainty still lingering in them, but eventually Pain even dared to rub his thumbs over Neji's nipples. And the brunette was now thoroughly enjoying the attention he was receiving. Those were the benefits of having two clients at the same time. They both wanted you.

Suddenly a pair of lips were attached to Neji's neck and normally he wouldn't have minded, but now he went completely still, as did Naruto. He could feel the warm mouth leaving his erection and he whined softly at the loss of contact, but then had to focus again on what was happening right next to his face. 'You can only feed of me,' Naruto said sternly and Neji shivered at the tone he used. So demanding and dominant… Not something you'd expect from such a lively boy, but he only looked the part. Naruto was actually a very responsible guy.

'I know,' came the murmured reply, lips still moving over Neji's skin as if nothing was wrong. 'I just want to kiss him.' And that's when Neji realised those lips were moving forward and slowly turning his body to face Pain. He was sneaky…

Naruto just waved it off and moved away as Neji felt himself being pulled into the kiss. It was soft at first, lips slowly moving over each other and getting a taste of the other. Then tongues swept through their mouths, exploring along the way. Pain really took his time to enjoy it and it actually made Neji enjoy it too. He wouldn't always let clients kiss him, finding it too intimate somehow, but this was okay. Just a slow and steady kiss.

Neji didn't even notice how Naruto was moving through the room, slowly undressing himself and grabbing something along the way. Naruto was just getting comfortable and ready for the next step, watching his mate kiss with Neji. At some point he did have enough and wanted some attention as well. He was still paying for this, so he was definitely not going to be left out. But he did have a plan on how to continue this. A very good plan if you asked him.

Walking around the kissing couple Naruto ended behind Pain, letting his hands slide over his mate's body and then proceeding to undress him as well. When his hands touched pale ones, he instructed Neji to help him out and together they eventually left Pain completely nude between them. The kiss had turned a little more demanding and rougher along the way, Pain showing off that he was really enjoying this. Neji of course complied gladly, kissing back just as rough.

While they were still focused on each other, Naruto took the opportunity to reach for something he had left on the bed. He squirted some of the lube on his hand and then reached for both of Pain's hands, slicking his fingers up as best as he could.

Then the first hand was guided forward, reaching around Neji's body and then ending between Neji's ass cheeks. Pain shivered when he realised what Naruto wanted him to do and only urged him on more. He broke the kiss with Neji, but kept his lips close to the other's, their breaths mingling as Pain proceeded to press the tip of his finger in. A gasp escaped Neji then, his arms wrapped themselves around Pain's neck and he buried his face against Pain's shoulder.

Pain went slow, but still kept pressing the finger in until it was completely encased. Of course he had done this before. A lot since he had been dating Naruto, but it still felt new. The way those walls squeezed around his finger, practically begging for more. Or maybe that was just how he saw that now.

What he hadn't been prepared for though was that the other hand was pulled back to go around Naruto's own body. It wasn't the most comfortable stance and actually hard to reach with his other hand preoccupied, but still Naruto urged on and made Pain press the first finger inside him as well. He couldn't see Naruto's face, but the contempt sigh leaving those plump lips said enough to him and then arms circled around his body, leaving Pain to move on his own. He still was confused on how to continue this, but nonetheless started moving his fingers, in and out of both Neji and Naruto at the same pace.

Both shorter guys held on tight as soft sighs and gasps kept leaving their lips. As the second finger slipped inside both, trying to prepare them better, Neji thrust his hips forward, his erection meeting Pain's hardened length in the process. A surprised groan escaped Pain at the sudden friction, pushing in his fingers a little harder than before, something Naruto really appreciated, pushing his hips back against the fingers, forcing them even deeper inside.

Neji had to steady himself for a moment, but when Pain pushed his cock up against his again, he couldn't help but moan as well, hips moving along to feel both more of the friction, but also from the fingers inside.

This really wasn't a comfortable position they were in, but they were too lost in pleasure to actually acknowledge the strained they were putting on their muscles. Naruto actually decided to help out as well, grasping both Neji's and Pain's lengths, stroking them together and making them both groan out in pleasure.

The work Pain was doing in prepping both guys was getting sloppier now that his mind was more focused on the thumb sliding over the head of his cock, but eventually he managed to push in three fingers. He just thrust them in and out, hoping it still felt good, but with the sounds Naruto was still making it should be good. And Neji, he was about to come undone. His arms were shaking where they were still wrapped around Pain's neck. His eyes were firmly closed and his lips parted to let out sound after sound. And his hips, they were moving back and forth between letting the fingers slip inside of him and letting the hand slide over his length together with Pain's. This really was good and he was actually supposed to be pleasuring them…

'Enough,' Naruto eventually said, taking his hand away and letting the fingers slip from inside him, pulling the other two out of a lust filled daze. 'Neji, get on the bed,' he ordered, waving over to the barely used king-size of the night. 'On your hands and knees, please.' Still some polite streak there. Something Neji appreciated. Sometimes it was nice to be ordered around a little, but Neji still preferred being handled as a true gentleman, even if he was nude and just thoroughly pleasured. So he complied and crawled on the bed, leaving Pain standing alone now and looking a little lost, but Neji was sure Naruto had some kind of plan.

The bed dipped again and as Neji swept his long hair to the side, he saw Naruto come closer and leaned his chest over him. No words were shared after that, because Neji knew what was going to come next. He could already feel the head of Naruto's cock press against his entrance and he shivered in anticipation. Slowly Naruto breached the first ring of muscles and then just kept pushing on and on until he was fully inside, feeling the stretch of Neji's walls around his length nicely. A shivering groan escaped Naruto as he moved Neji's hair of the way and let his lips slide over the brunette's shoulder blades.

When the bed dipped again, signalling Pain had gotten on the bed, Neji realised what was going to happen. He could feel the weight on his back getting a little heavier and then the loud moan that escaped Naruto was enough of a hint there.

'I just love being pleasured from both sides, you know?' Naruto said to Neji with a teasing smile. 'From the front…' He pressed his hips forward, making Neji groan softly, barely able to keep himself up on his arms. 'And the back.' Neji had no idea what happened then, but the groan that came from Pain probably said that Naruto had squeezed his walls tighter around the red haired male's length. 'And you know what the best part is?' he then said, his voice sounding a little lower. 'When you feel those teeth sink into your skin and then pleasure courses all through your body. You feel like falling apart, just your whole body shattering into tiny bits of pleasure. But then you are still there and you can do it all over again.'

Neji wasn't sure how to respond to that, mostly waiting on someone to move. 'You're such a weirdo, Naruto,' he replied softly, moving his head a little to the side to feel Naruto's lips creep closer and suck on several places.

'And that is why you like me so much,' Naruto answered confident, smirking lightly at the human, even if he couldn't see it. In response Neji only let out a short laugh, thinking that was probably true. But then Naruto started to move or maybe Pain started to move and that whole conversation was pushed back. It had sounded hot to feel like that, but he wasn't the one experiencing it anyway. Naruto would and with the way the guy was already moaning out, he couldn't be that long.

Naruto and Pain moved in sync. When one pushed in, the other also moved forward, then getting as deep as possible before pulling out again. Pain had the most room to slip in and out and also smacked himself in rather roughly at some point. The pace quickened because of him and he was in complete control on how they moved.

The moans coming from Naruto got louder and louder and Neji understood what Naruto had been talking about before. He was already practically falling apart here on top of him. And then the scream rippled through the room. The thrusts had become more erratic and Naruto had actually almost stilled on top of Neji. It was only Pain still moving back and forward as he kept his teeth latched onto Naruto's neck, greedily drinking whatever he could and in the meantime letting the hormones slip through and have all of Naruto's body tingling in pleasure.

This was the moment Naruto had been talking about before. His whole body was shaking in pleasure and he kept on letting out pleasured sounds. Neji could hear the skin smacking against skin from behind him, knowing Pain was still pounding into the blonde as best as he could. And then Neji realised he could help out as well, setting a pace slightly again as well, letting Naruto's length slide in and out again and squeezing his walls tighter around him. The groans got even louder then and without a real warning Naruto suddenly came inside of Neji, his hips moving forward and reaching forward as deep as he can.

They all held completely still for a moment until Pain murmured a soft apology. Neji hadn't even noticed that Pain had come as well and now only he was still left with an erection. A soft chuckle left Naruto's lips in response, it vibrating through Neji's body as they still were connected. 'That's alright. Could you close me up, please? Then I'll take care of Neji.'

After another moment the weight finally got less, Pain having closed Naruto's bite wound and getting off the blonde as well. Then Naruto slipped out and sat down on the bed. His tanned hands moved to Neji's hips and forced him to sit down in his lap. A bit confused Neji turned his head to face Naruto, but lips were already attached to his the junction between his neck and shoulder, teeth softly nibbling on the pale skin. A hand was wrapped around his still hard cock and as Naruto started stroking, he slowly let his teeth sink into the pale skin.

A loud moan escaped Neji and immediately his eyes closed. It felt like his skin was on fire as the hormones spread through his body, making every inch of his body heat up in pleasure. And then the hand was replaced by a hot mouth and he knew Pain was now helping Naruto out. A tongue swirled around his length as the mouth moved up again and then slightly dipped into the slit on top of the head. As he went down again, Pain sucked hard, pulling another loud moan from Neji. He wouldn't be long like this, not with the accompanying bite given by Naruto.

Neji tried to open his legs further and further, giving Pain more access to move. He was desperate for the touch, desperate for release. It was building up already, the pleasure finally settling into one place. And then with one last drawn out moan Neji came inside Pain's mouth, his hips moving forward to get that last bit of friction.

As Neji settled down again, Naruto retracted his teeth and let his tongue slide over the wound, closing it right away to prevent too much blood loss. After that they all just lay in bed for a while, trying to come up with the energy to actually move. Neji would definitely need some time to sleep after this.

Eventually Neji was the first one out of bed, picking up his robe and wrapping it around his body, right before Kakashi knocked on the door to signal that it was time. At least he was on time. With a smile he turned to face them and nodded. 'It has been a pleasure, gentlemen, but now it is time to part,' he announced and then stepped towards Naruto first. 'Thank you for this lovely evening,' he murmured and then placed a soft kiss on Naruto's lips. Moving to Pain, he gave him a kiss as well, maybe lasting a little longer. 'And you should certainly come again next time when Naruto visits. It has been lovely.'

And with that said he turned around and left, waving the other two of as he closed the door and got ready for a relaxing evening where he would mostly sleep.

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